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WESLEY FOUNDATION AT UTK November 10,  2013   th

25 Sunday  After  Pentecost  

Gathering Music  

Welcome &  Time  of  Greeting  

*Gathering Song  

Michael Wilson   Everlasting  God  


Verse 1   Strength  will  rise  as  we  wait  upon  the  Lord.   We  will  wait  upon  the  Lord.   We  will  wait  upon  the  Lord.   Strength  will  rise  as  we  wait  upon  the  Lord.   We  will  wait  upon  the  Lord.   We  will  wait  upon  the  Lord.    

Pre-­‐Chorus Our  God,  You  reign  forever.   Our  Hope,  our  strong  deliv'rer.    

Chorus   You  are  the  everlasting  God,   The  everlasting  God.   You  do  not  faint,   You  won't  grow  weary.   You're  the  defender  of  the  weak.   You  comfort  those  in  need.   You  lift  us  up  on  wings  like  eagles.    

CCLI Song  #  4556538   Brenton  Brown  |  Ken  Riley   ©  2005  Thankyou  Music  (Admin.  by  EMI  Christian  Music  Publishing)   For  use  solely  with  the  SongSelect  Terms  of  Use.    All  rights  reserved.   CCLI  License  #  2899828    

*Call to  Worship   The  buzz  of  the  world  interrupts  our  lives  and  fills  our  ears     Call  us  into  Your  way  of  life,  O  God     The  complaints  of  others  settle  in  our  mind  and  cloud  our  vision     Lead  us  into  Your  vision  of  life,  O  God     The  cries  of  the  poor,  the  oppressed  and  the  outcast  pierce  our  hearts     Guide  us  in  Your  example  of  living  for  others,  O  God     Fill  our  hearts,  fill  our  eyes,  fill  our  ears  with  Your  love,  O  God     Let  us  be  Your  hands  and  feet  in  the  world,  O  God.     Let  us  worship  You  together.      

*Praise Song  

Where Justice  Rolls  Down  

Chorus Where  justice  rolls  down  like  a  mighty  water,   And  righteousness  grows  like  an  ever-­‐flowing  stream,   And  mercy  resounds  like  the  waves  on  the  ocean,   Let  praises  rise  high  on  the  songs  of  the  redeemed.    

Verse 1   There  is  a  river  that  streams  from  the  temple,   Begins  as  a  trickle  but  ends  in  the  sea.   As  it  grows,  healing  it  will  give.   Where  it  flows,  ev'rything  will  live.    

Verse 2   Wade  in  the  water  and  feel  the  strong  current.   Remember  the  stagnance  of  stale  life  before.  


God is  here;  leave  the  past  behind.   In  these  clear  waters  you  will  find…   CCLI  Song  #  1412665   Bob  Stromberg  |  Michael  Pearce  Donley  |  Rick  Carlson   ©  1994  Arvid's  Girl  Music  (Admin.  by  Unaffiliated  Admin  (UA))   Stream  Mountain  Music     Hark!  Productions,  Inc.     For  use  solely  with  the  SongSelect  Terms  of  Use.    All  rights  reserved.   CCLI  License  #  2899828    

Time of  Prayer    


The Lord’s  Prayer  

Our Father  who  art  in  heaven,   hallowed  be  thy  name.   Thy  kingdom  come.   Thy  will  be  done   on  earth  as  it  is  in  heaven.   Give  us  this  day  our  daily  bread,   and  forgive  us  our  trespasses,   as  we  forgive  those  who  trespass  against  us,   and  lead  us  not  into  temptation,   but  deliver  us  from  evil.   For  thine  is  the  kingdom,   and  the  power,  and  the  glory,   for  ever.  


Song Verse  1   You  came  to  set  the  captives  free,       so  open  up  our  eyes  to  see  the  chains.       Those  oppressed  and  all  alone,   shackled  by  the  pains  this  life  will  bring.     Please  break  our  hearts  for  these  you  love,     and  light  a  fire  of  passion  in  our  souls     to  go  to  those  forgotten  by  the  world     and  love  them  as  you  have  loved  us.    

Pre-­‐Chorus To  the  darkness  we  cry.  (Repeat  3  times)    

Chorus Let  there  be,  let  there  be  light!!!    

Verse 2   Light  this  fire  in  our  souls     to  go  and  seek  the  hearts  of  those  you  love.   The  poor,  the  hurt,  the  fatherless,     the  broken  hearts  that  no  one  wants  to  mend.   Let  us  reach  our  hands  to  them     and  pour  upon  their  hearts  their  Father's  love,     and  we'll  stand  as  one,  redeemed  and  free,     his  children  that  he  died  to  call  his  own.    

Ending Chorus   Light  this  fire  in  our  souls     to  go  and  seek  the  hearts  of  those  you  love.   Vincent  Charlow   CCLI  License  #  2899828    



Scripture Reading  

Luke 18:18-­‐27  

A certain  ruler  asked  him,  ‘Good  Teacher,  what  must  I  do  to  inherit  eternal  life?’  Jesus  said  to  him,  ‘Why  do  you  call   me  good?  No  one  is  good  but  God  alone.  You  know  the  commandments:  “You  shall  not  commit  adultery;  You  shall   not  murder;  You  shall  not  steal;  You  shall  not  bear  false  witness;  Honor  your  father  and  mother.”  ’  He  replied,  ‘I   have  kept  all  these  since  my  youth.’  When  Jesus  heard  this,  he  said  to  him,  ‘There  is  still  one  thing  lacking.  Sell  all   that  you  own  and  distribute  the  money  to  the  poor,  and  you  will  have  treasure  in  heaven;  then  come,  follow  me.’   But  when  he  heard  this,  he  became  sad;  for  he  was  very  rich.  Jesus  looked  at  him  and  said,  ‘How  hard  it  is  for  those   who  have  wealth  to  enter  the  kingdom  of  God!  Indeed,  it  is  easier  for  a  camel  to  go  through  the  eye  of  a  needle   than  for  someone  who  is  rich  to  enter  the  kingdom  of  God.’    Those  who  heard  it  said,  ‘Then  who  can  be  saved?’  He  replied,  ‘What  is  impossible  for  mortals  is  possible  for  God.’   (New  Revised  Standard  Version)    



Michael Feely    

Offering of  Gifts  and  Music  

* Presenting  the  Offering  

UMH 94  

Praise God,  from  who  all  blessings  flow;  praise  God,  all  creatures  here  below;  Alleluia!    Alleluia!    Praise  God,  the   source  of  all  our  gifts!    Praise  Jesus  Christ,  whose  power  uplifts!    Praise  the  Spirit,  Holy  Spirit!    Alleluia!    Alleluia!     Alleluia!        

Holy Communion    

* Closing  Song  

Every Breath  


Verse 1   Every  breath,   Every  moment  life  beats  in  my  chest   Springs  up  from  your  hand.   Creation  resounds   With  every  color  and  every  sound.   Your  love  is  calling.    

Chorus I  will  love  you  with  all  of  my  heart.   I  will  love  you  with  all  of  my  mind.   I’ll  love  you  with  all  of  my  strength.   Love  you  with  everything.    

Verse 2   Every  breath,   Every  moment  life  beats  in  my  chest,   Let  my  life  praise  you.    

Bridge Here  I  am,  Lord,   All  I  am,  Lord.   Here  I  am,  Lord.   I  am  yours.   CCLI  Song  #  6189831   Lisa  Gungor  |  Michael  Gungor   ©  2011  AME  Songs  (Admin.  by  EMI  Christian  Music  Publishing)   Replied  Music  (Admin.  by  EMI  Christian  Music  Publishing)  songs  (Admin.  by  EMI  Christian  Music  Publishing)   For  use  solely  with  the  SongSelect  Terms  of  Use.    All  rights  reserved.   CCLI  License  #  2899828    

* Benediction    

* Sung  Benediction   Go  forth  in  goodness,  for  in  Christ  is  goodness   Go  forth  in  justice,  it  is  of  the  Lord   When  we  are  loving,  when  we  are  giving,   We  belong  to  God.    We  belong  to  God.    

Go forth  believing,  go  forth  forgiving,   Go  forth  in  courage,  in  the  hands  of  God.   When  we  are  loving,  and  are  forgiving,   We  belong  to  God,  we  belong  to  God   We  belong  to  God,  we  belong  to  God.         _______________________________________________________  

*Please stand,  as  you  are  able.    


Announcements 1. 2.

3. 4.

Welcome to  the  Wesley  Foundation!    Please  plan  to  join  us  for  a  free  dinner  and  time  of   fellowship  immediately  following  the  service.     If  you  wish  to  be  included  in  weekly  email  updates  from  the  Wesley  Foundation,  please  sign   the  visitor’s  sheet  in  the  Community  Room  or  send  your  email  address  to     Interested  in  helping  with  music  in  our  worship  services?  Join  Vincent  at  5:00  pm  in  the   Chapel  for  rehearsal.       Do  you  have  any  musical/artistic  offerings  that  you  would  like  to  share  during  worship?  If  so,   contact  Tim,  Heather,  or  Vincent.  

    Calendar  of  Events    

Monday, Nov.  11   6:00  pm    

Tuesday, Nov.  12   6:00  pm  

The Desert  Wanderers  Study     James  Bible  Study,  Chapel  

Wednesday, Nov.  13   6:00  pm   7:15  pm  

Dinner &  Discussion   Small  Group  Studies  

Sunday, Nov.  17   1:30  pm   Meet  at  the  Wesley  to  go  help  at  the  FISH  Pantry   5:00  pm   Praise  Band  rehearsal   6:00  pm   Worship   7:00  pm   Dinner   8:00  pm   Residents’  Meeting     Be  sure  to  mark  your  calendars  for  our  Stop  Hunger  Now!  event  on  Sunday,  Nov.  24  at  2:00  pm.      

Holy Communion:    In  the  United  Methodist  Church  the  communion  table  is  open  to  all  who  sincerely  wish  to  partake  of  the   sacrament.    We  serve  by  intinction  at  the  Wesley  Foundation.    Simply  come  forward,  receive  a  piece  of  the  bread,  dip  it  in  the  juice   and  eat.    You  are  welcome  to  come  kneel  at  the  altar  to  pray  after  receiving  communion.    It  gets  a  bit  crowded  in  our  small  space,  so   please  be  gracious  to  others  who  are  coming  to  receive.  

Worship Bulletin for Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013  

The worship bulletin for the Wesley Foundation at UTK for Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013

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