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The Laboratory for Product Design, Development & Evaluation The Laboratory for Product Design, Development & Evaluation (LPD2E) was established in January 2011 as a component of the research and teaching infrastructure within The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences (UTCPPS). The GMPcompliant Core Laboratories operate within the Industrial Pharmacy Division of the Department of Pharmacy Practice.

The LPD2E provides a network of expert resources and capabilities that spans the spectrum from fundamental research concepts and the initiation of new formulations and their production paradigms, to providing GMP-compliant products for related clinical investigations and patient trials. Any component or mix of components from these collaborations could be brought to bear on problems which may be of interest to the private sector. Besides basic research activities, collaborations could involve any type of ‘needs assessments’ and/or contractual arrangements that could be geared toward the advancement of specific technologies. Collaborations might include assisting small companies that can benefit from LPD2E’s expertise or capability in navigating the development stages of a project. Likewise, larger companies, having considerable resources already engaged in multiproject scenarios, might desire interactions for exploratory high-risk research projects or to develop potential spin-off areas without the need for internal corporate resources. Similarly, broad and/or specific interactions with either large or small businesses might be envisioned to simply tap the intellectual diversity afforded by the LPD2E network in order to gain different perspectives at any stage of product design and development.


General Capabilities •

Solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs

Flavor masking

Nanoparticle drug delivery

Microemulsion drug delivery

Dematological drug delivery

Placebo tablet & capsule production

Manufacturing Equipment

API clinical trial production

Tablet machines (3)

Ointment mills


Evaluative Capabilities •

Dissolution testing- tablets, capsules, and ointments

Lipstick and suppository fillers

Powder characterization

Solution mixing and filtering

Product stability determination

Ointment filler

Taste testing panels

Ingredient compatibility testing

Product Design and Development •

Oral and topical solutions

Analytical Capabilities


UV-Vis spectrophotometer


Surface tension analysis


Viscosity determination

Capsule formulations

TGA-DSC-TMA analysis

Tablet formulations

Dynamic light scattering

Extended release formulations


Parenteral products


Ophthalmic products

Scanning electron microscopy

Effervescent powders and tablets

Fluorescence analysis


Moisture determination

Personal care products

HPLC analysis


Contact LPD2E The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory for Product Design, Development and Evaluation 3000 Arlington Ave Toledo, OH 43614 Phones: 419.383.1988 ; 419.383.1990; 419.383.1981 FAX: 419.383.1950

LPD2E Brochure Final  

LPD2E Final Brochure

LPD2E Brochure Final  

LPD2E Final Brochure