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CLANG December 2015

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Fashion Pops-Up time and again By Akhila Bipin

Is your wardrobe having déjà vu? It’s never too late to revamp your wardrobe and bring back those favorite tees on the road.


ell that’s the deal with fashion. It always tends to come back and never goes out of style. Flared pants, bomber jackets, crop tops, the list can go on and on. When people look back to any past decade, they say, “How awful, how could they even think of wearing this?” However, we recycle these trends, add a few tweaks and they become brand new again! The power of a trend makes it stay for long. Well, some trends work because they are universally pleasing. Take the baby doll dress as an example, it was very groovy in the 60’s but today it is a part of every girls closet. Those floral prints are must have in the summer.

Fashion that ‘normal’ people cannot pull off won’t stay for long. The thigh high boot was ‘in’ but it faded away due to comfort issues. However the ankle length boot was here to stay and is casual and chic at the same time. The animal print somehow attracts the designers a lot and hence they always make a comeback. Be it the cheetah, zebra, snake print in shoes, clutches or belts, you will see them everywhere. Perhaps it’s the beauty of these animals that inspires the designers or maybe the raw sex appeal. Another universal trend that keeps boomeranging back in style is the skinny jean. Any woman feels thinner just by saying the words “skinny jeans”. They are a “classic” and will never retire. They can be played with and hence each decade one sees change either in their color with neon candy colors like hot pink, yellow or the basic white and blue being ripped or acid washed.


There’s a lot of pressure on designers to create a hot new trend that’s both flattering and accessible. Therefore, they look into the past decades to inspire themselves. Our current culture seems to be a mixture of past trends; some exceptions will always be there like Lady gaga! Some trends however deserve to stay in the fashion graveyard, but hold on to your bellbottoms, they’ll be back soon.


Pin your Picks By Aakriti Sigdel

Every month we come up with a way to light up with a swirl of style as the runways of fashion reveal the trends to come in Spring/Summer 2016.Get familiar with the trends, because you’re going to see them a whole lot this spring—and may want to debate their merits over a drink.


ant to amp up the versatility of your favorite black dress? The runways (and model Taylor Hill) showed us a way, and it’s simple: Throw some pants under it. Or keep it casual up top with a business pant on the bottom. Hervé Leger by Max Azria; Dion Lee.

ess k Dr


ts Pan


he belly shirt is back. Simply showing the belly and a little skin around it, like a slightly opened shirt, does not count. But a dress with a large section around belly cut-out does. The exposed midriffs is big for Spring, as proved by a lot of designers.




idrif fs

Phillip Lim; Vera Wang; Rachel Zoe.


aja what? Think Woodstock by way of Southern California, and you’re almost there. Forget about everything you thought about tie-dyed shirts, oversize racer tanks, and patchwork bucket hats, because they’re all a thing—for a person with a certain type of attitude at least. BCBG; Tommy Hilfiger.


pi -Ins Baja


on’t give away your florals just yet. Fashion may be fickle, but this trend, which we saw everywhere this summer—even on men’s shoes—seems to be sticking around for at least another season. Coach; Delpozo; Phillip Lim.





EyeSpy By Aakriti Sigdel




hoe lovers, get ready to go bananas! When we spotted Sandra Bullock’s custom Rupert Sanderson heels on the red yellow carpet at the Minions Los Angeles premiere, our first thought was something along the lines of “Um, we gotta have those.” The only predictable issue? There are only 10 replica pairs—each signed by Sandra Bullock herself. Sandra Bullock went all out with her wardrobe while attending the movie’s premiere in Los Angeles. The 50-year-old actress, who plays the lead voice of Scarlett Overkill in the animated family flick, donned super fun yellow Minion-inspired heels as she walked the matching carpet.



ild fashion designer Jeremy Scott’s first partnered up with Adidas Originals in late 2008, ushering in an era in sneakers that have shoppers either running for their credit cards or seemingly running for their lives. Jeremy Scott’s kicks are definitely not for everyone, but the “wings” shoe has won over many, especially amongst celebrities. Third in series, the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Wings 3.0 sees perhaps the completion of the famous designer’s winged trilogy. Darker and edgier than its playful predecessors, the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Wings 3.0 kickoff colorway features an allblack look, showing depth with 3D-molded leather feathers and a patent leather toe box. This latest style code is done up with its abstract build coated in the shinny headlining shade while its eccentric Wings enhance its aesthetic appeal. CLANG



anye West is probably the most polarizing personality in popular culture at the moment. The Grammys ceremony said it all: the strongest musical performances of the night undermined. It’s no stretch to call Adidas’ Yeezy 750 Boost the most highly anticipated shoe of all time. His work with Nike resulted in only two shoes, but during the few years for which they were released, they became a favorite of many and unattainable to many more. Kanye West’s touch on sneakers became golden by the time he dissolved his relationship with the Swoosh, having proven appeal vertically throughout the market.







goes online By Aakriti Sigdel

By now, we are all aware that social media has had a tremendous impact on our culture, on the world-at-large. They have revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the Web. Social media has become a new open story book for everyone.


hile self-made Instagram stars are nothing new, these 5 models have used Instagram and Twitter as tools to propel and sustain very successful modeling careers, all the while sharing the journey with everyone in the social media stratosphere. With a serious following that reaches upwards of 14 million, there’s no doubt that these social media models are quickly on their way to becoming recognised.

The Girl Next Door KENDELL JENNER Of course with a last name like jenner and a big sister like kimkardarshain, it isn’t any surprise that kendall has 14 million followers on instragram. But its not just hype, with a top tier agency behind her, jenner has booked exclusives at marc Jacobs and Givenchy, which she also landed a fall 2014 campaign for.



The Bombshell GIGI HADID She may have grown up on the Real housewives of Beverly hills, but hadid’s career didn’t take off until she appeared in this years sports illustrated swimwear edition, officially launching her as the ultimate California dreams babe. Hadid has a high fashion appeal as well, super stylist carieroitfield casted her in the icons portfolio for bazaar;s September 2014 issue alongside Cindy Crawford.

The Rebel HAILEY BALDWIN Stephen baldwin’s oldest daughter Hailey was born to be a model. While she began her carer at 14, ahe hit the runway for the first time in NY and londoan in septmeber, and travels around with her closest model pals Kendal and gigi. Baldwin is also no stranger to getting herself into little little trouble, but at 18 yrs old, kids will be kids.

The Rookie BELLA HADID Bella Hadid is following in big sister Gigi’s footsteps, and signed with Models in August, and judging by Instagram, the littlest Hadid hasn’t wasted any time—she’s always posting photos in and out of the makeup chair.

The IT Brit SUKI WATERHOUSE Could life get any better for Suki Waterhouse? She’s been the envy of millions of girls since she was spotted with Bradley Cooper, she counts Cara Delevingne as one of her best friends, and Burberry seems to be absolutely smitten since they casted her in their Fall 2014 ad campaign and regularly have walk in their show.



drama By Needhi Dhoker Photographed by Utkarsha Kohli


girl without her make-up kit is a body without a soul. It is said that she can forget anything in from her world but not her mascara and her lipstick. Looking at makeup and the entire styling done differs according to every occasion on an everyday basis. Be it for office or your college, it will never remain the same. But let’s think beyond what we do usually and you will have plenty of answers to style yourself in a more unique way. The futuristic makeover is not only bold but also distinctive that shows dynamic beauty with detailing. Here are some ideas for futuristic makeup and hairstyle one could try just to experiment with, something similar to space age and not being monotonous.



Electrifying Blue

Eyebrow Up

Mascara Blow

Fearless Eyes


As we battle summer’s heat waves, rising hemlines aren't the only fashion change-ups on our minds. Don't put away those pieces that you don’t wear that often just now. The temperature is rising but your style should not fade. Every girl has clothes but doesn’t know how to team it up correctly.

SKETCHBOOK By Akhila Bipin


loral prints and colors, retro influences, and the easiest way to wear breezy midi skirts – all styled in a way that's simple to try yourself. So whether you're in need of a night out inspiration or are looking for ideas for a casual look it’s all right here. Mix your outfits and make this summer your most fashionable.


orget the mini and maxi skirts the right length you need this summer is midi. As skirts are tricky to wear, either they are too short or too long like a maxi. Hence, Midi skirts are the new silhouette this summer spotted on the runway. Pair them up with a gorgeous pair of heels and crop top and accessorize by adding some bling to your outfit and you are ready to rock the 1950’s look this 2016’s summer.



e it a beautiful bouquet of florals or a digitized ikat, a pattern is this summer’s top option for rocking a feminine frock. Wear the dress with minimal jewellery and you will rock a day look with a pair of casual flats and look as elegant in the night by pairing it up with bold pop color wedges or stilettos.



mbre clothing is super fun to experiment because of the colorful gradient hues, and are back from the ombre hair trend. To freshen up your monochromatic ensemble, dip die is the new thing. Team them up with a pair of nude heels and bring on some accessories to rock the chic look in the day.


ith the onset of summer the crop top is bound to recur as the top summer trend. Although cropped tees are always a staple, the bralette and bustier crop tops are becoming a fast favorite among the teens this summer. Not only are they versatile, easily going from casual to red carpet ready, they are also easily paired with anything. Team them up with a kimono and a pair of shorts or jeans and be comfy.




alazzo pants are super wide-leg, loose, flowing pants that were popular back in the ’60s and ’70s. As most trends tend to do, palazzo pants have recently made a comeback and very versatile to wear. They are flowy hence a perfect pair to be worn this summer to beat the heat. Team them up with a casual tank top or wear a crop top to give the body shape. Throw on some accessories or add a clutch to complete the look.



eather pants can be very rock punk but sexy at the same time. Pair a casual plaid shirt with glam leather pants/leggings. Add heels to dress it up more, or flats to keep it more casual. Leather pants aren’t shabby if you team them up with the right accessories and you are good to go.


The Ultimate Guideline TO

Mix Prints By Gesu Seth


here are lot of people out there who dare to do print-on- print with confidence but most of them fails due to some major reasons and rules of prints. It’s easy to mix and match clothes but it’s very difficult to actually see what’s going with what correctly in terms of fashion elements. There is lot of rules out there in every field of fashion clothing to follow, if you want to achieve good styling skills. But there are few tricks by which you can gain these skills very smartly. Fashion faux can be committed very easily unconsciously without noticing minor details of the clothing. Matching two different clothes of different colors becomes difficult for few people but when it comes to print- on – print, people and many known fashion stylists’ falls in the category of fashion faux pas. Mix matching prints is way more difficult than anything. You should have sharp observing skills of both colors and prints. But like it’s said, there are rules as well as tricks to master this skill in fashion world for both men and women.


Match colors and not prints


eep this thing in mind, if you are unable or facing any difficulties in matching two different prints together, then try to match colors instead of prints. If the color goes well together then automatically the prints will look fine with each other too. But to match colors equally, you need to know at least basic knowledge about colors as well. If you knowledge about colors is poor and you’re trying to match colors instead of prints, then stop right there or else you will ruin the entire look.

Complicated prints are equal to complicated styling


f you have a printed top and a printed bottoms but a complicated one, then mind you, you will definitely face difficulties in styling. Avoid heavy printed clothes if you want to complete the look the without any major difficulties. Simple prints like floral or stripes or checkered matches the other part of the look easily. Black and white stripes are the most common and easiest way of mix matching it with any other prints. They go with everything. They are also known as neutral of prints. Animal prints of organic prints can challenge you while mix matching both and on top of that, the color of both the garments can make it even more difficult. And it’s quite obvious to eyes that leopard print will not go with zebra prints and check pattern won’t go with floral. So, don’t make obvious mistakes of clashing prints, it can question your common sense.



One solid color is a must


hen you’re done with your print- on – print look, add one solid color anywhere, it could be your clutch or your footwear. Having on solid color in between can break the look and will make the entire look pleasant look and equally balanced to human eye. Having too much of prints in your look can disturb the eye. A little bit of solid color will do wonders.

Minimum accessories:


ake sure you keep your accessories at minimal amount. We all know that accessories are worn to complement your entire outfit and enhance your look. But while wearing print on print don’t ever make a mistake of wearing heavy bold accessories because it can overshadow your print on print look and it won’t even highlight your prints either. So keep your accessories minimum like plain, simple chains and thin bracelets.




Print mix was recently spotted at Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015, Day 5 for Hemant and Nandita. The Boho Caravan collection had dull colors like olive green, muted brown, grey, mustard and navy. It also had regional tapestry outlines. The beautiful blend of dull colors and tribal gypsy prints made the collection a memorable successful show.



CTheANew SAPop InPTown oP By Gesu Seth


ant to live your fantasy d r e a m ? Want to bring fantasy colors in your life? You can start by your own bedroom!

location. And no Indian has had the honor of being a part of it. What excited and made me nervous was that for the first time we are showcasing on an international platform. Initially, we had all sorts of mixed feelings, but one needs to maintain their cool and be humble at all times,” A hundred pieces from her collection were displayed at the bi-annual fair.

CASA PARADOX can grant all your wishes of being the diva of pop world. In 2013 Casa Pop became the first Indian brand that showcased their fine designs at the Prestigious Parisian interior design show, Maison et Object which was held in September from 6th to 10th. Talking about her experience, Raseel, told IANS, “Maison has a reputation of being the most snobbish fair internationally. However, the hall we showcased in forms the most prime


The brand that can serve you best out of the best interior décor. Yes! Now you can bring the entire pop in your life by just visiting the store of Casa Pop. The name says it all. From interiors to accessories, Casa


Paradox will make you lust over their fancy looking products. Casa Paradox is all about a girl dreaming of having such amazing products in brightest colors. This is a store of a true diva. Interior designer Raseel Gujral Ansal officially launched her Mumbai franchisee store in April 2015. She introduced her new collection of glamorous and luxurious products ranging from coffee tables to plush thrones, the latest addition to Gujral Ansal’s designs is her pocket-friendly brand, Casa Pop, which features quirky home décor products and fashion wear in all shades of neon. If you want to decorate your house or room with bright wall paper, wall hangings, pop phones, neon colors chairs and sofas, Casa Pop is the place to find such products. If you want to dig into the world of pop fashion and accessorize yourself with fashionable sunglasses, blings, fancy footwears,

Raseel Gujral Ansal says,

I have always believed that you have to observe everything around you, whether interiors, architecture, film, art, fashion or environment, forget it all and then come up with your version of reality.

scarves, poncho and shirts, Casa Pop is there to help you out. Casa pop has many reasons to impress you and none of them will disappoint you. You will find not only Casa Pop products but also designer bags by Namrata Kumar and gold pleated, silver jewelry embedded with semiprecious stones from Amethyst. Casa Paradox bestsellers let you shop all products related to interiors and their latest extension of Casa Pop lets you shop fashion and lifestyle products. Their varieties are in huge numbers; they have captured almost every color under the sky in their products. Their catalogue included home accessories, jewelries, wall art, apparel, furnishing, tableware, and funky furniture. CLANG



Do you feel unconventional designs work with people?

t the recent Amazon India Fashion Week SS2016, you went beyond everyone expectation by making the models wear headgears and glares. Whom did you get your inspiration for elaborate accessorizing? I wanted to play with simple things. The drama was in the music. We recorded Bollywood films’ dialogues and converted them into cat situation. I used dialogues like “In kutto ke samne mat nachna” (don’t dance in front of these dogs) from the iconic film Sholay for a filmier vibe. You also design lifestyle products such as notebooks, cushions, bags, furniture etc. How does that satisfy your creativity? I love exploring all possible media. Designing things beyond clothes is very fulfilling. I also do decor and interiors. I dabble in video arts and other forms of art as well. The make-up for the collection is a bit unconventional, do you think people in India will ever adapt to the culture of pop makeup? The thought started with unconventional, speak your own mind concept. The idea was to create a strong statement. The millennias in the near future might adapt to this phenomena, nobody knows. You designed an LED dress for Lady Gaga, so how was your experience there? And what are your thoughts on digital prints and tech fashion? Whenever there is a radical idea, which has not been done before, the biggest challenge is to convince technical support to do it. For me it was a simple idea, which was so doable, but eventually we managed! Technology has evolved over the years and so has fashion. When both are collaborated once can create a masterpiece!


It’s very difficult to convince people what they don’t believe in, but God has been very kind to me. I think when you work hard; you are able to express what you want to. I am a rebel at heart. There is no pretention. Somewhere when you say it right and when you believe in that, it strikes a chord with people. Your Favorite fashion garment/ accessory/ prop? I love hair accessories like corsages and headscarves. At a time when fashion is moving towards minimalism, how do you manage to design pop fashion? Everything I do came very naturally. Things just flowed. That’s how it should be. Design and art must come from within. They cannot be staged. Pop fashion is all about expression and that’s what I am doing, expressing myself! You are into art as well as designing, how does it feel to multitask? I just love it. I love art, any kind of art. I am trained to be a fashion designer but deep down I am an artist. Whom would you like to see in clothes designed by you? A woman who wants a piece of cool India. Lastly, One thing people don’t know about you? That I’m designing a restaurant at the moment and I am enjoying it.


Nida Mahmood the quirky designer to go to

By Utkarsha Kohli

Nida Mahmood is a designer with a difference. She promises to create a unique look with her design philosophy “art translated”, which actually conjures up a curious mix of “classic with street”. She spells individuality and does away with conventionality in every respect! Let’s hear her sharing her “designs” - both personal and professional- with us!



Sleeve Vive What’s a sleeve if it has no colors or something to be appreciated about? Even this small sleeve can express a lot of things about you and so there is a new kind to this sleeve that just adds to the pop desire. Available at

Funky Lennon The famous Lennon or Gandhi glasses are seen now in bright tint shades. Some colors are solid while some are more quirky and little multicolored Available at

KITSCH obsessions By Needhi Dhoker

Crazy Design Enhance the look and feel of your iphone with these lip or conversational printed phone covers. Available at

Have you ever known what your obsession is? Here is a thought, the LIST of kitsch obsession will definitely keep you engaged completely and help you with what to buy next. Mixed Flare The flare skirt when mixed with those emotional emoticons it looks more appealing. This kind of skirt can either be merged with print on print or also with a solid colored top. Jeremy Scott did Emoji fashion for the debut. Available at

High Boots Merged with different shades of brown, these high boots are very much in demand. If you are the one who likes solid colors, you can opt for heeled tied up boots as well. Available at




Animal Strike Fanatic of animals? Make your clothes speak with your favorite animals. A wide range of clothing having different animals on them varying from zebra to monkeys. These conversational prints come in colors as well as black and white. If you are eyeing for them, get them for yourselves sooner. Available at

Hoot Owl Hoot owls sheet have the brightest colors that will make your room quite exciting. These vibrant colors and print make it a perfect addition Available at

Popping Shoes Those small little feet need to feel good too and for that the pop colored shoes having distinctive design are mainly seen. These laced up shoes when worn with solid colored outfits is eye catching and adds thrill to it. Available at

Vibrant Art Bored of the text tees you buy every winters? The funky sweatshirts having vibrant colors summate to the creation of such art. Available at

Crazy Color Clutch Chanel will take your heart away when you look at this color curtain tassels all matched with timeless Parisian style. Along with the logo, the tassels are placed at the right place in bright colors exaggerating the pop colors. Available at



Hit The Floor Be different from rest of the party people and lighten your time with the chargeable led shoes. With this generation’s style, dance off your feet and let the world know what you own. Available at

Frame Flash Lighten up those walls with these bright colored frames that express entertainment. This lifestyle product works like magic when put up along with clock and other frames on the wall. Make your own house look different than the rest. Available at

Cuteness Collision This cute spongebob sling bag in pop color can add a charm to your clothing. Also if you appreciate cherry colors, you can also add lip printed sling bags. Available at

Fur Jam Fur helps one accessorize and adds that final touch to winter outfits. This fur scarf comes in the color of three and is suitable for your attire. Desiring for it? Available at

Two Seasons Jourdan jelly lace up sandals are the ones having pop color with a blend of metallic touch and lace. These kinds of heels are not what we usually see but when worn wondered how this 4 striped stiletto heel will look like? Available at



Alluring Trinkets The studs we used to own from Ginger, Claire’s, etc before are replaced with a new kind. The food items especially fruits well known as conversational prints come in earrings too. Available at

Flare Fiction

Comfy Feet Winters are here and to keep you warm these socks with stripes and lip print are really in. These socks come in prints like that of cartoons, marshmallows, donuts and what not.

Pop art flare tops having eye tripping words or colors are seen in style. Combining these kinds of tops having the famous artist or pop words with shorts can make ones outfit dramatic Available at

Available at

Boots Gaga Show off your sexy side in this stunning boot style. Thigh boots are the hottest trend this fall, so be sure to snatch a pair. Carry these boots with a happy-go-lucky attitude and be sure to make others envy you. Available at

Cartoon dress A shift dress with baby loony toons as a cartoon or teddy bear can make one really happy and what Jeremy Scott did for the Milan show made everyone smile at the front row. Available at



Let your Fashion Speak!

By Aakriti Sigdel

Do you ever look at novelty designs and wonder where they came from? In the design world, they are known as conversational prints. When you look at some of the quirky patterns used on fabrics and wallpapers. These designs create a nostalgic link, which often makes us laugh and smile.


ost of the early designs of conversational prints were made for children and featured nursery rhymes, baby animals, children at play, cartoon characters, alphabet letters and numbers. History had a huge influence on the subject matter used in fabric designs. Even today in fashion, designers like Ralph Lauren love to use patriotic images to create the look of American style. Many emblems are found in itemsas wallpaper, bedding, glassware, accessories and more. Today, many top designers like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren use vintage fabrics to inspire their fashion and home patterns. Fashion designers of scarves like Faith Austin of the 1950’s was known for her whimsical novelty hankerchieves; below


is the hatbox print hankie that inspired the 5th Avenuedesign for Jaima Brown Home. A classic example of how vintage fabrics is incorporated into today’s lifestyle products. The themes for novelty prints from the past were extensive and still continue today. Travel was and still is popular in America. States and destination places were often featured on vintage fabrics yet they still are found, updated mind you, in the home market usually found in accessories like bags, bedding, pillows, towels and evenpropecia cancer boxes” These convesartional prints are back in trends today. There are various conversational prints that are most popular. We’ve dished up a few of our favorite examples, hope you enjoy!


Lip Service Slather on your favorite shade of lipstick, and pucker up for this quirky, yet femme, novelty print trend.

Cute Fruit We should all be incorporating more fresh fruit into both our diets and our print collections. And with the spring season upon us, we’ve noticed lots of cute fruit prints popping up around the web, particularly of the citrus variety.

Animal Kingdom Here are some of our favorite examples of a print and graphic trend we’ve been seeing a ton of this spring: Animal Novelties. Conversational prints featuring animals of all kinds can be found all over the stores this spring.

Many of the Indian designers have tried their hand on conversational prints. It’s been barely five years since Masaba Gupta debuted as a designer at Lakme Fashion Week. That hasn’t stopped style icons like Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, and Jacqueline Fernandez from extensively wearing her clothes. Masaba is known for her quirky prints and vibrant use of colours. From prints of cows to Tamil scripts, table fans to machinery and lipstick prints to phone booth prints your wardrobe would be incomplete without one of Masaba’s signature printed silhouettes. Get some conversations going with your patterns today, no telling what they will say about the past or future!



Fashion is movement, art and architecture ALL in one. It takes you to a world where you can show others who you are. Here are a few style divas’ that always make heads turn when they enter the room.

When they walk in... By Akhila Bipin



other monster has always outdone us by giving back to back hits on the charts but there is one more thing that makes us go Gaga about this woman, her sense of style. Gaga’s avant-gardes fashion status has solidified her style and has made her one of the greatest style icons.



Lady Gaga stunned everybody when she stepped out at the 2010 VMAs in a dress designed by Franc Fernandez — made entirely of raw meat. Though this dress created quit a havoc in the news and angered the PETA group but that didn’t stop her from experimenting hence, she was seen saying. “I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time,”- Gaga





ad Girl RiRi with her fearless sense of style and head turning hair styles has changed her looks a lot over the years but always looks glamorous in whatever she wears and has become a major girl crush. Rihanna has always been unpredictable when it comes to her sense of clothing. Adam Selman did a great job making the latest Riri’s outfit the shiniest and the most scandalous ever. A ‘fishnet’dress with dozen of swarovski crystals. ‘But fashion is about beauty, and the [female] body is part of that.’ – Designer claims. The unusual accessories – glittering turban and pale pink fur wrap – make reference to the modernized retro of 30s, quite an outfit for the CDFA awards.






his pop diva has transformed herself from a Disney princess to bonafide fashion teller and is a fashion Icon in her own way. She can go from red carpet glam to high street brash and bold fashion in a snap. That’s what makes her exciting, and in our list of people to look out for. The risks she takes can’t be taken by anyone.


Buck tradition and build new boundaries keeping chic in mind, is the motto for this chick. Miley was seen walking in a Dolce and Gabbana vintage statement Black The body con, black long-sleeve crop top and matching high-waisted leggings were dotted with rows of colorful, bonbon-like gemstones. “GO CRAZY AND YOU’LL FIND YOURSELF” -Miley Cyrus


hen it comes to this fashion diva she never misses a chance to spot her limelight. Kim Kardashian was seen in a dare to bare outfit designed by Roberto Cavalli in the MET Gala 2015. Though she is a hardcore devotee to the Balmain and Givenchy power houses, her first time with Cavalli was a pretty good triumph.




The intricate detailing with crystal embellishments and feathers made her hour glass figure flatter on the red carpet. The Kardashian family sure know their labels well enough to pull them off with oomph.



Dear Men,

It’s time to enhance your closet By Needhi Dhoker

Photography by Needhi Dhoker

The fashion stories one has are never ending. Agreed, that when it comes men’s fashion, the options are limited but that doesn’t mean we don’t attempt to look for more fashionable things. The right kind of clothing can make a man look stylish and also influence others. Here is a guide to tell you there is variety beyond a white shirt and pants.



Printed Shirt- Koovs Bow- Blackerry Pants- Wrangler Shoes- Vans

Sweatshirt- Jack and Jones Pants- Promod Suspenders- Jack and Jones Shoes- Marks&Spencers

Cardigan- Zara T-shirt- Koovs Shoes- Woodland Pants- Levi’s

Jacket- United Colors of Benetton Shirt- Koovs Shoes- Vans Pants- Jack and Jones



MASTER By Akhila Bipin

Brand and art always go in sync when they want to communicate with its consumers. As long as they want to promote their products, the art world has provided them with creative and innovative ideas to help them build a strong relationship with its customers. Companies have used art to their best to promote their brand in the most creative way possible.


Coca- Cola


Adidas Originals-

Throughout its history, The Coca-Cola Company has captured the spirit of the times through its advertising art. For 100 years, the CocaCola bottle has served as a muse for a list of top designers and artists. In 2015 coca cola started a campaign to commerate the 100th anniversary of the company by asking artists from across the globe to recreate the famous coke bottle in their own style by only using the three iconic colors- coke red, white and black and called it the MashupCokeProject.

Starbucks coffee created a campaign in 2011 where they asked its consumers to create their idea of a Starbucks coffee cup. Coffee being a companion for many, Starbucks used the creativity of its consumers to help and spread the message “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle”

Adidas believes true Superstars are those who can overcome negative criticism to find the courage within themselves to create. This is the core message of the recently released Adidas Originals “#OriginalSuperstar# “campaign, which aims to encourage and empower people to create without the need for external validation.

The campaign message was to bring out the creativity and uniqueness of each bottle and all the entries were as varied as its customers.

Absolute In 2011 Absolute Vodka initiated a campaign “The Absolute Blank Project” to spread awareness of the dying artist within us. The making of the pieces featured in a TV slot for the Swedish Vodka maker. This time however the Art was far more accessible as well as creative, and were uploaded in various social media platforms. The brand wanted to engage more audience and participation and succeeded in their campaign.

Social media and the Internet allow us all to take part in the campaigns that such brands come up with, to bring out the creative and innovative you. Participation is the new goal for brands today. The Internet is our canvas and the production of the artwork is an expression of free spirit. Hence, art is and will always help brands to communicate and crowd source.



The Noodles by Neha Sharma By Needhi Dhoker Photography by Akhila Bipin

If you sit with Neha Sharma over a hot cup of coffee one day in this beautiful Delhi winters you will know this person has a lot to say with her colorful doodles. She believes that her life is dramatic because of her pens.

Tell us something about yourself.

What do you do in your free time?

Well, I am a self-taught illustrator and a doodle artist who never thought she’d end up drawing for a living. I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy until a year ago when I got my first project. When I got payment for the same (though it was only enough to buy peanuts) I realized that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So with a little drama and a zillion dreams I dropped out of Chartered Accountancy to become a full time freelance illustrator. But I can do my own taxes so it’s a win win situation.

Drawing for a living is more of a lifestyle than a job. Even when I am not drawing, I am thinking about what to draw next. Or I am doodling stupid and ugly cartoons which never see the face of social media. Other than that I am seen annoying my dog by always pestering her to play even when she is trying to sleep, shopping and then cribbing about being broke, reading, working out and trying to keep myself busy with hundreds of things and then complaining about never having the time.

Who is your inspiration behind all the doodles you make?

Tell us something about Minty (your pet)?

I don’t think I have a specific answer for this mostly because of the fact that my inspiration changes from Bollywood to Saas-Bahu daily soaps in a nano second. So Honey Singh songs, my dog’s long tail, people exercising a bit too loudly in the gym, Delhi aunties bargaining for vegetables while sporting fake Guccis, killing mosquitoes with an electric racket, chewing the backs of pencils, etc. have all been a source of inspiration somewhere. So I am just on the lookout for such happenings around me everyday. How much time does it take for you to finish one doodle? This depends on the doodle I am working on. If I am working without doing a million things together at the same time I can finish one even in half an hour given it is just a single character with doodly eyes. But there have been doodles which I have worked on for more than four-five hours at a stretch even without a pee break.


Mint a.ka. Minty a.k.a Mintee Masala a.k.a the love of my life. The day she entered my life, life as I knew it, changed forever. She is a total princess and has been spoilt to the core. But I feel in her head she must be really creeped out by how I keep staring at her all the time for no reason. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you begin to do your artwork? Honestly, NOTHING! When I start drawing I don’t even have a plan as to what I am going to draw and how. 70% of my drawings are made directly by a pen with no chance of correcting my mistakes with an eraser. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Probably with some improved doodles and cartoons, a fully functional online store, juggling more projects, fitter and continuing to pester my mother and Mint. But still doodling bindis and mustaches over SRK’s face in the newspaper. That will never change.


Give us a brief introduction about you My name is Archana Mohan Nakhua , I graduated in commerce from Mumbai University and have a diploma in Commercial art from Nirmala Niketan College . Later I did a tattoo course from a Al’s tattoo studio in Mumbai ( Bandra ) in2010 .Things changed after the course when my tattoo guru offered me a job in his studio which I happily accepted. I got to learn a lot from there and being from a business family, my parents wanted me to open my own studio instead of working for someone else. So I freelanced for some months and then met a guy where the whole game changed and became a little bigger than I had ever thought. Now my husband and me have a tattoo studio in the name of Ace Tattooz & Art Studio which is in Ghatkopar (Mumbai) and after 4 years of working in Ghatkopar we now have one more branch of Ace Tattooz & Art Studio in Colaba . Life has been adventurous ever since 2010 .In April 2014 I made it to the Best of the show & Best Big Color in the 1st International Tattoo Convention in Pune. Later in December the same year I got awarded as the Best female Tattoo artist In India by public and artist voting on the internet organized by the 3rd International Tattoo convention 2014 (Delhi) ,also I won the Best of the show, Best Small Color & Best Portrait tattoo.

A glimpse of an Inked World By Needhi Dhoker

It’s that time of the year when Mumbai is in the midst of the weathers and to have a better conversation, Archana Nakhua Bhanushali, a female tattoo artist from Mumbai tells us her story. She says that Life has been adventurous ever since 2010 then she met a guy where the whole game changed and became a little bigger than she had ever thought. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but this female artist is ardent to reach the stars.



In relation to tattoos, what do you think is really pop? I believe everything that you like forever on your body shall b the only that’s really pop. Though what we have observed people all of a sudden had alot of liking for travel related tattoos .Also tattoos related to gods and family members are what everyone likes to have permanent. What inspired you back then to be a part of this tattoo culture? I used to watch L.A. INK the TATTOO Based reality show on T.L.C . I saw Kat Von De a female tattoo artist who really inspired me to learn this art as . In this art of tattooing, what do you think you specialize in? I specialize more in realism and colored tattoos. Customization is my cup of tea

Throughout these years, did you ever get demotivated? If yes, what inspired you to be back on track? I haven’t ever felt demotivated as all I have around me is POSITIVE vibes. All I know is I want to work till the last breath and that’s were all demotivation goes in drains ;) In India, people at times are very judgmental about having a tattoo, what is your take on it? Its not just about India but also people around the world become a little judgmental about the thing. However the judgmental generation has already changed and come to a point where they themselves are doing tattoos or are booking appointments for their family and loved ones. India has already 90% crossed the stage of being judgmental about tattoos at least because no one really cares . What is the age group of people who come to your studio and what’s their profession like?

People are seen getting smaller tattoos on parts like fingers, wrists, ankles etc. what is your take on it? I would suggest people not to do tattoo on fingers as they have a tendency to generally fade off. Though I also have few there its supposed to b done in areas where your tattoo artist says its possible because internet images that inspire people are generally of fresh tattoos whereas later tattoos on the figures if not done properly may fade off . Being a female tattoo artist, what all challenges have you faced?. My husband has been the best source to the birth of our studio and my comfort zone with my work. Over and above the industry has been quite welcoming and supportive to me. All my male tattoo artist friends haven’t ever treated me any different .I shall say there is no change if you are passionate and confident about your thing Was it difficult to convince your parents to get into this business? Absolutely NO . My parents were the best support possible for life. More over my in laws always have been equally supportive.

I have tattooed people from 18 to 60 …there are people from doctors to engineers to teachers and every single kind possible. What kind of tattoo designs are trending right now? Travelers tattoos are quite in , For big tattoo people like Shiva tattoo and portraits of their loved ones are also quite a thing. In India, in the coming years, where do you see this art? Over the years tattooing has got a lot of recognition and respect and I am sure things are just going to be better day by day If given an opportunity, which international tattoo artist would you like to work with? Mr. Khan a tattoo artist from South Korea has been a huge source of inspiration for me and I would love to work with him some day if given an opportunity.




Comic Fashion foR

the snazzy By Gesu Seth

Photographed by Aakriti Sigdel


omics and fashion is not coming up together for the first time. Cos plays, Comic Cons, comic art, and comic book fashion has been on favorite list of many artistic people. Wouldn’t you want to see your favorite’s comic characters on your clothes? This is only possible when you can introduce comic to pop, pop to art and art to fashion. Combination of comic art and fashion can not only create dynamic strong silhouettes but can also stay in market for a very long period of time.

DC Comics and Marvel Comics comes first in anybody’s mind if asked to name the best comic production till now. Such renowned publications have started their own clothing line which has gained millions of eyes on their collection of sweatshirts, boxers, baggy pants, crop tops and what not! Their catchy, bright and bold colors with super heroes like Batman, Superman, Ironman, Catwoman and many more are ruling hearts of today’s generation.



Top- H&M Glares- Accessorize

Monochrome polka dot tube top paired with illusion glares.

Striped A-line dress matched with sky color flat forms Dress- Elle Shoes- Koovs

Sexy tube maxi dress with slits on both sides matched with shiny laced stilettos of same tone completes the look with a cute sunny colored bow. Maxi dress- Forever21 Stilettos- Charles and Keith Bow- Accessorize

Square neck blood red apron dress with bold studded black kicks with a twist of bright orange paper collar and blood red lips. Red dress- Kazo Kicks- zara

Fan like made structure in a form textured paper with short monochromatic stripes paired with bright orange open toed chunky heels. Heels- Catwalk Shorts- Forever21

One piece strapless flare dress with Aztec print enhancing the paper pop done on cat eye glares. Tube dress- Promod

Royal purple wrap around strapless dress tied with baby pink silk ribbon finishes the look with hot pink open toed stilettos. Tube Dress- H&M Stilettos- Steve Madden

Phoebe Philo’s graphic inspiration of 20th-century Brassaï at Céline: In contrast to some of the minimalism that Céline has become known for, Phoebe Philo’s collection for Spring-Summer 2014 altogether was like drawing on the photography of Brassaï, as a reference to create textiles dripping with thread and marked by bold woven and printed brushstrokes.


Designers Trending This Month By Aakriti Sigdel

Taking the free-spirit theme forward, designer Kristy De Cunha always presents a bold and edgy line. She embraces epitomizes the free-spirited woman.




Miuccia Prada tempts all sorts of contradictions in her work. Politically charged wall art inspired illustWrations. She’s a designer who wants to hear arguments, and is completely honest in admitting the paradoxical nature of producing fashion.


Designer ShubhikaDavda showcases a quirky yet classy collection titled ‘Twitterpated’ under her label ‘Papa Don’t Preach’. Her designers are always like its inspiration the range comprised feminine, flirty, silhouettes like dresses, playsuits, rompers, sin rich fabrics like pure crépe, organza, silk tissue, chiffon, mesh and satin. Her trademark of each design was a bold heart in the center made of mirrors and crystals.




Comic Con where comics become reality By Needhi Dhoker

Delhi, the capital city of India commands entertainment and to fulfill this requirement Delhites now get to visit Comic Con India happening every year in the city. It was created to expand the restricted pop culture in the country and deliver the fun experience everyone wants.


ew years back to elude the expenses of travelling to foreign countries, a group of people in Delhi decided to bring in this culture in their home town. Comic con has now grown to many events across the country. It was created to expand the restricted pop culture in the country and deliver the fun experience everyone wants. Comic con was started in 2011 at New Delhi which was extended to other cities Mumbai and Banglore. In 2013, Hydrebad edition happened. The comic con fever has gone viral and the Facebook page now has over 5 lakh likes. Comic Con started with a bang. The event experienced a huge crowd, from lovers of graphics to movie buffs and ofcourse comic lovers. The mascot created was Super Kudi of comic character Wonder woman. For the welcome, the bands of comic con for the year was given to the people. Looking at the creative aspect of Comic con, the venue was filled with well renowned iconic comic characters like Batman, ironman, Rorschach, Flash, Wonder Woman and even the ever popular Shikari Shambhu and Supandi. There was a section for game lovers to have a fun time playing. Also there were stalls having merchandised t-shirts and other things as well. India has a good potential with the comic book culture. The readers are thirsty for better portion of comic tales. Moreover, the creativity is also maturing with time for the artists�, said Mohd. Faisal who has touched many hearts all over the country with his Gags. Illustrator Rohit Soni, feels proud about the youth how they are getting their artwork in the papers as well as the digital world. Every single year the ambience looks no less than a fantasy land that comes alive right in front of us. Huge sculpted figure of Iron man enlightened the venue even more with its pose and people were seen clicking pictures. Besides that there was a preview of upcoming movies and puzzle games for the visitors. The best part about Comic con is many people come disguised. They dress up as characters which adds up more to the ambience. The noticed characters were Wonder woman, Super man and Indian heroes like Shikari Sambhu.



Coming to this year, Comic con is all set again to surprise the Delhites with its biggest pop culture event starting from the 4th of December. The comic con event gives special treatment to the first 500 bookings. A 3 day pass which includes pick up, fast security check, a badge, bag, cape and some more exclusive offers. there will be more experimental zones this time with an awesome line up of quests from India as well as abroad. Talking about the most exciting part and a sneak peak of whats in store this year. • Get a chance to witness the Axn India at the comic con. • Hodor Aka Kristian Nairn finally here in India at the Comic con to meet his fans at the stage for 3 whole days. • Fan of Comic strips? Meet Sikhpark a comic on the life of Punjabi in the Diaspora. • For all the ones who love Text tees Garam Garam Tamacha is waiting this year for all the fans to make you happy with their quotes. • If you are a star wars fanatic there is a fan zone of the same for you. • Not only that but have you ever thought of travelling to Beijing? You have an opportunity this year. All you need to do is wear a costume and whoever wins gets a sponsored trip by Comic Con to Beijing. • What is a show without the main star. Delhi Comic con features The Valiant Universe With CEO, Dinesh Shamdasani as a special guest this year. • Catch Kreative bugs with its new merchandise at the Comic Con. So what you are waiting for? Have a great weekend this December at Comic con. Invite al your friends and family to enjoy the speaking characters. Book your tickets NOW at BookMyShow.







Top on the Pop Did Andy Warhol change everything? By Aakriti Sigdel

While reading through his life, I think, anyone who writes about Warhol faces two problems, one having to do with the man and the other with the work. It should be a rule when writing about Warhol never to take anything he said completely seriously. Andy Warhol is the father of pop art. The idea behind pop art was to create an art for the broad public. He became famous worldwide for his work as a painter, avant- garde filmmaker, record producer, author, and public figure known for his membership in widely diverse social circles.

Illustrator Andy Warhol was one of the most prolific and popular artists of his time, using both avant-garde and highly commercial sensibilities. For many, his ascent echoes one of Pop art’s ambitions, to bring popular styles and subjects into the exclusive salons of high art. His elevation to the status of a popular icon represented a new kind of fame and celebrity for a fine artist. Warhol was a prophet of his time. Long before reality television was invented, he said that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. Long before today’s celebrity culture, Warhol saw famous people as inherently fascinating, and many of the black and white photographs that are about to go on sale are slick snapshots of famous friends including John Lennon, Mick Jagger and Debbie Harry. And yet in many ways, this artist, who made it big with paintings of soup cans in the early 1960s and died in 1987, was a cultural conservative. He believed that talent existed. Cultural icon and godfather of pop culture 78

movement was Born in 1928 into the slums of Pittsburgh, who barely spoke English. Andy was a sickly, often bedridden child, who played with dolls, idolized Shirley Temple and at an early age began drawing women’s shoes, cartoon characters and movie stars. He was most sensitive gay kid in his society. But by 1960, Warhol had become one of the most successful commercial artists in New York. He drew, with a distinctive and recognizable line, magazine illustrations, advertisements, book jackets, and album covers, and he owned a four-story town house on the Upper East Side. He always had an eye for illustrated advertisement. It was a language for him to communicate to people. But he had fine-art aspirations. He was not a liability at advertising agencies and fashion magazines, but it was a problem in literary and artistic circles, and especially among gays. Warhol was regarded as a slightly embarrassing groupie. Truman Capote with whom he was briefly inspired, called him “a


hopeless born loser.” “A terrible little man,” the director of the Tibor de Nagy gallery, where the poet Frank O’Hara hung out, is said to have described him. “A very boring person, but you have to be nice to him because he might buy a painting.” “How can you say one style is better than another? You ought to be able to be an Abstract Expressionist next week, or a Pop artist, or a realist, without feeling you’ve given up something.. I think that would be so great, to be able to change styles. And I think that’s what’s is going to happen, that’s going to be the whole new scene.” He wrote a novel without doing any writing. He had his mother sign his work, and he sent an actor, Allen Midgette, to impersonate him on a lecture tour (and, for a while, Midgette got away with it). He had other people make his paintings. His Brillo boxes were received as art, and his eight-hour movie of the Empire State Building was received as a movie. The people who saw someone pretending to be Andy Warhol believed that they had seen Andy Warhol. (“Andy helped me see into fame and through it,” Midgette later said.) The works that his mother signed and that other people made were sold as Warhols. Did Warhol really think his photographs of the famous, or of urinals, were art in the same way that his Death and Disaster paintings are art? Today, artists happily claim everything they do is art, and Warhol’s works are routinely exhibited as if he too believed this. He tried anything once, and if he tried it once he tried it a hundred times, so his corpus can be almost

illimitable, from screen tests to Interview magazine to these photographs. The art world really has gone beyond Warhol – anything can be sold as art, anywhere, for any price, as this online sale shows. In 2013, fame is at once holy and base, and Warhol turns out to be an old-fashioned artist in a world that no longer knows art from a snapshot. Still, whether or not his work continues to shape the course of art, it certainly defines the market. The art world was thrown into uncertainty by the recession, but Warhol’s works didn’t seem to lose liquidity or value.



quirkify yourself with these

Desi Knick-Knacks By Utkarsha Kohli

Not one person today would be devoid of at least one thing from these fun and quirky brands. From apparel and accessories to home décor, from footwear to stationery, from tech accessories to collectibles, they own it wholly. It has begun to delineate the new ‘Cool’ of late. Here are a few brands which you may be a fan of, know of or if you want to know of, more or less.


uirkbox is literally a box of all things fun and quirky. The brand speaks only the language of pop and kitsch. Its designs, colors and prints are very loud and at the same time very contemporary and innovative. The founders, Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia have so many feathers in their hat already that this venture was ought to be a success anyway. Jayesh is a designer and an artist and now an entrepreneur. On the other hand, Rixi is a NIFT Mumbai graduate, who is also involved in her own brand ‘halfFull’. They have a limited number of categories as of now, just fashion and accessories. Out of those, their conversational prints are very popular. The vests, jackets, dresses all look very digitally and graphically inspired. Recently, in 2013, they showcased their collection at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. So there’s a lot of Bollywood connection associated with this brand. A lot of celebrities and models have been seen adorning the ‘Quirkbox’ clothing. Maybe that’s the reason for such high pricing for their products.

Quirkbox has interesting clothes to offer. Breaking the stereotypes and uncommon fads, the apparel and merchandise they make are and going for almost every occasion.


Divya Aneja, Mass Communication Student



humbak, initially magnetized people with their fridge magnets, mugs, keychains and coasters. The founders, Vivek and Shubhra, started with their dream business as a souvenir selling startup for the tourists. But once they began rolling, nobody could stop them. And today, they have more than 15 categories. One of their first prints was the owl. Then came, the Indian elements like autos, cycles, rickshaws, and lots more. There came a time when not knowing of Chumbak was considered to be “uncool”. The people who wish to be related to the heritage of India usually buy expensive luxury products. But for the youth, who wishes the same, they created Chumbak. They are among those people who appreciate art and respect it. Some of their iconic products include phone covers, cushion covers, passport holders, laptop sleeves, bags, T-shirts, stationery, magnets, bobble heads and mugs. And they recently came up with some fun home furniture and dining crockery too. Though the prices may be a bit on the higher side, but they are a must buy if you want your guests to feel happier than ever with their vibrant colors and designs. To just look what they are all about or buy their products, do check out their website, and also see if they deliver stuff to your city. Normally they are found in malls, filling a little place. Nevertheless, there are some huge stores in most of the major urban centers. So I hope the next time you spot Chumbak anywhere, you’re going to get enticed by the fun range they offer.



As the name suggests, the store is as wacky as it seems to be. I have been to 2 stores. Personally, I like the one at Cyberhub other than the Subhash Nagar one; it is bigger and has larger variety of stuff. The stuff is bit expensive but quality is very good plus you won’t find so many things you would want to own under one place. You will surely end up buying few things once you visit the one at Cyberhub.

Gaurav Pathania, Working Professional


ven before Chumbak came into being, Happily Unmarried was in its full form. The founders, Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand, say that it was anti established in 2003 with absolutely no business plan in mind. Humorous slogans with Indian designs and products has been their forte. They kept in mind the young people who live on their own and needed funky stuff to suit their space and themselves too. Understanding the pain of the unmarried people made them launch this brand, in an attempt to make them feel ‘Happily Unmarried’. Their categories include bar accessories, apparel, phone covers, home décor, bags and stationery. Toilet seat ashtrays, beer glasses, shot glasses; coasters, etc are some products which may make people fall in love with the brand. In fact, they have recently come up with another interesting range of products. The collection is called ‘Ustraa’ and it basically has products for men’s grooming. At least there is someone who thought for them too. Men, especially unmarried, would be so happy with this brand, I must say. Once you log on to their website, you will find the interface to be very simple. Maybe because men just don’t like all the fuss, especially when they shop. You will feel like buying each and every thing they have. Moreover, if you go to their ‘About Us’ page, one might just fall for them. The language they use is just so fun and interactive, that you may feel like getting in touch with them in actual. Even their careers page is far too interesting. I guess it is not just a quirky Indian-inspired brand, but an experience of having grown up in a country like India.

It has always been a life saver. I am pretty bad at selecting gifts but I have always found something which is appropriate for the event and the person. Happily Unmarried rocks.


Varad Bhasin, Entrepreneur

“ 83


hannelling the essence of India, its age-old motifs and prints into today’s contemporary design for the urban population is what makes up the ‘India Circus’. The bold and vibrant colors amalgamated with traditional prints like peacocks, feathers, paisley and more, makes the brand come alive in today’s time. The ringmaster of this circus, Krsna Mehta, is not only inspired by the vintage era, but also urban icons like taxi, auto and many such pop prints have been incorporated in his designs. One will get immersed in the visual glory of India, that this startup offers. As much as it is glorifying the Indian Culture, it has also made a mark in quirky prints and designs. Animals, Mughal architecture, old maps, kings, queens and flowers have all been a part of its palette. And talking about affordability, it is quite reasonable for the people who actually want to indulge in buying something Indian yet quirky in today’s time. India Circus not only delights people of its native country, but also the NRI’s and foreigners. The feature of shipping in more than 190 countries is what attracted the international clientele towards the brand. So anybody who has an inclination towards India, whether they have visited the country or not, tend to buy stuff from the circus. This quirky Indian brand is certainly going to echo in the market for long. After all, who can forget the rich heritage that this country has been known for. So go ahead and flaunt your Indian-ness.



What this store has done is to blend Indian culture with western designs and the results are outstanding. Earlier we all used to go street shopping and be a little skeptical about the quality. But stores like these have maintained the quality. These fusion products with their quality and affordability, appeal not only to the Indian folks but also to foreigners. I just love such efforts done by India Circus.

Sohan Gadre, Engeneering Student


Subodh Gupta: “Art language is the same all over the world, which allows me to be anywhere.” By Utkarsha Kohli


ow who could have imagined that our everyday utensils and objects could be multiplied to become a form of art? Well, Subodh Gupta actually did it. A painter, sculptor, photographer, and what not. He is a legendary contemporary artist from India (New Delhi).

Buckets. Cow Dung. Skull. Boat. Tiffin. Cycle. Yes those are his subjects and materials. ‘I am the idol thief. I steal from the drama of Hindu life. And from the kitchen- these pots, they are like stolen gods, smuggled out of the country. Hindu kitchens are as important as prayer rooms.’ Though there is no literal meaning to them but Gupta’s idea behind each artwork is very emotional and relatable. His own life, his past, economic status of his hometown are all his inspirations. Having brought up in a small town, Patna (Bihar), yet a student of the College of Art, he rose up to this global level while staying connected to his roots. Plus his work is always concerned about the urban and rural societies, environment, social, economical aspects of India. In his own words, ‘All these things were part of the way I grew up. They are used in the rituals and ceremonies that were part of my childhood. Indians either remember them from their youth, or they want to remember them.’

Studying one of his creations, ‘Spill’ (2007), it is an installation made of stainless steel utensils. A giant steel bucket is placed in the centre and many other utensils are shown coming out of the bucket as if water was flowing out of the bucket. His philosophy of using steel utensils is that though its shine reflects the longing desires, but on the contrary, the emptiness reflects deficiency and hardships. CLANG


Logan Hicks: “People on the subway tend to get lost in their thoughts, and fantasize, and daydream. It’s interesting to watch people let their mind wander.”


t point or the other, we all must have used stencil to make art, with those fun to use color sprays. However, this New-York based artist Logan Hicks, took this little idea to a whole new level. A photographer and painter turned into a stencil artist. And what is his canvas? STREETS.

One will be left awestruck, if he sees his work on some street. You might feel that it’s a photograph, but it’s actually painted through layers of stencils and colored spray. That’s the extent to which his artwork is so intricate and realistic. The labor he puts in is just unimaginable. Logan hicks is a college dropout, who began printing t-shirts for some random companies and in that process, he found his love for stencils. An avid traveler and explorer himself, he translated his own photographs to create a masterpiece. Though his inspirations revolve mostly around the urban landscapes, his personal experiences too made him go underwater (paintings in ‘Love never said anything’) to look for some out of the world experience. Logan says, ‘The drifting, the weightlessness was how I felt internally. It seemed like the perfect way to capture what I was doing through- adrift in a sea of uncertainty.’

Logan Hicks’ travel instinct also made him explore New York at midnight because he feels that such a quiet time is very rare to find in a city like New York. For the same reason, he ought to have his stencil art in many cities or countries over the world. And those lucky streets can be found in Istanbul, Miami, Baltimore, Paris and many more. Having showcased his work at numerous exhibitions too, his series of 6 anodized aluminum paintings of train windows of the similar size at the ArtBasel festivities in Miami in 2014.



Best of Both Worlds By Gesu Seth Photographed by Aakriti Sigdel

Best pop idols of all time, takes over not only the music industry of Hollywood but also fashion industry. From their signature steps to their signature outfits, they make everyone go gaga over their aura. Some of them may not be between us, but their presence is still felt by many. They have encouraged people in many ways. When think of pop idols of all time, one will never skip a name of these talented souls, for instance, Madonna, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. From ups and downs, they have stood strong and portrayed a very confident personality in front of their fans. They have not only experimented with their music but also clothing. They came back with new sense of style along with new bashing tracks every single time.




Power is being told you are not loved and not being destroyed by it.



I dress the way I want. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not.

- Britney Spears

My attitude is, if fashion says it’s forbidden, I’m going to do it.

- Michael Jackson

Rest In Peace (RIP)

Indipop By Utkarsha Kohli

Many of you must be wondering what the hell is Indipop? Well, we understand your dilemma and we’ll make sure that you are able to unravel this mystery a bit.


hough in the west, this genre has a distinct recognition, but here in India, it has begun coinciding with the Hindi Film Industry, Bollywood. Remember that old song? ‘Made in India..ek dil chahe bas Made in India’ by Alisha Chinoy. Yes. That is the genre we’re talking about. She, the Queen of Indipop, helped raise the status of the Indipop Music in India. A few other pop singers embrace Nazia Hassan (of the fame, ‘Disco Deewane’ and ‘aap jaisa koi meri zindagi me aye’), Baba Sehgal (Thanda Thanda Pani), Shaan (Bhool Ja and Tanha Dil), Lucky Ali (O sanam), Falguni Pathak, Bombay Vikings, among others. These singers were really popular in the decades of 1980s and 1990s. While these singers became household names in those times, they couldn’t survive the competition and eventually everybody started vanishing. The albums weren’t really commercially viable. Most of these people are nowhere to be seen now. In fact, the whole pop music culture in India is almost dead. TV channels like MTV India and Channel V tried reviving the pop music culture, but they too failed at that. Channel V launched an all girls band called VIVA, featuring Anushka Manchanda and others, but no one really remembers that such a band even came into existence some time ago. In 2006, Himesh Reshammiya came up with a solo music album ‘Aap kaa Surroor, trying to lift the Indipop genre. The album as well the singer became a huge success. Eventually, he also subsided. Plus, who can forget the most popular pop singer these days, Yo Yo Honey Singh. His album, ‘International Villager’ swayed the people like anything. Bad and offensive lyrics were the thing that people liked about it.



Well, I have only one thing to say, pop music is actually misunderstood, misinterpreted and understated in the context of India. The fusion of folk and modern music, is what pop actually is. The singers in India took it literally and actually went on to compose songs in collaboration with international singers and composers. The whole essence of the pop music is, I guess, lost in this process. Moreover, Indian pop artists tried their hand at remixing old songs or international songs and called it pop. Though these songs were mature than the original Indipop music, but even these didn’t work well. Rishi Rich worked with Britney Spears. Panjabi MC worked with JayZ.

them are still there in the Bollywood doing playback singing but that is obviously not pop. The culture of pop music just couldn’t make it mainstream in our society. Even in the 80s and the 90s, the music we produced was not something we should be proud of today but they definitely made a mark in our lives at one point or the other. It was a part of some of our childhoods or adulthoods. It may also make us feel nostalgic about it, that’s the only power it possesses. If you listen to these songs now and also watch their music videos, you will fall off your chair laughing. Disco Deewane, Made in India are all of the same category. However, the people who were a part of that decade, must be missing that music sometime or the other.

Looking at Indipop from today’s perspective, there are hardly any pop singers. A few of

Abhinav Sharma, Merchant Navy

Abhishek Malhotra, Photographer

Bollywood demands something more mirchi, as they say. No doubt there are good artists but there should be something to relate to. We have heard it, shouted out loud, danced our asses off. I don’t know how can I elaborate more about how I miss the 90s.

Maybe polarization towards west is the main reason. And forgetting about ourselves is like living in a fools paradise. We are forgetting about our own roots. We are the oldest civilization on earth, who taught music to others.

Shubham Kandari, Cadet at Naval Academy

Bimit Verma, Graphic Designer

Music industry has become a money making consortium with the media constantly brainwashing the youth in selection of their musical tastes. Music today highlights the looks and the appeal rather than the substance. Gone are the days of creative works of 90s pop giants. It has become more about seeing than listening.



Although the Indipop is not lost completely, the present voices are definitely an upbringing by these legends only. People still prefer their compositions over many artists. And that’s because they had a complete saga of feelings embroidered in their songs.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of Indipop songs for you all. You may have heard these before but for those who would like to know the dead Indipop music, go ahead and blast your speakers:

1. Made in India- Alisha Chinoy 2. Dooba Dooba- Silk Route (Mohit Chauhan) 3. Sayonee- Junoon 4. Piya basanti re- Ustad Sultan Khan 5. Deewane to Deewane hai- Shweta Shetty 6. O sanam- Lucky Ali 7. Maeri- Euphoria 8. Pari hoon me- Suneeta Rao 9. Kya surat hai- Bombay Vikings (Neeraj Shridhar) 10. Duur- Strings 11. Tanha Dil- Shaan 12. Aankhon me tera hi chehra- Aryans 13. Gur naal ishq mitha- Bally Sagoo 14. Yaad piya ki ane lagi- Falguni Pathak 15. Nachange sari raat- Stereo Nation 16. Ab mujhe rat din- Deewana 17. Tu- Sonu Nigam 18. Aja meri gadi me baith ja- Baba Sehgal 19. Love-ology- Shaan 20. Duniya- Raageshwari



Rabbi Shergill reviving the indipop scene

By Utkarsha Kohli

Though pop music is losing its charm of late, a few singers are trying their best to save it from vanishing. Rabbi Shergill is one of them. He is Pop, Rock, Sufi, Punjabi and everything. He is most importantly ‘Indipop’.






e has given the Indian audience a soulful mix of different genres of music, and that is what makes him a pop music icon. With some deep and intense Hindi/Punjabi lyrics and western inspired music, he creates a ‘jugalbandi’ between the two and thus pop music is born. He himself said in an interview, ‘I am a westernpop-rock meets Hindi/Punjabi poetry.’ He considers himself pop because he is scared of being called a ‘trained’ singer, because he is not that skilled. We can only hope that singers like him should come up more often and make efforts to save the pop music culture in India. Well, let’s get to know our own Rabbi a little better. So starting with music, your first album came out in 2005, second in 2008 and the third one in 2012. There are such long breaks in between your album releases. Do you actually take so much time to compose one whole album or is it that you relax and work on it the same time? Well, the first 2 years 05-06 were so intense that I just didn’t find much time. I started recording AJN in 07 and released it in 08. Also, I scored and released an OST for Delhii Heights in 06. So that’s 2 albums in 3 years, I don’t think that’s too little. Actually, I do everything myself, composing, arranging, lyrics etc so it takes relatively longer. Talking about the different themes you take up for your songs like social issues and responsibilities, communal violence, which is that one theme you can very well relate to? All of them, I guess. Artistically, I don’t touch anything unless I really mean to. What about the theme of love? Is there any love happening in your life too? I’m doing fine in that department. In one of your interviews, you mentioned that your family was against you when you decided to enter the music industry. How did you cope with it? Like they gave up for your dreams or you had to fight and convince them? Well, I come from half agricultural, half academic family--folks not exactly desirous of their kids turning music performers. Like anything else in life, a little resistance is needed to strengthen your belief.

Have you ever performed or conducted a show abroad? What kind of audience do you get there? Does your music attract foreigners too? Yes! I’ve performed abroad. Mostly, I play to the Indian diaspora, some foreigners. Both have been extremely generous in their appreciation of my music. Do you think that Indian audience actually relates to the kind of music you create? Some do. Others want to escape their circumstances or be entertained. Right before the recording of a particular song, do you feel the need to prepare yourself mentally to sing with the right emotion related to that song? Yes, it’s part of the craft. It’s easier for me as I write them myself mostly. Name one international singer and one national with whom you would like to collaborate and release an album. Mark Knopfler. Do you plan of opening your own music school some day or encouraging people to pursue the kind of music you are indulged into? I’m not qualified enough to teach. More than a musician I think of myself as a ‘sayer’. UK- How obsessed are you with your overall appearance? Like do you really care about how you are looking when you step out? Are looks as important to you as your singing? I dress just well enough to not embarrass the host. I perhaps am not a preener. Or at least I like to think so. How often do you spend time with your friends and family? What special activity do you do them? Not often enough, I feel. Mostly, the ‘activity’ is a couple of stubbies and metaphysical, political ramblings I guess. As Gurpreet Singh Shergill, what are your strengths and weakness, which you are aware of? Both my strength & weakness -- India.



Music in the Life of Fashion By Needhi Dhoker

The feel in the atmosphere comes with elements that bring it live. Every season when we go to the Fashion week besides the clothes by the designers, there are many things that are considered before the walk on the ramp.


he kind of walk, backdrop, theme, display almost everything has to align themselves so that the audience senses and know what your collection is saying. Lately, if you must have noticed, the designers instead of just adding songs from their playlists and making a mash up are actually bringing in the lost culture of live music into their shows. These fashion designers are actually now coming out of their mould and trying to bring about an amazing ambience along with their elegant designs. Definitely alot of hard work goes into this but when it comes alive the work is much more appreciated. Having a look at the fashion weeks:

Sanjay Garg at the latest Amazon India Fashion week showcased his collection having love for Indian handicrafts and dedicated it to the ‘mashru ‘ textile as he commenced the show which also was his debut in the capital runway. The remarkable part about the show was the live music performed without any instruments and just by the sounds of mouth by the Delhi based group D club. 102


Garg said “I wanted music for humankind, which is free of boundaries. I wanted a music that would connect with the people. It would help one feel connected to it,” Looking at the choreography aspect, Pero surprised everyone this time by her Pajama party. The collection talks about comfortable clothing having above the ankle pants with subtle colored tops and jackets. The theme went quite well with the performance. The models were seen dancing on the songs in their night wears on the beds and each garment was shown in a very happy mood. Tarun Tahiliani, known for his drapes was appreciated for bringing in the Sufi music during his show. Qawwali singer Samandar Khan Manganiyar and his troupe, sang Sufi Qualam Ali Maula on the runway, to the soulful tunes of A.R. Rahman as the models portrayed the collection with Shilpa Shetty being the show stopper. Fashion shows are branding exercises, so a bit of novelty and fun are always welcome. “For me, having live singers who fit in with the design sensibility and contribute to the atmosphere can be terrific.” said Tarun Tahiliani Behram Siganporia from the band One Nite Stand added glory to the designer Manoviraj Khosla’s show. “We worked out the entire sequence and were in complete sync. I personally picked the songs. Though live music is more expensive than recorded music, it provides novelty and fun on the ramp. Everyone in the audience had a smile. It has to be a happy marriage between the designer and the singer,” says Manoviraj. Designer Anita Dongre to bring her Indian modern collection live signed Sitarist Nildari Kumar for a live performance. According to her the music and melody it had added to the magnificence of the show. The Raag played complemented the emotion attached to the collection. She says It’s the coming together of two creative people, and it only heightens and elevates the audience’s experience, and leaves a lasting impact.” Monica and Karishma of Jade had contemporary dancer astad Deboo perform for them. The singers that perform live at shows is much of an expensive affair than whats played usually. Also if the choreographers are hired for making the models perform during the show even that is included. But adding these elements definitely uplifts the show of the designers because its unique and not everyone does it. You can see the smiling faces and huge applause after the show.




ell when one hears of the word concert the first thing that pops to their mind is a pop or rock concert and the first thing that a person relates it to is the parties they go to like clubs and pubs and hence wear the outfit they wear to these places. This is a common fashion faux one commits. We must not forget that there is more than one genre of concerts happening around us so the way you dress for different genres of concerts depends on the style promoted by the music. Thus the way you should dress is going to depend on what kind of concert you are going to.

Everyone wants to look different than other in concerts and parties. Everyone wants to look stylish yet comfortable. Concerts are one thing where you can use your creativity and styling skills without any worries. Let’s decide a look which you can relate to and in which you can feel comfortable but stylish at the same time. Your first priority should be being comfortable. Choose your footwear in which you can feel comfortable for hours and not get tired.


• You could go with beautiful bold wedges but if you are confident enough to carry pumps or heels to the concert, then go ahead. • Let’s not forget, you can get variety of fancy flats in stores which can complement your style as well as take care of your toes. You could go for shiny sparkly flats or funky sneakers so that you can dance as much as you can with grace and style. • Boots. Make other people lust over your fashionable boots. • Try to avoid pencil heels and pointed toes as you might dig in your toe in someone else’s while dancing .

BOTTOM Now that you have decided what type of footwear you are going to wear to the concert, let’s pick one bottom which can complement your footwear. • If you want to look sexy with all your curves then pick a skinny fit jeans for yourself. • If you’re wearing wedges or fancy sneakers, then you carry pair up shorts or skirts to flaunts your bold wedges to the crowd, if you’re wearing pumps then a skinny cigarette cut jeans wouldn’t look bad and if you are wearing boots then a skinny fit jeans would make a sophisticated look. • It’s not necessary to wear a skinny fit jeans with boots or pumps, you can find yourself colorful leggings too and of course, its way more comfortable than your skinny fit jeans.



PLANNER By Gesu Seth

It’s time to decide final clothing for your upper body. One final step to complete your outfit is a poppy fancy looking top.


• If you are wearing boots and skinny fit jeans, you can wear a tank top, preferably a white one. tank top could even go with a mini skirt, tucked inside with a beautifyl neck piece. • If you want people to notice you from a distant, then go for a bright or neon colored top. Fancy cuts, ruffles or interesting neck can make can be a highlighted part of the top. • Make sure you wear cotton, as its going to get very tiring for you and sweaty as well. Cotton is best in absorbing sweat.

Too much confusion happening? Choose one piece and sort all things out.


• Don’t forget you can rock the night with one pieces also BUT if you can carry it all day then don’t stop yourself. • If you are wearing boots, then of course a one piece can rock the look! You can make a hippie look which goes perfect with boots. Wear a flowy printed knee length kind of dress if wearing boots. • If wearing pumps or heels, then you can wear a peplum dress. • If wearing wedges, then you can wear a tight mini dress. • Try avoiding long maxi dress as it will be difficult for you to carry it while moving here and there.

ACCESSORIES Once you’re done with you clothing, move on to final touches of your look which is accessories. • If it’s a boot, skinny jeans and tank top look, then you can complete the outfit with a shiny sling bag and bold neck piece to cover your tank top neck equally and leather bracelets would just do great. • If it’s a girly look which has pumps and peplum dress or pumps with shorts/skirt or jeans, then you can carry a fancy pop clutch and not so heavy neck piece along with shiny blings. • If you’re wearing wedges, skinny jeans/shorts and a funky top, then sling bag would be great to carry off, along with simple studs and funky bracelets in one hand.




SELENA GOMEZ – REVIVAL Although Selena Gomes always uses jazzy beats, the albums mostly revolve around her ex boyfriends and so was ‘Revival’ .The beat on this opening track is so sick and is catchy. ‘Revival’ the track begins with Selena speaking in rhymes about her own real-life revival and how she dealt with rehab. Even the cliche beginning can’t ruin the fact that “Revival” is an inspiring dance track that the coming-of-age will live and die for.

Drake took us all by surprise when he dropped this mix tape out of the sky and into our headphones. The 17-track release is like a latenight smoke out of the window: all oozy, groovy beats and mood-swinging piano loops.,” Drake’s song “6PM in New York”, is a thinly indirect message to rapper Tyga. The summer song that is on top of the charts is ‘Hotline Bling’ where drake is grooving in front of the green screen, dedicated to the all the call centre working women.



Justin Bieber has proven his growth with the coming up of the album “Purpose”. The album focuses on the mistakes that Bieber has made in the past and is a comeback album for the season. Songs like ‘Where are you now?’ a collab with Jack U and skrillex and “ Sorry” are just what Bieber needed to show the world he is here to stay and are rocking the itunes top charts.

Atlanta rapper Future dedicated his album to Ciara and found enough time to craft his hard-hitting, cathartic mix tape Beast Mode, a collision of whirring lines and pulsing beats, all tied together with the relentless, auto-tuned shapes of his vocals. The production comes from Zaytoven whose expertise lies in catchy tunes and jams that hit straight up to the 100 charts.



By Akhila Bipin

Music has evolved over the period with the coming up of new genres like deep house, progressive trance, house and so on and there is no stopping the new comers. However some artists work reached sky high and topped the Billboard charts this month. Here are some artists who will make you reach your headphones with their drops and beats and make you groove like never before.



vintage tech on the road By Gesu Seth Photographed by Gesu Seth

Do you think vintage technology is fading away with time? Well no, technology comes and goes and it’s coming back with a bang and a twist in modern technology. Well, modern looks modern but it also has a vintage touch to it. It doesn’t matter whether its outside or inside. Vintage technology is being restored by many. But it’s quite evident that modern technology is taking over almost everything in the world.






n 21st century, people are very fascinated by wireless age. Making highly advanced speakers and other gadgets makes their customers drool over their fancy products with advanced technologies. But vintage is coming ahead too. The name says vintage, but it is bringing its essence back in modern technology in many ways. Be it small equipments used in modern gadget or turning a vintage stereo into a modern with advanced sound effects and visual effects. No matter how much the vintage becomes modern the essence doesn’t go of what a vintage gadget looks like and how it sounds. People nowadays, rush to a nearby apple store to grab the latest gadget which has been launched lately. After spending thousands of rupees on small gadgets and dumping the same after a new one gets launched, ever wondered what happens to those vintage stereos, transistors, radios or speakers? Well, modern money may cost you thousands or lakhs, but when it comes to vintage gadgets, its priceless. People are restoring their vintage collection of gadgets, cars, clocks and what not. Half of the population of the world is not even aware of their extended existence. But in reality, you would be shocked to know what all still exists in 21st century. Vinyl Records or Gramophone Record, which was one of the most famous sound storage medium, are still in use by disc jockeys or DJs to learn the basics of ‘scrubbing.’ While many of the popular DJ artists prefer the digital records as they are easier to play and experiment with those who still want to learn the skill to perfection, prefer the old-school vinyl records. When it comes to stereos or radios, you can bring those gadgets back to your life with new twists and turns. If you are retro freak and want your modern stereo to look like vintage and sound like



modern, all you have to do is some smart changes to your old one. it might make you work hard to get one like this, but it you’re certain to have the best wireless stereo amongst your friends. All you need is a cheap 180w amplifier which would be just fine for a radio like this because it will be able to pump out 180 watts per channel, 12V SLA battery, mono 3.5mm couple and 2 3.5mm jack-jack cables and switches which will work as main operators for your radio. The vintage is no less and it’s not necessary to match your modern gadgets with another modern technology to make it work. You can always do little changes to your vintage gadgets and it will give your modern gadgets a strong competition you have ever thought of.

Era of Dance & Music By Akhila Bipin

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is the drop-heavy, stadium-filling, fist-pumping, chart-topping, massively commercial main stage sound that has conquered the world. Many don’t know this but EDM has been there since decades however, in the recent years it has come out of the bag and into everyone’s playlist.


rom festivals to radio airplay, social media and even collaborating with A-list musicians, EDM artists are getting paid a lot of money from all over and have become one of the highest paid genres in the music world. How did this musical genre grow from a small, cult following into this global phenomenon we feel today? How have those who’ve stuck with it from the beginning grown with it? EDM was always there in some form or the other. Mainly in 1980’s it was part of the disco culture called as ‘Disco sucks’ and suddenly came out of the underground and rest is history. Artists like David Geutta, Tiesto, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike all started off with vinyl records, later technology advancement helped them to produce sound like never before. Do they miss the early days when things were less complicated and sound was special? “Well when you jam to a track you already know what it is, and then right away you have the song in your phone or your laptop...that was a very magical period because you

played a track and people said ‘I know this track,’ but they still couldn’t find it. That was very special,” Tiesto was seen saying in mixmagazine. More fame comes with collaborations. For EDM, collaborations may have attracted listeners, but the Internet and its subsequent components like social media have played essential roles in getting more. Nowadays, in the digital era, success is measured in followers, video hits, downloads, hash tags, tweets, and likes. Many see EDM as an art that lost its purity.”It’s an evolution. The thing is that, every musical genre starts from the underground, gets trendy, then it becomes popular, and then it dies or it is reinvented in a different way,” says Guetta in Rolling stone magazine. Many wonder if EDM is at his highest point. Is this its climax? Or will it end soon, just like disco did? The answer is nobody knows. It has evolved and will evolve over the years. Music brings everyone in Unison and at EDM concerts everyone become one entity, one spiritual being.

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