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COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH SCIENCES Master of Science in Nursing – RN MSN Pediatric Nurse Practitioner The RN-MSN degree is for RN’s with an associate degree or diploma in nursing who may be eligible for early admission into the nursing graduate program. Combined credit toward the BSN and MSN degrees is earned and the student is awarded the BSN and MSN simultaneously at the end of the program. (If a student is not successful in the MSN program, they must go back and complete the required courses for the RN to BSN before they are eligible to receive a BSN degree.) Students complete 23 SCH for the BSN component and then progress to the master’s option. Forty-eight SCH of graduate courses are completed by all students. Students not admitted to the RN-MSN PNP track will automatically be admitted to the RN-BSN track if that is the desire of the student.

Recommended 4-Year Curriculum st

UNDERGRADUATE 1 YEAR Summer Semester NURS 4501 Community Health

Total Semester Hours

Credit Hours 5


Fall Semester NURS 4212 NURS 3415 NURS 3303

Credit Hours Gerontology Nursing 2 Professional Development 4 Elective – Health Assessment 3 Total Semester Hours


Spring Semester Credit Hours NURS 3333 Nursing Research 3 NURS 4631 Leadership/Management 6 Total Semester Hours


GRADUATE 1st YEAR Fall Semester NURS 5312 NURS 5317

Credit Hours Nursing Theory 3 Grad Stats for Health Providers 3 Total Semester Hours

Summer Semester _____ _____ Role Area Elective _____ _____ Role Area Elective Total Semester Hours


Spring Semester Credit Hours NURS 5308 Contemporary Nursing Ethics 3 NURS 5320 Research Design 3 Total Semester Hours


Credit Hours 3 3 6

GRADUATE 2nd YEAR Fall Semester NURS 5350 NURS 5354

Credit Hours Advanced Pathophysiology 3 Adv Nurs Pharmacotherapeutics 3 Total Semester Hours


Spring Semester Credit Hours NURS 5352 Advanced Health Assessment 3 NURS 5356 Health Promotion 3 Total Semester Hours


Summer Semester Credit Hours NURS 5111 The Adv Practice Nurse Role 1 NURS 5222 Diag. Methods and Procedures 2 Total Semester Hours


GRADUATE 3rd YEAR Fall Semester NURS 5372 NURS 5334

Credit Hours Pediatric Primary Health Care I 3 Professional Scholarship 3 Total Semester Hours

Summer Semester NURS 5664 Pediatric Practicum Total Semester Hours

6 Credit Hours 6 6

Spring Semester Credit Hours NURS 5374 Pediatric Primary Health Care II 3 Total Semester Hours


Total Graduate hours must equal at least 48 hours NOTES: After the Undergraduate year, a student may choose to pursue BSN only. Remaining courses for BSN include: NURS 3303 Pathophysiology and NURS 4234 Professional Issues Students may take NURS 5350, NURS 5308, and NURS 5324 after completing the first 13 SCH of undergraduate courses Advanced placement credit is awarded for 30 SCH upon completion of the BSN and MSN requirements +Consult with your advisor for additional information on degree requirements and schedule planning. This is only a recommended outline. Because degree requirements do change, you should consult an advisor as well as the University Catalog, which is the only official document regarding master’s degree requirements.



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