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SAVE THE DATE: 6.24.11

Dr. Paul Erhardt receives international honor INNOVATION IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY During his attendance for the delivery of an invited plenary lecture at the International Conference on Chemistry for Mankind held in Nagpur, India on February 9-11, 2011, Dr. Paul Erhardt, director of the Center for Drug Design and Development, was honored by being one of two recipients who received the Innovation in Medicinal Chemistry Award. The conference was hosted by the Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists in collaboration with the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry and American Chemical Society. Dr. Erhardt was honored in front of an audience of over 500 attendees, including several international dignitaries. He was presented with a shawl, symbolic of ‘carrying the burden’ of the efforts required to advance today’s practice of science in innovative ways; an engraved glass trophy commemorating both the conference and his award; an engraved medallion; a wrapped fruit indigenous to the Nagpur region, which is known for its oranges; and finally, the framed official certificate recognizing his award.

Frederic Wolfe with Dean Early and development director, Jeff Barton

On June 24, 2011, the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will rededicate its new facility on the Health Science Campus. The building will be named The Frederic and Mary Wolfe Building, in commemoration of their $2.5M gift to the college for diabetes research. The Wolfes’ generosity is also reflected on the Main Campus; Wolfe Hall is named in honor of their previous gift.

Away We Go! BY KRISTIN SATTERWHITE, P1 BSPS STUDENT For BSPS students who plan to complete their internships this summer, most sites have begun to contact their potential interns. After spending most of my Christmas break filling out applications and having my transcripts sent, I didn’t know whether all this hard work would pay off. However, to my surprise, it did! Universities I have been accepted to so far to do research are the University of Toledo Medical Center, the University of Oregon, Washington State, University of Florida, and the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. With all these choices, I’ve decided to take an internship with University of Rochester. With plans for attending medical school after graduation, I want to have the opportunity for more research and clinical experience. The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at the University of Rochester is designed to strengthen many skills that will increase my competitiveness for a career in medicine and research. The program consists of research in a medical laboratory, weekly lectures and activities, gross anatomy labs and lectures, clinical rotations in the emergency department, and MCAT review. Many





opportunity to participate in an intensive summer program that can help them to achieve their professional goals. Even though completing the internship applications was a lot of work, my efforts allowed me to get into an excellent program! I’m extremely excited to spend the summer in Rochester, NY and meet a variety of new people. I know that with the numerous activities the program offers I’ll be pretty busy, but in the process of it all I’ll be learning something new. So far I’ve only received an evening schedule for Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the course of the program. There will be a meeting time from 5:30 pm-7:30 pm for MCAT prep. The SURF program at the University of Rochester wants to make sure you’re the best possible candidate for medical school you can be, and this includes doing well on the MCAT exam. I’m most looking forward to gross anatomy labs/lectures and rotations in the Emergency Department. Because I’ll be working around patients and other health care professionals, Rochester requires many vaccinations. Making sure I’m up to date with vaccinations and signing forms necessary to participate in the program is all part of my preparation. In the coming weeks, I’m sure the participants in the program will receive a more detailed schedule for every day of the week while in Rochester. Until then, I’ll be counting down the days until June 5th!

ALPHA ZETA OMEGA Faculty Auction Alpha Zeta Omega (AZO) hosted a faculty auction in which UTCPPS faculty and staff donated items for bid. AZO member, Janee Whitner, organized the event and collected donated items, which included a group dinner with a faculty member, Whirlyball and pizza with faculty members, gift baskets, and tickets to sports events. All money raised helps to purchase medical supplies and medications for the P4 pharmacy students' medical mission rotation to Honduras. This year, the auction raised $4520! Next year, AZO hopes to involve medical students and raise even more money for the mission.

FACULTY NOTES Dr. Zahoor Shah, assistant professor of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry along with Shadia E. Nada and Sylvain Dore, was recently published in Neuroscience journal.

Their article, entitled “Heme oxygenase 1, beneficial role in permanent ischemic stroke and in Gingko biloba (EGb 761) neuroprotection,” details how Gingko biloba shows protective effects against ischemic stroke.

Great Rxpectations The Rxpectations pilot program at UTMC is allowing pharmacists and pharmacy students to contribute to patient satisfaction. The program, currently operating on the Neurology unit, focuses on educating hospitalized patients about their new medications. This may include medications such as antibiotics, blood-thinners, pain medication, or many other medications that patients are newly starting and may continue at home. The Rxpectations program was developed by UTMC pharmacists in collaboration with a UT Pharmacy Practice faculty member and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) students to address patient education needs and to increase patient satisfaction within the medical center. P4 pharmacy students completing their APPE rotations, under the supervision of the decentralized pharmacist and College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences faculty, counsel patients about the purpose and proper use of their medications, as well as side effects they should be aware of. In addition to increasing patient satisfaction, the program allows patients to ask questions and get involved in their own health care. “It works two ways,” said Kate Cochran, a P4 APPE student. “We as students learn how to talk to

patients and how to explain things to them, and patients learn about their medications.” Students gain valuable experience in counseling patients while enhancing the patient experience at UTMC. They clarify the instructions given by doctors and nurses to optimize care and ensure that patients understand what medications they are taking and how to take them. Patients also benefit from having someone listen to their needs and experiences. “Many patients are not happy about being sick and in the hospital, but when I leave the room, they’re smiling,” says Bryan Greenwood, a P4 APPE student. While interacting with UTMC patients, students may encounter patient concerns or problems regarding their medications. This can include compliance issues or problems with taking medications as instructed, financial concerns that limit a patient’s ability to purchase

medications, and potential drug interactions. Students are often able to contribute to unanticipated positive outcomes just by identifying potential problems and providing suggestions to the patients or interacting with other health care professionals including nurses, social workers, pharmacists, faculty, and doctors in order to assist in resolving a variety of issues that improve the patient’s experience. For instance, pharmacy students were able to help a patient with significant financial concerns to save on medication costs by suggesting a less expensive alternative to the patient’s physician. Rxpectations is showing positive gains in patient satisfaction, and the hope is to expand the program throughout UTMC. The result of this program’s implementation is greater patient-centered care in our university-quality health care environment.

Nominate Outstanding Alumni Your College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is seeking nominations for outstanding alumni awards. The awards will be presented at Homecoming in October. The online nomination form can be completed in less than one minute! Nominations are currently being accepted for the following awards: Distinguished Alumnus/a Award, Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award and Distinguished Service Award.

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Upcoming Events College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Spring Commencement Friday, May 6, 2011 at 6pm in Savage Arena For more information about Spring Commencement, please visit the College’s

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Toledo Academy of Pharmacy Annual Golf Outing Wednesday, June 8, 2011 beginning at 12 noon The Toledo Academy of Pharmacy (TAP) is holding its annual golf outing in support of UT student scholarships. Student, alumni and faculty are invited to participate in the golf outing and/or the banquet that follows. Find out more online at

SAVE THE DATE: Frederic and Mary Wolfe Building Naming June 24, 2011

The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will rededicate its new facility on the Health Science Campus in honor of Frederic and Mary Wolfe.

When and Where I Enter...: Unlocking the Door for Women of Color in STEMM August 10-12, 2011 “When and Where I Enter…” is A FORWARD to Professorship Workshop specifically targeting pre-tenure women of color (African-, Latina- and Native-American) in the Midwest, where these populations are often academically and socially isolated. Learn more.

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