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Community Pharmacy Residency Program Reaccreditation The American Society of Health-system Pharmacists (ASHP) notified the college’s PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency program of its continued accreditation. The Community Pharmacy Residency program, a collaboration between the college and Kroger Company, is committed to developing wellrounded clinicians who are able to provide advanced practice services in a variety of clinical settings. Eight residents have completed the residency program to date and gone on to success in their careers. The program equips residents to provide services to diverse patient populations, collaborate as part of an integrated team, teach pharmacy students, develop and provide innovative services in the community setting and take an active role in advancing the practice of community pharmacy.

Medical Missions P.2 Dr. Mary Borovicka at NFP P.2 Going Global: Partnerships P.3 Pranav Patel AMCP Poster P.4 Pharmacy student leaders participate in the C.O.P.E challenge course at Camp Miakonda.

Student Leadership Retreat The Fourth Annual Student Leadership Retreat was held at Camp Miakonda in Toledo, with a focus on two areas of development: leadership and team building. Forty College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences students, active in College and University organizations, participated in the daylong program. The retreat was sponsored by Walmart and Sam’s Club Pharmacies. The morning session was a workshop facilitated by Andrew Wiser, a Consultant in Global Leadership Development at Walmart. Students had previously completed the Birkman Method Questionnaire, and each student was presented a copy of his or her own results and analysis. Mr. Wiser led a lively and interactive discussion of the questionnaire analysis, allowing each student to better understand his or her own interpersonal style and how that might affect leadership performance. Following a lunch with Dean Early and the college’s student organization faculty and staff advisers, the Phi Lambda Sigma induction of eleven new members was held, giving retreat participants an opportunity to see how effective leadership is valued in the College and in the profession. In the afternoon, all students participated in an outdoor challenge course at the Camp called

C.O.P.E. (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience). This series of outdoor physical exercises focused on team building. “I am excited about this unique opportunity we provide to our students who are aspiring to be effective leaders, said Dr. Christine Hinko, associate dean of Student Affairs for the college. “Understanding their own leadership styles through Birkman Method Analysis gives students one tool they can use to improve interpersonal interactions in their organizations, in the College, and eventually in their profession.” Dr. Hinko adds that by working with fellow student leaders to solve outdoor challenges in the C.O.P.E. course, participants learn to use their individual strengths to the betterment of the team, another skill that is vital in their professional development. For videos of one of the problem-solving activities in which the student teams participated on the C.O.P.E. course, see the problem and the solution.

Medical mission trips for Pharmacy students

Practice Matters Mary Borovicka, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCPP at Neighborhood Family Practice

In 2008, Dr. Diane Cappelletty began conducting medical missions to Honduras. While the first mission trip only involved one pharmacy student, the annual program has grown to include 11 students in total. In 2011, the medical mission program expanded to Guatemala with one student and then grew to include two students in summer 2012. Pharmacy students compound medications and conduct physical assessments of patients, among their other duties on the missions. These medical missions include students and faculty from other health science disciplines, including medicine and nursing. To support the summer 2013 medical missions, please contact Jeff Barton, development director , at 419.530.5413 or by email at jeffrey.barton@utoledo. edu and ask to contribute to the Pharmacy South America Mission Fund.

The practice at Neighborhood Family Practice was established in May 2011, with Mary Borovicka, Pharm.D. serving as the first clinical pharmacist in the practice. Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) is a family practice physicians’ office that serves 13,000 patients on the west side of Cleveland. Additionally, the practice offers behavioral health care. The population is 50% Medicaid insured, 25% uninsured, and the remainder is a made up of Medicare and other 3rd party insurance. Neighborhood Family Practice has three sites: the main office, another small office four miles away in Cleveland’s Tremont area, and a newly opened office in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Dr. Borovicka is located at the main office four days per week and is now scheduled at the Detroit Shoreway office one day per week. The offices average 25003000 patient visits per month. The staff

consists of seven physicians, six clinical nurse practitioners, and three midwives in addition to over a dozen nurses as well as social workers, medical assistants and patient advocates. Neighborhood Family Practice is fully automated and uses the Epic system for electronic medical records and prescriptions. The types of services Dr. Borovicka provides include medication therapy management (MTM) (general/all disease states and medications), smoking cessation, diabetes education, and some anticoagulation monitoring. Dr. Borovicka is frequently consulted on cases by other providers and answers many drug information questions. Dr. Borovicka also receives many phone calls from patients with questions and problems regarding their medications. The behavioral health staff is working with Dr.

Borovicka to increase her participation in care of patients with chronic and severe mental illness, as this is her specialty area. Behavioral health is interested in establishing some patient education groups, especially in smoking cessation. The site permits Dr. Borovicka to have APPE and IPPE students, and several are scheduled for the 2012-13 year. Dr. Borovicka currently sees patients independently and as part of regularly visits with providers. Visits for which patients are scheduled with Dr. Borovicka are billed, and the practice receives payments, mostly from Medicaid managed care programs. The goal was to have these clinic visits successfully billed within one year, and this was achieved for the majority of the clinic visits. The agreement between NFP and UTCPPS states that UTCPPS will receive a percentage of these

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Going Global International Partnerships

Chi Nworah (right), an exchange student from University of Szeged, Hungary, completed an Outpatient Pharmacy rotation with Drs. Martin Ohlinger and Holly Smith.

Pra ct i ce Ma t t ers, con t i nu ed f r om p ag e 2 payments.

working on increasing the percentage of diabetics who receiving statin therapy and reducing the number of patients with hemoglobin A1C’s greater than 9. The group is also creating a template in the EMR to help streamline diabetic visits.

Borovicka has developed a formulary to help reduce costs for NFP, and the program is expected to generate several thousands of dollars per month for NFP.

NFP and Dr. Borovicka have been working together to expand the 340b drug pricing program. A company called CaptureRx has been contracted to manage the program and help expand it to include other local pharmacies that NFP patients use. Dr.

A committee at NFP was established to improve the care of patients with diabetes. The group has been

In the Know: Scholarship Funds Q: How do students benefit from

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ease that strain. Students may receive

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funds that support students in the College



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textbooks and materials or to offset tuition, thereby allowing them to continue their education. For information on how to contribute, contact Jeff Barton, development



419.530.5413 or by email at

One of the college’s ongoing points of pride is its cultivation of international partnerships that yield educational and research opportunities for students and faculty. The college has active partnerships in several countries, including Hungary, China, Lebanon and Jordan. New partnerships are being developed in India, Mexico and Great Britain. A key feature of the college’s international partnerships is an exchange of students and faculty. Students from the college’s BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences program may complete their required summer internships abroad, and students from partner institutions study with faculty at UT. The partnerships have enhanced the experiences of students participating in the exchange. Chi Nworah, an exchange student from University of Szeged who studied at UT in summer 2012, said of her experience, “It's just amazing how my curriculum now looks like a repetition of what I learned with you. It was an experience of a lifetime and am grateful for every second.”

CPPS updates Strategic Plan The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has undergone the process of updating its Strategic Plan and aligning the plan with that of the University. The revised Strategic Plan features an enhanced focus on research. Furthermore, the leadership roles of the college’s various committees are defined more extensively. Read the revised Strategic Plan online

Pranav Patel, a 2013 PharmD candidate, completed a Foundation for Managed Care Pharmacy/ Pfizer Summer Internship Program. This internship culminated with a poster presentation at the 2012 Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Educational conference. Patel’s poster was entitled “Empowering Pharmacists to Provide Smoking Cessation Interventions.”

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