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The Media Strategy Fall 2018

The Pit


Thrive Media proposes communication tips and tricks for The Pit’s Barbecue Masters


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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSITUATION ANALYSIS Barbeque lovers in Omaha, Nebraska are about to get a new addition to their already wellestablished barbeque lineup. The Pit’s success will be attributed by targeting these new individuals and providing them with a one-of-akind barbeque experience. The Pit is ready to advance their brand by opening a store in the Arts and Entertainment District in Omaha, Nebraska. This is a sensible city for the new Pit Bar-B-Que location because of its traditional cultural values and upcoming modern areas full of people who are excited to try new things. There are already a number of barbeque chains and steakhouses to combat the large amount of meat lovers in the area, however, The Pit is willing to market and advertise their brand to this new crowd in order to gain loyal consumers in the area. Thrive Media is eager to help and execute a media strategy for The Pit to promote this oneof-a-kind family-owned chain, as well as market their brand in order to make them stand out amongst competitors.


To help The Pit reach its goals and objectives, Thrive Media has created a comprehensive media plan to effectively reach a younger target market in the Omaha area. By focusing on a target market between the ages of 20-34, The Pit will be able to reach consumers who don’t have a large budget and who value long-standing culture and tradition. Each campaign effort has been individually selected to help reach consumers when they are looking to try something new.. A top priority of Thrive Media is to create a long lasting relationship between the Omaha area and The Pit. Additionally, this document will ensure a long lasting relationship between Thrive Media and The Pit.

CAMPAIGN SCOPESITUATION ANALYSIS The Pit is shifting its image from simply Texas barbecue by adding a new pit in Omaha, Nebraska, on March 2, 2019. As this locally renowned restaurant moves to “The Old Market,” a trendy and fast-growing area in Omaha, Nebraska, The Pit will introduce its reputation right in the heart of many colleges and universities where our target market lies.

Thrive Media has designed a 12week plan that not only incentivizes students and other young people to become loyal customers, but that also measures the achievement of goals and progression of presence for the new store’s operation. The campaign’s focus is to develop a relationship with the community and touch the hearts and stomachs of anyone who loves barbecue, allowing The Pit to “smoke” their competitors.

With a budget of $85,000 allotted to the new location’s advertisement efforts, the campaign elements are structured to inform and excite the local Omaha young adults.

Identifying The Pitt’s target segment as students is very relevant to the location and atmosphere in Omaha, and preceding the campaign, 50 percent of the target segment should recall the brand name.

These target consumers, ages 20-34, are important to the campaign, as there are eleven college campuses in the surrounding area, which houses students who want a quick inexpensive meal.

Along with the recall of The Pitt’s name, 25 percent of those target consumers should be aware of the new location as well as the brand's personality and values.

Establishing a competitive position within the market

of Omaha, Nebraska, will be difficult but not impossible. Omaha is known for having a meat-packing market and a community that appreciates quality food. This is where the campaign will capitalize on its uniqueness and justifiable social and local platforms. In this new location, there is an expected average of 275 visitors on Monday through Friday and 425 visitors on Saturday. The addition of 25 meals a week will be expected for catering orders through strategic placement of educational advertisements about The Pit’s products and services. Additionally, they should see a 10 to 15 percent growth from their current social media followers and supporters.


Barbecue is a way of life for southerners, and The Pit excels when it comes to making the consumer feel appreciated and part of the family. Sweet southern charm mixed with savory barbecue is how Thrive Media plans to bring the brand to consumers.

BRAND PROFILESITUATION ANALYSIS Maintaining a loyal consumer base for over 45 years, The Pit

takes Texas barbecue to a whole new level. Started in 1970, this locally owned and operated barbecue joint is representative of family serving family. The restaurant is small, but its values are strong, as the staff works to maintain their positive and friendly atmosphere through serving their quality slow-smoked barbecue from its famous pit. The Pit caters to all customers and offers a variety of menu options including an array of meat, their specialty. The Pit brand is centered around local support and loyalty among consumers.

Custom Cooking

Located in a popular residential area near The University of Texas at Austin, this restaurant caters to students and families who want to be served quickly and inexpensively.


In addition to features like the pit, this business is home to some unique experiences as well. They offer “custom cooking,” which is where a customer can have The Pit slow-smoke their meats for them, and they even encourage people to “bring your own beer” so no barbecue-eating consumer is limited in what they can have. This barbecue concept is original and simple. It radiates a caring attitude and allows for customers to customize their experience by offering dine-in and take-out options. The Pit is great for anyone who wants an inexpensive and quality meal, served to family by family.

BRAND PROFILECONTINUED Opportunities Ø The Pit prides itself on its customer service and its tendency to cater to families at a low cost. Ø They offer varied dining opportunities, including dine-in, take-out, cooking a customer’s meat for their private barbecue experience, family-sized meals, and the opportunity for customers to bring their own alcohol in to the restaurant. Ø People 18-24 have spent the most on fast, casual restaurants in the U.S. in 2018, coinciding with our target audience, as this area is proximal to multiple universities.1

Challenges Ø As the currently established restaurant has a strong following among the local crowd, the lack of awareness among a broader audience will be hard for The Pit to overcome in its new location. Ø The Pit will no longer be open on Sundays, reducing their overall income, therefore, limiting its budget. Ø The website has a weak aesthetic and seems dated, preventing its viewers from seeing the restaurant’s full potential and hometown charm.

Product Variables The friendly staff is not the only reason to visit The

Pit. This restaurant serves an array of slow-smoked meat and even offers family-sized meals to be enjoyed together. Dishes like chopped beef sandwiches, brisket, and sausage have been enjoyed here by people who deem The Pit as a “local favorite.”2 The menu options are both inexpensive and delicious. Classic barbecue meal sides are offered to complement the food ordered, like potato salad and coleslaw. But, don’t leave without trying their homemade peach cobbler or banana pudding to finish off this Texas meal!




TARGET MARKETSEGMENTATION Thrive Media has decided to primarily focus the

media strategy on the characteristics that correlate with the lifestyles of college students located in Omaha, Nebraska. Specifically, our main target consumer consists of male and female, single or married (single income, no kids) couples between the ages of 20 and 34 within the Omaha area. This market is drawn to the southern comfort foods and family friendly atmosphere that The Pit has to offer. The casual environment and relatively inexpensive menu items cater to our consumers' needs. The new Pit location is also in the perfect area surrounded by multiple college campuses, which will draw in our primary consumers. With our consumers having a relatively low income and busy schedule, The Pit has the perfect price points and easy accessibility for a college student to grab a quick meal. Unlike other BBQ restaurants in the area, The Pit allows their customers to bring their own beer or alcohol to the restaurant which is very convenient for college students trying to save money.

Age: In Omaha, 20 to 34 year olds make up 20.02% of the population, with the median age being 34.2.1 This age group is perfect for our target market because they are typically not brand loyal, and willing to try out new places. In this case, The Pit can build relationships with these consumers and create a bond that will increase more loyal customers at their new location in the Omaha area.

20 - 34 Year Olds

College Students

Foodie Culture Income: The median household income for the Omaha area is $52,672.2 Our age group being targeted for this media strategy is 20-34 year olds with a typically lower household median income. Based on the household median income, The Pit’s low price points are perfect for our target market.




Bargain Seekers

Family Oriented

GEOGRAPHIC PROFILEMARKET ANALYSIS The Pit’s new location will be situated in Omaha, Nebraska, on Harney Street between

12th and 13th streets within the “Old Market,” which is known as its Trendy Arts and Entertainment District.1 Within this market, there is a well-known eclectic style with the buildings’ warehouse roots and new use. Samuel Mercer, the owner of several buildings in the Old Market, describes the area: “We knew these warehouses had possibilities, and to tear them down to construct contemporary buildings would have been like painting over the Mona Lisa.”2 The Pit is situated on the border of Nebraska and Iowa within Douglas County. Omaha is home to 466,893 people whose residents have a median age of 32.4 compared to the United States’ median age of 37.7. The average household income is $50,827. Caucasians make up about 77.3 percent of the population, followed by Hispanics at 13.8 percent, and African Americans at 12.7 percent.3

There is a lot of history within the roots of Omaha, Nebraska. This town was once home to the Omaha Indian tribe and means “Those going against the wind or current,” which still rings true to the town today. Throughout this Midwestern city, you can find a love for the past and a love for the future intertwined.4

With ties to its agricultural past, the Omaha, Nebraska, community has supported the Farm-to-Fork Movement. This involves using fresh and locally-produced foods in local restaurants in town.5 Besides this, steak is essential to the culture of Omaha and this city was once the world’s largest livestock market and meatpacking center in the 1950s.6


1 2

3 4

Since then, the city’s love of meat has been ingrained in their society as well as their newly found love of craft beer, which is dramatically changing their environment.7 Omaha has been well-recognized as the home of the College World Series since 1950. This is a time in June where baseball lovers of all ages come together for 10 days to enjoy ball and the events surrounding the newly built Trendy Arts and Entertainment District Ameritrade Park.8 Today, Omaha, Nebraska, prides itself with its multiple music festivals throughout the year, and its music scene has been around from the early 1930s.

5 6

7 8

While indie rock music is very prevalent throughout the town, there are music festivals such as the Summer Arts Festival, Sand in the City, MAHA Music Festival, Jazz on the Green, and even Shakespeare on the Green.9 This growing city also hosts one of the largest fashion events in the Midwest, called the “Omaha Fashion Week,” which just celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. This event showcases over 65 designers’ work down the runway and is the US’ 5th largest fashion event.10 The clashing between the old and the new of this city has provided vast opportunities for growth and change which may be considered a great place for the new location of The Pit.



COMPETITOR PROFILEPRIMARY Smoking Jay’s BBQ is a relatively new family owned and locally operated restaurant. They pride themselves in their friendly, almost familylike service and atmosphere, saying “We have gained customers who have become apart of our extended family.”1 Smoking Jay’s is primarily considered a competitor for its close proximity to The Pit’s new location. However, other important factors include their similar price range, strong family value, and wide menu which offers many more options than The Pit. 2524 S 13th St, Omaha, NE 68108 | 1.6 miles away | 5 minute drive

Hog Wild Pit BBQ labels themselves as delicious, award winning, slow smoked pit BBQ and ensures great taste and service every time you visit. The store itself looks modern on the outside, but the decor on the inside has an antique and rustic feel to it. Their menu selection is extensive and they offer other foods in addition to their famous BBQ and sides. Furthermore they don’t just offer single meals, they also offer a variety of family meals that can feed 4-16 people. Hog Wild Pit BBQ is going to be a large competitor for The Pit because of their well-known reputation in Nebraska. In addition to having a larger menu selection than The Pit, Hog Wild is a primary competitor because of its close proximity to The Pit’s new Omaha location. 2

346 N Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68131| 2.5 miles away | 9 minute drive

Skeet’s Barbecue, established in 1952, is known as an Omaha community landmark. Their building is old, decaying, but classic. Some have compared their atmosphere to “a food truck but indoors.” 3 What makes Skeet’s a special competitor is that they have little to no internet presence. Their phone is even disconnected. Despite this, they are still in business. Skeet’s has managed to produce high quality food that has effectively advertised itself via word of mouth for decades. 2201 N 24th St Omaha, NE 68110 | 2.5 miles | 7 minute drive





COMPETITOR PROFILESECONDARY Hartland BBQ is a locally owned BBQ restaurant located in the heart of Benson, Nebraska. They label themselves as a “one of a kind restaurant” that cooks and smokes their BBQ meat in “old-fashioned pit style.” They have a simple menu with limited sides, but everything on their BBQ menu is made from scratch, using “time honored family recipes.”1 Their old fashioned interior is family friendly and welcoming so that anyone can enjoy a nice dinner with friends, family, or kids. Hartland BBQ is considered a primary competitor for pit because of their similar menus and strong family values.

5402 NW Radial Highway Omaha, NE 68104 | 4.9 miles away | 11 minute drive

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ announced on September 21, 2018, a new franchise to be opened in Omaha, NE in November.2 This new location will be 5 miles away from The Pit’s location. While the same company tried to open up a restaurant in Lincoln, NE in 2017, it closed down within just 6 months. They are still considered a potential a competitor because they will most likely draw curious restaurant goers away from The Pit. They also have a menu that has many more options than The Pit, and they are known for giving back to the community through sponsorships and fundraising.

Aksarben Location | 5 miles away | 13 minutes away




SITUATION SYNOPSIS The Pit has been locally owned and family run since

1970. Using the same recipes that they have used when they first opened in the 70’s, The Pit has established their family- friendly brand as well as developed a network of loyal customers that they even know by name. While there have been over a dozen locations throughout Austin, they have closed throughout the years. However, the original Pit on Burnet Road is still open today. Roma Duff, who owns The Pit with her son Jeff, treats all of her customers like family, and many people ask for her when they come in. 1 The Pit has established a reputable standing amongst many well-known Austin area barbeque locations. Loyal customers have promoted The Pit through positive word of mouth as well as reviews on Yelp and other sites. These brand loyal consumers have helped keep The Pit open all of these years, as well as give the brand a reputable name in Austin, Texas. Throughout the years The Pit has invested very little into advertising and marketing. In order to stand out amongst the numerous well-known barbeque chains located in the Omaha area The Pit needs to take advantage of a social media presence as well as advertising in terms of marketing their brand. As it is moving to a new state and area, The Pit needs to market its brand as much as possible in order to compete with some of the largest, locally owned barbeque restaurants in Omaha.

Nebraska is the Nation’s No. 2 beef producer 2 which makes Omaha a great fit for the new Pit Bar-B-Que location. Omaha is home to a number of tradition-based barbeque restaurants and steakhouses, so The Pit would be a wonderful addition to the already established barbeque culture. The Arts and Entertainment District would be the most suitable spot for the new Pit location because of the rich history of the culture of Omaha. Since The Pit has been family owned since 1970, it can bring some of its own history to the area. This area brings in a large number of tourists as well as many locals. Due to the convenient location of the area, The Pit will be able to market its brand to a number of new customers. Our target market will flourish in this area because of the variety of college campuses located around Omaha. This along with The Pit’s low price points with plates ranging from $6 to $113, leaves Pit’s with the potential to become one of the lead barbeque restaurants in the area. Thrive Media will assure a successful launch of The Pit as one of the leading barbeque restaurants in the Omaha, Nebraska area. Through substantial planning and execution, a successful media campaign will be carried out. With our target market being mainly college students, ages 20 to 34, we will have the ability to create relationships with these consumers and hopefully carry out brand loyalty in the future.

If The Pit takes advantage of a social media presence, they will be able to access their target market in a much easier way as well as be receptive to consumers’ wants and needs.








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Thrive Media Strategy Deck Part One - Fall 2018  

Thrive Media Strategy Deck Part One - Fall 2018  

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