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REMEMBERING PARVIZ BOODJEH ‘54 STAY IN THE GAME Pharmacy student-athletes balance academics and athletics

PG2 NEW PHARMD/MBA Top five reasons students love the PharmD/MBA dualdegree program

PG3 ALUMNUS LEADS CHARITABLE PHARMACY Allan Zaenger, BSP ’79, has found a way to extend his impact as a pharmacist


The University of Toledo College of Sciences, as the names of Mr. Boodjeh and Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is his late wife, Mildred, grace eight s a d d e ne d to laboratories in the announce the F re de ric and recent passing of Mary Wolfe Parviz Boodjeh, a Center. member of the F o r h i s class of 1954. Mr. contributions to Boodjeh was best the pharmacy known as the community, Mr. founder and CEO Boodjeh received of Discount Drug an honorary Mart, a pharmacy doctorate from chain operated Mr. Boodjeh receiving the honorary doctorate from The University of The University of primarily in Toledo in 2008. Photo by Chappell Graduation Images. Toledo in 2008. His northeastern Ohio. impact as a pharmacist and as a supporter of His commitment to pharmacy education and pharmacy education will undoubtedly be felt his generosity in contributing to the for generations at The University of Toledo education of pharmacy students at The and far beyond. University of Toledo can be seen throughout (Continued on page 2) the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical

“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers; he's one who asks the right questions.” Claude Lévi-Strauss anthropologist and ethnologist Courtesy: Jacob North





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While national headlines focus on the academic

Students throughout the state of Ohio have benefited from Mr. Boodjeh’s focus on pharmacy education through the Discount Drug Mart scholarship awards. The Discount Drug Mart Pharmacy Scholarship supports P3 and P4 pharmacy students who intend to work in retail or community pharmacy, while the P1-P3 PharmD Scholarship supports student interns. Discount Drug Mart also sponsors a Contingent Admit Scholarship for highly qualified freshmen and a PharmD/Ursuline Partnership Scholarship for students who took part in the transfer program between The University of Toledo and Ursuline College. All Discount Drug Mart scholarships gave preference to students from Northeast Ohio, a key recruitment region for the college.

performance of student-athletes, UT pharmacy

Past recipients of Discount Drug Mart scholarships are Souhail Francis of Avon Lake, Kelsey Johnson of Cleveland, Rachel McClure of Kent, Megan Gregory of Uniontown, Edward Cosma of Strongsville, Mckenzie Hall of G re e nw ich, Ty le r Na e ge le of Pickerington, Chad Smith of Elyria, Eric Betka of Lorain, Megan Brinkman of Broadview Heights, and Ryan Podolski of North Royalton. Each of these students can attest to the influence of Mr. Boodjeh on the lives of pharmacy students at The University of Toledo.

students balance sports and school on the road to becoming practitioners. In rigorous academic programs like those offered in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, it is rare to see successful student-athletes. The time commitments required by academic and athletic endeavors can seem at odds with one another. However, many pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students over the years have met the challenge and simultaneously nurtured their career goals and their love of sports. Melissa Auckley, a P2 student in the PharmD program, is a member of The University of Toledo’s swimming and diving team. A competitive swimmer since the age of eight, she chose UT for its excellent swimming and diving team

and for the national recognition of the pharmacy program. “I chose to major in pharmacy because I really enjoyed science classes in high school and my favorite chemistry professor suggested going into pharmacy,” Auckley said. “That was enough to convince me that pharmacy was the right fit.” Balancing school with athletics is an ongoing challenge, which Auckley manages through frequent communication with faculty members and by studying e n route to competitions. Managing her time well is among the strengths Auckley has developed over the years. “Some characteristics that help me in both school and in swimming are being determined and hardworking,” Auckley said. P3 PharmD student Nathan Gonring agrees. Gonring started playing golf recreationally when he was eight years old and has played competitively for

STANLEY C. ISRAEL REGIONAL AWARD Dr. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich, associate professor of medicinal chemistry and director of international pharmaceutical sciences graduate student recruitment and retention


Dr. Diane Cappelletty, associate professor of Pharmacy Practice, is chair of ASSET LIABILITY AND RESTRUCTURING the Department of Pharmacy Practice for a fixed term of three years. Her Quorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit sed 23% experience in the college includes roles as assistant director of experiential diam nonum my nibh euismod tincidunt utte laoreet do lore education, Inter-professional Education leader, co-director of the magna aliquam erat volutpat utte wisi enim ad minim veniam tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam. of the Curriculum Infectious Disease Research Laboratory, and co-chair committee. Having served as vice-chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Dr. LOREM IPSUM EUSIMOND TINCIDUNT WISI 9% continues the work of past chair, Cappelletty Dr. Steven Martin, and interim chair, Dr. Vince Mauro.


nine years. A native of Bedford, Mich., he chose The University of Toledo because of its proximity to his hometown and the wealth of academic programs the university offers. He began his freshman year as a chemical engineering major, but decided that a career in health care was better aligned with his strengths, so he transferred into the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. “Work ethic and time management skills are essential for any pharmacy student, but I think being able to let go of the things out of your own control and get better at one thing every day goes a long way in getting where you want to go in school and on the course” Gonring said. Like Auckley, Gonring took classwork with him while traveling so that he could stay on track with his coursework. Former UT baseball player, Jacob North, is a P3 PharmD student. He believes pride is a key characteristic for

ADDICTION RESEARCHER JOINS DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY The research of Dr. F. Scott Hall, the newest faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology, is focused on psychiatric disorders and addiction. After earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard College, he completed a doctorate in neurobiology at Cambridge University. As a post-doctoral fellow with the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, Dr. Hall studied gene-environment interactions on psychobehavioral characteristics. The author of over 100 scientific articles, Dr. Hall has expertise in developmental influences on sensitivity to addictive substances.

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Dr. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich was Quorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer honored Chemistry adipiscingby elit,the sed aAmerican diam nonummy nibh eu Society's Committee on Minority Affairs ismod tincidunt utte laoreet dolore magna ali with the Stanley C. Israel Regional quam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim Award for Advancing Diversity in the niam, quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorp er Chemical Sciences. The award included suscipitaccommodations lobortis nisl utte lorem aliquip ex ea travel and registration commodo consequat duis autem velleumand iri for the Central Regional Meeting

recognized Dr. in Bryant-Friedrich’s ure dolor in hendrerit vulputate velit esse mentorship andvelillum. dedication. Sheinner was molestie consequat Hendrerit

nominated by Dr. Isabel Escobar, professor of chemical and environmental velillum. ipsum dolor exerci tation ullamcorp engineering and associate dean for er suscipit lobortis nisl utte aliquip ex lorem research development and outreach in eaThe commodo consequat autemCollege velleumof University of duis Toledo molestie consequat nostrud exerci. Engineering. vulputate velit esse molestie erattis consequat



The college’s newest dual-degree program in pharmacy and business is attracting ambitious, analytical students with leadership skills.

1 ALL IN GOOD TIME Completing both the PharmD and MBA degrees takes just six calendar years, so students graduate on schedule.

2 TWO TERMINAL DEGREES The PharmD/MBA dual-degree program allows students to earn the highest degree commonly offered in business, while working to become licensed practitioners of pharmacy.

3 COMPETITIVE EDGE Graduates of this dual-degree program improve their competitiveness among other pharmacy graduates for employment and residency opportunities.

4 A FASTER CLIMB Climbing the career ladder in community and retail pharmacy can occur more quickly with demonstrated skills and knowledge in business, and graduates are prepared to hit the ground running in management and managed care roles.

5 OWNING IT Students receive the skills and knowledge they need to operate an independent pharmacy, preparing them to work for themselves.

“Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.” Albert Einstein Physicist and relatively smart guy

UT ALUM LEADS CHARITABLE PHARMACY Pharmacists have a positive impact on the lives of patients every day through patient care, disease state management and education. Alumnus Allan Zaenger, BSP ’79, has found a way to extend his impact as a pharmacist and help those most in need. As executive director of the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio, he lives the organization’s mission to provide affordable pharmacy services and coordinate access to health care for people who are vulnerable. The Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio provides live-saving prescription medications to members of the community who are living at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level and who are uninsured or underinsured, all at no cost to the patients.

Presenting at a Cosmetic Science Symposium Hillary Phillis, a cosmetic science and formulation design student who will graduate in May 2015, reports on her participation in a cosmetic science symposium. Part II will be featured in the March 2015 issue of Refill. In September 2014, students in the Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design program traveled to the Future of Beauty Symposium hosted by the Michigan chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. The symposium was held in Grand Rapids, Mich., and Dean Early sponsored our lodging expenses. At the Frederik Meijer

topics such as “The Future of Beauty: Trends & Innovations to watch,” “Regulatory Aspects of Non-Traditional Preservatives,” “Future Trends in Cosmetic & Personal Care Ingredients,” and “The Future of Testing and Ethnic Skin Care.” Four students, including myself, participated in the student poster competition, which included multiple poster sessions throughout the day. We introduced our posters and discussed multiple aspects of our research with members of the society.

Gardens & Sculpture Park, we had the

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the SCC MI Chapter fall symposium

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poster competition. I gave a short speech

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opportunity to participate in this event



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The day of the symposium was filled

Pharmacists are welcomed to volunteer with the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio. Learn more about how to support their important mission at

with guest speakers who spoke on

and gain experience in the industry.


PHARMACEUTICAL WIZARDRY WITH ASHP-ASP For this year’s APhA-ASP Pharmflix Video Contest, the UT chapter created a public service announcement about the magic of pharmacy, themed around the world’s favorite young wizard.

READY, SET, GO! P3 Student Deeb Eid discusses the momentum set at the APhA-ASP MidYear Regional Meeting

Four years ago, the UT chapter of American Pharmacists Association— Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA -ASP) was sending approximately 8-10 students to the APhA’s Region 4 MidYear Regional Meeting. Of late, the chapter has seen greater and more consistent student involvement and was able to send 42 students to last fall’s meeting in Lexington, Kentucky. The college’s most prominent student leaders among them, APhA-ASP sent the second largest student body (second to the University of Kentucky) to the meeting this year. At the meeting, the chapter attended leadership workshops, learned about the policy proposal process, and participated in curriculum vitae writing sessions. Importantly, student pharmacists learned more about the HR4190 bill that is pushing for pharmacist provider

status and how they as students can help to shift the profession. In addition, students were pushed to challenge the status quo through the policy proposal process, and the chapter passed its proposal for recommending epinephrine injectors for use in emergency situations in the public school setting, with consent from a physician. This proposal, the chapters first to pass in the past five years, was aided by the

tremendous efforts of P3 student, Tiffany Haddad. The chapter’s patient care vice president, Laura Macaveiu, earned recognition for her work in building a patient care project board. The chapter is looking to continue the momentum set at the Mid-Year Regional Meeting.

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Pharmacy’s BulletinUtnewsletter their quam erat volutpat. wisi enim for ad minim

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Clinical Skills nisl Competition. The ex pairea suscipit lobortis utte lorem aliquip competed against teams from velleum across the commodo consequat duis autem iri

Pharmacy students Alexandra Radovic and Marina Stepanski, pictured above with UT alumnus Matt Buderer, recount their experiences at the PCCA International Conference.

The Professional Compounding Centers of America International Conference was an opportunity that allowed students to delve into the world of compounding. Alexandra Radovic and Marina Stepanski were the first students in the history of the conference to attend. Throughout the conference they encountered many new and exciting learning opportunities like the workshops on the liquid protein diet and 12 principles for good customer service. The most exciting concept they learned was about the Compounding, It’s

P4 students Lindsay Hazelden and Dan Quorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer

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Hazelden and Israel are pictured with

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chapter advisor, Dr. Martin Ohlinger. molestie consequat nostrud exerci.

Personal campaign. This campaign is about educating all different groups of people, from legislators to students, about the benefits and need for compounding. The personal stories of the compounders were inspiring, and the students were intrigued by the amount of patient care that goes into each compound. Radovic and Stepanski were able to make connections with compounders from across the nation and learn about the job of a compounding pharmacist. They also learned about independent compounding retailers and about the current legal issues facing compounding. The other amazing component of attending this conference was how warmly they were welcomed by everyone at the conference. They were able to absorb so much about compounding and all the future opportunities available in this field of pharmacy.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS 04.01.15 Deadline for Pharmacy Summer Camp application 05.09.15 Spring Commencement Exercises for the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will be held in the John F. Savage Arena, 10 a.m.

PHARMACY STUDENT ATHLETES (Continued from page 3)

success in pharmacy school and in baseball. “Having pride in what I do drove me to do as best as I could, whether it was studying or putting in extra practice,” he said.

06.10.15 Toledo Academy of Pharmacy hosts its annual golf outing to raise funds to UT pharmacy student scholarships.

HONORARY DEGREE NOMINATIONS The University of Toledo is accepting nominations for Outstanding Alumni Awards, to be awarded at Homecoming this fall. Please submit your nomination for an alum who deserves recognition for contributions to science, pharmacy, or the community. The online form takes about three minutes to complete.

Both North and Auckley mention their families as a source of inspiration and strength. The support of pharmacy faculty members and classmates is also instrumental. “Traveling made things difficult, so taking advantage of downtime on the road or on the bus was important. With the help of a good friend who kept me up with all of the classes, I was able to make it through the semester,” North said. Auckley,




continue to explore career options in pharmacy to determine which area of practice best suits their interests and talents.


organization, Courtesy: Nathan Gonring

demonstrate focus


determination, all of which will serve them






February 2015 Refill  

The e-newsletter of The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

February 2015 Refill  

The e-newsletter of The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences