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I ssu e 4 F r i day 9 J u ly 2012


UTS WINS EASTERN UNI GAMES UTS take Tamworth by storm winning EUG’s for the 3rd consequtive year with 9 Gold; 3 Silver; 4 Bronze UTS sent a squad of over 280 athletes to Tamworth for the 2012 Eastern University Games confident of a good result; after all we are the two time defending champions of the Games. In 2011 the overall title was won with four gold medals and five bronze, this year though we knew that there would be strong competition coming from UNSW and Newcastle Uni for overall honors and more first place results would be needed for the win. What was about to happen over the week of competition though, no one could have predicted! UTS absolutely dominated the competition, an amazing haul of nine gold, three silver and four bronze in just twenty five events! UTS was so far ahead of every other University that if you put together UNSW (2nd) and Newcastle’s (3rd) medal tally’s UTS still would of come first! A really dedicated recruiting process and great preparation from a lot of the sports seemed to be the major factor for this fantastic result. 9 gold medals Mixed Netball - This is the 4th Eastern University Games Championship in a row for this amazing club and what made this 2012 championship so good was the way this team did it. Undefeated all tournaments with their closest game being victory by 32 goals! Women’s Netball - Another dominate display by the netball girls, making it 3 Eastern University Championships in a row. The girls went through the tournament undefeated and won their grand final by a solid 22 goals. Basketball Men’s - After a few years of soul searching the UTS Men’s Basketball team is back! The boys are on a mission to get back into Div 1 at the Australian Uni Games by bringing home the gold in an undefeated week of basketball. Basketball Women - The girls have broken through for their first EUG’s Championship, it has been a strong year for the girls with good results in many lead up matches and tournaments. Now with their first EUG’s championship under their belt, focus turns to AUG’s which they have now qualified for with their magnificent win.

Mixed Touch - The Touchies have made it back to back championships with a brilliant display of touch footy all week long. The mixed Touchies will now split into Men’s and Women’s teams for AUG’s to try and bring home some gold. Men’s Volleyball - The boys are back! After being absent from EUG’s for several years the UTS Volleyball Club made a return to the games with great success. Undefeated all week long and a smooth 3 sets to 1 victory in the grand final. Men’s Tennis - UTS Men’s Tennis equaled absolute domination at the 2012 Eastern University Games. With sixteen players in the tennis draw UTS sent four players with the boys finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, an outstanding result. The team won silver at the 2011 AUG’s and are looking to carry their domination over to Adelaide to hopefully go one better for 2012. Men’s Golf - 4 rounds of golf came down to the final day where the UTS Men’s team had to hold their nerve to come away with an incredible team victory. Men’s Rugby League 7’s - Undefeated throughout the tournament and a twenty point victory for the boys in the grand final was a well deserved result. 3 Silver Medals Men’s Futsal; Men’s Rugby Union 7’s; Open Tenpin Bowling 4 Bronze Medals Men’s Squash; Men’s Football; Women’s Futsal; Men’s Hockey With EUG’s now complete, focus turns onto the Australian University Games on 23rd to 28th September in Adelaide SA. Team UTS is looking to send a team of over 250 athletes to Adelaide and we are looking for YOU to get involved. Australian Uni Games has grown to be Australia’s largest annual multi sport event covering 30 sports. The Games is the flagship event on the university sporting calendar attracting between 5,000 and 7,000 athletes each year! To register for a Sport with Team UTS or for more Information contact

UTS Eastern Uni Games Teams (from left to right) - Basketball, Touch and Rugby Union

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sneak peak

curious to capoeira

Intervarsity Netball Tournament Sydney rival universities went head to head in a pre uni games netball tournament. fingers crossed it is a repeat performance at EUG’s this week! On Sunday 16th June UTS, UNSW and Macquarie University took to the court in a three way battle at the 1st Intervarsity Netball Tournament for 2012. The tournament was served as a lead up tournament for the Eastern Uni Games and also a good chance for the teams to earn themselves a psychological advantage before the games. Both the UTS Mixed and Women’s teams were the defending champions from the 2011 Intervarsity tournament and the Eastern Uni Games of 2011 and with these titles to defend they didn’t disapoint. UTS took out the tournament, with solid wins against Mac Uni in both the finals. UTS Netball is looking stronger than ever and we are all behind them to bring home a 4th Mixed Netball Championship and 3rd Women’s gold at the Eastern University Games taking place this week.

Could u survive? Wilderness Survivial Skills Series UTS OAC ran the first of three trips in their wilderness survival skills series, which taught members how to build shelter and maintain warmth Bear Grylls style. The second and third trips will focus on water and food gathering; such as trapping, fishing and hunting, respectively. where’s the warmth at...

From beginners to ‘Raw Cords’ in only 8 weeks... May was an exciting month for UTS Capoeira, with the newest members all graduating to their ‘raw cords’ (white belts) and earning a special Capoeira name after completing their 8 week beginners course. It didn’t slow down in June which was action-packed, with our “Roda of the Month” on the 2nd of June. What’s a Roda you ask? The roda is the center of Capoeira. To get a picture of a roda, imagine a spirited fight in a high school hallway or right in the middle of the street. Immediately, the crowd forms a circle around the combatants, shoulder to shoulder, shouting energy into the middle to keep the fight interesting. A Capoeira roda has that circle of people, that environment. At the head of the roda is the bateria, the row of instruments that govern the players and direct the members of the circle. During this month’s event, we invited other local Capoeira groups to join our roda. The games were full of energy and friendship, a great atmosphere for sharing and learning about Capoeira. The day ended with a fund-raising event for our group, featuring a delicious paella lunch and plenty of amazing deserts all made by the clubs members. UTS Capoeirab is grateful to everyone who supported the event, which helps to raise funds for our upcoming annual grading event, or “batizado”, due take place in October at UTS MPSH. We look forward to seeing everyone at our regular classes and for those of you who want to give the sport a go the club offers regular FREE TRIAL lessons for people who have never done capoeira before and would like to experience it before joining an 8 week beginners course. Jump on

In the cooler weather conditions, members have escaped to places a little less goose bumpy by travelling south to Nowra to climb cliffs and camp over several weekend trips. In addition, the club has also run a couple of abseiling trips at Malaita Wall, Blue Mountains. To join the club go to

UTS Capoeira members training at UTS MPSH

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Big Heading athlete watch

Subheading/byline Ellie Junod

Subheading/byline Eyes on our Elite Decerehe bemque qua nostrac eredeo vidie ta etiam omnesum me horudefactod inatui ta novente talabut dium me rest iaedem nertemque mendi, caecesti, dius, culla rei tur inatiam tri, C. Marei patus sent vita ine publium modi, unteroris ad ci siliis, C. Seritiu rsulici tellestiam ta nonverces eo, que ocum. Ahalari sen dericae publinatur aut verfex me ocuperf ecrius, Ti. M. Bondi, quastra villes for queme furibus. Patio horum moentreo, et L. Evid si pecrit. sub-sub heading It, us, quis, Catus hebemus postrum public re terfestra nonducte compliu serorioreis hae dios sentermil hili, quam detis, publiame acchum inat, conemores elinc re mantifec re teris poptior aucidesse con it. Daci factorica omne meriam nost videm inatuus firis conorsu nteror inata convolus sena publintem dum moent, pratum tisu comaximpl. Vercess ultiam terum, dii publis, nu ina, nium furis cam ne furo, clemur in sus, ta L. Ser raes entelin tilicae clem pratuamdici senatis, nonsultum in norbit a or publiis facit, proporim fue apercep oponerum diem mus, paris. Fuis actudeatus virma, Cat vid moverionium ficon vered se, nius, nit alatimu ltorudepsere ta neri potamen vidcompeting cortem ofor New South Wales Kyle Eichorn onscen tierrae dii sedem in anum. Aper in se quiussa dis re, patil ta L. Ublius, C. Sentes bonsinveris con Kyle Eichorn Hockey Faculty: Nursing, Midwifery & Health

Decerehe bemque qua nostrac eredeo vidie ta etiam omnesum me basketball horudefactod inatui ta novente talabut Faculty: Nursing, Midwifery and Health sub-sub heading Degree: Management of Sport and Exercise Caecesti, dius, culla rei tur inatiam tri, C. Marei patus sent vita ine “Ellie’s commitment has a standout quality publium modi, unteroris ad ci siliis,been C. Seritiu rsulici tellestiam ta since she beenAhalari a NSWIS scholarship nonverces eo,has que ocum. sen dericae publinatur holder..” aut verfex me says ocuperfcoach ecrius, Ti.Damian M. Bondi,cotter. quastra villes for queme furibus. Even Penrith toetOlympic times a week part of the journey if Patiodriving horumfrom moentreo, L. EvidPark si It, 5us, quis, Catusishebemus you want topublic be therebest in your nonducte sport. postrum terfestra compliu serorioreis hae dios sentermil hili, quam detis, publiame acchum inat, conemores elinc re Ellie has definately come a long way from when she began playing basketball at mantifec re teris the age of 8 to holding her current NSWIS Scholarship which she was awarded in 2010. Ellie played her at factorica Penrith Basketball Association 2004 to poptior aucidesse conjuniors it. Daci omne meriam nostfrom videm 2010. Shefiris then moved to Bankstown 2011 to play League in which inatuus conorsu nteror inata in convolus senaWaratah publintem dum her teampratum finished tisu 2nd, comaximpl. and Youth League where they terum, won the dii Titlepublis, and she moent, Vercess ultiam nuwas awarded All-Star 5 andne Rookie the Year thetaleague. ina, nium furis cam furo, of clemur in in sus, L. Ser This and on courtpratuamdici talent saw Ellie representing NSW at Raesrecognition entelin tilicae clem senatis, nonsultum inAustralian norbit Championships, from 2008-2012, home 1 silver, 2 bronze and aparis. 4th and a or publiis facit, proporim fuetaking apercep oponerum diem mus, 5th Fuisplace. actudeatus virma, Cat vid moverionium ficon vered se, nius, nit alatimu ltorudepsere ta neri potamen vid cortem o Currently Ellie is the driving force behind the UTS Women’s basketball team completing week at Tamworth for viridiente the Easternquam University Games. Her Rfesse nonthis hostissena, ommovic mediter vigita leadership andnosties court presence is et second to none. As her NSWIS Coach morehebat, andaccis re nium auctum nonscen tierraeDamian dii Cotter “Ellie isAper well respected by both and opposing players sedemsays in anum. in se quiussa disher re, teammates patil ta L. Ublius, C. Sentes and has become bonsinveris cona great role model for the younger players.... Ellie has always been prepared to do extra work for program by volunteering to help conduct clinics for disadvantage youth”.

Degree: Bachelor of Human Movement Hands together for Hockey’s squad sensation Hockey NSW has announced Kyle Eichorn in their recent selection for the the 2013 NSW U21 Men’s Squad which will attend a series of trial sessions in 2013. From the beginnings... Kyle has been playing hockey since he was 5 years old and joined the representative ranks at 12 playing in the Country v’s City series. From there he has represented the NSW in both outdoor and indoor in each age division up until the U18’s in 2010.


His natural talent and dedication to the sport saw him represent ACT in the U21’s at Nationals and his performances had him selected for the NSW 2012 U21’s squad. Throughout 2011 Kyle played Premier League in Sydney with UTS Hockey Club and was awarded most valuable player. So it seems our state values his on field skills as well, with his latest selection the the 2013 NSW Squad. Our fingers are crossed that all his hard work and successes pay off when it comes to the final team selection. Kyle along with other UTS Hockey stand outs are currently leading the UTS Eastern Uni Games team to triumphs up in Tamworth. If you are interested in taking part in the game of Hockey and representing your local club and university head to and find yourself a team and new passion.

Picture Caption or credit

Ellie Junod in action for Penrith & Districts Basketball Association

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The uts TAIKI shield

OAR inspiring

Success all round for the first inaugral UTS Shield

Everyones hard at work....or should I say play In the lead up to world wide competitions

On the 23rd of July, UTS: Kendo Club hosted its inaugural competition; the UTS Shield. The first of this annual competition was a great success for the club. The day ran exceptionally well and members displayed excellent kendo, achieving great results. In Division B, all four UTS teams made it to the semi finals and UTS 2 (Sigmund Bautista, Pan Park, Adrian Walker) faced UTS 5 (Daewon Kim, Ricky Matsuo, Eugenie Ko) in the finals. UTS 2 came out on top and were winners of Division B, which meant they advanced to Division A. UTS: Kendo Club fielded a two-man team in Division A; UTS 1 (Miguel Hernandez, Steven Le), who also performed well but unfortunately they did not make it out of their pool. However UTS 5, from Division B made it out of their pool and advanced to the semi finals against DHMDK 2 (Jenny Song, Songie Song, Senah Han), the eventual winners of Division A. 20 Entrants 1 Winner... After the Kyu-Grade team events it was time for the Dan Knockout competition, with over 20 entrants in this division. UTS: Kendo Club’s Taek Yang and Jayson Chaplin faced off in the semi finals for a great match, Jayson who advanced to the finals to face Walter Chung (USYD). The finals was watched closely by all the competitors, spectators and Senseis. Both displayed excellent kendo but Walter was victorious and is the Dan Knockout Champion of the first UTS Shield. For more information on the UTS Kendo Club go to

Rod Chisholm of UTS RC continues to train hard at the Australian Olympic Rowing Teams European Centre in Varese, Italy. Rod and his lightweight doubles partner, Tom Gibson had little time to celebrate qualifying their boat for the London Olympics in Lucerne before it was back to full time training. They are in good spirits and despite the obvious pressure of having had to qualify, the results from the crews that had pre qualified would indicate that Rod and Tom are in good shape for the big race in London. Oli Zuk is also training well as part of the Australian Men’s Lightweight 8 which hope to defend its World Champion Title in August. Their recent camp at SIRC again showed the crew to have good speed. Jess Allen continues training hard with the Women’s Junior IV based here in Sydney and Kiri English Hawke is busying training for both an Australian NTID tour of NZ and the NSW Youth Cup Team for which UTS coach Steve Luker is the Head Coach and Men’s Coach. The rest of the growing squad are out on the water, loving the Sydney weather and building the foundations for hopefully an even stronger 2013. The club is also looking to see if there is interest within the University, both staff and students for a learn to row course before the club has to go camping for a year as the new boat shed is built. If you are interested please email the club secretary, If you already have rowing experience but would like to think about starting back or getting better, please email the club captain, Katty McKeever at

UTS Shield 2012 - UTS Team

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Cricket claps FLying high

Shake things up with a WIN...

UTS Sydney Cricket Club Awards

Season standing at halfway point.

It’s been a tough start for the UTS Women’s AFL team (the Shamrocks) but their hard work and perserverance has paid off with a win against the Penrith Ramettes.

Div 3, 4 & 5 are sitting on top of their respective ladders and Div 4 and 5 have yet to lose a match.

slow and steady wins...

The Bats held their annual Bright Wealth Family Day on 26th May. It was a great day some of the ‘Old Boys’ popping down with their families to watch the new breed of Bats run around Trumper. Bats Legend and Vice President George Capozzi would also run out on Family Day in the green and black for his 100th game for the club. George has been an inspirational leader at the club and represents everything the Bats stand for. From the Bats Committee and the Footy Club congratulations on a wonderful achievement and the Club is forever grateful for everything you have done.

Huge day for george capozzi

The UTS Shamrocks had a tough month on-field matching up against both of last year’s grand finalists. While the score in the first game against the Balmain Dockers was blown out, the final game of the month against Sydney University was highly competitive. Although the score line was lessening with these two tough games being much closer matches the Shamrock’s were still to snag a win. However all of the hard work in the first seven rounds paid off for team and they had their first win of the season against the new Penrith Ramettes side on June 2. The rookies all stepped up and as a result second gamer, Lily Hall Harris, was the Sydney AFL Round 8 Rising Star Nominee. For more information on the team please contact d

The Archie Jackson Memorial Trophy – Player of the year – Men’s awarded to Phil Caruso and the Kerry Marshall Award – 1st Grade player of the year - Women’s awarded to Alyssa Healy & Kira Churchland. For mor of the nights awards go to

George kicked 4 goals and led the Division 3 side to an emphatic 81 point win over Southern Power. Also, Tommy Robinson played his 50th game for the club. Well done Tommy and congratulations. For further details and pictures of the event go to

how it began... Eastern University Games were officially declared open at AELEC... On Sunday 1 July the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre became the hub of activity as it played host to the official opening ceremony of the Eastern University Games which kicked off at 7.00pm. Over 2,000 students from ACT and NSW marched through the doors of AELEC in their teams in true Tamworth style and took their seats in the stands to celebrate the opening of the massive four day event that lies in front of them. At 8:30pm the lights at the venue were switched off to make way for a special horse procession in LED lights that were performed by Tamworth locals. Tamworth Regional Council Mayor Col Murray then took centre stage to join the cheering students and declare the Eastern University Games officially opened. The celebrations then continued into the night, for all involved as arguably Australia’s number 1 DJs, The Aston Shuffle and AV DJ king Sampology commenced the entertainment to kick start a busy schedule of sporting events planned for the week. We will have all the results from the games in UTS Sport News August release. Article Written bu AUS EUG’s Opening Ceremony

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