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The University of Texas at Tyler


COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH SCIENCES Master of Science in Nursing – Post MSN Pediatric Nurse Practitioner The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Track prepares the graduate for advanced clinical practice roles within the population foci: PNP-PC (Pediatric-Primary Care). The graduate develops expertise as a primary care provider with advanced practice skills in the assessment and management of health needs as well as in patient education, consultant and researcher roles. The Pediatric Nurse Practitioner degree option is 48 semester credit hours in length. Although not totally online, 30 of these hours are offered online with the remainder 18 hours of clinical courses offered in a web-enhanced format requiring some class time on the Tyler campus.

Recommended 2-Year Curriculum st

GRADUATE 1 YEAR Fall Semester NURS 5350 NURS 5354

Credit Hours Advanced Pathophysiology 3 Adv Nurs Pharmacotherapeutics 3 Total Semester Hours

Spring Semester Credit Hours NURS 5352 Advanced Health Assessment 3


Total Semester Hours


Summer Semester Credit Hours NURS 5111 The Adv Practice Nurse Role 1 NURS 5222 Diag. Methods and Procedures 2 Total Semester Hours


GRADUATE 2nd YEAR Fall Semester NURS 5372

Credit Hours Pediatric Primary Health Care I 3 Total Semester Hours

Summer Semester NURS 5664 Pediatric Practicum Total Semester Hours

Spring Semester Credit Hours NURS 5374 Pediatric Primary Health Care II 3


Total Semester Hours


Credit Hours 6 6

Total hours must equal at least 24 hours NOTES: +Consult with your advisor for additional information on degree requirements and schedule planning. This is only a recommended outline. Because degree requirements do change, you should consult an advisor as well as the University Catalog, which is the only official document regarding master’s degree requirements.