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D i v i s i o n o f S t u d e n t A f fa i r s


Division of Housing and Food Service

It’s time to make friends. From your hometown and around the world. More traditions. More adventures. More clubs. More opportunities. More fun. Ready? It’s time to live here. To live more. It’s time for Texas.

More support.

Living in a residence hall is the best way to jump into all that UT has to offer. Sure, your main job is to go to class and get an education. But a big part of what you’ll learn comes from the experience of being on your own for the first time. When you’re away from your family, it makes sense to surround yourself with a community that supports you as you work hard, grow, and discover who you are.

St u dy Bu ddy Need notes from a lecture? Want to find a study group for a big test? The Study Buddy program lets you register online to find other students in your classes. Audrey Straus, Moore-Hill The RAs on every floor are older students who have gone through many of the things you’ll experience your first year. In addition, they go through training to be prepared to help you navigate UT in every way possible.

Co l l eg e Co m e s to Yo u The Academic Community Centers in Jester and Kinsolving provide on-site tutoring, mentoring, and more from the Cockrell School of Engineering and College of Natural Sciences.

On My Honor Four halls (Andrews, Blanton, Carothers and Littlefield) make up the Quad, which houses the Honors Living Community. For the 600 undergrads who live here, it means lively conversations and a stimulating living (and learning) environment.

Students who live on campus are more likely to: • Graduate in 4 years •E  arn a higher GPA •H  ave more contact with faculty & students •B  uild more self-confidence • Finish college!

Meet A Profe ssor The Residence Hall Faculty

Mentor program hooks up your community with a faculty member. Your faculty mentor will join you for dinner and other activities throughout the semester; it’s a great way to get to know some of the best professors at the university — and to have them know your name.

Did U Know: The residence halls’ staff organizes over 1,800 programs every year including movie nights, trips to museums, basketball tournaments, life skills programs, paintball, and more.

Live near classes, faculty offices, University services, libraries, computer labs, UT Rec Sports Center, UT games and events, shopping, restaurants, Texas Union, and local parks and trails. There are lots of security measures in place to make sure your life on campus is safe. Staff members watch over the halls 24-hours a day, and swipe cards keep doors secure. All students have access to the campus text alert system, which sends messages to your mobile device in the event of an emergency. Briana Ferguson-Franklin, Kinsolving resident Everybody on my floor knew each other so I never had to worry about going somewhere by myself.

Broderick Young, Jester East resident The hour gap between your morning class and the class after becomes prime nap time.

top 10 Reasons to Live on Campus 10. More likely to stay in school. 9. More likely to graduate in 4 years. 8. Better grades! 7. More friends, more quickly. You’re in the middle of everything. Whether you’re going to class, dinner, the library, the gym, or a study group, you’ll find it within a short walk from your room—often even in the same building. When you live on campus, you don’t have to deal with cars, gas, or parking.

6. More involved in campus life. 5. Opportunities for leadership experience. 4. Manage your time better. 3. Close to Rec Sports (and the pool!) 2. No looking for parking before class. and the number one reason... 1. Naps between classes!

Did U Know: There are 7,400 beds in 14 residence halls available on campus. Littlefield is the oldest hall, built in 1927.

Re st Easier

• Access card controlled living areas • Swipe ID card after midnight • Resident Assistants and Hall Coordinators on call 24/7 • U TPD patrols campus • SURE Walk can keep you company around campus • Night staff rovers watch the halls and front desks • Fire safety includes smoke detectors, emergency lights, and sprinklers • Fire, Life, and Health Safety checks twice per semester

La s t y e ar , UT d i n i n g hal l s s e rve d •3  10,000 lbs of chicken (of which 113,300 lbs was locally raised) • 13,600 baked potatoes • 5,549,760 ounces of milk • 44,010 pints of Blue Bell ® ice cream • 4,100 gallons of ketchup • 1,250,760 eggs • 138,715 hamburger patties • 776,880 slices of pizza • 119,950 pounds of cheese • 1,263,600 slices of bacon • 42,900 bananas • 8 43,696 tortillas (made fresh locally every day) • 903,500 compostable 9" plates

Whatever you love, our chefs give you infinite options. The four main dining halls have different menu choices throughout the week, from your favorite comfort foods to yummy international options. It will probably take you all year to sample everything we have to offer. If you’re between meals, Cypress Bend, Jester City Market, and Kin’s Market have groceries and grab-and-go snacks including sandwiches, fresh fruit, sushi, and of course, hot coffee.

• 30,145 pounds of seafood (13,113 of which was certified sustainable) • 43,680 each of honeydew & cantaloupe • 221,000 strawberries • 89,556 apples

Chris Konstantinidis, Andrews resident Kinsolving and Jester dining halls are always steps away, providing me with a healthy and balanced diet throughout the school year!

Get Yo Greens

Every week, the dining halls receive big boxes of freshly harvested fruits and veggies from the FARM DIRECT program of the Austin Sustainable Food Center. We like buying food from local farmers, and our diners like eating the freshest foods of the season! B r i n g t h e B u c k s Bevo Bucks are the flexible way to pay for food and all kinds of stuff on and around campus. Use them in the vending machines, laundry machines, and computer labs. Spend ‘em on game days at DKRTexas Memorial Stadium and at lots of restaurants on and off campus.

S w i p e Yo u r Car d — It ’ s N ot Har d You start each year with 1,500 Dine In Dollars and 300 Bevo Bucks in your account. Paying for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is as easy as swiping your UT ID Card to debit money from your account. You can turn Bevo Bucks into Dine In Dollars or add more money to your account anytime from the web.

Use Bevo Bucks at participating Pizza Hut • Subway • Starbucks • Freshens • 7-11 • Austin’s Pizza • Burger King • CVS Pharmacy • Wendy’s • Whataburger • WhichWich + more!

Get involved and lead the way. You have a voice in your hall (and not just when you’re yelling for friends to come to dinner). There are tons of ways you can jump in and make a difference in how things are run. Student leaders play an important role in setting goals, motivating their fellow residents and taking action to make the halls (and the university) a better place.

S p e ak u p ! J o i n t h e • Student Staff (RAs, Clericals, Food Service, IT) B e a L e ad e r Residents have ample opportunities to provide feedback and be leaders within their communities. They can be members of the various Residence Hall Councils, the University Residence Hall Association, or serve as Resident Assistants.

Amanda Medina, Kinsolving resident Living in a residence hall offers multiple opportunities to meet new people and get involved. The programs put on for residents within the halls gives students opportunities to take their minds off of studying while making new friendships and learning at the same time.

• J -Board (Judicial Board) • U RHA (University Residence Halls Association) • PALS (Peer Arbitration Leaders) • S afe Space LGBTS Alliance • Food Service Committees • H ousing and Food Service Advisory Committee • Residence Hall Council

U T-E-A-M Nothing builds bonds like working together. Whether you’re paid or a volunteer, working in the halls is a great way to develop life-long relationships with your fellow students. From team-building exercises with balloon towers to developing university-wide policies that affect all the students in the halls, you’re a part of something big. It gives you a strong leadership roll to add to your résumé.

Now that’s whUT’s up! There are 16 Hall Coordinators (HCs) and 160 Resident Assistants (RAs) at UT. RAs recieve great leadership training and help residents connect to campus.

There’s always something going on. From the day you move in, you’re surrounded by new people and endless adventures. Maybe you see yourself hanging with friends in the lobby before heading out to eat. Or maybe you’re the type to be curled up in a big chair in the study room. Or maybe you’re rallying your floor to make brownies in the community kitchen. When you live here, it’s pretty hard to avoid getting involved.

A ll H a lls Have: • Furn ished rooms • St udy loun ges • Cool people • Wireless in ternet • Cable T V • Internet in rooms • MicroFr idge • T hat perso n who’s always st ud ying • Vending m ach ines • T he loud st udent • L aundry ro oms

St uff to do 2 4/7

Host a study group (or crash someone else’s). Like yoga? So do we! Want to find other people who dig quantum string theory? They’re here. This is where you find your creativity and get inspired.

Brittany Christa, Jester West resident Whatever you need assistance with, the residence halls provide it—from career guidance that helps you to obtain a job or internship, to having a mini convenience store with all your late-night cravings.

St u dy h a rd pl ay h a rd

Whether you’re going for double-dutch or a double major, we’re here to help. Tell ‘em you’re in the: study lounge • laundry room • computer lab • mail room • vending area • community kitchen • dining center

Almet ris Du

re n lobby at

ru sh hour

Whitis Area community Tucked in the northwest corner of campus, the Whitis Area is made up of several unique halls, from the elegant

Life on Campus: A story in three acts. The residence halls are grouped into three

beauty of Littlefield (the oldest hall on

communities – Jester, Waller Creek, and Whitis Area. Each community has a

Duren. Whether you prefer the Honors

campus) to the contemporary design of

different feel, and they all offer different chances for involvement, events, and

Quad (Andrews, Blanton, Carothers, and

leadership. So which one is best? It’s all up to who you are, what you like, and

Kinsolving, or the close-knit connections

Littlefield) or the all-female-power of in Whitis Court, this is the kind of commu-

where you want to be on campus.

nity where it’s easy to find the home that’s right for you.

Whitis Area community Duren Whitis Court

How far is it to the South Mall from:


Kinsolving Dining Kin’s Market

Jester Center Littlefield


San Jac Blanton

Honors Halls


Littlefield Patio Café


¼ mile

it’s huge, but that also means it has

7 minutes

everything, with lots of opportunities

400 steps

to find friends, fun, and yourself. Two


6 minutes

towers make up Jester on the south side


7 minutes

of campus, and it’s close to the business


800 steps

school, the PCL, and the Blanton


440 steps

Museum. Jester is home to J2, the

1½ minutes

university’s largest dining hall, as well as


5¼ football fields

tyar d hops

Jester Center is kind of like UT itself—


Texas Union

Texas Union

Jester Center community

Je ster cour

lecture classrooms and study rooms.

Waller Creek community UT Tower It’s all ab ou

South Mall Student Activy Center Darrell K RoyalTexas Memorial Stadium J2 Dining Jester City Limits Jester City Market


Jester West

Moore-Hill Roberts

Jester East

San Jacinto


t the Longho

rn s in San Ja


Waller Creek community It would be hard to say the residents of the Waller Creek community have more

Cypress Bend

Texas pride than their fellow students, but it is telling that they choose to live in the shadow of the DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium. Scattered along Waller Creek,

Whitis Area community Jester community Waller Creek community Food & Public Dining

these halls range from small and steeped

Jester community

in UT history (Brackenridge, Roberts, and Prather) to the big (San Jacinto and Moore-Hill). Creekside, located on the north side of campus, is the university’s only remaining male-only hall.

Whitis Area

Chow Tim e Kinsolving Dining and Littlefield Patio Café are the de-facto dinner spots for all the Halls in the Whitis Community.

Andrews, Blanton, Carothers, Duren, Kinsolving, Littlefield, Whitis Court

M e e t Yo u at t h e Q uad ! In the middle of the A-B-C halls (Andrews, Blanton, and Carothers) and Littlefield you’ll find the Quad. With grills, lawn, and trees, it’s a great place to play ultimate Frisbee or football, read, lay out or study outside.

G e t Co o k in’ The 6 buildin gs in Whitis Cour t each have a community kitchen and living room , where house dinner s happen regu larly. G e t yo u r g r o ove o n The rooms on the south side of Kinsolving have built-in furniture and shared community bathrooms, but these women make their rooms their own with rugs, wall art and yes, sometimes even disco balls.

Wh e n O r an g e G o e s G r e e n Not only is Duren hall a nice place to live, it was also designed to be nice to the environment—and your ears.

W ho Needs a Cl assroom?

r B e Co o l e know Those in the l-style love the hote in ne hi ac ice m ll. Andrews Ha

Think studying for finals is hard? Visit the Gallery of Great Texas Women in Kinsolving to be inspired by hardships, strength, and wisdom of the awesome ladies who shaped our state.

Jester Center

W e n d i s h T e x an s ? They say “What Starts Here Changes the World,” but in Texas, we ARE the world. The Gallery of Texas Cultures in Jester West recognizes and celebrates the importance of each of the 27 cultural groups of Texas, including African American Texans, Chinese Texans, Czech Texans, and yes, even Wendish Texans.

Jester East, Jester West As the largest residence hall at UT,

Things you can do without leaving Jester Center

Jester Center has all kinds of great

• Sleep

stuff under one giant roof. Combining

• Eat

top-notch facilities with everything

• Study

you need to live/work/learn/play, Jester is the kind of place where there’s always something going on— lots of things, actually. Jester is made

• Make friends

• Go to class (lecture halls on the ground floor) • Go to a tutoring group • Check out a DVD • Practice piano • Pick up a pizza

up of two towers, the 10-story Jester East and the 14-story Jester West.

Get You r Nom Nom Nom On

Hope you’re hungry. Jester has a lot of food options. Choose from: • J2 Second Floor Dining • Jester City Limits • Jest A’ Pizza • Jester Java • Freshëns • Jester City Market The UTruth When Jester Center was built in 1969, it was the largest residence hall in North America. Until 1986, it even had its own ZIP code.

Be closer to football games • Bass Concert Hall • The South Mall • basketball games • The Blanton Museum • 40 Acres Fest • The Drag • The Harry Ransom Center • Rec Sports • The Texas Union • Student Activity Center

Waller Creek Brackenridge/Roberts/Prather, Creekside, Moore-Hill, San Jacinto

WhUT’s Up: With barbeque pits and lots of built-in tables, there’s usually something fun going on in the courtyard between Prather, Roberts and Brackenridge. Plus, right outside the doors of Creekside you can enjoy the Austin weather on the sand vollyball courts.

Get Moore Moore-Hill is known for having

one of the best views of the pool on campus, not to mention a rec room containing a pool table, ping-pong table, darts, and foosball. It also has its own kitchen!

G e t Yo u r H o r n s U p The elevators in San Jacinto are known for playing the UT fight song.

Yo Q u i e r o C y p r e s s B e n d Cypress Bend offers a grill and deli, as well as convenience store stuff. If you sit outside, check out the retro metal portico.

Lone Sta r Close to Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, Gregory Gym, and the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Waller Creek residence halls are the home of choice for Longhorn sports fanatics.

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Re sidence Ha l l s Busine ss Office a nd Infor mat ion

Getting Started A. Complete your UT Admission Application. First, complete your application for UT. You can apply for housing while you’re waiting to get your acceptance letter.

Returning Your Contract A. Return it. Once you’ve accepted your enrollment to the university, you’ll be eligible to receive a housing contract. Contract notifications are sent out via email. Review it and send it back or accept it online by the expiration date. You’ll also need to satisfy the $300 advance payment.

Ava i l ab l e : A u g u s t 1


B. Get it in on time. If you return your contract and payment by the expiration date, you’re on your way to living on campus! Way to go!

This only establishes your priority for housing — you’ll choose your room later.

High five! Put your Horns up and go to step 2.

A. Explore your choices. If you can, come up to Austin and take a tour of the halls you like best. If you can’t make it here, check ‘em out online.

Welcome home! In mid-July, housing assignment notifications will begin rolling out via email in the order of original application date. You’ll find out about your hall, room, roommate and check-in information.

D e ad l i n e : J u ly 1

If you miss the deadline for returning your contract or payment, your contract offer will be cancelled and your housing application deactivated.

Select your top 5 hall preferences online.

Wait! I Still Want In!

Still interested in living on-campus? You can reactivate your application on the My Housing Website. (Call or email our office.)

Get Your P ick

Usually, abou t 50% of pe ople get their fir st choice fo r housing. 60 % of resident s are first-tim e freshman . In the past few years, ever y first-time fr eshman who applied for housing has been offered a ro om .

Don’t have a bestie to live with? No problem. Use the online roommate profiler to find someone who fits your living style.

How much does it cost? Prices vary based on where you live and what room type you have (a single room vs. a double or a connecting bathroom vs. community bath). See current prices for specific halls and rooms online.

3. Pay in six installments (additional installment charge per semester)

Due dates Fall

See pics, room layouts, videos, and more at:

October 1 November 1 December 1

Spring First Installment Second Installment Third Installment

Ph o n e : (512) 471-3136 Fax: (512) 475-6532 Cam p u s Mai l Co d e : E1800 H o u r s o f O p e r at i o n : Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Please e-mail all questions and comments to: h o u s i n g @au s t i n .u t e x a s . e d u

A bou t t his Broch u re

2. Pay in two installments—Fall is due October 1 and Spring is due February 1

First Installment Second Installment Third Installment

Lo c at i o n : 200 W. Dean Keeton Street Austin, TX 78712 Mai l i n g Add r e s s : P.O.Box 7666, Austin, TX 78713-7666

1. Pay the total amount due for the long session by October 1

D e ad l i n e : J u ly 1

D. Find a roommate.

how to make it offical

Ways to pay.

If you would like to be considered for one of the residential learning communities, like living in the Honors Quad, let us know.

C. Rank your preferences. OR Fail

C. Get your university acceptance letter.

Get Your Room

B. Sign-up for Learning Communities

B. Submit your housing application. The sooner you get it in, the better your chances for getting your top preferences. Don’t forget your $50 application fee.

Choosing Your Hall & Room

February 1 March 1 April 1

The University of Texas at Austin Division of Housing and Food Service saved the following resources by using 10,416 pounds of Reincarnation Matte (FSC), made with 100% recycled fiber and 60% post-consumer waste, processed chlorine free, designated Ancient Forest Friendly tm and manufactured with electricity that is offset with Green-e® certified renewable energy certificates:

67 fully grown trees

30,850 gallons of water

21,000,000 BTUs of energy

1,873 pounds of solid waste

6,405 pounds of greenhouse gases

Calculations based on research by Environmental Defense Fund and other members of the Paper Task Force.

D e ad l i n e : J u ly 1

We’re eco

All rooms have paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling. And the res halls’ Bring Your Own Vessel program saves between 70,00075,000 bottles and cans per year.

Design: Asterisk Group Ph oto g r ap h y: Wyatt McSpadden; various

Live Here. Live More.  

The University of Texas at Austin. The Division of Housing and Food Service. Living in a residence hall is the best way to jump into all th...

Live Here. Live More.  

The University of Texas at Austin. The Division of Housing and Food Service. Living in a residence hall is the best way to jump into all th...