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Albania 2009

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How to reach Albania By Air The international airport “Nene Tereza� is 25 km far from the capital of Albania, Tirana. Scheduled flights connect Tirana with Vienna, Zurich, Rome, Milan, Athens, Bari, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Budapest, Sofia and many other cities of Europe (that can be reached in 2-3 hours) and of the world. The Airlines serving Tirana are Albania airlines, Alitalia, Austrian, Swiss Airline, Malev, Olympic, Turkish, Adria, Hemus air, JAT. By Sea Many ferries services connect Albania with Bari, Ancona, Trieste, Brindisi, Otranto, Corfu, Coper etc. The key ports are Durresi and Vlora. By Road There are many entry points by road to Albania: from Greece at Kakavia, Kapshtica and Tri Urat; from Kosovo at Morina and Qaf-Prush; from Montenegro at Hani Hotit and Murriqan; from Republic of Macedonia at Qaf-Thane, Tushemisht and Bllate.

Official name: Republic of ALBANIA Capital City: TIRANA Area: 28.748 Sq Km Estimated population: 3.600.523

Archeological tours… Visit of the ancient city of Butrint UNESCO World Heritage site Over 2600 years of different Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian cultures are perfectly harmonized with beautiful nature. Departure by bus to the Butrint Ancient City. Arrive at the sight and entrance into the park through the main gate. Your visit will consist in a walk around 2 h and a half on 14 most important points of the ancient city. The first stop will be at the famous sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius, god of Medicine from the 4 century BC. The guide will tell you all important history parts in what concerns the Roman theater, used during that period for religious ceremonies and public discussions. Other highline to be visited: the Roman colony, the Baptistery and early Christian Butrint, the churches of Butrint and the lion gate. You will end your visit to the ancient city with a visit of the Butrint museum.

Roman Amphitheater and the Ancient Via Egnatia – Durres One of the biggest in Balkan, up to 20 000 spectators, 136 m long and 20 m high, is built up during 98-117 AD. It was designed in two divided zones for two different social classes and was aimed for gladiators’ fighting. It has been destroyed by the earthquake of 346 AD, but it was rebuilt up again, continuing to be a big arena for celebrating many great and important events of that period. In the V century, inside the first gallery of the Amphitheater, there was built a small chapel that was decorated later, during IX – X century, by wall alfresco mosaics, made from cubic polychrome stones. On the top of the south panel of mosaics is written the name of St. Stefan and in the background can be read: |My God, protect your servant Alexander”. (Alexander was the Emperor of that period). The Amphitheater was discovered during some excavations in 1966. today, the archeologists are still excavating inside the Amphitheater and continuously discovering parts of it and gradually completing.

Rozafa Castle – Shkoder In the Rozafa Castle have been identified traces of an original Illyrian castle during the last millennium BC, on which base is raised up the existing one by the Turks a century later. The astonishing “milky” walls in the front entrance remind us the legend related to the fortress… The fortress has an oval shape with 7 towers and three sets of walls that divide it into three parts. There is an entrance to an underground passage which once linked the fortress with the occupants with water during the sieges. From the top of the fortress you will have a clear view of the tree rivers: Buna Kiri and Drini which flow into the Adriatic Sea.

Apollonia Archeologic Site Fier Located 12 km from Fier and founded in 558 BC, is one of the most well known archeological sites in the country. Julius Caesar rewarded Apollonia the title “Free City”. The House of Mosaics, the Bouleterion Façade, the Odeon theatre, and the church of St. Mary are just a few of sights at Apollonia that give evidence of the 1200 years of Civilization . the courtyard of the Monastery where a Byzantine style church is situated dating to the 14th century offers the possibility to see from close untouched objects from the ancient to the medieval period. Also, walking around Apollonia you can see some monuments like the remaining fragments of the Fortification Wall, and the ancient Nymphaium (fountain).

One more reason to come to Albania‌

Guided rafting trips in the canyon of Osumi

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The 10 km canyon of river Osumi is one of th most spectacular natural attractions of Albania. The beautiful high waterfalls give to the canyon the charms of a dream-like place. The Pirates Cave In the north side of Himara, along the sea shore there is a magnificent, huge cave that can be reached only by sea. The legend says that the cave was used by pirates as a hiding place!

Off Road 4x4 Feel free l e v a r t n o with Uni

Discover Albania from a very interesting angle and be prepared to leave with an unforgettable experience. Try the Off Road 4x4 trips and reach maximum adrenaline in the dangerous and spectacular mountain circuit.

Enjoy your Dream Vacation Albania offers you Sunny Sandy and Rocky Beaches… Enjoy your dream vacation in one of the Albanian resorts! Top Sea Side holiday destinations in Albania: Saranda – enjoy the beautiful Ionian coast Durres – Relax on the Adriatic sea shore Vlora - Where the Ionian and Adriatic sea embrace Dhermi – Discover unspoiled rocky beaches… We will take care of the rest!!

on the Albanian Coast... All the Albanian hotels lie on the 362 km long coast. The Adriatic Sea from north embraces the Ionian Sea from south close to Vlora. Union travel offers you hotels and resorts carefully chosen for you to enjoy true relax! Velipoja


If you choose a quiet and relaxing place for your holiday… taste the Sweet Life In Dolce Vita Hotel… Durres If you love night life, long coffees and full entertainment choose Tropikal resort in Durres Tropikal … the place that never sleeps Built on the side of the mountain, the all sea view hotel offers you the intimacy that you needed Choose Liro Vlore


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Albanian City Tours ... Tirana…

The sightseeing tour of Tirana which since 1920 is the capital of Albania, includes the busy Scanderbeg Square where you will find the great Statue of the Albanian symbol, the Clock Tower (25 m high) built in 1830, the Mosqye of Ethem Bey, the National museum, the Archeological Museum, the National Gallery of Fine Arts, the Palace of Congresses, You will also see the Albanian Pyramid built by the Communist dictator Enver HOxha and you should definitely take a walk in the most in area of the capital Bllok!


Kruje is one of the main historical points from Albania. Here you can find one of the Chain Castles a crucial defending point of the country. In Kruje you will have the possibility to visit the unique Skanderbeg Museum and the Ethnographic Museu inside the restored castle The street leading up to the castle is built in the style of a Turkish bazaar which has a wonderful selection of authentic antiques and souvenirs. Launch will be organized in a traditional restaurant.


The “One thousand windows city” has been registered as World Heritage Unesco. In the citadel we will visit the wonderful churches starting from the church which has 16th C mural paintings by Nikolla, son of Onufri, St. Theodore’s Church which exhibits fresco paintings by Onufri himself. Our visit at the Onufri museum will give us the chance to find out all the interesting history of the Berat city.


Albania’s second largest city. The city was founded as Epidamnos in 627 BC noted for its politically advanced society. It was for centuries the largest Adriatic port and the west end of Via Egnatia. Main sights included in our city tour are Roman Amphitheatre and Archeological Museum, situated near the sea and the Roman Baths situated behind “Alexander Moisiu” Theatre.


Here we will visit the main sights such as the Mosque of El Zamil, one of the biggest in the Balkans; the Catholic Cathedral (1898); the Headquarters of the Archbishop of Shkodra of the Italian style of the century XIX, as a palace of Renaissance, the small Catholic Church and the Francescan Assembly. One short visit also to the Rozafa Castle and the Tower of Padget (1868), preserved with wooden cover and objects of the ottoman late world; The big clock of the XIX cent and the photographic archive of Marubi.


The “Museum City”. Our guide will show you all important points of the Castle; you will start with the Bektashi Tomb, anly a few meters after the main entrance. The National Museum of Armaments where can be found pieces starting with 1912 up the end of the World War II. Inside of the National Museum of Armaments you will visit a part of the Old Prison which now is turned in a museum. This prison has been used starting with 1932 until the communism period 1968. you can’t miss the Zekate house which is the best surviving example of an ottoman tower house in Gjirokastra.


Is situated at the foot of Morava mountains in the southern part of Albania. It is one of Albania’s main cities. Here we will visit the most important points like the old market where you can find local products the Orthodox Church right in the center of the city and the famous Mirahori Mosque, and the Museum of the first Albanian school. You can also visit the oriental art museum newly opened and the only one of it’s kind in Albania. Close to Korca you can find Voskopoja, which has been an important economic, cultural and educational center in Middle Age. In one of the churches belonging to that period it is possible to see well preserved frescos, some of them painted by Albanian artists of the medieval period. Many of the churches in Voskopoja are in a ruined state and most of them can only be seen from outside, but walking in the old streets still offers a breathtaking experience.


Is the perfect place to visit the Ohrid Lake. It is the second lake in terms of area (total 362, one third belongs to the country) and the deepest both in Albania and Balkan Peninsula. (max 287 m depth) The water of the lake is very clear. Rich in rare species of fish, worth mentioning the fish Koran, hardly to be found in other lakes of the world over. Along the shores of the lake there are several tourist spots. The city of Pogradec is a resort center, preferred because of its beautiful beach and the fresh summer climate. The other tourist spots are Lini village, Pojska, and Driloni.


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Albanian night life.. Enjoy late hours with delicious cocktails in the company of your favorite music! Tirana can offer you a great variety of night clubs, pubs and bars in the most chic area of the city, Blloku! Now, in Tirana you can taste cuisine from all five continents! Convince yourself by spoiling your taste in different Albanian restaurants!




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Këto dhe shumë shërbime të tjera në agjencitë UnionNet - Western Union

UNION travel Co. is operating in Albania since 1998. at the same time it has created a chain of agencies. These agencies, Affiliates of Union travel in Albania, are located in all major cities in Albania. The agreement with Western Union our main partners is giving us the possibility to operate on all the territory of Albania through 38 offices. UNION travel Co is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) and also Albania Travel Agents Association Member. UNION travel Co deals with other Organizations as travel agencies and provides the following services:

1. Air Travel / Ferryboat Ticketing 2. Conference management, cocktail meetings 3. Best Hotel Reservations 4. Taxi transportation 5. Tours for discovering Albania 6. Outgoing tour to main travel destinations

o. lC 2 e v o Tr a z a N n e 2 io P Un ine 742 ia X M n 58 St. O BO Alba 56 5 3 419 2 23 P na, 42 a l Ti r 0 3 5 5 5 5 4 2 v e l . a l 0 3 a .a r 0 l x .fa ep: 0 niont trave l l e T d l.a w. u i o n zem : ww @un trave i r Tu We b i n f o n i o n @u ail: Em rizem tu


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