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Literature Category Honorable Mention Courtney Wiener

King Henry VIII and His Physician Oh doctor, my toe, tis swollen and hot! Hunting, jousting, carouse I cannot! My dear king, pray tell, on what do you eat? For we shall investigate this sad state of your feet. Duck, black pudding, cured wild boar Fresh simmered whale, and a petit four. Venison, veal, six gallons of beer Badger, eel, mutton and steer. Custard, fritters, port wine and ale Goose, peacock and whole beaver tail. Carp, roasted swan, a bushel of wine Fruits and sweet candies: Yes, I do dine! Oh king, surely the heart of your discontent Lies in crystals negatively birefringent. Quick, quaff back some ale, and following to chase This potion - inhibitor of xanthine oxidase!


Connective Tissue 2013 | Volume 6