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Let’s Circle It

How one school could change the state’s discipline landscape By Michelle Mondo


Students and educators from Ed White Middle School demonstrate a restorative circle. Photo courtesy of North East ISD, was originally published in Texas School Business

ver the past 18 months, the saying “circle it” has become part of the vernacular for students at Edward H. White Middle School.

Born from a social experiment to change how the school metes out punishment, “circling it” refers to how the students and educators sit in a circle and talk to each other as a way of tackling conflict or disciplinary issues instead of immediately opting for an out-of-school suspension or expulsion. The term illustrates the progress made at the



w w w. u t s a . e d u

North East Independent School District campus since the start of a unique collaboration with The University of Texas at San Antonio and The University of Texas at Austin. What’s happening is actually a form of restorative discipline—something that hasn’t been tried at this level anywhere in Texas.

Sombrilla Spring 2014  
Sombrilla Spring 2014  

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