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03 MARCH 2014


this issue Cosmetic science program welcomes industry leaders to campus Students in the Cosmetic Science major of the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program were able to meet and learn from some notable industry leaders in February 2014. Mark Chandler , president of Adaptive Cosmetic Technology Solutions, led five seminars on topics ranging from surfactants in cosmetics to research opportunities in the cosmetic industry. Perry Romanowski of Brains Publishing discussed cosmetic product development for shampoos and conditioners. The seminar series continues in March and April, with presentations on product formulation and packaging. The seminars are free and open to the public.

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Pharmacy agreement signed with Al-Zaytoonah Private University of Jordan The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences recently advanced its relationship with AlZaytoonah Private University of Jordan by signing a memorandum of understanding between both schools. The agreement includes faculty exchanges and research collaborations. The signing event was the college’s first virtual agreement signing and took place via teleconference, with large screen projections bridging the distance between two continents. Faculty members and administrators from both institutions spoke at the event, including Chancellor Jeffrey Gold and Dean Johnnie Early from The University of Toledo and Dean Ghassan Abu Sheika from Al-Zaytoonah. Dr. Amanda BryantFriedrich, who manages the college’s communications with Al-Zaytoonah, hosted the event. “The signing of this agreement with AlZaytoonah makes official a wonderful relationship that has developed over the past years through the development of shared goals and a commitment to excellence in the pharmaceutical sciences,” said Bryant-Friedrich. “We are very much looking forward to continued growth and prosperity at both institutions through this agreement.”

Last fall, Al-Zaytoonah’s dean, Ghassan Abu Sheika, visited The University of Toledo and embarked on research projects with faculty members in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Bryant-Friedrich is also organizing the 2014 International Pharmaceutical Conference, co-sponsored by the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and AlZaytoonah’s faculty of pharmacy. The first conference co-sponsored by these institutions, held in fall of 2012, was very successful and brought international exposure to both institutions as well as to the practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science research.

Members of the faculty and administration of AlZaytoonah Private University of Jordan participated in the agreement signing via teleconference.

In the March 2014 issue of “Consumer Reports,” Discount Drug Mart was selected as one of the nation’s top pharmacy chains. Readers rated pharmacies according to their speed and accuracy, courtesy and helpfulness, and pharmacists’ knowledge. Discount Drug Mart was founded by UT alumnus Parviz Boodjeh ’54.

Pharmacists and pharmacy residents at the University of Toledo Medical Center participated in the “Let’s Talk Medications” initiative to increase patient awareness of the involvement of pharmacists in patient care. Read more in “Intersections,” a publication of The American Society of Health-system Pharmacists.

Real Real World


Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences create a career path

Advanced Pharmacy

Day will complete a rotation

Practice Experiences

at NCPA with preceptor

(APPEs) do more than just

Whitney Cowart, PharmD,

provide an educational


experiences for PharmD

director of

students. Many students


determine the direction of

and student

their careers based on

affairs. Day,

these rotations. Rotation

who has a

learn about how their organization is run and what they offer to the profession of pharmacy. I hope to see where

sites such as Barney’s

deep interest in

Pharmacy in Augusta,

independent pharmacy and

Georgia and National

leadership opportunities,

Community Pharmacists

was selected from a pool of

Association in Alexandria,

applicants from across the

Virginia have offered UT

country to complete this

pharmacy students unique

rotation. He had been

Andrew Hochradel,

experiences and career

interested in starting a

PharmD ’12, is director of


student chapter of NCPA at

Specialty Pharmacy

the College of Pharmacy

Services at Barney’s

and Pharmaceutical

Pharmacy. As a UT

Sciences and took the idea

student, he enjoyed his

to the Pharmacy Student

rotation at Barney’s so


much that he now works

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) is an organization that represents the nation’s 23,000 independent community pharmacies as

About this opportunity, Day

well as the pharmacist

says, “The rotation will

owners, managers and

hopefully offer me a chance

employees of these

both to network with the

pharmacies. Headquartered

largest associations of

in Alexandria, Virginia,

independent pharmacists,

NCPA is a legislative voice

one of the largest

for community pharmacies.

associations of pharmacists

This year, P4 student Kevin

in general actually, and

independent pharmacy is now throughout the nation and understand where it is going in this changing landscape.”

there and has become an APPE preceptor for the site. He initially read about Barney’s Pharmacy in The New York Times. Dr. Hochradel was attracted to this independent pharmacy because of the innovative patient care services offered there. “Even more

CD3 Symposium June 2014

appointed director of surprising, said Dr. Hochradel, “is that there is a successful business model behind partnering

APhA-accredited PGY-1


Residencies. The residents


lead daily topic discussions

services. I

that help reinforce clinical

am excited to navigate this

knowledge. Dr. Hochradel

new opportunity and be

mastered diabetes and

involved with the all of the

insulin dosing, among other

specialty medications

subjects, during his

coming out of the pipeline.

The range of different

Barney’s Pharmacy

Also, as a prestige clinical

services provided at


instructor for the College of

with patients to improve their health. And as a student, I was involved at every level.”

Barney’s includes specialized compounding, MTM, immunizations, medical supplies and equipment, patient support groups, chair aerobics, bingo, wellness classes,

Ultimately, what he really enjoyed about his rotation at Barney’s Pharmacy was the family-owned environment and high-touch service culture.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, I am looking forward to sharing my Barney’s Pharmacy experience with future pharmacists.” Hochradel was featured in

biometric screenings, long

“At an independent

term care consulting, and

pharmacy,” he says, “you

specialty pharmacy

get to experience the day-to

services. In the past year,

-day decisions that need to

For both Day and

Barney’s Pharmacy also

be made to provide

Hochradel, an APPE

partnered with the CDC to

excellent patient care and

rotation experience set a

offer HIV screenings.

run a business. I joined the

path toward a meaningful

Barney’s Pharmacy family


Additionally, Barney’s Pharmacy hosts two ASHP/

after graduation and was

the February 2014 issue of UT’s alumni magazine.

On June 22, 2014, the college will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Center for Drug Design and Development (CD3) under the leadership of Distinguished University Professor Paul Erhardt. Led by the Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, the college will hold a oneday symposium to celebrate the achievements of Dr. Erhardt. Faculty members and professionals are invited to give technical presentations as a part of the symposium. These talks should be designed for an audience familiar with the fields of medicinal and biological chemistry. All are welcome to attend. The department is also accepting contributions to support this symposium. To contribute to the celebration in the form of talent, expertise or a monetary contribution, please contact Dr. BryantFriedrich or Dr. Tillekeratne so that you can be included in the program. This celebration of the CD3 will begin with a lecture to be delivered (Continued on page 4)

CD3 Symposium (Continued from page 3)

by Dr. Christopher A. Lipinski, who will also act as a panelist for the 46th Annual Mid-Atlantic Graduate Student Symposium (MAGSS), a regional conference in medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical sciences, which will be held from June 22-24 at The University of Toledo. Drs. Gunda Georg and Mukhund Chorghade will also present at the CD3 Symposium and MAGSS. Visit the MAGSS website for more information about registering for or sponsoring MAGSS. This celebration of excellence is a milestone for research and drug development in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Upcoming Events PHARMACY LAW CE PROGRAM Tuesday, March 11, 2014 6:30 reception, 7:00 p.m. CE Program Collier Building, room 1000B on the Health Science Campus Register online by March 7.

COSMETIC SCIENTIST AS A PRODUCT FORMULATOR Perry Romanowski, Brains Publishing 10 to 10:50 a.m., March 14, 2014 Field House 1030 (Main Campus) COSMETIC PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY Dennis Young, Michigan State University 10 to 10:50 a.m., April 4, 2014 Field House 1030 (Main Campus) PHARMACY GOLF OUTING Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Bedford Hills Golf Club SPRING COMMENCEMENT 2 p.m. on May 4, 2014, Savage Arena CD3 SYMPOSIUM June 22, 2014 MID-ATLANTIC GRADUATE STUDENT SYMPOSIUM June 22-24, 2014

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