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BOB YEHLING is a poet, workshop teacher, editor and the author of eight books, including the award-winning Writes of Life and his most recent poetry-essay collection, The River-Fed Stone. He began his professional writing career in 1976 at the Oceanside Blade-Tribune (now North County Times). The editor of The Hummingbird Review, he studied under featured reader Don Eulert at U.S. International University. He has three new books set for publication in 2011-12: Backroad Melodies, a poetry-essay collection; The Multi-Genre Writer, co-written with Verna Dreisbach; and The Voice, a novel. He previously appeared at Sunset Poets as a featured reader in March, 2008. Some of his work can also be found on his website, MAGGI DEROSA is a highly popular open mic poet on the San Diego poetry circuit and on YouTube, and one of the top young poets in Southern California. She has been featured at a number of readings, including her “home group,” the Drunk Poets Society. The author of The Fool Is King (2008), she has been published in a number of literary journals including The Hummingbird Review, the poetry website Poetry Through The Ages, and numerous blogs. Maggi returns as a featured reader to Sunset Poets; she previously appeared in March 2008.

Sunset Poets Presents:

T he H ummingbird R eview

Poetry Revue

Oct. 24 • 2:30 p.m. Vista Public Library

ALWYN MARTIN is currently working on two novels. The first, Stories and Cigarettes, is about a group of strangers who meet regularly in a motel parking lot to sneak smokes and explore the secrets in each others’ lives. The other book, Running Away From Home, is a novel based on her own experience of abruptly moving to Mexico with two children in an attempt to live life with a new set of rules. Alwyn won the Outstanding Fiction Award at the 7th Annual Southern California Writers’ Conference in Los Angeles. Other credits include a story published in The Hummingbird Review, and several comedic essays for the Minneapolis Women’s Press.

To order Further Copies of the Hummingbird Review: For Information on Sunset Poet Events: Special Thanks to Dick Eiden and Sunset Poets for hosting and presenting this event, and publicity; to John Josepho and Millennium Media Masters ( ) for co-sponsoring the event program and for coordinating video and photo services at the reading; and to Chitra Sudhakaran for designing the event program.

Don Eulert • Michael Blake • Maggi DeRosa Charlie Redner • Bob Yehling • Alwyn Martin

Welcome A warm welcome to all of you, and thank you for attending the Hummingbird Review Poetry Revue. We have a superb group of contributors from our most recent issue who will read, including two men whose works have filled readers’ hearts for many, many years around the world: Michael Lennox Blake and Don Eulert. Launched earlier this year and inspired by bestselling author Luis Alberto Urrea, The Hummingbird Review is written, compiled, and published by a volunteer staff whose only goal is to live up to the tenets of its mission statement: To portray the beauty and challenges of life—the full human experience—through literature and art, and promotes cross-cultural writing in all forms. Today’s event will feature six contributor/poets who will read poems of theirs published in The Hummingbird Review, followed by some of their additional works. We also will share a few other poems that have appeared in the anthology.

MICHAEL BLAKE is the author of Dances With Wolves, the 1986 novel whose screenplay (which he also wrote) led to one of the most popular movies in history, and earned him the 1991 Academy Award. Based in southeastern Arizona, he’s written six other books, including Airman Mortensen (1991), Marching to Valhalla (1997), The Holy Road (2001), Indian Yell (2006), Twelve the King (2009) and his 2002 autobiography, Like a Running Dog. Michael has won many awards, including the Environmental Media Award, Golden Quill, American Library Association award and Eleanor Roosevelt award. Presently, he is adapting The Holy Road into a screenplay, and preparing to tour his new novel, Into the Stars, as part of his New Moon Show, an extravaganza of music, visuals, reading and creative intercourse.

We extend a special thank you to Dick Eiden and the Sunset Poets for inviting us and to the Vista Library for hosting the event. Most of all, thanks to you for attending.

Charles Redner, publisher

The Hummingbird Review Poetry Revue

October 24, 2010 Vista City Library Host: Sunset Poets, Oceanside, CA Masters of Ceremonies: Dick Eiden and Bob Yehling Dick Eiden


Bob Yehling

Opening Remarks

Alwyn Martin

“Mammoth” “The Republic of Poetry”

Charles Redner

Remarks: Etiology of Hummingbird Review “Eye Witness” “A Novel Prayer”

Maggie DeRosa

“Tide Songs” “Salmon Skies”

Bob Yehling

“Paths On A Face” “Martin and My Father,” by David Hernandez

Michael Blake

“Horse Number 1202”

Don Eulert


DON EULERT has published eight books of poetry, including Outposts: Letters from Buffalo Bill to Annie Oakley, and Field: A Haiku Circle, and is the leading English-language translator of traditional Romanian literature. In 1963, he co-founded and edited American Haiku, the first journal in English devoted to Zen poems of the Japanese tradition. Lucian Stryk, author of Cage of Fireflies: Modern Japanese Haiku, writes, “Don Eulert has a genuine feeling for haiku, and his are of the best of the Americans using the form.” He is chair of the Doctoral Program for Integrative Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego. Don will read poems in line with the passionate practice of Hafiz. Soon as out of bed, the poet “starts stuffing large sacks with old shoes, cucumbers, and Prayers for the upcoming Consecrated Free-for-all” ̶ throwing things at God, with praise for “making us Rowdy”! Don’s accessible poetry ranges from Zen through wry visions of apocalyptic cultural collapse.

CHARLES REDNER, a relative newcomer to the world of poetry (he tells a great story of how it all began), is the publisher of The Hummingbird Review. He is the author of Down But Never Out (2010: Open Books Press), a biography of world middleweight boxing champion Joey Giardello and his relationship with his son born with Down syndrome; and Long-A-Coming (2009: BookSurge), his first collection of poetry. Redner combines his love of writing with a background in advertising, sports marketing, broadcasting, political consulting, public relations and publishing. He is the past publisher of Delaware Valley Business and Broker Agent magazines.

Hummingbird Poetry Reading Vista Oct 24, 2010  

Poetry Reading

Hummingbird Poetry Reading Vista Oct 24, 2010  

Poetry Reading