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/10&#;&'%'/$'4 1:00 p.m. School of Arts and Humanities School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences School of Interdisciplinary Studies 3:30 p.m. School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics 67'5&#;&'%'/$'4 9:00 a.m. Naveen Jindal School of Management Ceremony 1 11:30 a.m. Naveen Jindal School of Management Ceremony 2 2:00 p.m. Naveen Jindal School of Management Ceremony 3 9'&0'5&#;&'%'/$'4 9:00 a.m. Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science Ceremony 1 11:30 a.m. Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science Ceremony 2

14&'41(%'4'/10; Processional

Encore Brass

Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Inga H. Musselman Provost

Introduction of Student Speakers

School Deans

Remarks by Student Speakers

Monday 1:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m.

Jessica Mae Howell Madeleine R. Keith

Tuesday 9:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 2:00 p.m.

Jack Zhengjie Liu Jerry Li Mohammad M. Nourani

Wednesday 9:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m.

Bassam M. Smadi Bassam M. Smadi

Presidential Remarks

Dr. Richard C. Benson President

Certification of Candidates

Dr. Jessica C. Murphy Dean of Undergraduate Education Dr. Juan E. Gonzรกlez Dean of Graduate Education

Conferring of Degrees

President Benson

Presentation of Graduates

School Deans


Chris McAlpine Michael Saenz Paul Teel

Concluding Remarks

President Benson

UT Dallas Alma Mater

Mackenzie Flynn

Recessional by the stage party and graduates. Following the ceremony, Alumni Relations invites you to attend Memories on the Mall.

/'55#)'616*')4#&7#6'5 This is a special day for you and your loved ones, and we are so proud of your accomplishments! On behalf of The University of Texas at Dallas, we extend our very best wishes for your continuing success. Commencement and the ceremonial traditions associated with it bind us to generations of scholars. Just like those who first studied at UT Dallas when it was established in 1969, you and your classmates have demonstrated commitment, creativity and talent. As the next era for our young university gets underway, we encourage you to make the most of what you have learned here as you move into your chosen profession and into the community. Finally, we very much hope that you stay connected with UT Dallas and continue to be a part of our bright future. Congratulations!

Richard C. Benson President Eugene McDermott Distinguished University Chair of Leadership

Inga H. Musselman Provost Cecil H. Green Distinguished Chair of Academic Leadership


UNIVERSITY AND UT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-8 CANDIDATE AND RECIPIENT LISTINGS School of Arts and Humanities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11 School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-15 School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-22 School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-27 Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-42 School of Interdisciplinary Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44-45 Naveen Jindal School of Management. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48-64 School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66-70

CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES WITH LATIN HONORS. . . . . . . . . . . . 72-76 CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES WITH MAJOR HONORS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 COLLEGIUM V HONORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 COMMENCEMENT SYMBOLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79-80 UT DALLAS ALMA MATER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 ANNOUNCEMENTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82-83 This program contains the names of candidates for degrees and honors at time of publication. Inclusion in the program does not constitute evidence of completion of degrees or honors. * Indicates Summer 2019 graduates and/or doctoral students walking from a previous semester. 5


#&/+0+564#6+8'1((+%'45 Richard C. Benson, PhD PRESIDENT

Inga H. Musselman, PhD


Rafael O. Martín, MEM, MBA


Kyle D. Edgington, PhD


George W. Fair, PhD


Frank Feagans, MS


Gene Fitch, EdD


Calvin Jamison, EdD


Joseph J. Pancrazio, PhD


Terry A. Pankratz, MBA


Amanda Rockow, MA


John Walls, MA



&'#05 Nils Roemer, PhD (interim)


Anne Balsamo, PhD


Steven L. Small, PhD, MD


Jennifer S. Holmes, PhD


Stephanie G. Adams, PhD


George W. Fair, PhD


Hasan Pirkul, PhD


Bruce Novak, PhD


Jessica C. Murphy, PhD


Juan E. Gonzรกlez, PhD


Edward J. Harpham, PhD


Ellen Safley, PhD LIBRARIES

Amanda Smith, EdD STUDENTS


$1#4&1(4')'065 Kevin P. Eltife CHAIRMAN

Janiece Longoria VICE CHAIRMAN


David J. Beck Christina Melton Crain R. Steven Hicks Jodie Lee Jiles Nolan Perez Kelcy L. Warren Daniel R. Dominguez STUDENT REGENT

Francie A. Frederick


#&/+0+564#6+8'1((+%'45 James B. Milliken CHANCELLOR

Steven Leslie


John M. Zerwas


Scott C. Kelley


5%*11.1(#465#0&*7/#0+6+'5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN HISTORICAL STUDIES

Fatima Saleh Lalani Karime K. Martinez Coraima Milan Nicholas Minh Nguyen Francis Panzhang Patience Diana L. Rhoads Miguel Rios Lara Samantha Anne Schober Jessica Amber Summers Joseph Lee Thurston Katherine Lea Toycen Annie Duyen Le Tran Alexandra Barnes Whitfield

Amy Arizmendi-Araujo Jennifer J. Armstrong Courtney Danielle Contreras* Kory Kevin Girvan Evans* Taylor Alexis Herrington Anthoni Marque Lafoy* Cameron James Martinez Erik Sochandiravoth Siv Elisabeth Michelle Sloan* Hunter Paul Williams



Sabrina Edith Acosta Nicholas Cody Panter Celestina Reyes Mark Alexander Sharpless Kiana Qianling Wang Garrett Kelly Watson

Nandini Persad Seymour Huachiun Wu




Nicholas Edward Straschewski

Armando Aguirre Aidan Alan Bly Iris Jeane Brawley Jacob Behn Correll Celina Rose Doro Brody Kelso Epstein Hunter Herring Deborah Lynn Houng Jonathan Tyler Kelly William James Legrone Jason Dean McPeak Kennedy Lee Ostergrant Ashley Renee Rascoe Parveen Zehra Ravjani Alexandra Ann Schmid Marla Thalia Vazquez

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN LITERARY STUDIES John Eligio Benjamin Abbott Aristids R. Aguila Rebeka Lyn Bartleson Madelyn Briona Baxter Veronica Blanca Benavidez Janice Cha Lauren Suzanne Collins* James M. Crawford Dalia Fabiana Gaete John Caleb Grant Haley Nicole Heizer Katie Rose Hofmann

%#0&+&#6'5(14/#56'45&')4''5 MASTER OF ARTS IN ART HISTORY


Fatima Nooruddin Esmail Marjaneh Goudarzi Nausheen Hoosein Harper Rose Kennington

Rebekka Anne Michaelsen* Michael William Scalley


MASTER OF ARTS IN HUMANITIES Major in Studies in Literature

Marty Drobot

Kaitlyn Alanna Boone Travis Benjamin Parker Brandy Denise Spencer*

MASTER OF ARTS IN HUMANITIES Rosalyn Katricia Mack Nicholas Parnell Nygren


MASTER OF ARTS IN HUMANITIES Major in History of Ideas


Diana Sally Briones* Christina Katrina Stanford*

Katherine Celeste Fain* Marina Botros Jenkins Paul LaRoy Snelson II*

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HUMANITIES History of Ideas Pedro Jose Gonzalez Corona Professor: Monica Rankin Dissertation: Genealogy of Racism in Mexico: Technological Devices of Race and Their Transformation in Modern Mexico

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN HUMANITIES Studies in Literature Joseph E. Brockway Professor: Rainer Schulte Dissertation: The Translator’s Task: Recreating the Textual Atmosphere of Isla Cofre Mítico by Eugenio Fernández Granell Jeffrey Eric Wolfson Professors: David Patterson Zsuzsanna Ozsvath Dissertation: Wounding Sensibilities: Holocaust Memoirs Through the Screen of Adaptation

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN LITERATURE Jay Branagan Webb Professor: Pamela Gossin Dissertation: Brandishing The Gun: Gun Representations in Early American Litrature from 1500s to 1800s

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS Claire Marguerite Soares Professors: Michael Wilson Richard Brettell Dissertation: Four Short Public-Education Films on Partners in Museum Environmental Citizenship: The Pas De Trois of Sustainability, Aesthetics, and Museum Design

5%*11.1(#4656'%*01.1); #0&'/'4)+0)%1//70+%#6+10 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY

Keaton Shyenne Nations Efrain Alejandro Nazario Nicholas David Newsom Tram Thuy Hoang Nguyen* Al Rafael Montecillo Nillas Katarina Tomonica Perez Amber Pham Matthew Connor Popham Lucien Alejandro Ramirez* Shrinath Raghunath Rao Carly Sabrina Raskin Gilberto Reynaga Emily Marie Risinger Devon Alanna Rodriguez Azalia Anaid Salazar* Davis Wayne Schiess Nicole Rose Schifferdecker Gabriel Owen Dale Siazon Haley Jean Speich Laura Gladys Stankovich Greya Reid Steele Zachary Paul Steinmetz Matthew Peter Strack Sana Fatima Syed* Alexander Tudor Connor Kincaid Vanneste Ilce Aimme Villeda-Principe Christopher Joseph Walka Christopher Hao-Xian Wen Makenna Noelle White Latasha Williams Joseph Francis Wintermote Sara DeShong Withrow Chevelle Elaine Wohr

Leah Allysha Alexis Ezra Lee Anderson Klarissa Jade Austin Stefan Jacob Babick Charles Everett Bickford Brandon Stuart Blakemore Jonathan Alexander Boyd Annastasia Amber Brandley Brittany Emily Chanhmisay Landon Clement Cheatham William Bryan Chen Rachael Kathleen Drury Devin Paxton Engelke Jared Thomas Fisher Fernando Krebs Flor Samantha Kathleen Foley Savannah Chayne Fuller Skye Taylor Garcia Andrew Jared Garza Horacio Garza Samuel Adam Gebhard Elizabeth Cheryl Gondolf Dylan Christopher Grandy* Jonathan Adrian Guidry Raul Gutierrez Connor Christian Hayden Ryan Todd Healy Lauren Rachel Heath Dakota Mason Hensley Elaine Hernandez* Falak Abdi Jamma Matthew Caulen Kelley Andrew Michael Kirwan* Ian Mitchel Landes Natalie Antonieta Arroyo Lima Ayah Lopez Joshua Michael Mazur Codie Ariel McKneely Eric Martin Mendoza Caitlin Alyssa Moore Christopher James Moore Derreon Gysai Moore Kaitlyn Patricia Moore Matthew Willis Moore Syed Zain Naqvi


BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ARTS, TECHNOLOGY, AND EMERGING COMMUNICATION Anyssa Akridge Jeremiah Melton Baker Ashley Elizabeth Bass  14


Wyatt Denis Davis Jessica May Dixon Erik Von Fiffick Abill K. Gebretatios Paulina Gil Nisreen Murtaza Hasanie Troi Martinique Hines Infinity Dominique Holloway Maham Sehar Hussain Zurabi Javakhadze Mercedes Annice Johnson Taylor Elaine Kanter Erin Ashley Kitching Joshua Ryan Magee Noren Mithani Gabrielle Thuy Van Ngo Jacqueline Thai Hanh Nguyen Brian Thomas Schlittenhardt Nicholas Gill Smith Julio Ceasar Soto Danielle Inez Sullivan Kelsey Michelle Treviño Mallory Roxanne Trevino Justin Lamont Webber Alina Fae Wong Eugenie S. Yonkos Joey Qiaoyu Young

Meron Aberra Bayan Tareq Alqaq Sherfina Chan Kaitlin Leeann Dennis Michael Anthony Garza Katherine Allison Hitt Brittany Thu-Anh Huynh Jose Carlos Laguna Sanya Amin Lakhani Kelly Lin Melissa Martinez Richard Darnell Mudd Alina Qureshi Jennifer Meagan Ruppi Marco Antonio Salinas Angela Michelle Staten Jeremy Brandon Tellef Virginia Arlene Tellez Terralyn N. Williams James Joseph Yonker* Cesar Fernando Zapata

%#0&+&#6'5(14/#56'45&')4''5 MASTER OF FINE ARTS IN ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY Robert Leeper

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ARTS, TECHNOLOGY, AND EMERGING COMMUNICATIONS Elizabeth Ann Berger Professors: Ryan McMahan Midori Kitagawa Dissertation: A New Approach to Design Pedagogy Fostering Learning of Visual Design Principles Through M-Learning: Applying Algorithms to Visual Design Principles Gary Malcolm Hardee Professor: Marjorie Zielke Dissertation: FINESSE: Foundations for Immersive Non-Fiction Narrative as Embodied/ Situated Simulation Experiences -- A Conceptual Framework for Immersive Journalism Design


5%*11.1($'*#8+14#. #0&$4#+05%+'0%'5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHILD LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT

Yesenia Carolina Morales* Blake Edward Moya Eric Christopher Ward

Nora Abdulrahman Mays Alshaikhsalama Tierra Gernay Anderson* Samantha Lauren Boiser April Diane Brickhouse Sumara Razzaq Chaudry Jos Cierto Maria De Los Angeles Diaz Sabrina Laura Encarnacion Megan Elise Greenlee Katelyn Ann Guillory* Aisha Hasan* Shruthi Hemasundar Rossi Lexanne Holshouser Lamiya Abida Islam Maria Joy Kachapilly Merve Kuzu Sevde Kuzu Bianca Eva Marie Marciano* Beth Anne Peoples Maria Rodriguez Toufica Hussam Said Marcela Salazar Stephanie Lynn Slayton Gloria Jennifer Villarruel

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NEUROSCIENCE Tal Allouche Jesmine Desiree Bailon Argente Nicole Elisabeth Assenza Zenah Ali Assi Christopher Beeghly* Karen Morales Castelan Matthew Daniels Crisler* Serafin Gatica De las Fuentes Wade Christian Deckard Nitya Devireddy Shivali Ellanki Blanca Ernestina Espinosa Jennifer Garcia Arhum Gillan Sangho Han* Lacie Rochelle Harris Areeba Suha Hasan Mohammad Javad Jahanziri Tehseen Nawal Khan Melissa Khounborinh Perry Long Le Marie Linsing Liang Okky Bellina Lie Alia Madani* Chase Matthew McManus Dylan James McNutt Aniko Noemi Mikes Adib Sobhanian Najafabadi Ava Nazeri Jasmine Anh Truc Nguyen Moriah C. Nix Fidelia J. Okigbo* Riliwan Denzel Olisa Divya Bharat Parmar Brittani Kathleen Peters Samantha Lucia Plas Jishy Merin Prince Nima Yadegari Rahatabad Jeryl Raju Praneeka K. Muthu Raman Monica Raquel Ramirez

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHILD LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT AND PSYCHOLOGY Samah Al-Sayed Ahmad Jessica Anne Marie DeAlmeida Alyssa Dee Hopson Hannah Presley Nance Lauren Christine Simonds Karina Sosa Angelica Kathleen Stross

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COGNITIVE SCIENCE Jonathan Paul Armstrong Kaylynn Khadijah Flynt Daniel Rasmi Kiv Alexandria Lo Christina Hong Thao Mai  18

Matthew Thomas Cross* Jennifer Anne Davis* Ameer Mutaz Deeb Trinity Nicolette Critton Dunn Hannah Rae Early Macrina Maren Ellis Natasha Eskandar* Faiha Farheen Reece Bailey Fish Lakyn Paige Frost Lindsey Nicole Fuchs Carlos David Fuentes* Angela Echavarria Goodlin Cassandra Renee Harwell* Enya Hernandez Zeeshan Hussain* Rachel Miriam Irwin Lochlen Ivy Jones* Malavika Baju Joseph* Kendall Leann Kadleck Uzma Khan Zorah L. Khan Andrew Ku Aashika Kushwaha Alexander Walden Lee* Junho Sebastian Lee Steven Christopher Lovett Ari Benjamin Margolies* Peter Griffith Mills Elisha Ann Muniz Adam Nabil Nabhan* Amy Nguyen Trung Vu Quoc Nguyen* Vy Thanh Nguyen Emily Anne Nickel* Yuna Oh Alyssa Nicole Ortega Elianna Sookyeon Paek Sara Pruneda* Selena- Marie Puente Rania Abdelhamid Qashmar Zaid Hussein Qattan Sunna Jasmine Qureshi Clarice Da Silva Ramos Vanessa Rathwick Alyssa Faith Rieder Walker Alberto Rodas* Abhishek Roychoudhury Tannaz Sadeghiani Netzer Rene Santos* Edisa Saracevic* Anna J. Shi Stevie Ray Stephenson Jonathan Cole Tackett

Nandita Ramkumar Rachael Kathryne Romero Syeda Najamus Sahar Emily Joyce Scarlett Cole Raymond Schafer* Nathan James Schneider Armin Seyedahmadi Aanchal Shrestha Anisa Emadeddin Siam Parker Thomas Smith Olutayo Olalekan Sofela* Maria Jose Sosa Madeleine Claire Spicer Zachary Tavallaee Jerome Mitchell Tee Gerardo Aguinaga Torres* Hunter P. Tranchina Praharshitha Kishori Veeramraju Aishwarya Vemula Negar Yadegari

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NEUROSCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY Clisha M. D’Souza Lilli Anya Niester Helen Shuang Shi Otto Benjamin Wilkinson III


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY Shuhed Adil Abdalla Hannah Anwar Abu-Salim Sairavish Akkineni Momina Ali Delanie Lee’Ann Anderson Anthony Thomas Astuto Kimberly Nicole Awa Michael Reza Bahreini* Tasneem Moujahed Bakhach Karolis Bareika Emily Arden Bortell* Schlana Yvette Brown Clarissa Iliana Cantu* Justin Lloyd Carmack Chelsea Jasmine Chevis Marisa Cheray Collins Violet Alexis Correa*  19

Naomi Sarah Gebreyohannes Debrah Nicole Graver* Pamela Danielle B. Gutierrez Erika Arely Hernandez Helena Andrea Howard* Robert Alexander Hudson Hebah H. Jetpuri* Emily R. Johnson* Mallory Rose Kempker* Niha A. Khan Julia Frances Knodell* Alannis Marie Lawton Hoang Mi Maria Le Paige Nicole Maginley* Melissa Moreno Emily Ann Mullings Pooja Nagrecha Shannon Nguyen Swikriti Paudyal* Cinthia Sarai Ramirez* Anissa Renee Renobato Jesse Azul Rios* Abigail Lee Roberts Ariana M. Robinson Monica Romero Stephanie Salazar Romero Karina Stephanie Santoyo Melony-Jane Tryphosa Saripalli Soha Pirani Seysan Alyssa Noel Shrode Paulina Torres* Clara Do Tran* Busomma Awele Ude Zoe Kostrivas Williams* Hayley Blair Williamson

Trevor Owen Totten Chisom Akachi Ennis Ukoha Karen Wiegandt Charles D. Wilder Jaila Kenya Wilkerson Dallas Makawee Wilkinson

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY AND CHILD LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT Iman Ayman Abdelgawad Natalia Belen Alvarado Aya B. Amous Dylan E. Black Myranda Gabrielle Byouk Arlene Campos* Ha Yoon Chung* Tushara S. Devarakonda Nissi Georgett Duarte Nicole Dubo Bethany Lynn Eversole* Fauziya T. Fareed Iyana Renee Gregory Kyle S. Hensley Manal Ziad Hindman Adeline Ina Kao Rama Khorchid Minahil Aisha Kureishy Anam Aslam Lasne Emerly Lopez Tatyana Bresha Love Elissa Dawn May* Taqwa Mohamed Ramadan Rahmin Zehra Rizvi* Kyoung Hee Roh Ha Yeong Seo* Eli M. Smith Kelsey Christine Spiak Ian Christopher Walker Bereket Alemayehu Zeru

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY AND CHILD LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT Naushaba N. Abedin Flor Estela De La Cerda Marija Georgieva Irina Krasteva Kavrakova Bailey McKenzie Long Chloe Ann McFarland Yeslin E. Medrano Arshah Sheikh Claudya Marissa Torres Naba Hana Zar

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY AND AUDIOLOGY Diana Valeria Solis Arizpe Reyna Josefina Avila* Amina Hafsa Baig Christi Ann Blackshear Brandon Robert Bradshaw Madeline Elle Chadwick Soundarya Lakshmi Daliparthy* Abigail Frances Katherine Drake Evelyn Garcia-Benavides*  20


Nicole Elizabeth Dupin* Lillian Fearing* Abigail Felix Brittany Marie Flores Bianca Gabardo Arizona Patrick Gibbs Alexi Jo Victoria Grant* Kaelyn Kathleen Gross Alana Michelle Guzick Sarah Adeline Hackenbracht* Caroline Elizabeth Haskins Allison Laura Hawa* Vanessa Hernandez* Ashley Sandra Kallsen Tiffany Kao Kristen Elizabeth Kunkel* Brittany Nicole Larson Jenny Meilin Li Samantha Renault Love Monica Colleen Maloney Leah Danielle Manley Tamara Maraqa Kirsten Michelle Martin* Lauren Claire Massey Avriel Medina* Kansas Courtney Merritt Chelsea Renee Musa* Erin Alyse Niemeier* Nehal Mahesh Parikh* Brenna Lenore Pawelkowski Mitchell Craig Pruett* Emily Elizabeth Roldan Houda Saleh* Sarah Jamal Salem Rachel Jean Scheffler* Gretchen Garner Sengelmann* Adina Siddique Paulina Simon Cassidy Shea Smith Caitlin Lydia Solari* Hannah Pinkerton Starwalt Kiah Charsyl Thorn Selina Vargas

Lameec Khalil Abuarja Evelina Simanonyte Achilli Sahar Sultana Anjum Alan Michael Carroll Gurtegh S. Chima Kilee Marie DeBrabander Ma’Leah Jalai’ Dunn Sarah Michelle Eaton Allison Nicole Frando Carolyn Altagracia Guzman Fiona Elizabeth Hall Kathryn Hays Olga Kalyta Fariha Musharrat Khan Ajay Attuchirayil Krishnankutty* Srishti Mathur* Crystal Emily Munoz Candice Nicole Pattisapu Martha Mackenzie Pearson Julia Anne Piepgras Aileen Karina Resendiz Alan Benjamin Romero Animesh Tanwar Mackenzie Breann Taylor Theodore Scott Wiebold Aimee Alexandra Wilhelm* Travis Owen Wolf Robert Thomas Wright

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMMUNICATION DISORDERS Haley Amanda Barrett* Lujain Bawazeer Meredith Blair Bayoud Rachel Kathryn Bowen* Payton Elizabeth Bray Monique Jacquara Brunello Caroline Rachel Burton* Brittany Brooke Calhoun* Randle Katherine Cecil Emily Elizabeth Cors Katelynn Anne Covey Lindsey Nicole Creal* Rachel Mariann Daniels Rachel Gail Deen* Whitney McKenna Dittman Evdoxia Doli


MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCES Martha Alejandra Gallo* Yu Hong Angelica Renee Rodriguez*

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY Elizabeth Paige Buell* Professor: Jackie Clark


Professor: Denise Park Dissertation: Functional Activity Features in Successful Cognitive Aging

Kufreobong Enobong Inyang Professor: Theodore Price Dissertation: The Role of AMPK Activation in the Attenuation of Chronic Pain Matthew John Kmiecik Professor: Daniel Krawczyk Dissertation: The Time Course of Meaning Construction with Varying Expectations Shuo Qin Professor: Chandramallika Basak Dissertation: The Effects of Cardiovascular Health on Tasks of Executive Functions and Related Brain Activations in Healthy Older Adults Kari K. Stouffer Professor: Richard Golden Dissertation: Effects of Executive Cognitive Resources on Coherence of Reading Recall Memory for Brief Scientific Texts: An Emperical Investigation

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMMUNICATION SCIENCES AND DISORDERS Svenja Gusewski Professor: Raul Rojas Dissertation: Growth Trajectories of Grammatical Skills and Foundational Reading Skills in Spanish-English Dual Language Learners

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCES Conrad Corretti Professor: Robert Ackerman Dissertation: An Investigation Into the Effects of Cross-Sex Friendships on Heterosexual Romantic Relationship Dynamics


5%*11.1('%101/+%21.+6+%#. #0&21.+%;5%+'0%'5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN CRIMINOLOGY

Eric Patrick Wiggins* Sabur Woldu

Alvi Ali Donna Nabil Aziz Bryan Michael Blaylock* Julia McCall Bybee Nora Ann Bear Chernyha Oliver Neil Clint* Jacob Aaron Dye* Thomas Henry Endres Fraz Faiz Devon Leann Garton Marissa L. Groenendaal Brian E. Hansen Porshia Nicole Harrell James Juarez Nour Margarete Khoury Brittney Leigh Lamb Beatrice Luna Caroline Amber Morales Levi Thomas Mrozinski Edith Olivas Tanya Peralta O’Nell Jefferson Raynes Joshua Sung Alec Thomas-Donald Ward Madisynn Elizabeth Wilson

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Hugo Acevedo Andrew Angel Barba Kathryn Siong-In Cheng* Isaac Kiel Citzman Evan Taylor Cook William Jackson Furney Richael Gautam Sheri Beth Karp Madeleine Rochelle Keith Patrick Joseph Langteau France Atundu Liongo Marco Uriel Mascorro Cord Miller Robert Bryant Renfrow Christopher Luis Robles Vanessa Guadalupe Rodriguez Elham Safi Diana Sanchez

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN SOCIOLOGY Thomas J. Friend Hannah Jane Hofmann Bjard Antwan Jones* Sumyia Nasir

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ECONOMICS Bayley Adiah Cliett Chloe Diane Dockter Christopher Robert Garza* Alexander David Ku* Kimberli Kay Mason Cameron Bayan Rezadad William Harrison Roach* Tarik Said Migdad Saad Saif Saeed Meron Fessehaye Weldu Ke Zhan

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ECONOMICS Kwangryun Ahn Selena Muamar Anani Tiffany Leslie Cho Qiyue Cui Adrian Michael Durbin Michael Corwin Getty David Evan Goodrich Chancellor Ryan Griffin Sanaa Khaled Jaroun Arman Kafai Lucia Paola Lipchak Miles Alexander Mobley Vanessa Ortiz Austin Mitchel Potts Samuel D. Resendez

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY Caroline Elizabeth Henry Daname Teresa Lucas Arianna N. Uddin  24


Caleb Allan Santer Jack Gibson Sollows* Medhanie Mehari Solomon Nicholas Blake Taylor

Jonathan Robert Schueler


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS Charles Joseph Bitzane Marco Antonio Campos Ryan Anthony Corbello SeLena J.C. Cosma Wyatt Markham Head Mohd Murtaza Jaffry John Duncan McGillewie Ephraim Robert Renfro John Marshall Sandilands Morgan Tavallaee Yuriko Oba Tran

Tristan Patrick Baumert Jose Manuel Cario Cassidy Exum Gabriel Kyle Leung Nicholas Christopher Magnis Andrew Eric Stoeckel* Adam Eduardo Uribe Jared Lee Walker



Alan Eduardo Garcia Martinez Rylee Carolyn Purl

Preston Tyler Dickson* Nathan Tyler Gurgainous* Edgar Miranda

%#0&+&#6'5(14/#56'45&')4''5 MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE

Charles Salazar Stephen Michael Tanner

Jeffrey Neal Attkisson Connor Woodhull Endicott* Nathan Robert Glover John William Jones Sandra Ebelechukwu Odimegwu Estefania Fernanda Salvador Tamayo Tadesse Truneh Prateek Yadav

MASTER OF PUBLIC POLICY Jacob Robert Acton* Ian Ganza Cherutich Raphael Kotey Dzanie

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN CRIMINOLOGY Matthew Warren Love* Riley Ann Miller Cheyenne Alexandra Montoya Courtney A. Rolando Scott Alexander Tipple Hunter James Ward Douglas Mack Whitten

MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Legislative Studies Adam Maxwell Richards*



Dixiana Chavez Sydney J. Chipman Oksana Gil Julia D. Kinkade Rustin Kormos Eduardo Mendoza Montoya Rebecca Marie Reyes

Noor Fatima Abbas* Glen Cooper Maxwell Alexander Fritz Paul Jeoun Siangling Lu Wenyi Zhai  25


Jared Kerstein* Tushar Madan* Todd Allen McDonald* Helen Wakefield Paulina Antoinette White Ling Zhang

Celina Guadalupe Arredondo Aliza Hope Etkind Nathan Alan Fleischman Bailey Kay Fredlund* Richard H. Garth* Boning Liu Olubiyi Oduyale Ryan Thomas Phillips Erron Craig Taylor



&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CRIMINOLOGY Sarah Patton Gammell Professors: Tomislav Kovandzic Nadine Connell Dissertation: Beyond Motive: Situational Influences on Student Perpetrated Shootings Michael Huskey Professor: Tomislav Kovandzic Dissertation: Homicide Offending and Social Control: A National Case Control Study

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN GEOSPATIAL INFORMATION SCIENCE Yeondae Jung Professor: Yongwan Chun Dissertation: Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Crime in Urban Environments: Case Studies in Seoul, South Korea and Dallas, Texas Muna Shah* Professor: Anthony Cummings Dissertation: Valuating and Modelling the Spatial Distribution of Ecosystem Services: Traditional Uses versus Commercial Logging

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Austin W. Kingsolver Professor: Banks Miller Dissertation: Supreme Issues: Utilizing Issue-Specific Measures of Judicial Behavior on the United States Supreme Court


DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS Jacob R. Byrd Professors: Paul Battaglio Evgenia Gorina Dissertation: Public Pension Governance: Effects of Reforms, Investment, and Governor’s Power on Pension Plan Outcomes Tracy L. Nicholson Professors: Meghna Sabharwal Bobby Alexander Dissertation: Deserving and Discretion: A View from the Front Lines of Nonprofit Organizations Jessica Shepard Watts Professor: James Harrington Dissertation: Navigating the Partner Landscape: Understanding the Impact of External Resources and Partners on Universities in the Modern Economy

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PUBLIC POLICY AND POLITICAL ECONOMY Brett Cease Professors: Lloyd Dumas Euel Elliott Dissertation: Climate Polycentricity by Subnational U.S. Actors: Three Lenses to Examine Efficacy and Impact


'4+-,1055105%*11.1('0)+0''4+0) #0&%1/276'45%+'0%' %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING

Jaspreet Singh Chatha Lance H. Gotohio Michael James Hanson Mubeen Mahtab Hyder Connor Nicklaus Iseli* Alexander J. Jagger* Jieun Kim Minh Ngo* Steven Tam Nguyen Terence Nguyen Eric Mitchel Olvera* Leakey Otieno Ondigo* Navin Raju Joe Joe Samuel Michael Leatham Simpson Brishty Som* Jackson Connor Steele Jarrett Larry Taylor Jennifer Mae Ward Elizabeth Ei Yuen Zhao

Hebah G. Abdallah Alexandra Maria Adamopoulos Adolfo Aguirre Yasmeen Nawwaf Alshara Ijeoma Cynthia Anumnu Maria Cathia Arteaga Guadalupe Baltazar Marco Antonio Barbosa Victoria Elizabet Barrera Nathan Kodjo Mintah Churcher Mainor David Coello* Frederick Cossio Luis Alberto Jule Daniel John Kaminski Ian Christopher Kampine Brenden Nicholas Kolthoff* Victoria Andreevna Koshevarova Phuc Thien Quang Le Justin Craig McFarlane Alexander Thien Y. Nguyen Matthew Knox Pfefferle Marisa Schindler Romero Zeeshan Syed Saleem Sadmaan Fardin Sarker Malik Shavkatov Bassam M. Smadi Thomas Duncan Smith Benjamin Sea-Qing Ting Shelby Madison Via Jacob Daniel Wade Ryan David Walther Jeremy Leon Warren Tasnim Saraf Yasin Irfan Zobayed


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Zachary Tyler Abney Nahian Afsari Ahmed Jamal Al Obaidi Amna Ali Brandon Thomas Allison* Asim Anis Humberto Sinai Arana Ishaan Arya Mohammad Muneeb Aslam Thomas David Asuncion Michael Christian Barre Leon Alexander Becker Jennifer Bejarano* Gabriel Esteban Betancourt Pratik Bhusal Matthew Bradley Bierman Lesly Rodriguez Borges Alex Bottinelli* Amanda Rose Brooks

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING Yusuf Ehad Abdel-Rahman Luke Austin Allen Christopher Michael Andrews Fazleen Hina Ansari Tami Sakari Autio Justin Kang Bae* Sujan Bhandari* Kevon Isaiah Johnson Bradford  30

Kathryn Jean Brown Edward Lee Browning Abhishek Chakladar Brandon Xan Chang Steve Chen Nathan Ray Chennault Joshua Choo Justin Riley Clark Priyanka Daryani* Usheenar Das Surya Mahita Datla William Donovan DeLaughter Ryan Marshall Desmond* Vijit Dhingra Justin G. Dula Maria Anne Dunning Karl Edward Essig Sauviz Fardad Troy Randall Frazier Daniel Leonard Frick Wen Fu Naman Kumar Gangwani Hector Samuel Garza Yonatan Mehabaw Getahun Urvi Nirmal Gianchandani Noah Alexander Glenn Leonardo Manuel Guajardo Abdelmounaim Hafid Yutian Han Katherine Cheryl Hartman* Fabliha Hassan Smajed Hassan Syed Muhammad Abiss Hassan Keith Alexander Hernandez Benjamin Joseph Hill* Sakari Juhani Hirvilampi Benjamin T. Hogan Keller Grayson Hood Jia Woei Hsing Joseph Min-Chen Hsu Christopher Trung Chanh Huynh Duc Minh Huynh Jeffrey Jenaid Imam Faiaz Islam Lucian Jiang-Wei Travis Kahler Johnson Chris Saji Joseph Chennasri Shashank Kaveti* Ahmed Areeb Khan Brian Tanawoot Khunchana Jacob Jeffrey Koch Caleb Christopher Lawrence Matthew Minh-Duc Le Ji Won Lee

Perry Lee* Timothy Sutherland Lehman Fangjia Li Ryan Alexander Lira* Max Snow Loeffler Geronimo Lopez* Theo Emmanuel Loza Michael Dillyn Lyke Jonathan Blake Lyttle Brian Dennis Malouf Manan Manan Solomon George Mathew Shivina Mathur Prabhjot Singh Mattu Justin Gregory Mazenko Clay Houston McCoy Daniel James McPartland David Mendoza Zain Taj Merchant Alejandro Javier Mestanza Patrick Gerard Meyomesse Francisco A. Miranda Logan Kelly Moon Randall Alan Moreland Rachel Jiun-Yi Murray Nikhil Venugopal Nair Vyas Kiran Nellutla Enoch Wesley Ng Amy Kim Nguyen Bao Quoc Nguyen Danh Cao Nguyen Philip Andreas Nilsson Kameron Nicholas Noorbakhsh Joshua Ebenezer Obanor Dylan Tera Odekirk Nicholas Theodore Odell Ikenna Peter Okonkwo Jr. Jorel Alexander Olan Anshuman Pandey Melquiades Alexander Parra Ami H. Patel Diem Thi Kieu Pham Vu Quang Pham Thiphavanh Phoutthivongsack Thai Nam Phung Jacob David Pitoniak Sanjay Poudel Divyansh Prasad Nicolas Brendon Pray Martin Thomas Quish Shrinath Raghunath Rao Dylan Alexander Rice Matthew Tyler Rodgers Isaac Uriel Salazar  31

Bob Apel Salim* Ali Ahmad Sbeiti John August Scalley Syed Fayzan Shah* Matthew Garrett Shanor Sujay Sharma* Lei Shen Dalton Scott Sherer* Fortythree Washington Shiaohongtu Edward Shih Jethjera Silasant Nagendra Singirikonda Rishav Sinha Skyler Koh Sisler Brendan Joshua Skolnik Benjamin Samuel Smedley Michael James Smith Nicholas Anthony Smith William Glynn Smith Jacqueline Natasha Solis Ruiqing Song Rahul Prakash Sonwalkar Alexander Sou Mark Grayson Sowders* Raman Kumar Srivastava Nicholas Serafin Steele Raj Bhupendra Tailor Anthony Jiang Tang Alisha Rahul Tapiawala Michael John Teeple Matthew William Tice Tanuj Tiwari Andrew John Tollett Enrique Pedro Torres Ethan Yeap Tran Kevin Si Truong Jason Anthony Uva Ali Giovani Vazquez Ryan Austin Vazquez* Zana Warren* Brendon Richard Weng Trevor Brent Whitmore Janai Mae Williams Luke Alexander Williamson Michael Felix Wilson James Russell Wright Shiqi Xia Edward Inserni Yang Jr. Masahiro Yoshida Gerald Zapata Walid A. Zein* Jerry Xianhong Zeng* Italo Francisco Zevallos Yuan Zhuang

William Kyle Ziegler Samuel E. Zrna




BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Syed Hassan Ahmed Sameem Mohammad Alimi David Carlton Aly* Andy Ampuero* Nicholas Ryan Black* Pablo Eric Bonilla* Gabriel Asuncion Cabebe Antonio Cadena Andrew Joseph Celania Diego Sebastian Chacon Young Hong Choi Fatima Nafis Chowdhury* Edric Rey Condron Charles Wesley Conrad* Toyam M. Cox* Andrew William Cruz Francisco Delgado* Sabrena Ahmad El-Haj* Isaac Jadon Geer Chaitanya Goli* Joshua Edward Gue Jasson Salvador Guevara Chris Micheal Hampton* Faisal Hasan Robert Charles Heemann Patrick Alan Hogan Alice Hollon Hutt Srinivas Karra Rita Romanovna Kartunov* Shahzaib Khan Thinh Huy Le* Yew Meng James Loy Omair Lukmani  32

Joshua Thomas Mathew* Safwan Mazhar* Jake Mireles Justin Paul Mosley Joseph M. Mudekunye Neil Mustafa* Jude Chukwuemeka Ngene* Anthony Vinh Nguyen* David Nguyen Khiem T. Nguyen* Emelda Adama Osamor William Daniel Pasha Parth Bhailal Patel Joshua Alexander Perdomo Nadia Rahman Joshua Raul Salinas Miguel Solis Justin Steadman* Dante Robert Stillo Waleed Hussein Suliman Perive Michael Tanuvasa Matthew David Thomas* Samuel Muiruri Thuo Hoang Nhut Ton Jose Ricky Vital* Joseph Frank White-Swift* Mekedes Desta Woldacherkos Derrick Louis Yap

Sawyer Wesley Elliott Zachary Dale Feldman Ryan Deon Finnie Arturo Flores Sungmin Albert Gim Joel Guadalupe Gonzalez Andrew Scott Greenwood* Elezer Daniel Habtewold Hammad Hanif Alexander Jameson Harper Andrew Huu Hanh Ho Sarder Shabiba Islam* Pooyan Javadzadeh Austin Lee Johns Blake O’Connor Judson Sanu Khadka Nicholas Don Kilbreath Johnnie Williams Kim* Joshua Anthony Laube Thomas Vaughn Lee Paslyn Trace Lewis Lucas Lillie Angel Alexander Lucas Argenis Paniagua Luciano Connor Dennis MacLeod Saud Syed Madani Anthony Elie Makdissi* David Bradley Malin Luis Humberto Martinez-Tamez* Ryan James Maxwell Marcial Medina* Jordan Nicholle Mercer Micah Philip Murdoch Manoj Madhavan Nair Thinh Phuoc Bao Nguyen Elliot Daniel Novikoff* Chiemeka Fedy Omogah* Charlton Hok Pang Pratik H. Patel David Benjamin Puckett Carlos Saldivar Victor Enrique Sanchez* Ryan Corey Schoenewe Kayla Hope Shepodd Shayla Renee Skinner* Nicole Anne Steiner* Daniel Kelli Stiles* Kingslea Kathryn Stringham* Preston Bryce Sullins Kelby Lane Tate* Ryan Thomas Tuan D. Tran Nadine Van Zyl Miten Akshay Wani*

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sabrina Ahmed* Ali Albarq Nathan Ross Angell Jaime A. Arredondo Soodabeh Azizi* Juan Carlos Bahena Daniel Barros* Oleg Drobovych Bauer* Amir Hossein Behgooy Kyle Scott Bell* Nathan G. Blackmon Jenna N. Brannon Logan Malik Brown Ryan Dale Cameron John Michael Chesser* Aleksandr Chichirev Henry Chimanyin Toby Thavon Chin Alexander Demetrios Christie Richard Clint Cowin* Calen Ryan Deary Nohemi Jimenez Diaz  33

Joshua Logan Williams* Keith Allen Wood Temesgen Habtegiorgis Zerom

Prachi Anant Kambli* Nabeel Zar Khan Inderpreet Singh Lahil Diego Lara Matthew Nguyen Le Anthony R. Lim Francisco Lynn Sandilya Madiraju Hector Eduardo Martinez Bryan Nejad Theophilus Ekobili Ojukwu II Carlos Ortiz Jr. Bryan Thanh Pham* Ariel Eduardo Quintanilla* Jeremiah Arcilla Ramilo Madiha Raza* Mariela Nava Rodriguez Joseph Samonte Kevin David Sanchez-Soto Zeal Maulesh Shah Mehrnoush Sotoudeh Anthony Gaganov Spencer* Michael Patrick Sullivan Praharsha Sunkara Alexander Beyene Teklu Teena Mariam Thomas Jennifer Ann Utley Margaret Vakulenko Midhat Abdul Wahab Muhammad Waqas* Corbin Michael White Andrew Ryan Wilson Jacob Eric Wilson Brandon Ty Yeager*

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Victor M. Abraham Anmol Agarwal Violette Basel Allahham Kyle Daron Andrus Faizan Ansari Geet Babaria Yohan Arpith Chari William Audom Cheng Vu Anh Chu Nathanial Martin Cowley Paul Nicholas Espinoza Carlos Francisco Esponda Joseph Thomas Felan Joseph P. Foster Jonathan Logan Friedman Jeffrey Aldon Russel Furnish Grace St.Clair Gettert Abdul W. Ghulam Javier Andres Gomez Adam Sterling Goodman* Joenteny David Martinez Gutierrez Blake James Hanson* Justin Michael Horak Akib Hossain Jason Ray Hutchinson Hamza Yaser Ibrahim Anthony Theodore Iorio* Pamela Denise Ireri*


Jamie R. Kunnappally* Daniel Orlando Marrufo Ali Mir Saurabh Vikas Raut Gauri Shivkumar Renake Touria Rguig Juliana Nouhad Saba Sayali Salil Upasham

Alejandro Abraham Iravati Mandar Ambike Alexandra Arteaga Jennifer M. Boothby* Bhuvana Lakkasetter Chandrashekar Sugandha Chaudhary Meagan Elizabeth Furth Antra Ganguly Brian Hedden* Mey Muafaq Jabari Mohammadhassan Jahanandish Sanjana Sunil Kumar Jain* Kulsoom Javed Rachel Florence Jones

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING Ayushi Kishor Chourasia Haneesha Gurugubelli Mauhib Iqbal Anushree Jumade Guy Avraham Maor*  34

Sushma Sunkollu Nagaraj Vineeth Amritur Niranjan Abhishek Murlidhar Patil Rajan Prajeshkumar Rana* Xuyang Tang Konstantinos Xanthopoulos Jian Zheng

Cliff Sandmann Eddings Shree Charan Varma Enugandla Xueling Fan Adithya Ganapathy Utkarsh Shailendrakumar Gandhi* Prathik Mahabala Ganiga* Jingwei Gao Qi Gao Zheng Gao Sreetejasimha Gemaraju* Vikram Gopali Venkatesh Gotimukul Xiuli Gu Sumin Reddy Gujja Dinidu T. Gunasena Jianxiong Guo Kartikey Gupta* Mohit Narendra Gupta Sakshi Gupta Sharanitha Harish Pranita Ramesh Hatte* Baokun He Alexander Kent Herzberg Khoa Le Dang Ho Steven Ditzley Hogue* Michael Joseph Holcomb Yangtao Hua Venkata Naga Sai Rohith Reddy Isukapalli Geetika Sunil Jain* Sakshi Jain Shruti Jaiswal Prabhat Kumar Jha* Yankai Jia Di Jin Pandit Joshi* Priyanka Joshi* Akshay Kanduri Dhwaniben Rameshbhai Kaneria* Sidhanta Kumar Kar Divyansh Karemore Navreet Kaur Shubhangi Khandelwal* Shubham Raosaheb Kharde Tenjue Ronnie Koh Bhanuteja Naga Venkata Sai Thandava Konduri* Samuel Allen Konstanty* Nandita Koppisetty* Rajitha Koppisetty* Arudra Sri Manasa Kosaraju* Sai Sri Sruthi Kotaru* Shubham Pradeep Kothari* Rajat Koti Mansi Kukreja Abhishek Sham Kulkarni*

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Asla Aboo Pavan Kumar Achanta Siddhant Agarwal Jayasekhar Aluru Salman Mohamed Anwer Simran Arora Srinivasa Rajesh Ayachitula Tejal Bagade Praneeth Khanna Bala Noumika Balaji Jianfeng Bao* Mehak Beri* Akshi Bhardwaj Suddeshna Bhowmik Manish Maheshkumar Biyani* Kyle Bolton Wenpu Cai Shilpa Catherine Akshay Ramanbhai Chaudhari* Raj Singh Chauhan Shiva Ranga Chawala Max Minjian Chen Qianrong Chen Sijia Chen* Weisen Cheng Diksha Chhabra Franco Alejandro Covarrubias-Reyes Jon Andrew Crain* Xi Cui Hari Kishan Darapaneni Tuhin T. Das Sourav Dasgupta* Evan Davis DeLord Shubham Deshpande* Spandan Dey Tiffany Diem Do Febronica Faustina Dhanapal Durai Dominic* Sashidhar Donthiri Rujool Mahendra Doshi* Preethi Dronavalli Jun Duan Brian Craig Duncan Adrita Dutta  35

Chaitanya Umesh Kulkarni* Prathik Vithal Kulkarni* Anurag Kumar* Rishav Kumar* Dheeraj Krishna Kunam Chengyuan Lai* Rama Narayan Lakshmanan Sai Sandhya Reddy Lakshmipathy Haosong Li* Huiqi Li Songlin Li Yuanjie Li* Zhehang Li Erdong Liao Chienchi Liu Houyi Liu Lu Lu Mitchell Jared MacInnis Raakesh Madana Yash Ajay Madane* Shravya Sri Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Maddipudi Piyush Krishna Mahatkar Pooja Makula* Pancham Mamania* Pranav Mavili* Michael Troy Meadors Mareena George Mekkattil Rashika Mishra Ujjawal Mishra Sanket Sanjay Modi Akash Kumar Agile Mohan* Amal Mohan* Nathan Andrew Morrison Michael Chase Morse Sri Hari Murali Harthi Sundara Murthy Ankit Nahata Sneha Nandigala Chunhe Ni Omer Faruk Ozarslan Vani Madhuri Palagummi* Divya Teja Pamisetty Pavani Panakanti* Aashaar Panchalan* Siddharth Swarup Panda* Neelabh Pandey Pushpita Panigrahi* Karan Patel Sarthak Vijaybhai Patel Tarang Vinodkumar Patel* Shyam Prashanth Rao Patharla Sushrut Patnaik Ayan Paul Lal Payyappilly Paul

Skye Anthony Pekerti Solon Joseph Pitts Supraja Ponnur Vinay Potla Zeby Kuriakose Poycattle* Yash Prakash Pradhan Pratima* Gayathri Raghuraman* Rahul Raj Akshaya Ramaswamy Swetha Ramaswamy* Akash Bharadwaj Baraka Ramesh* Hitesh Gupta Tumsi Ramesh Ramya Sai Ramineni Nickolas Omar Ramos Lakshmi Praveena Rangavajhula Tejas Ravi Rao Sankalpa Rath* Simran Rawlani Sathya Pooja Rami Reddy Taniya Riar* Kumar Rohit Amal Roy* Aman Sachan* Nikita Sah Rupali Sahay Chandra Kiran Saladi Azadeh Samadian Mahasweta Sarma Rohit Seetepalli Arjun Satraj Sethi* Trusit Sandipbhai Shah* Vivek Shah* Fahad Md Shaon* Meetika Sharma Saurav Sharma* Himali Snehal Shelat Yidan Sheng Vyaas Narendra Shenoy* Gurudutt Durgadas Shetti Wen-Hau Shih* Wazeed Baba Shirdi Ujjwal Siddharth* Shakti Singh* Tanushri Tarun Singh Hasanth Sista Adam Parker Smith Saikiran Reddy Srirangapalli Yi Su Sandeep Sukumaran Zubin A. Sunkad Karan Rajeshkumar Thakkar* Shivani Dipak Thakkar Nithin Kumar Singh Thakur  36

Mythri Thippareddy Nihal Abdulla Peringat Thodiyil* Nayana Thomas* Yisu Tian Nidhi Tishenkumar Vaishnav* Hemanth Vakulabharanam Jai Vardhan Sandeep Suraj Venu Vijay Venugopal Shiva Shanker Vuppula Taishan Wang Yiwen Wang Zhan Wang Zhongwei Wang* Chelsey Rae Wildenborg Daniel Hengyu Xiang Ning Xin Yaswanth Yadlapalli Yubo Yan Xing Yao Ye Yao Megan Yociss* Yongqi Yue Yujia Zhai Hongyong Zhang Xiaoyu Zhang Yue Zhang Jiaxi Zhao Wenjun Zhao Zheheng Zhao Zhenjie Zhao* Jie Zheng Xinyang Zhu Yuankun Zhu Yuxin Zi* Jiadao Zou*

Jaewon Jang Christiana Kapatsori Uzma Moosa Khaleel* Govardhan Pralhadrao Kulkarni Shaw Lee Baijun Liu Ovidio Rodriguez Lopez Saul Calderon Lopez Emrys Ethan Maier Priyanka Aishwarya Murali Pallavi Milind Patwardhan* Bibith Paul Praveen Philip Carissa Lynn Pichon Shri Prakash* Chandrasekhar Kowdiki Rajasekhara Vaibhav Rajput Shunmugapriya Ramanathan Bharath Ramanidharan* Ashish Yatendra Rawat Syed Muhammad Hamza Zia Sabri Neeladri Sain Chayangi Rajan Sarang Abhishek Muniswamy Srinivas Harisudhan Subramanian* Akash Anil Tadmare Neha Vinayak Thigale Maarten Michel Mariette Timmerman Manvitha Udamula John Dimitrios Vakidis Feng Wang Xueqi Xu

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Sanjay Gopalan Aswin Lakshmi Narayanan Kondusamy Edgar Guerrero Ruiz* Ali Saadat* Benjamin Stein* Boya Zhang*

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Bobby Abraham Shreya Agrawal Mohammad Taha Ahmad* Ritwika Biswas Nishant Chauhan Mark David Fasolino Sebastian Pradeep Fonseka Premnath Xavier Francis* Dhruv Mansukh Ghadia Suprovo Ghosh Vividha Goyal* Siddharth Pradeep Harshe Pranjali Hirlekar Asif Iqbal

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING David Anthony Axe Chintan Jayeshbhai Dani Jamie Dee Gravell Christopher Ryan Harris Navid Hashemi Abigail Sarah Holmes Madhu Vamsi Karicharla Orod Kaveh* Srivatsan Muthukrishnan  37

Christopher Ryan Harris Sindhu Sree Jonnalagadda Sebin Joseph Pranav Kalyanpur Kavya Nair Kavyam* Prince Kumar Andrew Rydzak Pragati Prakash Srivastava Jonathan Vu* Matthew Xiong*

Krunal Jaykamal Patel Ryan Tanner Schlinkman* Om Anand Binodkumar Sharma Ajay Vikram Shuresh Chao-An Yang Lu Yi

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Xinhe Chen Kimberly Michelle Kintz Khoa Nguyen* Yu-Wei Pai*



Hitesh Ginjupalli Mrunmayee Sanjay Jangam* Jitendria Justin Jitendria Justin Venkata Chaitanya Eswar Makena Ernest Olufemi Olusanya Purna Chandra Vinay Kumar Vemali

Rasika Anup Chopde* Prateek Shivaji Fulsundar* Himani Praveen Gajghate Levi Christian Grinestaff*

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Michael Jeffrey Darrow Professor: Seth Hays Dissertation: Improving Recovery Following Neurological Injury Utilizing Targeted Plasticity Therapy Tyler George Quarton Professor: Leonidas Bleris Dissertation: Unraveling the Operational Landscape of Engineered Genetic Regulatory Networks

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING Konstantinos Xanthopoulos Professor: Yiorgos Makris Dissertation: Applications of Machine Learning in Test Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement Siyuan Xu* Professor: Benjamin Carrion Schaefer Dissertation: Towards Robust Approximate Computing

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Nazmiye Ceren Abay Professors: Bhavani Thuraisingham Murat Kantarcioglu Dissertation: Using Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction and Data Generation with Applications to Data Privacy


Gbadebo Gbadero Ayoade Professors: Latifur Khan Kevin Hamlen Dissertation: Mitigating Cyberattack with Machine Learning-Based Feature Space Transforms Erick Bauman Professors: Zhiqiang Lin Kevin Hamlen Dissertation: Securing Binary Programs Without Perfect Disassembly Li Kang Chou Professor: Vibhav Gogate Dissertation: Parameter Tying and Dissociation in Graphical Models Mayukh Das Professor: Sriraam Natarajan Dissertation: Human-Allied Efficient and Effective Learning in Noisy Domains Rashika Mishra Professor: Ovidiu Daescu Dissertation: Computer Aided Diagnosis Systems for Digital Analysis of Osteosarcoma and Skin Cancer Hessam Moeini Professors: Farokh Bastani I-Ling Yen Dissertation: Semantic and Logic Based Routing Algorithms for Service Discovery and Composition in Dynamic IoT-Edge Networks Meghana Navnath Satpute Professor: Ding-Zhu Du Dissertation: Edge Computing and Data Extraction Vipin Singh Sehrawat Professor: Yvo Desmedt Dissertation: Privacy Enhancing Cryptographic Constructs for Cloud and Distributed Security Trusit Sandipbhai Shah Professor: Subbarayan Venkatesan Dissertation: Techniques for Building Robust and User Customizable IoT System Fahad Md Shaon Professors: Murat Kantarcioglu Latifur Khan Dissertation: Secure Cloud Data Analytics with Trusted Processors Nidhiben Mukeshbhai Solanki Professors: I-Ling Yen Farokh Bastani Dissertation: Access and Information Flow Control in Cloud Environments Huibo Wang Professors: Zhiqiang Lin Bhavani Thuraisingham Dissertation: Securing SGX Applications via Memory Safe Programming Languages and Augmented Runtime


Ashkan Yousefpour Professors: Jason Jue Subbarayan Venkatesan Dissertation: Improving Quality of Service in Emerging IoT and ML Applications through Fog Computing Shuai Zhang Professor: Farokh Bastani Dissertation: A Semantics-Centric Data Processing Framework for Fault Diagnosis in Internet of Things

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Mohammed Hafez Mohammed Abdelwahab* Professor: Carlos Busso-Recabarren Dissertation: Domain Adaptation for Speech Emotion Recognition Prashant Carl Buck* Professors: Poras Balsara Babak Fahimi Dissertation: Phase Current Reconstruction and Peak Prediction for Switched Reluctance Generators Marzieh Ershad Langroodi Professor: Ann Majewicz Fey Dissertation: Stylistic Assessment and Adaptive Training for Robotic Surgical Skill Mahmoud Abdelmoneim Abdelmoneim Elgenedy* Professor: Naofal Al-Dhahir Dissertation: Enhancing Rate and Reliabilityof PLC in LV/MV Smart Grid Networks Dingyi He Professor: Babak Fahimi Dissertation: Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Platform for Online Motor Condition Monitoring at 5G Era Bashir Hosseini Jafari Professors: Nicholas Gans Mark Spong Dissertation: Adaptive Control of Inkjet Printing on 3D Curved Surfaces Asif Iqbal Professor: Nicholas Gans Dissertation: Classified Object Localization in Slam and Loop Closure Through Reinforcement Learning Mohsen Jafarzadeh Professors: Yonas Tadesse Nicholas Gans Dissertation: Creating Interactive Social Robots and Multimodal Control of Robotic Hands with Artificial Muscles Sandeep Kshattry* Professor: Kenneth O Dissertation: Compact, Non-Invasive, High Impedance Detectors In CMOS For MM-Wave Applications


Jingchen Liang Professor: Babak Fahimi Dissertation: Optimization of Airgap Profile in Electric Machines for Torque Pulsation Mitigation Srinivas Parthasarathy* Professor: Carlos Busso-Recabarren Dissertation: Novel Frameworks for Attribute-Based Speech Emotion Recognition Using TimeContinuous Traces and Sentence-Level Annotations Moinak Pyne* Professor: Stephen Yurkovich Dissertation: Supervised Battery Capacity Estimation Brently Wallace Robinson* Professor: Mohammad Saquib Dissertation: Adaptive Predictors for Extracting Physiological Signals in Two Modern Bioinstruments Farah Naz Taher Professor: Benjamin Carrion Schafer Dissertation: Fault Tolerance in Hardware Accelerators: Detection and Mitigation John Wesley Thomas Professor: Lakshman Tamil Dissertation: An Element Management System for a Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring Environment Jingxiang Tian Professors: Carl Sechen Yiorgos Makris Dissertation: Transistor-Level Programmable Fabric Enes Ugur Professor: Bilal Akin Dissertation: Reliability and Condition Monitoring of SiC Power MOSFETs Monir Mohammad Zaman Professor: Yiorgos Makris Dissertation: Design Space Exploration for Secure and Power-efficient Microprocessor Designs

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Pavel Bolshakov Professor: Chadwin Young Dissertation: Investigation of Critical Interfaces of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Devices for Future Device Applications Yasiel Cabrera Professor: Amy Walker Dissertation: Infrared Spectroscopy Studies of Electron Induced Reaction Mechanisms in EUV Photoresists Trey Benjamin Daunis Professor: Julia Hsu Dissertation: Processing Oxide Thin Films With Light: A Path to High-Throughput SolutionProcessed Oxide Electronics


Jaebeom Jaebeom Lee Professor: Jiyoung Kim Dissertation: Synthesis of Two-Dimentional (2D) Materials, Tunable Hybrid Dielectric Deposition, and its Application in 2D Nanoelectronics

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Edgar Alberto BolĂ­var Nieto* Professor: Robert Gregg Dissertation: Robust Energy-Efficient Design of Series Elastic Actuators Liujia Dong Professors: Yaoyu Li John House Dissertation: Dynamic Modeling and Controls of Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems Armita Hamidi Professor: Yonas Tadesse Dissertation: Additive Manufacturing of Hetergeneous Composites for Biomimetic Robots Chao Wang Professor: William Anderson Dissertation: Large Eddy Simulation Study of Turbulent Flow Over Dune Field Wenyi Wang Professor: Yaoyu Li Dissertation: Dynamic Modeling and Model-Free Real-Time Optimization for Cold Climate Heat Pump Systems Ziheng Wang Professor: Ann Majewicz Fey Dissertation: Modeling and Evaluation for Robot-Assisted Surgical Training and Intuitive Teleoperation Feng Zhang Professor: Arif Malik Dissertation: Investigation Into Multi-Scale Contact Mechanics Behaviors in the Cold Rolling of Metal Strip and Sheet Using a Novel Stochastic Roll-Stack Modeling Approach

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IIN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Oscar Javier Chaparro Arenas* Professor: Andrian Marcus Dissertation: Automated Analysis of Bug Descriptions to Support Bug Reporting and Resolution Sruthi Chappidi Professor: Sergey Bereg Dissertation: Computational Methods for Analyzing and Visualizing NGS Data Xuelin Li Professor: W. Eric Wong Dissertation: Quality Assurance and Health Management for Software Systems


5%*11.1(+06'4&+5%+2.+0#4;567&+'5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES

Deidre Patrice Portilla Sabera Fatima Quadri Brian David Russell Elena G. Barrera Saucedo Jude Khalid Sawan Bianca Cecilia Schneider Nicole V. Sengsavang Pooja Sharma Adam Everett Speer Robert Charles Sturgeon* Christina Ann Trammell Sean Everett Vance* William Vela Andrea Fernanda Velarde Sheniqua Sue Williams Audrey Lee Woodward

Maria Martha Aguilar Lian Amer Almasri Silvia Cristela Arnold Isabel Ashcraft Kimberli Ann Barger Kathryn Drew Bartley Tasneem Moneer Basha Iswariya Baskar Janelle Malecia Bass Kayla Leann Bender Alisha Bhakta Oliva Kimberly Botello Alyssa Danae’ Brown* Natalie Kar-Yan Chong Kelly Contreras Christina Cruz Natalie Lynn Cubbage* Ashley Lorraine Davis Christina Galarza Gopal Nirmal Gianchandani Rebecca Evon Gottschalk Ryan Joseph Grambow Logan Rachael Grooms Faith Erin Elisabeth Guillen Diana Monica Gutierrez Ana Pina Hernandez TeEra D. Hicks Eric Arthur Hogan James Richard Hoover Jessica Mae Howell Madeleine Vivian Hope Hudson Jennifer Grace Huebner Morgan Dee Jaramillo* Rebecca Miller Kalmes* Jeanice Elizabeth Knockum Octavio Murcio Koch Douglas B. Lueckemeyer Estelle Davis Lysell Ana Belen Maracine Kreena Dilip Mehta Ngwamitang Mitti* Olivia Melinda Myles Kennedy Nicole Nichols* Kyle Royal Nickols Lorie Olguin Tina Quynh Pham

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HEALTHCARE STUDIES Oluwasileola Noah Akintunde Farina Ali* Noora Fahmi Aljaser Shaher Almufti Sarah Yu Ree An Mason Shane Anderson Haley Nicole Bains* Logan Thomas Bartel* Pana Barwari Timothy Edward Culbertson Rachel Mun Dang Nathan Alexander Dao Sahiti Satya Dhulipala Khanh Lenh Do Tommy Do Celine Minh Doan* Fatima Nazar Elshlali Jordan Michael Farber Mariyam Farooqi Justin Dean Friesenhahn* Matthew Austin Gore* Vijaylaxmi Halappanavar* Brianna Galang Hubiera Nnemka Chiemelie Iloani Nwamaka Iloani* Shazil Ali Jafri Jagannath Kandadai Bo De Kok* Sunnyhith Reddy Korsapati*  44


Morgan Leigh Malson Madeline Marquis Michelle Lauren Oliff Sejal Ashish Parmar Shikha Rajesh Bhargavi Rao* Tyler Don Rawlinson Heather Lynn Rodriguez Meera Rose Salamah Henil Bankimchandra Shah Anisa Shukla Anthony Arjang Solhjoo Angela Hong Hanh Tran Faba Jolly Varghese Angela Wang* Ruth Ebabu Zewdu

Joshua Young Ahn Tommy Fabyan


0#8''0,+0&#. 5%*11.1(/#0#)'/'06 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING

Youngeun Kim William Devon King Brenda Hernandez Klika Edward Benjamin Lee Kara Danielle Leonard* James Henry Lewin* Selena Yue Li Qiaoling Lin Alexandra Guinn Lister Minyi Liu Meagan Renee Long* Stephanie Marie Lopez Carl Paul Madison Blake Ashton Malone Daniel Enrique Martinez Sen Samuel Mathai Bradley John McLaughlin Marina Viviana Mendez Collin Joseph Milano Konnor Lee Millerson Gonzalo Raul Munoz-Zivkovic Hareem Nadeem Firdousi Nasreen Lauren Nguyen Phu N. Nguyen* Veronica Mercedes Ortega Michael Forrest Osborn Jordan Steven Overn Yan Pang Bibek Panthy* Yongeun Park* Purvi Mukesh Patel Victoria Evelyn Pena* Sonia Saldana Perez* Hung David Phan Huy Dinh Phan Tanner Dalton Poltl Daniela Alcira Quiroga* Stephany Itzayana Salas Deepthi Savulgay Mohammad Humza Shaikh* Qin Shao Muhammad Hamza Sharif Chelsea Reannan Shaw Klajd Sinanaj Trenton Nelson Sowell* Cristal Maria Suarez-Castro Aida Taraneh Tajahmadi*

Chiedozie Ebubechukwu Agu Suravi Ahsan* Nadeem Akram* Osamah Al-Aizari Rigoberto Velazquez Alvarez Mohammad Ismail Ashraf* Benjamin James Baker* Prem Balakrishnan Christopher Alan Bell Amy Michelle Bernabela Josh Andrew Blandford* Aubrey Clay Brawner* Miguel Francisco Calderon Rosemary Lee Campbell Ryan Terry Charle Carpenter Francisco Leonel Carrillo* Laura Lee Cavanaugh Min Jee Choi Leonard Chun Yi Chu Jessica Leah Conley Hardave Singh Dhaliwal Emily Gayle DiMego Choler Rey Dill* Quy Thi Kim Doan Mehdi El Ahmadi Adam Christian Escamilla Lejin Feng Clayton Forrest Fitchett* Liza Annette Flores Sterling Chase Forsythe IV* Abel Moraida Garcia* Neda Hosseini Ghashghaei Karen Guadalupe Gonzalez Aaron Edward Gorski Antonio Guerrero Nikhil Gupta Karawan Fawaz Hamdan Hellen Bwalya Hanangala Mengjia He* Tatiana Gicel Hernandez Minh Chi Nguyen Hoang* Harrison Prescott Holzer Albina Shabab Jahir Isaac J. Jung* Zachary Marshall Keeter*  48

Donald Gilbert Faught Juan Pedro Gonzales Ricky Joe Gonzalez* Samuel William Grader Giselle Guerra Garrett Todd Hale* Dongyup Han Stephen Christopher Harris Joshua Daniel Harry* Gavin Curtis Haynes Eduardo Hernandez Jacob Robert Hernandez Marlene Hernandez Loriza Ibarra Levi Jake Joachim Divya Kapoor* Ayesha Muhammad Khan Daniel Junhuk Kim Andrew Taylor Lautzenheiser Andrew Joseph Limas Kendall Jamal Lloyd Nicholas Joel Longoria Brooke Maria Loya Zach M. Lucio* Jessica Marie McKinnon John Anthony Mendoza II Alma Janette Mercado* Dimpleben N. Mistry Matthew David Mitchell Ashna Alnazir Akberali Nanji Columbus Colton Nash Clara Nghe Dat Tan Nguyen Hoang Huu Nguyen Thong Tuan Nguyen Daniel Alberto Nuno Bibiana Ojeda* Jose Guadalupe Ortiz Dayanira Haide Torres Palacios* Dylan Edward Palmer Brian Park Kelly Shannondale Parker Priya H. Patel Vidhi Parimal Patel Timothy Austin Philpot* Michelle Elizabeth Post Priyanka Potturi Katherine Christine Prine Sonya Punjwani* Taylor Loren Ramos Viswasanthi Ravuri* Emily Abinai Reyes* Alyssa J. Rico Rosmery Rios*

Jeffrey Wayne Thompson Richard Angel Tripp Johnny Truong* Brandon Ray Turner Carolina Vazquez-Quintanilla Estela Sierra Vega Gabriela Ventura Leon Nathan Joshua Villarica Tran Ngoc Vo Bryson Wingo Alex Jerome Wray Li Xu Bining Yu Mason Meelad Zamani Yingda Zhao Ahad Hassan Zuberi*

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE Mohammad Anas Ali Raisa Mahmood Mellat Taye Shegre

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Abrahim Abdelkarim Anwar Abusad Nadim Addus Omar Ali* Bennett Aloshyas Robin Kuriakose Alunkal Sandy Ivet Argueta Kayin Donovan Bays John Bell Samuel Eric Beyzer Marlon Daniel Bonilla Karim Ben Moez Bouraoui Harry Ho Bui Brittany Patricia Burger James Z. Chong Sara Choudhry Jessica Suzanne Christian* Hannah Elizabeth Davis Taylor Ann Davis-Green McKay Albert De La Vega Natalia B. Diaz Mohammad Hani Dibbeh Haley Michelle Dickson Tyler Brice Dobbins Joshua Stephen Dunham Jeremy Craig Durant Adam J. Eckhardt Joshua James Haas Emminger  49

Charles David Hamilton Sidney Clovis Harris Grace Elizabeth Hawks Gurbaj Singh Heerey Nathan Alexander Herrod Poonam Kapoor Abraham Aslam Khan Spencer Tate Lange* Franklin Li Kassandra Natalie Lira Jibikila Francois Longo Cesar Lopez Margarita Konstantinovna Marsanova Phylisha Martinez Noel Mathews Mitchell Austin McLaurin Amanda Marie Mills* Tabarak Uddin Mir Samuel Abram Miramontes Jeanette Abril Mozqueda Jonathan B. Munoz* Luke Ryan Murphey Ivy Gabrielle Chico Nalo Zainab Naqvi Kavi Nigam James Tolga Nurlu* Anwar Omar Sara Imad Omer Daniel Patrick O’Neill Pablo Ortiz Aditya Mohnish Patel Minh Quang Phan Himmat S. Punia Ibrahim Mohanned Qutu* Divya Rajendran Noa Nicole Ramoz* Emma Louise Redman Erick Uriel Chico Reyes Zachary Peterson Reynolds* Rocio Lizbeth Rivera* Ali Taha Rizvi* Zyfer Saciri Roheana Sahibzadah Fabiola Salas Arnella Salimova Joshua Cole Samford* Victoria Sabrina Sanchez Jordan Joseph Sham Aracely Sosa Erik Alan Stuessy Nicola Talley Christopher J. Tamez Yayati Tanwar Yasmeen Tayeb

Julie Diane Robertson Myrtle Sue Robertson* Sarah Rocha Diana Zapata Rojas Manuel Arevalo Saldana Numrah Shekha* Jasdev Singh Kelsey Elizabeth Steele* Kenneth Michael Sweeney Cynthia A. Thompson* Christopher Nhan Tran Jamie Quinn Tsai Hannah Rachel Tuckness Gregory Deanthony Walker* Kyu Hwan Whang Courtney Nicole Wood Huan Yang Loukya Sai Yerramreddy* Steven Avery Zaduk Peter Zhou*

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE Bino Annicattu Abraham* Jesus Manuel Aguilar Hamza Akbar Rayaan Akbar Youshea Ali Demario Dion Allen Andrew Jason Anderson Alan Anthony Arce Farrah Ata Antonio Ricardo Ates* Lauren Nicholle Bettis Shaan Bisht Lydia Margaret Bordo Lendon Douglas Burnett Melissa Carranza Justin Meng Chew Nahif Chowdhury* Jordan Cisneros Hayden Augustine Daugherty Ryan Joshua Decuir Jaymin Jitendra Desai* Eduardo Elorza Grey Marie Escude Daniel N. Fangary Isaac Flores Jacob Charles Fowler Elizabeth Rojas Gallegos* Hawa Gana Tanner William Garrard Jared Valentino Gonzales Jacob Alan Ham  50


Sarah Marie Tyson Austin Thomas Vetterick Luis Joshua Vielma Brittney Morgan Walker Jessamyn West Alex Yu Andrew William Yu

Fatima Ahmed Saba Shakil Ahmed* Rand Alqaysi Maham Asif Fares Ammar Ayass Ani Bagramyan Damanjit Singh Bal Khushbu Piyush Bhatt Mercedes Carter Ye Eun Cha David W. Dalton Kayla N. Dinh Danilo Eduardo Figueroa Todor Aleksandrov Gavrilov* Larissa Almeida Oliveira Hagge Leslie Priscilla Hardy Gretchen Gracie Heintze Aamena Hira Javed Sarah Haroon Jhaveri Lina Amna Khan Brendan Lamar Kouns Amani Mahavadi* Enrique L. Martinez* Tanya Guadalupe Alvarez Martinez Arushi Mehrotra Michael Steven Memmer* Afnan Said Migdad Gabriel Rene Miller Elsa Tatiana Molina Brenda Lizeth Moncivaiz Lalitya Muktineni Ehsan Abubakar Mustafa Adrian Tien Nguyen Suhani Rasik Patel Nikita Padmasree Paturu Hoang Thanh Phan Oyekan Felix Pitt Wajma Popal* Arisha Rais April Rodriguez* Eman Shafi Raqib Wali Shariff Arminder Singh Gelilla Mesfin Tafa Naomi Estrada Torres Nhan Nguyen Dat Tran Vy Ha Tran Raymond Zihao Weng

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE AND ECONOMICS Bailey Ann Chamberlain Ashley Katherinne Flores Sean Michael Haas Riddhima Kapil Khanna William Preston Stephens Reese Wayne Williamson Faizah Binte Yusuf


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN GLOBAL BUSINESS Armando Benavides Arjun Shamik Daru Alicia Sarahi Fernandez Corey Leazer Odalis Lopez Muthana Zaben Nafal Petrus Salgueiro Peixoto Elianys Beatriz Perez Ramon Erasmo Ramos Priscilla Rachel Samuel Vathsalya Senapathi Adi Weissfield





Ryan Michael Fernando Diana Ivonne Garcia Nicholas Rene Geoffrion Bonny Kevin George Nathan Newman Hattox Haojie He Darius Tran Heathcoat Kamesh Hirani Kevin Khang Tuong Hoang Riashat Ishmam S. M. Muhaiminul Islam Emmanuel Jasso Joshua Mathew John Zain Kalwani Yusuf A. Khan* Jason Kit Kwan Alex Hector Lattanzi Matthew J. Li Szuan Liao Bhupinder Kaur Mahal Alvin Manjeru Maina Zainab Hussaini Mariwala Viddhi Prakash Mathrani Kongnso Banla Maximus Vraj Parag Mehta Tamar Morrison Elijah Glen Muzquiz* Bao Quoc Nguyen Loc Duc Nguyen Toheeb Ajibola Oyesina Shyamal Pravinbhai Patel Sacheen Phillips Haya Noor Polani Adiba Nushrat Provy Zaid Syed Quadri Sukanya Rammohan Nazila Refahi Umer Abdul Rehman Bertha Helena Ramirez Rivera Daniyal Rizwan* Longxiang Rong Abubakr Said Steffi Sam Jeffrey San Jonathan Ryan Scharfman Trevor Davis Schmied Edifiam Bradley Segbefia* Brandon Ira Seltzer Nikhil Bharat Shah Payal Shailesh Shah Ilimdar M. Shakirov Edward Shan Eastian Dongmin Shon William Michael Stuberfield

Pankti Patel


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Jeremy Brennan Jessica Dana Roland Romain Funes Malyuun Jama Marlen Jauregui Sarah Nichole Lafleur* Randa Lynn Pearson Kelly Linh Phan* Nickole May Selensky Awaz Muhammed Weysi* Yuyi Wu

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS Abolaji Sarafa Adekunle* Alexis Aguilar Arsalan Ahmed Christopher Oduagbon Aiwanse Leena Osman Ali* Harris Shah Anwary Deivanai Arunachalam* Joshua Bao-Kien Banh Shubholeena Basu Kevin Jacob Beaver Brian Jacob Bregenzer* Chloe Lynn Brown Vicente Jaimes Bustamante David Bonakk Chay Johnathan Borin Chay Isabella Dinh Chung Justin Thomas Corcoran Connor Benjamin Cottrell Cody Paul Wade Crow Ayuk Ngoh Ojong Cuthbert* Omar Uriel De Hoyos Mileena Thu-Huyen Do Jean Arno Kodjo Dossou Monami Dutta Derrick Chase Farris*  52

Brooklyn Rae Herle Jessie Lai Hoang Eugenie Hou* Diane Trang Huynh Sohyun Jo* Lee Michael Kounas Anthony Lam Paola Nicole Lasalle Jennifer Ly Sonya Ayub Maharaj Uday Matta Rebecca Kelly McClellan-Wong Claire Louise McGillivray Mitchell Connor Meegan Nemi Tushar Mehta Matthew Ryan Mikusek* Gina Citlaly Villarreal Morales Ashton Lea Murray Justis Aubrey Myers Abdullah S. Nauman* Calvin Thanhtung Nguyen Thang Quoc Nguyen* Timmy Duy Nguyen Vivian Thuy Nguyen Mengyao Nie* Nadine Omeis Sital Pant Nina Amy Parikh Rahil* Luziel Neka Fontelera Ramos Omar Rehman Jose Luis Castillo Rivera Mireya Rodriguez* Hailey Anne Sampsel* Krishna Vipul Shah* Mohamed Amir Shammet* Madison Brae Sherrill Joeanna Frances Tarango Gabriel Raphael Townsend Veronika Vladimirovna Vakser Fayaz Shams Veerjee* Christy Denise Vera Asha Kali Warren* Kayla Teale Weaver Jeffrey Mark Wetter Christopher Michael Wilkins Tao Xu Krishna Teja Yadlapati Joanna Castillo Zuniga

Hanlin Tan Benhur Hab Tesfamariam Emily Carol Tucker Jonathan Emmanuel Ventura Royce Van Vu Catherine D’Laine Waldman Kyle Douglas Waldo* Jaideep Yalamanchili* Jeffrey Zhou




BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MARKETING Saurav Ahuja Samya Alasad* Ryan Joseph Anderton Matthew Ian Barker Berkly Marie Brown Jorge A. Carrillo* Zachary James Chamblee Sophia Curiel Andrew Warren Diakun Eric Nam Dinh Ishan Mallik Dutt Ghazi Ahmad El-Haj Seyed Shereen Nicole Emamian Alexandra Kay Feste Adriel June Fogerty Alyssa Jewell Gaither Nithin Kumar Ganeshraj Jamie Evan Giron Rachel Elizabeth Hahn* Seth Christopher Hammond Ghazaleh Hassanimanshadi*  53


Xiaofan Kang David Conrad Kaufman Kevin Kubeer Phuc Thien Lai David Mitchell Land* Nathan Duke Lao John Wesley Leamy* Sara Kay Madron* Fredy Marchan* Carlos Alonzo Martinez Chantal Lopez-Da Nova* Karina Nunez Olatunji Ameen Opakunle Kiet Phan Cristobal Puga* Dylan Tipton Scruggs Caroline Alexis Shecterle Pratistha Shrestha Andrew Bryan Smith Alexander George Swan* Anh Tram Trinh Daniel Jay Weiler* Kristine Amanda Wilson Patrick Reed Wilson*

Joaquin M. Badgen-Gempelis*

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Sairahul Adharapurapu* Nida Akbar Ali Ayush Hari Athikayala Sean N. Atkinson Jordan Travis Box Patrick Edward Coffey* Westcott Bryan Condra* Clara Louise Cruz Haytam Tim Dehmane Faheem F. Dharamsi Chad James Discher Samantha Sam Duong Saida Khulood Elshantaf Richard Lee Grimm Job Henry Carly Marie Hindson Cecilia Vu Hoang Sruthi Jayadevan

%#0&+&#6'5(14/#56'45&')4''5 MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Ariana Sol DePlaza Alese Marie Descoteaux* Robert Bradley Desoto Dustin Lee Dewald Roy Dale Effinger* Joshua James Fejeran Glenn Flora* Nazanin Rad Floyd* Ross Gage* Facundo Emanuel Gambini* Vikram Garadi Landon Robert George* Arash Ghanbari* Parshaw Ghosh* Brent Goertz Dominic Adam Golab Geoffrey Neal Golden Lori Ann Goodwin* Sydnee Camille Griffin Larry Guillen Akash Gulati Kalvyn Ha Antoinette Haag Andrew Jeffrey Hamilton Jeremiah Harris*

Vijay Agusala* Faisal Usman Aziz Chris Bagwell Haley Elyse Bethel* Brian Bienhoff* Aaron Matthew Brewer Grant Browne* Drew Christopher Busby Daniel Calderon-Stucky* Christa Camp* Katelyn Jayne Campbell Louis Evan Carter Karen Melissa Carvajal Abdallah Mohamed Chahine Erika Chavez* Jasmine Maria Chemplanikal* Tiffany Chen Yu-Hsuan Chen Scott Daniel Comley* Michelle Croak Stephen Thomas Crosby* Elizabeth Michelle De Leon Armando Arratia Delgadillo*  54

Brett Alan Hatley* Peter Lum Hee* Jay Scott Hendricks* Courtney Hill Lucian Lamar Hill Umakshi Hira Dan Trung Ho Emelia Ann Hundt Kayla Rae Hunt Heath John Huxall Thu Anh Huynh Nara Im* Sreenath Janakiraman James Christopher Jensen Benjamin Jones Majeed Kawar* Danielle Marie Kelly Won Soo Kim* Edwin Kislyanov* Seth Asher Knochel* Ryan Matthew Krueger* Quang Xuan Lam Lu Lao Aisha Lee Yi Liu Zhengjie Liu Stephanie Marie Lozano David Christopher Mackey* Audra Loy Mah Shefali Mahajan David Mahan Joseph Anthony Malchar* Tessa Lynette Markham* Dustin Marks* Pragnya Sharma Maruwada* Charles William Mather Garima Mathur Benjamin Hubbard McBride Samuel David McBroom Tristan McInnis* Deepthi Medepalli Lotanna Ugochukwu Moneke Joshua Morris Evelyn Moyer Natasha Pallavi Murty* Bo Ra Nam Mohammad Mehdi Nourani-Dargiri Oludotun A. Okulate Tasha Maria Okulate* Tristan Opie Marchelle Parker Blake Paschal Evan Scott Pastorelle* Juhi Patell

Nathan Peacock Nam Pham* Matthew Pitts Bradley Jacob Puglisi* Aniket Suresh Pujari* Abdul Raheem Md Saifur Rahman* Gabriela Ramirez Isaac Jacob Ramirez Amber Ann Rao Andrew Raybon Robert Alexander Reyes* Abel Saenz* Pallavi Sanghvi* Samuel Rand Schroeder* Sachin R. Shah Sean Slone Mahesh Channabasappa Soppin* Jonathan Anthony Abchi Soulayman Sarah Ashley Spindola Hannah Kathryn Steiner Kathleen Ann Stewart Chris Stratton* Michael Vincent Sturm Rachelle Ann Swaim* Taryn Camille Talley Ella Tanquieng Brandon Taylor* Meggan Taylor* Sarah Taylor Mitesh Pravinbhai Thakkar Julian Torres Angela Trinh* Christopher Tsai* Sam Louis Vallagomesa Armando Vargas Jr. Shyam Kumar Wagle* Krystal Hopkins Westfall Heather Williams Matthew Williams Chayce Glenn-Thomas Wilson Nathan Wolf* Bradley Worsham* Wei Xiao* Kevin Yu* Rui Zhao

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Executive Programs Jaime Paul Almandoz, M.D.* Nikesh Rajendra Ambelal Jessica Baxter  55


Yuliya Berman Christian Jaaziel Campos Carmen Esmeralda Castro Jonathan D’Souza William Andrew Disario Mohammed M. Elfaki Olivia Esquivel Kenneth Lecil Ford III, M.D. * Raghuveer Gadiraju Andrew Dale Gibson Gabriel Gonzalez Tiffany Haley David William Hamann Ambrosio Hernandez, M.D. Gregory Wayne Hoffa Emily Kate Hoke Adeola O. Jaiyeola Russell Clayton Jones Anthony Lieng Ellen Matzkin Samantha A. Maynard Ebonee McCorvey Raghavi Merugureddy Cherie Moose Michael Nguyen Ebele Elizabeth Obialo Misty Brooke Otto Gina Ousley Mayur Bharatkumar Patel Suhel Patel, M.D. Merlin Mariam Paulson Lidia Pereira David Minh Pham Corey Wayne Pollard, D.P.M.* Ahmad Yama Rahnamoon Sudha Raman, M.D.* Kannan Ramkumar Maria Candelaria Roman Bryan Tyler Romito, M.D.* Marie L. Saul* Anandreet Kaur Sekhon, M.D. Vishnu H. Sharma Chandrika Shettigar Sandeep Singh, M.D. Joshua L. Snyder Aqsa Syed Bekir Tanriover, M.D.* Stefanie Taylor Robert Thompson Daniel Kristopher Robert Utech Jodi Wood Katherine Yoder Ali Zaidi*

Anne M. Abuga Linda June Acheson* Walker Nicholas Agathon Hiren Ashwin Babaria* Zaid Raoof Bajaria Christopher Andrew Balogh Zarah Barkatullah Kevin Barnes Feiyang Bi* Cody Austin Blanchard Catherine Maria Byrne Brittney Sun Cabell Louis Evan Carter Edward Efendi Chandra Keyi Chen Peifang Chen Qianqian Cheng Charles Christopher Craddock* Luana Rufino Da Silva Jay Dave Ian Austin DeLaney Ny Pham Do* Rachel Michelle Dooley Gavi Ellis Daniel David Fridman Xishun Fu Emily Grace Furlong Zoe Anastasia Reed Gilman Justin Givens Angel Mario Gonzalez Lori Ann Goodwin* Naixin Guo* Maleha Asma Hameed* Mingyang Han Yadong Huang Yao Huang* Blake William Huffman* Courtney Joyce Hyzer Md Akibul Islam* Shane Jacob* Eric Jensen* Shan Jin Yuqi Jin Douglas Chase Johnson Andrew Kaiser* Ji Kim* Angie Njeri Kirubi Heidi Nicole Klein Amber Christene Knapp* Yuting Kuang Madhav Prasad Kuikel*  56

Teresa Ann Labbe’ Unjoo Lee Kunpeng Li Xin Li Yunwen Li* Hao-Yu Lin Yuqin Lin Fuli Liu Hongzhi Liu Yunfei Lu Brinlee Janieson McBride David Michael Meeds Hao Men Wei Meng Wilfred Justin Muana Marchelle Parker Adriana Yvette Pillaca Naga Nikhil Pochiraju* Kathryn Elizabeth Poff Justin Karl Preibisius Siyu Qian Gabriela Ramirez Maxwell Edward Riemenschneider* Israel Rocha Jason Edward Rodda Todd Eric Rozsa Cindy Jallixa Sanchez Asif Sayeed* Yan Shen Destiny Smith* Gill Austin Snyder* Pengyu Sun Emily Wynne Swofford Chuanhui Tang* Qin Tang Xiaotian Tang Rongrong Tao Fei Teng Zhiyan Tian Ty Huey Tippawang* Kristi Ann Tran Magdalena Vallejo* Nan Wang* Wei-Hao Wang* Yimeng Wang* Zhicun Wang* Jonathan Willis Wen Xia Ying Xiong Yidan Xu Zhou Yan You Yang Shuang Zhang* Zhe Zhang

Liyue Zhao Chenzi Zheng Mingzhu Zheng

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ANALYTICS Aarya Aarya Sushmitha Abboju* Nikhil Guruprasad Acharya Prathyusha Alay* Sung Uk An Srinivasahanumantha Ramasarma Annaparthi Chinar Arora Pankit Arora Barunjit Banerjee Bharat Banjade Melisa Lucia Benavides Soham Waman Bhalerao* Ruchica Bhatia Karen Melissa Carvajal Hanuma Ramesh Chadalavada Zhen Chen* Revanth Sree Chintala Yu-Ting Chiu Vijay Venkanna Chetty Collooru* Sogoloba Mariam Coulibaly Geetika Dadheech Keerthi Danda* Suraj Rajeshwarbhai Dave* Ravi Dawar Anoop Kumar De John William Douglas DeOrian* Akshath Dhar Geyasruti Dheram Abhishek Dhingra Mallory Diamond* Edward Robert Doorley Niranjan Dumbala Victor Joseph Faner Ruoxiao Feng Chanchal Ganrai Anupama Garg Praval Godre Daniel M. Goldstein Yajaira Gonzalez Nidhi Gotgi* Vamsee Krishna Guduguntla* Rinda Sai Kiran Gunjala Manisha Gupta Ritish Gupta Antoinette Haag Michael Harms Viraj Hawaldar  57

Jie He Katrina Ann Hernandez Yuan Hong Huan Hao Huang Keerthana Immaneni Dinesh Varma Indukuri Saliil Jaggi* Rajat Jain Rahul Jakhmola Rahul Jampani Dan Jin* Apurva Abhijit Joshi Spandana Kadiyala Aparna Sathees Kamath* Siva Tejaswini Kandimalla Ravi Kant Po Fei Kao Parthasarathy Sundar Karthikeyan Achint Khanijo Deepanjit Singh Kohli Kaushik Konda Ashwin Reddy Kondapalli Weixu Kong Kail Krider Vijayalakshmi Krishnaswami* Yuting Kuang Anushree Milind Kulkarni Pradeep Kumar Kumaraswamy* Annah Han Lee Minke Li Shimin Li Timothy Justin Li Tzu An Lin Kaiyue Liu Minwen Liu Blake Edward Long Mengju Lu Ziling Lu Christopher Ma Venkata Satya Prakash Reddy Madhire Rakesh Dayalan Mallika Surajkumar Pavankumar Malpani Rauf Mardiyev Shawn Babu Mathew* Garima Mathur Shiva Teja Medichelmala* Ashish Mehra Xing Min Shashwat Mishra Robert Joseph Miske* Hadley Rose Mitchell Piyush Mittal Sonal Modi Niyanta Mulchandani

Aditya Murali* Naveen Murugesan Sindhu Nagaraj Dharani Nalabolu Omar Salman Naziruddin Lucas Goldschmid Newman* Kartikay Nigam Tolulope Olumayowa Oduwole Opeoluwa Abolude Ojomo Sonali Pandey Phanindra Panthagani Juyeon Park Yohanjohn Park Sayali Sagar Paseband Akshay Pathak Sumit Paul Chandra Megha Penchala Ashish Piya* Sri Harish Popuri* Pooja Prasad Sahanaa Ramkumar Hayden James Reid Ana Sofia Perez Rodriguez Kanak Kanti Roy Dhananjay Sahu Sakshi Ali Riahi Samani Rajan Ramesh Sanghavi* Dhairya Naresh Sangoi Hadi Sarieddine Arunjyoti Sarkar Roop Kishen Pershad Seth Rahul Sethi Dhyey Rajesh Shah Ashish Sharma Ayush Sharma Alok Sanjeev Sheth Yu-Ti Shih Gabriel H. Shoaib Shweta Siddha Nandini Singh Rachit Singh Sajal Singh Satyam Singh Apurva Sinha* Michael Douglas Sommerdorf Megharjun Mallela Srinivasa Priyanshu Srivastava Ramesh Raj Subedi* Pei Ching Sung Xiaofan Tan Yiju Tao Shreyas Dinesh Telkar Sruthi Theddu  58

Brett Alan Hatley* Zhiyi He Hunter R. Howell Kuan Chung Hu Handeng Hua Muhazdeen Landry Ibrahim Cheng Jing Shermin R. Kadiwala Kyuri Kim Seoin Kim* Taehoon Kim* Ange-Christelle Kouadio Hyekyung Lee Junlin Li Yucheng Li Yen Chia Lin Zhiyang Ling Shiling Liu Sicheng Liu Wenqing Ma Mili Deepak Madani Dustin Marks* Priya Matta Benjamin Hubbard McBride Joshua McCutcheon Joshua Morris Victor Angel Nava Nam Pham* Greg Raykhel Adriana Patricia Regalado Robert Alexander Reyes* Vedant Sekhri Sejal R. Sheth Pei Ching Sung Robert Jackson Tillman Shang Hsiu Tu Vineet Vig Zhaoyu Wang Zhensheng Wang Zihan Wang* Chen Xia* Jingxi Xu Jiayan Yang Shuqian Yang* Yuekang Yang* Alvinn-Emmanuel Etranny Yao Danqi Zhang Hang Zhang Manxuan Zhang Zikang Zheng* Zhengchong Zhi

Nanthagopal Thiruselvam Julian Torres Anmol Trehan Aarohi Tripathi* Laay Unmeshbhai Trivedi Bentley Johnson Varghese Brindha Devi Venkatachalam Sai Venkat Vishwanath* Lin Wang Meng Wang* Zhao Wang Cheng-Ying Wu Shengwei Wu Yuanyu Xiang Jingyi Xie Jiayi Xu Nandha Kishor Yeruva Yiming Yu Huishen Zhan Ruiqin Zhang Tian Zhang* Xiang Zhang Xinyi Zhang Yinda Zhang Jinglin Zhao Liyue Zhao

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ENERGY MANAGEMENT Nahel Afzal Darion E. Dodson Celeste Michelle Fleming* Soumya Jawahar Gujjar Cal Johnson Salma Khatun John Theriac

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE Adebimpe Safiat Oludayo Abiru Aaron J. Aitchison Nouf Alrashidi Savana Amundson* Ruben B. Bahena Artsiom Baradach* Andrew Charles Bardin Muhamet Berisha Ian Patrick Downer* Roy Dale Effinger* Matthew Furrow Brent Goertz Apoorva Gottimukkula Chenzi Guo John Christopher Hale  59


Kishan Ramesh Patel Cina Tavanaei Molly Ann Thomas Christine Sofia Westman Denton Michael Wood*

Ahmad Alabduljaleel* Yiqi Cai* Jialiang Chen* Xi Chen* Jingyu Fu* Sijie Gao* Panwen Kong* Kesong Li* Alexander Lincoln* Peijin Liu* Yuan Meng* Ayushi Narain* Miguel Reynoso* Xiaofu Rong* Aparna Sekaran* Klein Smith* Haojun Tang* Ye Tao* Tianyi Teng* Rui Wang* Lori Kay Watson* Hua Xin* Nan Zhang*


MASTER OF SCIENCE IN FINANCIAL ENGINEERING AND RISK MANAGEMENT Executive Programs Sasi Nakchatree Firas Obeid Norberto Jemil Rancharan Rajat Dwarpal Sudagade

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Courtenay Sheridan Bowers* Shreeja Chekuri Dustin Lee Dewald Thomas Matthew Ford* Sydnee Camille Griffin Jose Fernando Guzman Umakshi Hira Thu Anh Huynh Leakesia Jenkins Sehrish Khan Naga Navya Kondeti* Aisha Lee Jerry Jian Li Natasha Pallavi Murty* Silpa Nimmagadda

Arar Abohaija* Farah Agha Aisha Anwar* Rema Azab Jennifer Lee Brasher John Richard Brineman, M.D.* Lawrence Wei-Wei Chien, M.D.* Luis Antonio Concepcion, M.D. Thomas Anthony Cumbo Michael G. Earing, M.D. Angela Melinda Fisher* Karen Ann Jensen Kathryn Ann Johnson, M.D. Jessyca Kyomi King* Chelsea London Carol Beard Maxwell* Sadaf Mazhary Melody Chanda Men Carol Sumi Murakami* Timothy Edward Paterick Prasad Paturu Christopher Adam Probst* Nancy Lynn Pusser, M.D.* LoriJean Kinsey Reed, M.D. Jeffrey Lee Settle Samina Shehzad Amy Susan Walsh, D.P.M.* Heather Rene’ Williams

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT Nithyashree Alwarsamy Mansour Alzaidalsharif Faisal Usman Aziz Akhilandeshwari Bekkary* Rohan Saai Sudhanya Bhagi Akanksha Bhansali Sai Vijaya Chandrika Bodduru Phuong Ngan Bui* Pranusha Reddy Byreddy Ananya Debprasad Chakraborty Chia Yu Chang Chien Minjing Chen


Huijin Cheng Harshita Cherukuri Gift Onyeyechi Chima Daeun Choi Natasha Chou* Aarzoo Choudhary Qionglin Dai Uma Balram Dalwani* Pawan Prakash Dandekar Abenezer Daniel Madhuri Dasari Keya Dastoor Rajkumar Budhi Dhananjayan* Ankita Gajanan Dhanokar Xiaoyun Ding* Dhrumil Doshi* Kacper Drozdowski Tianzheng Du Sreeram Krishnan Ellath Farhin Faiz Jolaolu Deborah Fatokun Dawda Faye Robert Christopher Franson Kushal Gulab Gaikwad Aditya Garg* Neeraj Grover Sravanthi Guda Shreyans Gupta Hasmik Gyurjinyan Alborz Alami Harandi* Ashley Hause Chengyuan Huang* Linlin Huang Changqing Jiao Houzhen Jin Shan Jin Siddharth Joshi Romica Juneja Sri Santoshi Kanithi* Hemanshu Mahesh Kapadia Dhruv Kapania Anantha Shashidhar Karunakaram* Priyageet Kaur* Kundan Keshidi* Mohammad Khair Khedr, M.D. Anmol Khurana Sourabh Kumar Quang Xuan Lam Vinh Bao Le Kunpeng Li Xiang Li* Kaiwen Liang Ya-Chiang Liu Sonam Sanjay Mahajan

Monika Malik Kundan Malviya Kaustubh Mathkar* Nitish Mathur Krishna Sai Chaitanya Matta Janlerome McDonald* Angela Lynn McGuire Jill McLain Valerie Joachim Monteiro Veena F. Nerway* John Paul Ongko Zhuoran Ouyang Abhishek Pandey Somya Pandey Shruti Pandit Robin Pappachan* Sneha Shaileshkumar Parikh* Janak Santosh Patil Dhairya Dhanaji Pawar Sree Sai Laxmi Peketi Songyun Peng Pragadeesh Prakasam Praveena Pucha* Kapilesh Ramanathan Ramasamy Amruutha Chandrasekar Rao Siddhant Rath Jaffer Razvi Siri Chandana Reddy Reddy Reddy Sushma Sarikonda Shivangi Saxena* Swati Saxena Nishi Tushar Shah Prithvi Rajesh Shah Saima Maheen Shaik* Umair Salim Shaikh Dhruv Sharma Palakk Shrivastava Bisola Stella Sonde Anamika Soni Aniru Soni Pauleen Alexis Speegle Shaivya Swaraj Kevin Tang Sy Sri Pravallika Tammineedi Meggan Taylor* Miranda Michelle Turner* Melody Tochukwu Uche Chisom Vera Ughamadu Ashna Upadhyay* Karan Singh Vedi Kashish Vermani Junyue Wang Yuhan Wang* Tyana Warren*  61

Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem* Sarah Adella Schuermann Kimberly D. Sebastian* Neeti Upreti* Robert Joseph Wojehowski Jr.

Ming Wei Ke Xue* Zhao Yan You Yang Vaishnavi Yellutla* Tianyi Yu Yuanchun Zhan Hao Zhang Tuo Zhang Yi Zhang

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MANAGEMENT SCIENCE Yu-Ting Chang Lixuan Chen Xi Chen Vyomi Ritesh Chheda Sowmika Dakshinamoorthy Ying Deng Xishun Fu Samridhi Gupta Jun-Qun Huang Peng-Yu Huang Hao Jiang Sindhu Sundararaj Kala Soulmin Kim Akanksha Kishor Yue Li Yunwen Li* Fuli Liu Yuhan Liu Yunfei Lu Wei Meng Derek Genaro Munoz* Nima Niktabe Zijun Pan Gargi Pravin Parte Ateyeh Pedram Siyu Qian Laavanya Rajendran* Prathibha Ramakrishna Sarah Rachel Sampson* Madhu Selvaraj Nikki Sharma* Laura Spear Pengyu Sun Ruixue Sun Prakhar Surolia Rongrong Tao Zhiyan Tian Timothy Tip Lin Tsai Galuge Hansani Madhumekala Wijewardana Siying Wu Chun-Yu Yeh Chun Zhang Jiaqi Zhang Qi Zhang

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Chris Bagwell Maria Elizabeth Calderon-Aquino* James A. Ramsey

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES Ji Cao Sowmika Dakshinamoorthy William Kyle Donovan Carilee Antoinette Fore* Ana-Maria Frampton Mitisha Uday Girme Chao Liu

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Executive Programs Princeton E. Abaraoha* Cheree Comeaux Aspelin* Ashlie Lynne Bagley* Enrique Bravo Jr.* Terrance Lee Buzzard Jr.* Ivy Caldwell Nicole Carelock* Celeste Kaleen Davis* Sylvia Marie Herrera Ronald Ray Holloway Kimberly Hutchings Andrew Jonathan Kiesling Kimberly Wortham Macon* Elizabeth Ann McCormack Deepika Mellacheruvu* Hanna Miller* Bathabile K. S. Mthombeni Beth Anne Palinginis* Jennifer Horn Rogers Marina V. Savitsky*  62

Shuang Zhang* Zhe Zhang



Vaibhav Agrawal Tarik Bajramovic Vishal Bhushan Shiuan Bey Chen* Cheng-Chih Chou Shane Crawford* Zicong Dai Shanshan Deng Suyambu Anand Dharmalingam Nitesh Dubal* Kajal Mahendra Gaglani* Marcus Wallen Harpole Fei Hsuan Huang Hsiao Chi Huang Yi Ting Huang Devyani Jha* Pan Jiang Yuqiu Jiang Navroop Kaur Kimberly Starr Killen Edwin Kislyanov* April Ginger Lee Ying-Chin Lee Aixi Li Chengyou Liu Ritchie Liu Mei Yi Lok Xi Lu* Rong Luo Purvi Mehta Asutosh Mohanty Nooruzzoha Omer Honey Pardhi Saleel Patro Ambarish Vivek Pote Ronald Prado Kuldeep Rajpal Manojraj Ravindran Shravik Pramit Sethi* Khadijeh Shakouri Akshay Sharma Rabi Kant Singh Debao Sun Pooja Verma Maulik Piyush Vora Han Wang Hao Wang Minzhu Wang Yi-An Wen Nishank Yadav* Rui Zhao

Stephanie Richards*

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARKETING May Almawash Nicole Ashley James Roscoe Balch Yash Bansal Bianca Baymon* Alex Bosch Margaret Elizabeth Crum Timothy Phuoc Dang Kelsey R. Drake* Mary Faye Fields Mili Gupta Jeong Su Han Deena Hashem Amanda Michelle Hodges Jing Hu Tzu-Luen Huang Maria Shabbir Joozer* Palak Katyal Saarah Khan Zahra Khan Gretchen Ann Kirchner Ling-Chun Kung* Mia Minji Kwon Alexandra Nicole Lazo* Shao Hsuan Lin Li Liu Jesus A. Lopez Anne Nicole Miller* Aubrey Ellen Miller-Schmidt Io Paulo Elaco Montecillo* Melissa Morris Soham Eman Mukherjee Bo Ra Nam Erinn Lindberg Park* Huangrui Peng Joseph Ryan Ritz Alexandra Rivera Pereira Inga Monique Shivers* Chloe Louise Walker Krystal Hopkins Westfall Qiandong Yang Peng Zhang



Torobong Nsima Ikpatt Martin Lanzas Major Michael Lewis Lio Mathew* James Micah Newsom Jacob Steinberg* Michael Angel Vega

Susan Masters Salma Abdeen Shaikheldin

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT Executive Programs Godfred Kwadwo Ahuma* Alison Renee’ Baduel* Jinyu Chen Manuel Gerardo Diaz Corrada Aloukou Moise Djigbenou Paul Chukwuma Ekezie Georgette J. Hamad

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MANAGEMENT SCIENCE Anin D. Rupp Professors: Vikram Nanda Steven Xiao Dissertation: Essays on Public Finance and Social Media Based Corporate Disclosure


5%*11.1(0#674#.5%+'0%'5 #0&/#6*'/#6+%5 %#0&+&#6'5(14$#%*'.145&')4''5 BACHELOR OF ARTS IN BIOLOGY

Marco A. Maturano Michael Mogoi Nyabuto Ha Mai Chi Pham Paul Shim Thiel Adaniel Castro Talicuran Samuel Titus Ullmann Christopher M. Wickham

Manoj Abraham Manasvi Vinod Arya Ayushi Bisaria Jonathan Ian Flanigan Trevor J. Garrard Nancy Kim Hoang Esraa Mohamed Ibrahim* Samara Sue Lowe Rajiv Somaiah Moturu Nadia Ashley Najafi Kevin James Nguyen Minh-Phuong Thu Pham Niva Shrestha Bahram Soroushi Rana Khalied Taha Teresa Verenice Valencia


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOCHEMISTRY Nusaiba Alani Jarvis Terrel Canon Celestial Chul Woo Chung* Jesse Yoon Chung Chayton Tobias Creswell Stephanie Nicole Dunlap Ivan Eleazar Gonzales Kenneth Huang Zachary Denis Juan-Sing Yibo Liu* Ryan Merrill Meredith Alisse Niebes Mortberg* Sarah M. Ponce Mark Bergen Prestemon Ashley Abigail Rowe Ka Yeon Ryu* Yasmin Sanchez-Salgado Brandon Duc Truong Pedro Daniel Sanchez Viniegra

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN BIOLOGY AND CRIMINOLOGY Emma Gabriela Hurtado* Michelle Nguyen Palma

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN CHEMISTRY Trevor Michael-Roman Doyle Charles Keith Miller Long Duc Thanh Nguyen Alexa Katrin Nightingale Parsa Vali Shamloo




Zaynah Nasser Elquza Meghan Breanne Nolin* Alexander James Towler

Michelle Tanner Becerra


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACTUARIAL SCIENCE Ronald Lee Albright Larry Brett Bullington Jacob Makuyu Chweya Grant Cameron Hammerly Pei-Wen Huang 55 66

Ada Valrene Abaragu Dania Abdelkarim Alaraj Yousef Maher Alduwayyat* Nada Agyigiwe Ali Kareem Muhammad Alnachoukati Siddhant Uday Ankolekar Ibraheem M. Azhar

Ahlam Mohammed Bargicho Sadichhya Bhattarai Dominique Nicole Cook Rima Umesh Desai Arzu Barkatali Dhanani Shivani Shailesh Doshi Anna Lynn Edwards* Bacell Ihsan Elashyi Jacob Garrett Fitts Nishani Mindy Gowcaran Omar Haggaz Mohammad Hazama Sydni Kaelyn Holmes Benjamin Hong Viviana Isabel Casas Iberico Yacine B. Issioui Bemisal Itmer Jane Giyoung Jeong* Alexyss Johnson Laura Rachel Jones Sasha Kabartay Joseph Sungsoo Kang Salman Haider Kazmi Adam Lalami* Sean Steven Linebaugh Brianna Suzane Lipovetsky Krisha Luangpanh* Sarthak Mattagajasingh Kyle Wakeland Mercadante Christina Elizabeth Moolayil Jason Duy Nguyen Minh Trang Thi Nguyen* Nga Quynh Nguyen Veronica Thuy Tran Nguyen Pamela Kathleen Mendoza Nicolas Rebecca Marie Norman Eushuen Ong Jasmine Frias Perez Jessica Sarahi Arriaga Pina Amanda Michelle Rachal Ashia Janae Reynolds Chloe Sinead Riley* Alaa Abdelfattah Salama Amanda Nawaf Saleh* Lindsay Nicole Schultz Muneeba Shiekh Somesh Singh* Ashley Michelle Smith Philip Jin Son Tanner Scout Starrett Aasiya Syed Safiya Syed* Khanh Gia Ta Neil Eugene Tyler

Juan Ricardo Villanueva* Stephanie Phuong Vu Brennan Nelson Walker* Ashley Mariah Wall Virginia Tzu En Wang Nihitha Woona* Sahiti Yarakala* Alexandria Lee Yeh* Michelle Yehan Yoo


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMISTRY Hailee Elaine Adams Dennis A. Arce* Shahed Haghiri Rachel Leona Hill* Steven Joseph Kuhlo Madysen Jane Rasbury* Eric Allen Rice Joseph Hayden Schacherer Heejin Shin

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN GEOSCIENCES Jose Luis Aguiar* Zachary Hunter Clowdus* Kathryn Victoria Creecy* Delfina Sango Fiel Clayton Alexander Koop Brent Ryan Moeller Matthew Keith Peterson Alec Brennan Veasey Eric Nolan Walker Seth Michael Walker*



Joseph Thomas Bonnin Sofia Maria Conde Haley Ann Dorsey Samer Nabil Jaser Timothy In Kyun Kim Lara Danika Lelina Jarrett Rogers Mitchell Arjun K. Moola Nathaniel Joshua Murray William Trung Truc Nguyen

Ubaka Finnian Osamor Otto Vaughn Osterman William Cody Stanford* Italo Francisco Zevallos

Gabrielle Guerrero* Joel Nathaniel Miller Alfonso Rafael Reyes Arian Shariatmadari


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS Austen Christopher Adams Philemon Ghebrehiwet Thomas L. McColloch

Hamza Ahmad* Laura Maroto Esteve


Weitong Huang Yilun Liu Andrew Marietta* Chiamaka Tochukwu Oyekwe* Wendy Samantha Schwertner Erin Lynn Tittsworth

Huy Kenny Hoang*

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACTUARIAL SCIENCE Eman Mubarak M. Alsaidi Karen Ivonne Torres Bardales* David Fountain Deepika Kumaran Wanying Lan Kaitlyn Dee Pace Yingjing Yin

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MATHEMATICS Sabindra Singh Bal* Md Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury Casey Maikalani Crane Esau Alain Hervert Hernandez* Dhanushki Buddhika Hewawaduge Sergei Iudaev* Behshid Kasmaie



John Timothy Bowersox Lian Cao Xianli Jiang Arianna Elizabeth Smith Kevin Tran

Haleigh Gerold Isaac A. Groover Timothy Ma Asad Javed Mehmood Jordan Frazier Owen* Meghana Sudheer Urdhwareshe

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY Kelly Lee Cody* Ellen Margaret Johnston-Leamon* Geun Woo Kim Edmund Avery Miller

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS Anish Ninad Agashe* Melanie Bowler* Aaron Bukowski Shadhin Hussain Umar Javed Mohammad Murtaza Mahmud Sarah Sofia Malik Michael Patrick McGarry* Matthew Jordan Nelson* Nader Rady* Deeksha Sinha Shawhin Talebi Ashan Prabashwara Wettasinghe


MASTER OF SCIENCE IN GEOSCIENCES John Clayton Burner* Joseph Julius Ebrom David Paul Graham Greg Robert Greywall* Haoyu Hu  68

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN STATISTICS Brendan Joseph Caseria* Zhichao Feng Erik Hall Matthew H. Lynn Mahalakshmi Sundararajan Weihua Yang

&1%614#.&')4''4'%+2+'065 DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CHEMISTRY Kahawatte Gedara Gunawardhana Professor: Mihaela Stefan Dissertation: Synthesis and Characterization of THIENO[3,2-b]PYRROLE Based Organic Semiconductors for Organic Field Effect Transistors Seyedmahmoud Hosseini Professors: Walter Voit Ronald Smaldone Dissertation: Hydrolytically Stable Thiol-Ene Polymer Substrates for Neural Interface Devices Chamaal Karunaweera Professor: John Ferraris Dissertation: High-Performance Membrane Materials for Industrial Gas Separations Patricia Marina Martinez Martinez Professor: Anvar Zakhidov Dissertation: Functional Nanocomposites of Spinnable Carbon Nanotubes Synthesis, Processing and Applications Xuhui Ning Professor: Jie Zheng Dissertation: Renal Clearable Gold Nanoparticles with Different Surface Chemistries: Fundamentals and Applications Samitha Dilhani Panangala Professor: John Ferraris Dissertation: High Performance Electrode Materials from Carbon Nanofibers with Tunable Pore Architectures

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY Xianli Jiang Professor: Faruck Morcos Dissertation: Unraveling and Designing Biomolecular Interactions Using Direct Couplings From Global Probabilistic Models Afshan Fathima Nawas Professor: Nikki Delk Dissertation: Characterization of Hormone Receptor Positive Breast and Prostate Cancer Cell Response to Interleukin-1 Sagar Shashikant Sohoni Professor: Li Zhang Dissertation: Increased Heme Flux and Mitochondrial Respiration Enhance Tumorigenic Functions in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Cells  69

Sushmita Sudarshan Professor: Larry Reitzer Dissertation: Nutritional and Appendage Requirement for Surface Motility of Non-Pathogenic and Uropathogenic Escherichia Coli


Professor: David Lary Dissertation: Physical Studies of Airborne Pollen and Particulates Utilizing Machine Learning

Weijia Zhan Professor: Fabiano Rodrigues Dissertation: Radar Studies of Atypical Equatorial Spread F Events in the American Sector Xinyu Zhao Professor: Michael Kesden Dissertation: Binary Black-Hole Spin Precession: Dynamical Evolution and Gravitational-Wave Parameter Estimation

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN STATISTICS Cong Cao Professor: Frank Konietschke Dissertation: The Behrens-Fisher Problem in General Factorial Designs with Covariates Dongfang Zhang Professors: Min Chen Sy Han Chiou Dissertation: Weighted Least-Squares Semiparametric Accelerated Failure Time Model with Generalized Estimating Equation


%#0&+&#6'5(14&')4''5 9+6*.#6+0*10145 Students graduating with Latin Honors have enrolled and successfully completed a minimum of 45 undergraduate hours at UT Dallas. Each Latin Honors level requires a minimum grade point average (GPA) to be attained over all course work taken at UT Dallas.

Summa cum laude: The grade point average that represents the top 5 percent of all graduates in a particular school is considered the threshold for awarding summa cum laude honors.

Magna cum laude: The grade point average that represents the next 10 percent of all graduates in a particular school is considered the threshold for awarding magna cum laude honors.

Cum laude: The grade point average that represents the next 15 percent of all graduates in a particular school is considered the threshold for awarding cum laude honors.

%#0&+&#6'5(14&')4''59+6*.#6+0*10145 CUM LAUDE Berkly Marie Brown Julia McCall Bybee Arlene Campos* Jorge A. Carrillo* Kathryn Siong-In Cheng* Aleksandr Chichirev Isaac Kiel Citzman Edric Rey Condron Kelly Contreras Matthew Daniels Crisler* David W. Dalton Tushara S. Devarakonda Nitya Devireddy Emily Gayle DiMego Kayla N. Dinh Rachael Kathleen Drury Clisha M. DSouza Maria Anne Dunning Adam J. Eckhardt Bacell Ihsan Elashyi Macrina Maren Ellis Saida Khulood Elshantaf Joshua James Haas Emminger Brody Kelso Epstein Grey Marie Escude Carlos Francisco Esponda Karl Edward Essig Cassidy Exum

Nora Abdulrahman Naushaba N. Abedin Zachary Tyler Abney Anmol Agarwal Alexis Aguilar Maria Martha Aguilar Adolfo Aguirre Farina Ali* Robin Kuriakose Alunkal Sandy Ivet Argueta Isabel Ashcraft Zenah Ali Assi Farrah Ata Sean N. Atkinson Ibraheem M. Azhar Geet Babaria Amina Hafsa Baig Prem Balakrishnan Guadalupe Baltazar Andrew Angel Barba Kimberli Ann Barger Michael Christian Barre Daniel Barros* Tristan Patrick Baumert Madelyn Briona Baxter Armando Benavides Gabriel Esteban Betancourt Joseph Thomas Bonnin  72

Jordan Michael Farber Sauviz Fardad Fauziya T. Fareed Mariyam Farooqi Clayton Forrest Fitchett* Joseph P. Foster Troy Randall Frazier Savannah Chayne Fuller Abel Moraida Garcia* Christopher Robert Garza* Marija Georgieva Arhum Gillan Rebecca Evon Gottschalk Marissa L. Groenendaal Omar Haggaz Michael James Hanson Joshua Daniel Harry* Faisal Hasan Ana Pina Hernandez Eduardo Hernandez Keith Alexander Hernandez Hunter Herring Eric Arthur Hogan Robert Alexander Hudson Maham Sehar Hussain Christopher Trung Chanh Huynh Bemisal Itmer Shazil Ali Jafri Sanaa Khaled Jaroun Sarah Haroon Jhaveri Lucian Jiang-Wei Zain Kalwani Irina Krasteva Kavrakova Ayesha Muhammad Khan Nabeel Zar Khan Tehseen Nawal Khan Nour Margarete Khoury Daniel Junhuk Kim William Devon King Daniel Rasmi Kiv Brendan Lamar Kouns Brittney Leigh Lamb Diego Lara Paola Nicole Lasalle Alannis Marie Lawton Perry Lee* Lucas Lillie Qiaoling Lin Bailey McKenzie Long Ayah Lopez Cesar Lopez Saud Syed Madani Morgan Leigh Malson Margarita Konstantinovna Marsanova

Karime K. Martinez Uday Matta Bradley John McLaughlin Chase Matthew McManus Jason Dean McPeak Marcial Medina* Vraj Parag Mehta Levi Thomas Mrozinski Nadia Ashley Najafi Firdousi Nasreen Minali Gautami Nemani* Enoch Wesley Ng Gabrielle Thuy Van Ngo Jasmine Anh Truc Nguyen Loc Duc Nguyen Phu N. Nguyen* Thong Tuan Nguyen Philip Andreas Nilsson Yuna Oh Daniel Patrick O’Neill Eushuen Ong Vanessa Ortiz Ubaka Finnian Osamor Melquiades Alexander Parra Francis Panzhang Patience Nandini Persad Bryan Thanh Pham* Kiet Phan Haya Noor Polani Tanner Dalton Poltl Sanjay Poudel Rania Abdelhamid Qashmar Nima Yadegari Rahatabad Rahil* Jeremiah Arcilla Ramilo Ashley Renee Rascoe Parveen Zehra Ravjani Alyssa J. Rico Ali Taha Rizvi* Heather Lynn Rodriguez Rachael Kathryne Romero Abubakr Said Priscilla Rachel Samuel Melony-Jane Tryphosa Saripalli John August Scalley Nicole Rose Schifferdecker Trevor Davis Schmied Lindsay Nicole Schultz Nickole May Selensky Armin Seyedahmadi Edward Shan Numrah Shekha* Fortythree Washington Shiaohongtu Heejin Shin  73

Eastian Dongmin Shon Aanchal Shrestha Niva Shrestha Gabriel Owen Dale Siazon Shayla Renee Skinner* Stephanie Lynn Slayton Rahul Prakash Sonwalkar Bahram Soroushi Mehrnoush Sotoudeh Nicole Anne Steiner* Andrew Eric Stoeckel* Zachary Tavallaee Jeremy Brandon Tellef Teena Mariam Thomas Tanuj Tiwari Clara Do Tran* Yuriko Oba Tran Kevin Si Truong Faba Jolly Varghese William Vela Aishwarya Vemula

Luis Joshua Vielma Stephanie Phuong Vu Catherine D’Laine Waldman Ian Christopher Walker Alec Thomas-Donald Ward Eric Christopher Ward Kayla Teale Weaver Justin Lamont Webber Brendon Richard Weng Makenna Noelle White Alexandra Barnes Whitfield Christopher Michael Wilkins Terralyn N. Williams Courtney Nicole Wood Tao Xu Edward Inserni Yang Jr. Alex Yu Bining Yu Faizah Binte Yusuf Naba Hana Zar William Kyle Ziegler

MAGNA CUM LAUDE Iman Ayman Abdelgawad Fatima Ahmed Sairavish Akkineni Anyssa Akridge Christopher Michael Andrews Ishaan Arya Kimberly Nicole Awa Ani Bagramyan Haley Nicole Bains* Leon Alexander Becker Kayla Leann Bender Alex Bottinelli* Larry Brett Bullington Lendon Douglas Burnett Diego Sebastian Chacon John Michael Chesser* Tiffany Leslie Cho Nathan Kodjo Mintah Churcher James M. Crawford Christina Cruz Sophia Curiel Jessica Dana Ryan Joshua Decuir Francisco Delgado* Vijit Dhingra Khanh Lenh Do Abigail Frances Katherine Drake Justin G. Dula Hannah Rae Early Laura Maroto Esteve

Reece Bailey Fish Daniel Leonard Frick Lakyn Paige Frost Wen Fu Naman Kumar Gangwani Diana Ivonne Garcia Isaac Jadon Geer Urvi Nirmal Gianchandani Paulina Gil Jared Valentino Gonzales John Caleb Grant Debrah Nicole Graver* Chancellor Ryan Griffin Abdelmounaim Hafid Larissa Almeida Oliveira Hagge Jacob Alan Ham Sidney Clovis Harris Aisha Hasan* Fabliha Hassan Jessie Lai Hoang Minh Chi Nguyen Hoang* Alyssa Dee Hopson Zeeshan Hussain* Mercedes Annice Johnson Arman Kafai Jagannath Kandadai Salman Haider Kazmi Madeleine Rochelle Keith Niha A. Khan Victoria Andreevna Koshevarova  74

Sanya Amin Lakhani David Mitchell Land* Spencer Tate Lange* Joshua Anthony Laube Matthew Minh-Duc Le Szuan Liao Kelly Lin Stephanie Marie Lopez Carl Paul Madison Sara Kay Madron* Joshua Ryan Magee Paige Nicole Maginley* Sonya Ayub Maharaj Christina Hong Thao Mai Clay Houston McCoy Chloe Ann McFarland Konnor Lee Millerson Edgar Miranda Rajiv Somaiah Moturu Blake Edward Moya Emily Ann Mullings Gonzalo Raul Munoz-Zivkovic Micah Philip Murdoch Adam Nabil Nabhan* Adib Sobhanian Najafabadi Ava Nazeri Minh Ngo* Lilli Anya Niester Yan Pang Kelly Shannondale Parker Swikriti Paudyal* Victoria Evelyn Pena* Minh Quang Phan Priyanka Potturi Zaid Syed Quadri Martin Thomas Quish Carly Sabrina Raskin Tyler Don Rawlinson Omar Rehman Robert Bryant Renfrow

Emily Marie Risinger Christopher Luis Robles Mariela Nava Rodriguez Brian David Russell Meera Rose Salamah Arnella Salimova Marco Antonio Salinas Joshua Cole Samford* Caleb Allan Santer Emily Joyce Scarlett Bianca Cecilia Schneider Jonathan Robert Schueler Qin Shao Pooja Sharma Bassam M. Smadi Anthony Arjang Solhjoo Maria Jose Sosa Justin Steadman* William Preston Stephens Safiya Syed* Christopher J. Tamez Alisha Rahul Tapiawala Matthew William Tice Claudya Marissa Torres Vy Ha Tran Kelsey Michelle TreviĂąo Mallory Roxanne Trevino Sarah Marie Tyson Adam Eduardo Uribe Jennifer Ann Utley Nadine Van Zyl Jonathan Emmanuel Ventura Daniel Jay Weiler* Zoe Kostrivas Williams* Alina Fae Wong Huan Yang Eugenie S. Yonkos Fayna Lu Zeng Ahad Hassan Zuberi*

SUMMA CUM LAUDE Nahian Afsari Samah Al-Sayed Ahmad Leena Osman Ali* Tal Allouche Mays Alshaikhsalama Asim Anis Donna Nabil Aziz Damanjit Singh Bal Kathryn Drew Bartley Kevin Jacob Beaver Pratik Bhusal

Matthew Bradley Bierman Samantha Lauren Boiser Sofia Maria Conde Clara Louise Cruz Timothy Edward Culbertson Soundarya Lakshmi Daliparthy* Haytam Tim Dehmane Andrew Warren Diakun Chad James Discher Chloe Diane Dockter Celina Rose Doro  75

Sabrena Ahmad El-Haj* Sabrina Laura Encarnacion Thomas J. Friend Pamela Danielle B. Gutierrez Nathan Newman Hattox Jennifer Grace Huebner Yacine B. Issioui Mohammad Javad Jahanziri Sohyun Jo* David Conrad Kaufman Ahmed Areeb Khan Julia Frances Knodell* Fatima Saleh Lalani Marie Linsing Liang Yew Meng James Loy Brian Dennis Malouf Manan Manan Solomon George Mathew John Duncan McGillewie Dylan James McNutt Samuel Abram Miramontes Nikhil Venugopal Nair Keaton Shyenne Nations Adrian Tien Nguyen Otto Vaughn Osterman Ami H. Patel Brittani Kathleen Peters

Matthew Knox Pfefferle Nandita Ramkumar Sukanya Rammohan Alyssa Faith Rieder Abigail Lee Roberts Steffi Sam Nathan James Schneider Jordan Joseph Sham Caroline Alexis Shecterle Arshah Sheikh Alyssa Noel Shrode Jack Gibson Sollows* Julio Ceasar Soto Raman Kumar Srivastava Danielle Inez Sullivan Khanh Gia Ta Morgan Tavallaee Cynthia A. Thompson* Veronika Vladimirovna Vakser Austin Thomas Vetterick Jennifer Mae Ward Adi Weissfield Reese Wayne Williamson Masahiro Yoshida Temesgen Habtegiorgis Zerom Yingda Zhao


%#0&+&#6'5(14&')4''5 9+6*/#,14*10145 To earn Major Honors in their disciplines, students must meet criteria set by the faculty within their school. Each program provides two levels of recognition: Honors and Distinction. Student must have completed a minimum amount of coursework at UT Dallas to be recognized with Major Honors.

%#0&+&#6'5(14&')4''59+6*/#,14*10145 Marco Antonio Salinas Priscilla Rachel Samuel John August Scalley Jonathan Robert Schueler Anthony Arjang Solhjoo Jack Gibson Sollows* Julio Ceasar Soto Andrew Eric Stoeckel* Danielle Inez Sullivan Kelsey Michelle TreviĂąo Veronika Vladimirovna Vakser Luis Joshua Vielma Justin Lamont Webber Alexandra Barnes Whitfield Edward Inserni Yang Jr. Faizah Binte Yusuf Italo Francisco Zevallos

Kimberly Nicole Awa Michael Christian Barre Justin Riley Clark Timothy Edward Culbertson William Donovan DeLaughter Rachael Kathleen Drury Brody Kelso Epstein Paulina Gil John Caleb Grant Sanya Amin Lakhani Kelly Lin Ryan Alexander Lira* Margarita Konstantinovna Marsanova Clay Houston McCoy Alejandro Javier Mestanza Otto Vaughn Osterman Ashley Renee Rascoe


%1..')+7/8*10145 A student graduating with the distinction of Collegium V Honors has completed at least 24 hours of honors level coursework at UT Dallas, has presented a senior capstone project and has graduated with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Kathryn Drew Bartley Clisha M. D’Souza Daniel Leonard Frick Viktoriya Andreevna Koshevarova Manan Manan Clay Houston McCoy Blake Edward Moya Jasmine Anh Truc Nguyen Otto Vaughn Osterman

Carly Sabrina Raskin Meera Rose Salamah John August Scalley Jonathan Robert Schueler Niva Shrestha Tanuj Tiwari Stephanie Phuong Vu Italo Francisco Zevallos


%1//'0%'/'065;/$1.5 Academic symbols date to the Middle Ages and include the mace, chain of office, academic regalia and gonfalons.

6*'%'4'/10+#./#%' The mace is a ceremonial staff of authority that administrators and faculty at universities worldwide carry at the head of academic processions. Traditionally made of wood and clad with metal, the mace was originally a weapon of war used to knock an enemy from his horse or crush his armor. The mace evolved into a symbol of peaceful leadership and kings encrusted them with jewels and precious metals. The UT Dallas mace was handcrafted from wood from the 600-year-old Treaty Oak tree in Austin, which is said to have shaded Stephen F. Austin as he signed the first boundary agreement between American Indians and settlers in 1824. The tree was also said to be the last of a grove of live oaks where Native Americans once held feasts and religious ceremonies. The 4-foot, 10-pound mace includes a sterling silver University seal surrounding a wafer embedded with Texas Instruments microchips, which represent the company’s role in the founding of the University. A steel band in the headpiece and the metal foot of the staff are fashioned from a scientific instrument designed by the UT Dallas Space Sciences Institute and flown aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor in September 1995. The mace stands in the president’s office when not in use.

%*#+01(1((+%' The UT Dallas chain of office is the traditional symbol used to signify the responsibilities and authority of the University president. The links of the chain are engraved with the names of the presidents of the University above a large medallion in the form of the University seal. The seal of The University of Texas at Dallas has as its central feature a shield that is divided into two fields, the upper and the lower. In the lower field are the historic wreath — the right half of which is an olive branch, the left half a live oak branch — and the star of the Great Seal of the State of Texas. In the upper field is an open book, a fitting symbol for an institution of learning. The shield rests in a circle and contains the motto “Disciplina Praesidium Civitatis.” The motto is the late Dr. Edwin W. Fay’s terse Latin rendering of the famous quotation from Mirabeau B. Lamar: “Cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy.” Around the disk is a larger one, bearing the words “The University of Texas at Dallas.”

79 80  78

#%#&'/+%4')#.+# Students in the medieval universities of Paris, Bologna, Oxford and Cambridge organized into guilds and gradually their costumes of flowing robes became distinctive for Bachelors (apprentices) of Arts, masters (teachers) and doctors (teachers who had completed postgraduate studies). The academic hood worn by today’s master’s and doctoral students derives from the medieval cloak worn over the gown. The color on the outside trim of the hood indicates the degree earned; the colors on the hood lining area those of the university granting the degree. The academic cap was a later development, first conferred as a symbol of the master’s degree. Some caps were stiff, some soft; some were square, some found with a tuft. The tassel of today is an elaboration of the tuft. Round caps are still used by some institutions. The square mortar board style originated at Oxford. In the United States, the Intercollegiate Code has taken the Oxford costume and standardized academic regalia. The master’s gown has long, pointed sleeves; the doctoral gown has closed sleeves with three bars of velvet on each and velvet facing. Six colors of tassels are worn by UT Dallas graduates. The white tassel is worn by those receiving the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts; the golden tassel is worn by those receiving the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science; the drab tassel is worn by those receiving the Master of Business Administration; the peacock blue tassel is worn by those receiving the Master of Public Affairs; the brown tassel is worn by those receiving the Master of Fine Arts; and the gold tassel is reserved for Doctors and Presidents.

)10(#.105 The gonfalons — or college banners — add a wonderful element of color and pageantry to The University of Texas at Dallas commencement and convocation ceremonies. The gonfalon is a long banner that is suspended from a crossbar. The name derives from medieval Italy, where “gonfalone� was the name given to a community meeting in Florence. Each neighborhood had its own flag and coat of arms and the word gonfalon eventually came to be associated with the flag. All gonfalons have in common several elements that symbolize the unified mission of the University. Among these common elements are the school colors, green and orange. The color orange represents The University of Texas System and is derived from the burnt orange UT Austin, the first UT school. In the world of academia, the orange color symbolizes engineering. UT Dallas’ green color stems from the green olive and oak branches that are represented in the UT Dallas seal. Olive branches symbolize peace, and oak branches symbolize strength and endurance.

80 81  79


Music by Robert Xavier Rodriguez Words by Bill Dunn and Neely Reynolds

76&#..#514#0)'#0&)4''0 (170&'458+5+10#4;&4'#/ 61+0(.#/'6*'5%*1.#45*'#46 .+)*6+0)2#6*9#;56*417)*6*'&#44'#%*+0)176(41/'#46*6152#%' 5'48+0)#..6*'*7/#04#%' ,1+0'&#510'+070+6; #./#/#6'476&

81 82  80

9'.%1/'616*'76&#..#5 #.7/0+%1//70+6; Congratulations on this momentous occasion! Your graduation from The University of Texas at Dallas is a celebration of years of hard work and incredible achievement. Let me be the first to welcome you to our alumni community of more than 113,000 worldwide. As you prepare to take on the exciting new opportunities open to you as a graduate of this great institution, all of us at the University look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in the future. We hope that you will remain connected to UT Dallas and invite you to officially become a member of the UT Dallas Alumni Association. As an Alumni Association member, you can keep up-to-date with your fellow Comets through our online alumni directory and continue to enjoy use of the UT Dallas Career Center, Activity Center and Eugene McDermott Library. Members also receive special perks and discounts at the UTD Bookstore, Tech Store and local businesses, among other benefits. Visit alumni.utdallas.edu to learn more and stay “joined as one” with your fellow Comets. I wish you the best of luck as you begin this next chapter in your lives.

Kyle D. Edgington PhD’13 Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

82 83  81

FLASH Photography will be photographing each graduate. Proofs will be mailed and emailed to every graduate within a few days of the ceremony. If you have not received proofs within two weeks, please contact FLASH directly at www.FLASHphotography.com

To order a digital download of your commencement ceremony, please visit www.utdtechstore.com

Post your memories and photos with #utdgrad on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. See the Class of Fall 2019 collection on Tagboard at utd.edu/t/129 Stay connected to UT Dallas. Make sure to include UT Dallas in your LinkedIn profile to stay connected to your alma mater and to your fellow alumni. Please visit alumni.utdallas.edu In honor of your graduation and our 50th anniversary, give your first alumni gift of $50 and receive a Legacy Lane brick to leave your mark on campus forever. All gifts can be designated to support what you love at UT Dallas. Please visit giving.utdallas.edu/legacylane Following the ceremony, please join us at Memories on the Mall for light refreshments, photo opportunities and a special gift for graduates. Don’t miss the festivities! utdallas.edu/graduation 83  84 82

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Commencement December - 2019 - The University of Texas at Dallas  

The official program of The University of Texas at Dallas fall 2019 graduation ceremony.

Commencement December - 2019 - The University of Texas at Dallas  

The official program of The University of Texas at Dallas fall 2019 graduation ceremony.

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