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Volume 2

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Fall 2011



It is hard to believe that this Dental Research Newsletter is one year old – the past year has gone by so quickly, yet so much has happened within that short time!

Despite the laundry list of changes in the College of Dentistry as a whole, I would like to focus on the changes that have occurred just within dental research. Most notably, the Bioscience Research Center is nearly completed, creating an additional 1600 square feet of usable laboratory space in the dental building. This center will serve as the remineralization/demineralization core, also specializing in biofilm virulence analysis, metabolomics, and dental erosion research. The space will be available for use by November.

Renovation of additional research space is also started with the Clinical Research Center. What used to be the Graduate Periodontology Clinic is being changed into a new clinical research space. This center is the first of its kind in the College of Dentistry and will be a key tool in securing industrysponsored clinical trials in Memphis.

Franklin Garcia-Godoy, D.D.S., M.S.

Outside of the tangible changes, as is discussed in detail later in this issue, updates have been made to the guidelines for the Alumni Endowment Grants. Pre- and post-award expectations and procedures are more clearly defined, supporting a streamlined grant process. Also, the guidelines for the Student Summer Research Fellowship have been updated to reflect the logistical changes that have occurred around the program.

In addition, as was highlighted in the last issue of Dental Research, there has been an increase in research activity in the College as well as a shift in demographics of those engaged in research. The number of grants submitted and awarded has increased; the amount of funding received nearly doubled; and, the number of publications and presentations has grown over the last year. Also, whereas the number of faculty engaged in research hasn’t seen a notable increase, the “demographics” of those faculty members has changed, with at least one faculty member from each department participating on a funded research project, as well as many new faculty starting research projects. It is always exciting to witness positive change within only a year of time. As our efforts to promote our dental research capabilities and collaborate across health science fields continue, we should see changes over the next year as well. So seize the opportunity to move with the changes and take advantage of them; become involved in research this year. And, there are still three months left to accomplish the research goals that you might have set up for yourself back in January.

Dental Research edited by: Laurie Johnson, M.A.

Inside this Issue





Updates to the Alumni Endowment Grant guidelines





New Assistant Dean of Financial Affairs | Construction Update Student Summer Researchers







Research is an important part of the academic experience at the UT College of Dentistry.

Tiffany Stuart (D-3, left) and Shawna Clark (D-4, above) were participants in the Student Summer Research Fellowship (see page 7 for more information).


Research Faculty and Staff SENIOR EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE DEAN for RESEARCH Franklin Garcia-Godoy, D.D.S., M.S.

Chair, Department of Bioscience Research Director, Bioscience Research Center Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Memphis Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Florida International University Senior Clinical Investigator, The Forsyth Institute, Boston, Massachusetts Adjunct Professor, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology, University of Munich

FACULTY Jegdish Babu, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor Melody Barron, D.D.S. Assistant Professor Director, TMD/Sleep Disorder Clinic Mustafa Dabbous, M.S., Ph.D. Professor Edward Harris, Ph.D. Professor Chris Ivanoff, D.D.S. Assistant Professor Drs. Tipton, Babu, and Garcia-Godoy with Student Researcher, Britney Taylor, at the AADR Meeting 2011

Christopher Nosrat, D.D.S., Ph.D. Professor Mark Scarbecz, Ph.D. Professor Director of Planning and Assessment

STAFF Brandy Clark, CDA, R.D.A Clinical Dental Assistant Kimberly DeMonaco, R.D.H. Clinical Research Associate Margaret Jefferson Sr. Research Assistant Laurel Johnson, B.A., M.A. Grants & Clinical Research Manager Geraldine Moore Lab Assistant Iva Pendleton Admin Service Assistant

Edwin Thomas, M.S., Ph.D. Professor

Michelle Sims, B.S. Research Coordinator

David Tipton, D.D.S., Ph.D. Professor

Nancy Turner Administrative Aide

Antheunis Versluis, Ph.D. Professor Director of Biomaterials

Linda Vincent TMD/Sleep Disorder Clinic Coordinator Yanhui Zhang, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Research Associate

Faculty interact with student presenters at Student Research Day 2011 3

Dental Research News


At the Dental Alumni Summer Board Meeting, the Dean’s Alumni Executive Committee approved a request to update the Alumni Endowment Grant guidelines. This request was made in an effort to simplify and clarify the current guidelines (v.2009). However, the purpose and basic structure of all the grants will remain the same as those established in the Memorandum of Agreement and the subsequent addendums. The following list highlights the key updates that will take effect this fall.

(1) ELIMINATION OF THE DENTAL SCIENTIST AWARD. The Dental Scientist Award was originally established as a grant to assist in recruiting established research faculty by providing seed money for lab start-up, etc. However, additional funding would be required to support such an award – funding which is currently not available through the Endowment. In addition, no clear guidelines were provided for the grant, so the application process was vague. Both of these factors are thought to be deterrents to apply for this grant, as no proposal has ever been received for it. The Dental Scientist Award may be reestablished in the future, but at this time, it does not serve the interest of the College of Dentistry to keep the grant open.

(2) CLARIFICATION OF THE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT GRANT PROCESS. Due to recent confusion regarding the submission and review process for Professional Development and Academic Enrichment grants, the Dean made the decision to more clearly explain this process. As is stated in the current guidelines (v.2009), proposals that are ≤ $2500 may be submitted year-round to the Committee of Faculty. Proposals that are > $2500 are accepted biannually on the last Friday of April and October. The Committee of Faculty traditionally only awards a total of $10,000/year, but depending on the surplus from previous years and the number of $2500 grants awarded, the Committee may have the ability to fund larger proposals. For a better chance at receiving funding, applicants are strongly encouraged to adhere to the $2500 limit per proposal.

(3) DETAILED FORMAT FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT GRANTS. The format for Professional Development Academic Enrichment grants has also been described in more detail, similar to what is provided for the research grants. Page limitations and explanations are given for each section, with the main components of the proposals remaining the same.

(4) CLARIFICATION OF ELIGIBILITY FOR CLINICAL RESEARCH GRANTS. Per the Memorandum of Agreement, the Category I Research Grant was originally created for faculty, with an emphasis on participation by junior faculty and a limit of $15,000 plus allowable travel and publication costs. Whereas students can participate as co-investigators on a Category I Research Grant, students are not eligible to be the principal investigator. The Clinical Research Fellowship was intended to be the equivalent of the Category I Research Grant, but only post-doctoral students and residents would be eligible to apply, therefore, providing separate competitive pools for faculty and students. In addition, the Category II Research Grant was later developed, with a $2500 limit, to provide faculty and postdoctoral students/residents, none of which have prior research experience, with a less competitive opportunity to begin working in research. (5) SIMPLIFICATION OF THE RESEARCH GRANT REVIEW PROCESS. The process for review of the research grants has been simplified to three steps instead of four. The Executive Committee and the Dean believe that there were too many steps and much overlap in the review of the research grants. Similar to the current guidelines (v.2009), all research proposals will be submitted to the Ad Hoc Research Review Committee, which will make recommendations to the Dean. The Dean will review the recommendations, and, based upon his assessment of the proposals and the amount of available funding, he 4

will make recommendations to the Dean’s Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will have the final vote on whether a proposal gets funded. Review by the Dean’s Advisory Committee has been eliminated.

(6) STANDARDIZED FORMAT FOR NO-COST EXTENSIONS. Whereas No-Cost Extensions (NCEs) have always been available to grantees, the format and guidelines were unclear and subjective. In the updated version of the endowment guidelines, a standardized format is given as well as two strict rules for NCEs. The first rule states that a no-cost extension will have a maximum duration of six months. All work on the project must be completed within that six month extension. The second rule prohibits any investigator on an Alumni Endowment grant from participating on a new Alumni Endowment grant if he or she has not completed a project within deadline for a no-cost extension. This prohibition will last for two years from the deadline of the no-cost extension. Creating these strict rules will ensure that endowment funds are used wisely and projects are completed in a timely manner.

(7) FORMAT FOR FINAL REPORTS. Final reports have also been required in previous versions of the guidelines, but submission was not enforced and the format was subjective. Starting with all grants that are expiring in FY2012 forward, investigators will be required to submit a final report that follows the format provided in the new version of the guidelines. The final report must be submitted to the Chairman of the Committee that awarded the grant. Final reports must be submitted within two months of completing the grant.

(8) SIX-MONTH FOLLOW-UP REPORT (RESEARCH GRANTS ONLY). A six-month follow-up report has been added to the research grant expectations to track investigator progress toward accomplishing the outcome measures stated in the original grant. Six months after completion of the grant, the principal investigator on the grant must submit a one-page report showing progress toward publication and efforts to seek external research funding. This report should be submitted to the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Research Review Committee.

As previously stated, the purpose and structure of all the grants remains the same as the previous grant guidelines. However, the Alumni approved the changes and clarification listed above to help simplify the application process. All previous grantees will be grandfathered into the old system, with the exception of the final and six-month follow-up reports. All new grants submitted in the October 2011 cycle forward will be expected to follow these new guidelines.

For any questions or consultations, please contact Laurie Johnson, Grants Manager, at, or Dr. Franklin GarciaGodoy, Senior Executive Associate Dean for Research, at


ALUMNI ENDOWMENT GRANT DEADLINE – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28TH This is a reminder that the fall deadline for the Alumni Endowment Grants is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28TH. The spring 2012 deadline is FRIDAY, APRIL 27TH. •

Professional Development | Academic Enrichment Grants should be submitted to

the President of the Committee of Faculty (Dr. Swati Ahuja – •

Clinical Research Grants should be submitted to the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Research Review Committee (Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy –

All grants must be received BY 5:00 PM CST ON THE 28TH. 5

College of Dentistry News

COLLEGE of DENTISTRY WELCOMES NEW ASSISTANT DEAN for FINANCIAL AFFAIRS In September, the College of Dentistry hired Dan Brown, C.P.A., J.D. as its new Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs. Mr. Brown comes to the College from the University of Memphis Law School, where he served in a similar position for the last seven years. Mr. Brown is also a practicing attorney and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the Memphis area. Most notably, Mr. Brown is also a judge for the City of Barlett. Mr. Brown will assume the position previously held by Gary “Rusty” Tolley, and will manage all financial affairs for the College as well as help Dr. Redmond develop the College’s practice management program for the students.

UPDATE – CONSTRUCTION in the DENTAL BUILDING Construction is moving along quickly as workers have nearly completed the Graduate Prosthodontics and Periodontology clinics, the Bioscience Research Center, and the Administration Offices. On the South end of the 5th floor, the old dental units have been replaced by modern chairs and technologies, similar to those in the renovated clinics on the 4th floor. The 5th floor clinics are not only more functional, but also esthically pleasing.

As mentioned on the first page of this issue, the Bioscience Research Center is almost renovated, creating an on-site laboratory space in the dental building. It has been a long process, but there will now be additional 1600 square feet of research space available to dental faculty later this fall.

In addition, the administrative offices have undergone a complete change. The suite is much more welcoming and its modern look provides a more positive impression of the College. Administrative staff have already begun moving into the new area, and all should be moved in by the end of October.

However, the construction project is not over yet. The team has moved down to the 3rd floor to begin renovating what was formerly the Graduate Periodontology Clinic as the new Clinical Research Center. In addition, the University Dental Practice will be updated, as will the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics.

RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS at FACULTY MEETINGS Starting in 2012, research presentations will be integrated into the monthly faculty meeting agendas. This addition to the meetings will be used as a way for dental faculty to communicate with one another about their research interests and current projects on which they are working. Each presentation will last approximately 10-15 minutes and will summarize the individual’s current or most recent research project. It is the hope that by incorporating these monthly presentations, there will be increased collaboration between faculty members and that it will entice faculty who are not currently involved in research to become involved. A schedule of presentors will be sent out to all research faculty by the holidays.


Research Spotlight


Every year, the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry hosts a competitive fellowship program for pre-doctoral students to participate in a summer research project. The fellowship, which is funded through support from the UT Dental Alumni Endowment and the Tennessee Dental Association Foundation, has traditionally accepted ten students based upon their academic standing and the scientific merit of their research proposals. The fellowship provides a modest stipend for one and half to two months of work with a faculty research mentor. Over the past few summers, the fellowship program has grown in popularity and funding. This summer, the fellowship was able to support eighteen student researchers, who completed projects during the course of May to July. The following is a list of the students, project titles, and faculty mentors: Robert Blake Bowman (D-2) Sueellen Cho (D-2)

Shawna Clark (D-4) Nathaniel Denson (D-4) Josh Evansky (D-3)

Alexander Garcia-Godoy (D-3) Latasha M. Garrett (D-2) Mariam Habib (D-2)

Amanda D. Hindsman (D-2) Ashley Jones (D-2)

Drew Mallard (D-2)

Laurel A. Meriwether (D-2) Miles Moore (D-4)

Megan Moshea (D-2) Amir J. Shahla (D-2)

Alteration of fibroblast cell function by HEMA Effects of cranberry components on IL-17 stimulation of IL-6 and IL-8 production by human gingival fibroblasts and epithelial cells Variations in colors of shade guides and composites during different environmental conditions Baseline accuracy of CAD/CAM generated sterolithographic surgical guides for dental implant placement Integration of CEREC technology in pedodontic restorations Evaluation of dentin mineralization defects in the Hyp mouse model of Xlinked hypophosphatemia (XLH) / Rickets Influence of application time on enamel fluoride uptake from acidulated phosphate fluoride gel and foam Dental erosion and risk factors among children Coating glass-ionomer restorations: Can it reduce water absorption in dental restorations?

Activity of epithelial cell peptide HBD-3 against pathogenic oral anaerobes Evaluation of mitochondrial damage by TEDGMA Shrinkage stress compensation in composite-restored teeth: Relaxation or hygroscopic expansion? The effect of denture cleansers on surface hardness of denture base acrylic resins Tumor biomarker protein PAI expression in cultured normal and tumor cells Nanoindentation mapping of human 1st and 2nd maxillary premolar enamel 7

Dr. Jegdish Babu Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy Dr. David Tipton Dr. Waletha Wasson Dr. Darton Taylor Dr. Laura Darnell Dr. Drew Johnson Dr. Laura Darnell

Dr. James Simon Dr. Laura Darnell Dr. Anastasios Karydis Dr. Aline C. Martin Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy Dr. Darryl Quarles Dr. Daranee Versluis Dr. Antheunis Versluis Dr. Ashanti Braxton Dr. Liang Hong Dr. Timothy Hottel Dr. Robert Hatch Dr. Bernard Blen Dr. Daranee Versluis Dr. Antheunis Versluis Dr. Edwin Thomas Dr. Jegdish Babu Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy Dr. Daranee Versluis Dr. Antheunis Versluis Dr. Sarah Gibbs Dr. Laura Darnell Dr. Mustafa Dabbous Dr. Edwin Thomas Dr. Laura Darnell

Peter J. Stanley (D-2)

Investigation of treatments to improve hardness recovery of enamel softened by acid reflux Effects of propolis-based antimicrobial on oral bacteria

Tiffany Stuart (D-3) Britney Taylor (D-4)

Cytotoxicity of polymerized dental composites

Dr. Mojdeh Dehghan Dr. Antheunis Versluis Dr. Daranee Versluis Dr. Liang Hong Dr. Jegdish Babu Dr. Timothy Hottel Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy Dr. Jegdish Babu Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy

These student researchers presented their projects at the Research Forum for the College of Dentistry held this past September. The students will also be participating, in either oral or poster presentations, at the Hinman Student Research Symposium to be held at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, October 28-30. The Hinman is a national event that draws participation from nearly 50 dental schools from across the United States and Canada. To access more information about the Student Summer Research Fellowship, please visit:


invites you to the 17th annual

HINMAN STUDENT RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM Co-sponsored by the Thomas P. Hinman Dental Society with participation of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), ADEAGies Foundation, Procter & Gamble Company, Colgate Palmolive Company, and Tennessee Dental Association Foundation OCTOBER 28, 29, AND 30, 2011



FRIDAY ............................................................................................................. OCTOBER 28, 2011 12-5 pm 3-5 pm 6-7 pm 7-9 pm

Registration and poster setup Poster viewing Reception Welcome Banquet & Speaker

7:45 am 8-9 am 8 am 10:15 am 10:30 am 12 pm 1 pm 3-6 pm

Continental breakfast Late arrival registration Scientific Session I Coffee break Scientific Session II Lunch Scientific Session III Tour of Graceland

7:45 am 8 am 9:30 am 9:45 am

Continental breakfast Scientific Session IV Coffee break Closing Ceremonies

SATURDAY ........................................................................................................OCTOBER 29, 2011

SUNDAY .............................................................................................................OCTOBER 30, 2011


Clinical Research

The following is a list of current clinical research studies being conducted by UT College of Dentistry faculty. The title, investigators, and study objective are listed for each project.

A Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Whitening Efficacy of a 10% H2O2 High Adhesion Whitening Strip Relative to a Marketed In-Office Laser Tooth Whitening Procedure Study Objective:

The primary objective of this study is to compare the safety and whitening efficacy of a 10% H2O2 high adhesion whitening strip and LaserSmile (Laser White 10) in-office whitening procedure.

Principal Investigator:

Dr. James Simon


Dr. Lloyd George Dr. Ashanti Braxton

Research Staff:

Nancy Wilson (Study Coordinator)

A comparison of the effects of occlusal adjustment and splint therapy on symptoms reduction in TMD Study Objective: The purpose of this study is to compare the effectiveness of occlusal adjustment and splint therapy on the therapeutic management of temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). Principal Investigator:

Dr. Swati Ahuja


Dr. David Cagna Dr. William McHorris

Effects of Non-Thermal Plasma Treatment on Composite Restoration and Caries Prevention Study Objective:

To test the ability of a new miniature plasma brush to be used in dental clinical applications to prevent tooth decay and improve the quality of dental restorations.

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Liang Hong Co-Investigator:

Dr. Zhousheng Xiao (Nephrology)

Oral Streptococus species in pre-term and full-term 24-36 month old African-American children in Memphis, Tennessee – A crosssectional study Study Objective:

The study objective is to investigate five Streptococcus species commonly found in the oral biofilm of children to determine their relative numbers in 24-36 month old healthy African-American pre-term and full-term children residing in Memphis, Tennessee.

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Emily Fourmy (Pediatric Resident)


Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy Dr. Jegdish Babu


Dr. Reddy Dhanireddy (Department of Pediatrics)

Research Staff:

Laurie Johnson (Study Manager) Dr. Yanhui Zhang (Research Associate)


Publications Presentations

The following is a list of publications by College of Dentistry faculty from July 2011 to present, and recent as well as upcoming presentations.


Garcia-Godoy F, Murray PE. Recommendations for using regenerative endodontic procedures in permanent immature traumatized teeth. Dental Traumatol. 27 Jul 2011 [Epub ahead of print].

Mendoza-Mendoza A, Solano-Reina E, Iglesias-Linares A, Garcia-Godoy F. Retrospective long-term evaluation of autotransplantation of premolars to the central incisor region. Int Endod J. 2011, in press. Ausiello P, Cassese A, Miele C, Beguinot F, Garcia-Godoy F, Di Jeso B, Ulianich L. Cytotoxicity of dental resin composites: an in vitro evaluation. J Applied Toxicol. 2011; in press.

Harris EF. Sex differences in esthetic treatment needs in American Black and White adolescent orthodontic patients. Angle Orthodontist. 2011 Sep;81(5):743-749.

Edgar HJH, Daneshvari S, Harris EF, Kroth PJ. Inter-observer agreement on subjects’ race and race-informative characteristics. PLoS ONE. 2011;6(8):1-8. Harris EF, Evans JB, Smith AS. Bilateral asymmetry of tooth formation is elevated in children with simple hypodontia. Arch Oral Biol. 2011 Jul;56(7):687-694. Hollis W, Darnell LA, Hottel TL, Harrison JA. The latest advances in dental simulation at the University of Tennessee. JASDA. 2011;83(2):37-38. Hong L, Levy SM, Warren JL, Broffitt B. Amoxicillin use during early childhood and fluorosis of later developing tooth zones. J Pub Health Dent. 2011;71(3):229-235. Ivanoff CS, Hottel TL, Garcia-Godoy F, Riga AT. Dielectrophoresis enhances the whitening effect of carbamide peroxide on enamel. Am J Dent. 2011; in press.

Martins MA, Martins MD, Lascala CA, Curi MM, Migliorati CA, Tenis CA, Marques MM. Association of laser phototherapy with PRP improves healing of bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws in cancer patients: A preliminary study. Oral Oncology. 2011 Sep; in press. Nicolatou-Galitis O, Papadopoulou E. Sarri T. Boziari P, Karayianni A, Kyrtsonis MC, Repousis P, Barbounis V, Migliorati CA. Osteonecrosis of the jaw in oncology patients treated with bisphosphonates: prospective experience of a dental oncology referral center. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod. 2011 May 28 [Epub ahead of print]. Christensen GJ, Simon JF, Strassler HE. “The Amalgam Controversy: Where Do We Go From Here?” in Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry, July/August 2011.


Awards Honors


In July, Dr. Cesar Migliorati was appointed by the President of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer and International Society of Oral Oncology as the new chair of the “Bone Complications” study group. This group is responsible for the education of health care professionals in oncology about the maintenance of bone health in cancer patients, as well as prevention and management of skeletal complications caused by cancer and/or its therapies.

Grants Sponsorships

The following is a list of current grants/sponsorships held by UT College of Dentistry faculty.


Influence of cranberry juice components on denture related stomatitis and Inflammatory reactions of gingival fibroblasts o PI: Jegdish Babu, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (Bioscience Research) o Co-PI: David Tipton, D.D.S., Ph.D. (Bioscience Research) o Cranberry Institute of Wisconsin (Private Grant) o $40,200

Biocompatibility screening of restorative treatments o PI: Franklin Garcia-Godoy, D.D.S., M.S. (Sr Exec Assoc Dean for Research/Bioscience Research) o NIH High Priority, Short-Term Project Award (R56) o Amount: $135,000

Hinman Student Research Symposium o PI: Franklin Garcia-Godoy, D.D.S., M.S. (Sr. Exec Assoc Dean for Research/Bioscience Research) o NIH/NIDCR (R13) o Amount: $20,000

Development of miniature plasma brush for dental clinical applications o Co-I: Liang Hong, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D. (PDCH/Director of Community Oral Health) o NIH/NIDCR (R44 SBIR Phase II) o $364,019


A Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Whitening Efficacy of a 10% H2O2 High Adhesion Whitening Strip Relative to a Marketed In-Office Laser Tooth Whitening Procedure o PI: James Simon, D.D.S. (Restorative Dentistry) o Private per terms of contract

Visualization of sealer movement during single-cone obturation with EndoSequence BC Sealer o PI: Adam Lloyd, B.D.S., M.S. (Endodontics) o Real World Endodontics/Brasseler USA 11

ABOUT the COLLEGE of DENTISTRY The UTHSC College of Dentistry was founded in 1878 making it the oldest dental college in the South, and the third oldest public college of dentistry in the United States.

The College contains a 4-year dental program, totaling approximately 320 students. In addition, students in the Postgraduate dental programs and Dental Hygiene are included.

The College is dedicated to providing professional, graduate, and postgraduate education; conducting dental research; and, delivering state-of-the-art patient care and public service.

College of Dentistry 875 Union Avenue Memphis, TN 38163 Phone: (901) 448-6200 Fax: (901) 448-1625


The University of Tennessee is an EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section 504/ADA/ADEA institution in the provision of its education and employment programs and services.


Dental Research 2(1) - Fall 2011  

The Fall 2011 issue of Dental Research, the quarterly research newsletter of the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry.

Dental Research 2(1) - Fall 2011  

The Fall 2011 issue of Dental Research, the quarterly research newsletter of the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry.