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                                                 ZETA  CHAPTER   With the beginning of every school year, Zeta Chapter holds their annual recruitment retreat in Gatlinburg, TN to prepare for the following week of welcoming the class of 2016 to The University of Tennessee! Recruitment began August 19 with Go Greek round and ended on August 25 with Preference round. Zeta Chapter also had the opportunity to discuss our national philanthropy, Breast Cancer Education and Awareness, during Philanthropy round and to show our fun personalities with a “Disney Princess” skit during Skit round. Zeta Chapter had a great recruitment and gave bids to 54 new members!


New Members: Caley Lane Ashley Hall Brooke Young Lllian Maclain Elizabeth Durham Heather Delpilar Cortney Bigoness Taylor Gillespie Juliana Hakim Alexia Hill Gabrielle Pozin Emily Pribus Olivia Taylor Hayley Howell Madison Wilson

Makayla Flatt Julia Webb Lauran Gieske Heather Cirotta Jessie Fields Hannah Turnage Cori Shope Jessica Koralewski Nicole Macinnis Abbey Alexander Jordan Rooks Ashley Wixon Hannah Brown Haley Davidson Caroline Allen

Cassandra Williams Whitney Shelton Taylor Nave Hanah Gregory Heather Canonico Megan Sadler Natalie Farris Virginia Reaves Rukia Yosuf Rebecca Caughron Hannah Price Nancy Inman Kelly Pryor Allyson Klinker Katherine Ravech

Jennifer Darby Maddison Suchomski

Darcy Kenworthy Marisa Sutherland

Mckenzi Martin Anna Vaughan

Zeta Chapter was so excited to welcome the new 2012 Pledge class! It was also exciting because it was the first time PanHellenic had Bid Day in Thompson Boiling Arena instead of in the suite! We celebrated Bid Day at the Foundry in World’s Fair Park, took pictures and even ran through the fountains! It definitely was a day to remember!

Strawberry Fields  Forever                                          Date  Party   Our third annual date party was held on Sept. 6 at Latitude 35 in Market Square. The girls had a blast as we grooved to the retro music and enjoyed each other’s company in the historic area of Knoxville. Headbands, floral tops and long skirts filled the dance floor this year as the go-to hippy trend!  

Senior Spotlight   Molly Albin     Molly  Albin  has  always  given  100   percent  to  everything  she  does.  Her   love  for  Zeta  Tau  Alpha  and  her  sisters   has  helped  her  to  become  a  wonderful   role  model  and  leader  for  the  younger   girls.          As  a  sophomore,  Molly  was  the   Corresponding  Secretary  for  Zeta   Chapter.  She  made  and  sent  the  first   Christmas  card  for  the  chapter.  She   also  was  a  Recruitment  Workshop   Chair  where  she  did  the  behind  the   scenes  work  for  our  New  Member   Educator  in  creating  a  smooth  and   successful  bid  day.  As  a  junior,  she   held  a  position  on  the  New  Member   Board,  which  allowed  her  to  be  a   leader  and  guide  for  the  new   members.  Currently,  Molly  is  the  Music   Chairman;  she  teachers  our  chants  and   ritual  songs  during  our  chapter  and   new  member  meetings.  She  makes   learning  the  songs  fun  and  easy!  This   spring,  Molly  will  be  the  chair  of  All-­‐ Sing,  an  All  Campus  Event  where  our   sorority  will  compete  in  a  singing   competition  against  other   organizations.         Not  only  is  Molly  a  leader  in  Zeta   Tau  Alpha,  she  also  is  active  within  the   PanHellenic  community.  She  is   currently  the  Vice  President  of   Correspondence.  Her  responsibilities   expect  her  to  adapt  the  Involvement   Banner  each  semester  and  award  it  to   the  most  deserving  chapter.  Molly  also   served  as  a  Gamma  Chi  her  junior  and   senior  year,  helping  Potential  New  

Members  find  their  new  homes.         On  top  of  all  that  she  does  within   the  Greek  community,  Molly  is  striving   for  a  Bachelors  of  Science  in  Food   Science  and  Technology.  This  past   summer,  she  interned  for  Bush  Brothers   and  Company  and  received  a  student   scholarship  to  attend  the  International   Food  Technologist  Annual  Meeting  and   Expo  in  Las  Vegas,  Nevada.    Molly   worked  40  hours  a  week  for  14  weeks   during  her  summer  break.         Molly  has  truly  made  her  mark   among  Zeta  Tau  Alpha  and  PanHellenic.   She  has  shown  that  hard  work  and   dedication  can  push  us  forward.  We  are   proud  to  call  her  our  sister  and  thankful   for  everything  she  has  done!  

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               Reminders!   ZTA will be collecting Yoplait lids during the month of September and October. For every lid a Zeta turns in, 15 cents will go to Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. Help us out by saving your lids!

The Parent’s Weekend Tailgate will be Oct. 20. Zeta Chapter is thrilled to spend time with their parents, have school spirit, and most importantly, show them how special ZTA is. Send in your reservations to Rae Benton at

Upcoming Dates: Sept. 24- Sept. 28: National Hazing Prevention Week Sept. 25: Zumba in the Suite and Kick for the Cure Soccer Game Sept. 27: Big Sis Reveal Sept. 28: New Member Retreat Sept. 30: Golf for the Cure Oct. 4- Oct. 5: Junior Pan Lip Sync Oct. 5- Dig for the Cure Volleyball Tournament

If alumni are interested in helping out with Initiation, contact Ana Evans at

Oct. 11-Oct. 12: Fall Break

Knoxville’s Race for the Cure will be held at World’s Fair Park on Oct. 27. Make sure to sign up with the Zeta team! Sisters will be working the survivor tent and also have the opportunity to run/walk the 5K.

Oct. 21: Initiation

Oct. 15: ZTA Founder’s Day Oct. 20: ZTA Parent’s Weekend Tailgate (UT vs. Alabama)

Oct. 26- Oct. 27: Knoxville’s Race for the Cure Oct. 28- Nov. 3: Homecoming

ZTA August-September Newsletter  

Zeta Chapter University of Tennessee August-September Newsletter

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