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UTMB Is a Leader in Student Diversity “



iversity is a core value at UTMB,” says Danny O. Jacobs, MD, MPH, FACS, executive vice president, provost and dean of the School of Medicine. “Our students strengthen our community through the diversity of their own experiences, and we are proud that they are dedicated to improving patient care in Texas and beyond when they graduate.” In 2015, UTMB’s School of Medicine led the nation in the total number of underrepresented minority graduates, according to information from the National Center for Education Statistics. For the past 16 years, the school has ranked among the top institutions every year for Hispanic and African-American graduates, as well as for overall underrepresented minority graduates. UTMB ACADEMIC ENTERPRISE

“A supportive, welcoming environment is essential for a long-term track record of increasing graduates from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in medicine,” says Michael Ainsworth, MD, senior associate dean for educational performance and professor in the Department of Internal Medicine. According to Dr. Ainsworth, there are various components to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive educational institution. The School of Medicine reaches out to undergraduate institutions to attract students coming from a wide range of backgrounds. UTMB has developed strong relationships with undergraduate schools, particularly in Texas, through student diversity pipeline programs such as the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP). JAMP was created by the Texas

Legislature in 2003 to support and encourage highly qualified, economically disadvantaged Texas students pursuing a medical education. It is also important students see that UTMB’s commitment to diversity is genuine. When medical student candidates visit UTMB, says Dr. Ainsworth, they meet students and faculty members from various backgrounds. Equally as important as attracting a diverse student body is making sure those students are given support and guidance. “Once they get here, we want them to succeed,” says Dr. Ainsworth. “That is illustrated by UTMB’s success not just in student recruitment and retention, but in seeing these students graduate.” Diversity as a core value extends beyond the medical school. In 2015, UTMB ranked in the top 10 out of 98

UTMB Academic Enterprise Magazine Winter 2017  

UTMB Academic Enterprise Magazine Winter 2017

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