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01 JANUARY 2013


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Medicinal Chemistry BS/MS

Dr. Paul Erhardt, DUP P.1 Building Bridges P.2

2012 welcomed the college‟s first students into the BS/MS in Medicinal Chemistry program. Students in this new program have the opportunity to complete both a BS and an MS degree in five calendar years. Students in the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program have the option of completing some of the graduate course work during their junior and senior years as part of this accelerated program. These students, who complete a required research internship during the summer after the junior year, continue their research with the same mentor during the graduate portion of the program. This offers undergraduate students who intend to pursue graduate studies an additional option for continuing their research with the faculty of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

UT Migrant Programs P.3

Dr. Erhardt (center) with (L-R) Brian Kress, Neha Malik, Rachael Jetson, and Dr. Chris Trabbic.

Young Pharmacy Leaders P.4 A University Rising P.4

Distinguished University Professor Dr. Paul Erhardt, professor of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry and Director of the Center for Drug Design and Development (CD3) has been a faculty member at The University of Toledo for 18 years. He earned his B.A. in Chemistry and his Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from University of Minnesota before accepting a postdoctoral position in bio-analytical chemistry at the University of Texas-Austin. He then spent almost 20 years in industry, rising to Assistant Director of Research and Development at Berlex Laboratories before joining the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) in 1994. Dr. Erhardt is a medicinal chemist with an international reputation for his research in the area of drug design and development. In 2002, he was elected President of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Division VII Chemistry and Human Health. In 2007, he was awarded the IUPAC Appreciation of Service Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Worldwide Chemistry. He has displayed international leadership in Medicinal Chemistry, including presenting exciting new ideas and predicting future directions in the field. Dr. Erhardt was awarded a special gold medal to recognize his innovation in medicinal chemistry by the Indian

Society of Chemists and Biologists at the 2011 International Conference on Chemistry for Mankind. Dr. Erhardt‟s research career embodies highly creative and original work with many notable contributions. For example, his discovery and chemical development of esmolol (Brevibloc®) served to lay a solid foundation for his reputation among his peers. Esmolol, an ultra-short-acting beta blocker, is used primarily in surgeries, and the story of esmolol's discovery has been documented in the prestigious American Chemical Society series entitled Chronicles of Drug Discovery. He currently has a number of additional drug candidates in various stages of the drug development process in the Center for Drug Design and Development (CD3). Dr. Erhardt has been exceptionally successful in garnering extramural research funding from a variety of agencies, totaling about $7M; this includes strong support ($3.4M) from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), $600,000 from Pfizer and $636,000 from the U.S. Army. Dr. Erhardt has a notable body of research work: 77 papers published or in press, 32 issued patents and applications (14 from work at UT), and 32 published reviews and book chapters. In recognition of his outstanding and sustained research Continued on page 2

Distinguished University Professor

Building Bridges

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accomplishments, the UT College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has recognized him several times, including the Outstanding Research Faculty Award in 2004 and the Excellence Award for Research in 2009 and 2010. Further, The University of Toledo recognized him with the Outstanding Research Faculty Award in 2006. Dr. Paul Erhardt‟s mentorship of all individuals in the CD3 is legendary. Dr. Erhardt is known for the combination of firstclass technical training and generosity of spirit that has been extended to more than 50 individuals during his time at UT. He has mentored nineteen undergraduate students, twenty graduate students, fourteen postdoctoral fellows, and six sabbatical visitors, many of whom have stated that he had a profound and life changing impact on their lives. For those contributions, the CPPS recognized him with the Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award in 1995. Over the years, Dr. Erhardt has delivered seminars and invited lectures across the globe, including India, China and South America, and been generous with his time for service both at UT and internationally.

(L-R) Drs. Sari, Al Mogarry, Early, Bryant-Friedrich and Pinto with Norah Al-Mogri.

Among the many positive outcomes of the college‟s various international partnerships are the crosscultural interactions and collaborations among faculty and student at partner institutions. The college‟s relationship with Al-Zaytoonah University in Amman, Jordan represents such an exchange of ideas and knowledge that enriches the experiences of students and faculty alike. Recently, the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences jointly sponsored a conference with the faculty of pharmacy from AlZaytoonah University. The conference, which was held in Amman, featured discussions about pharmaceutical care and treatment of various diseases. Al-Zaytoonah, a private university with over 8000 students, has a thriving pharmacy program that offers a well rounded curriculum in the pharmaceutical sciences.

The College collaborates with the pharmacy faculty of Al-Zaytoonah University in Jordan.

In addition to Dr. Early giving the keynote address at the conference, Drs. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, Sharrel Pinto and Youssef Sari presented, and two graduate students from the Department of Medicinal Chemistry attended. Dr. M. Kahlil Mohammad, an alumnus of UT‟s Medicinal Chemistry PhD program, also presented at the conference. Dr. Amanda BryantFriedrich, associate professor in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, presented her research on chemical toxicology and the treatment of cancer. Dr. Sharrel Pinto, associate professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice, noted that “the level of the pharmacy profession in Jordan now is comparable to the level of the profession in the United States 10 years ago.” She believes that Jordan can develop the profession further by collaborating with American institutions and by increasing the involvement of pharmacists in clinical practice.

Dr. Youssef Sari, assistant professor of pharmacology, was impressed with the global reach of the research from internationally refereed journals. His conference presentation involved his research on the treatment of alcoholism and neurodegenerative diseases. During the conference, Drs. Early and Sari were featured on the PharmaJo website and on Jordanian television. “I am so pleased that we are able to continually showcase, on an international stage, the scientific talent of our faculty—from pharmacy practice to chemistry to pharmacology,” stated Dean Early. The conference generated significant interest in the college‟s graduate programs. The college plans to host another conference with the AlZaytoonah pharmacy faculty in 2014.

Alumni at Young Pharmacy Leaders Conference

UT’s Migrant Programs introduce young students to pharmacy The University of Toledo hosts Migrant Programs each year to give children of migrant workers, who often relocate frequently, the UT experience. Elementary and a few high school students get a glimpse of college life, from visiting the Glass Bowl to creating flashlights in the College of Engineering and making silly putty in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (pictured above).

José Treviňo, Director of Transfer Services and

Recruitment for the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, is heavily involved in the planning and execution of this annual program. The college has participated for 11 years, first visiting the migrant camp and later engaging students during the annual campus visits. The program now includes the College of Engineering, whose portion of the visit is led by Dr. Mark Pickett. “Our goal,” said Treviňo, “is to have these students one day attend UT as students pursuing pharmacy and engineering careers. This program helps these students learn about careers that would take them from being farm workers to being just about anything they

want as long as they are willing to work for it.” Students participate in several hands-on activities have a pizza and ice-cream lunch during their day on campus. They also complete a campus tour. The opportunity to visit UT and envision a future beyond farming is essential to the future success of the participants in the Migrant Programs. This matter is personal to Treviňo, who was a farm worker until the age of fifteen. “I know how hard this type of work is,” said Treviňo. “I also know that if you are willing to work hard at academics, there is no telling how far you can go.” Students always respond enthusiastically to the program and write elaborate „thank you‟ notes each year expressing their excitement about UT.

Drs. Kenneth and Scarlett (Lynn) Hohmeier (PharmD ‟10 and ‟12, respectively) were two of the 10 young pharmacists selected to attend Ohio‟s 2012 Young Pharmacy Leaders Conference at the Ohio Pharmacists Association in Columbus. The purpose of the Leadership Conference is to identify emerging leaders, enhance the leadership skills of participants, and provide motivation to seek greater awareness and involvement in issues confronting healthcare and the profession of pharmacy. This invitational Conference includes pharmacists who have been practicing fewer than 10 years, as well as student pharmacist leaders from the Ohio colleges of pharmacy. Three UT PharmD students also participated in the conference, along with pharmacist leaders from the Ohio Pharmacists Association. Ken Hohmeier is the pharmacy manager at Buderer Compounding Pharmacy in Avon, Ohio, where Scarlett Hohmeier is a clinical pharmacist.

A University Rising: Research and Scholarship The University of Toledo has initiated a new fund raising campaign with the theme A University Rising. The goal of this university-wide capital campaign is to support UT‟s growth and to lead the way in academics and research in a manner that will gain UT further national and international prominence. The college‟s role in the capital campaign is to raise funds for research and scholarships that enhance the education of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students. Dr. Robert Schlembach, professor emeritus and historian, is the chair of the college‟s campaign. Doc‟s sense of indebtedness to the college for the excellent education he received and for the lifelong relationships he has made compelled him to serve by chairing the current giving campaign. “Giving not only provides an investment in the bright future of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,” said Dr. Schlembach, “it also continues to pave the way for an excellent professional education of which every University of Toledo alumnus can be proud.” The college will also honor Doc and his service to the college throughout the campaign, and alumni are welcomed to participate. For more information about contributing to the campaign, please contact the college‟s development director, Jeff Barton, at 419.530.5413 or The university‟s annual Phon-a-Thon, during which current students call alumni to raise funds for the university, will also offer opportunities to contribute.

Upcoming Events Ice Skating Party Sunday, February 10, 2013 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Tam O‟ Shanter in Sylvania, Ohio

3000 Arlington Ave, MS 1013 Toledo, OH 43614

The Alumni Affiliates of the College of Medicine and Life Sciences and the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will cohost this event. The event is free; however, online registration is required.

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