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WHAT IS THE SATELLITE? The Satellite is a semesterly publication issued by the College of Communication Council. Our goal is to supply Communication students with a quirky newsletter that keeps them informed on current events and culture of the College and the University.

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a note from the communication council president The world revolves around one simple truth: change is the only option; at the College of Communication, we’re doing just that. We’re the radical ones, the movers, the shakers, the scandal makers, and we’re pushing the world of communications to uncharted horizons. It’s an exciting time to be a student in our college - from reshaping curricula and defining the way our industry will work to the new building that will house this think-tank, the Belo Center for New Media. Beyond this, our college is abuzz with student life - from our more than forty organizations to the countless researchers, filmmakers, journalists, and advertising moguls making our college come alive. As you flip through the following pages, I hope you get a taste of the zeal and tenacity that is our community, be it a sampling of the students who make up our niche, a menu of the to-be-seen restaurants, or just a look into some of those notorious classes that we have. Communication Council’s 2011-2012 year has launched off to a fantastic start. Our collective of more than eighty of some of the brightest minds in the college have been working on making our home here at UT one we’re proud to hang our hat in. The College of Communication Lecture Series is in full swing, we’re working to bring in a different perspective on our world each month, starting the year off with a new media look at The Longhorn Network. The College of Communication Survey, out now, is like a litmus test of the state of our college. Created in collaboration with the deans, department chairs, advisors, faculty and students, this survey helps our programs continue to be some of the best in the nation, and gives students a chance to say what they want to see changed or made different for the future. Take this year’s survey through November 11th! Our efforts don’t just stop at the doors of the CMA - whether it’s hosting a spooky Halloween booth at Longhorn Halloween, supporting Longhorn soldiers, or celebrating a day of fun at College of Communication Buddy Day, we are constantly trying to make a difference in our communities beyond the Forty Acres. Visit to get to know us more. We’d love to hear from you - check out all our events, swing by a meeting, or just tweet at us!


SATELLITE STAFF Hunter Ellenbarger, Editor/Publicity Chair

Ali Martinez Alyssa Brant Emily Charlton Isaac Gomez

SPECIAL THANKS Nataly Torres Paola Finol Sarah-Grace Sweeney Vi Tran

We would like to give a big thank you to the Student Outreach, Student-Faculty and Multimedia committees of Communication Council for their contributions.


COMMUNICATION We've tracked down some of your favorite professors and some remarkable Communication students. Get to know those special people that help make this College so unique and world renowned.

Aaron Blanco Advertising Major Junior / from El Paso, Texas DREAM CAREER: Creative at an ad firm ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Build a house FAVORITE MOVIE: Fight Club

Akua Sencherey Advertising Major Junior / from Lake Jackson, Texas DREAM CAREER: Work with the Men’s or Women’s National Soccer Team (PR or general advertising) FAVORITE MOVIE: Inception FAVORITE THING ABOUT UT: Longhorn Athletics

Canyon Darcy Radio/TV/Film Major Junior / from Austin, Texas DREAM CAREER: Work for Anthropologie making fashion films RANDOM FACT: I wasn’t allowed to watch movies until I was in 6th grade FAVORITE MOVIE: Come on. La Double Vie de Veronique is one of them.

Daniel Regueira Journalism Major Junior / from Rye, NY Dream Career: Self-emplyoed advertising photographer/photojournalist Random Fact: My entire family is from Cuba, I was the first born in the US Favorite thing about Austin: Its weirdness

Derek Lewis Broadcast Journalism Major Senior / from San Antonio, Texas Dream Career: Sportscenter Anchor on ESPN Random Fact: I am a relationship expert and counselor Favorite Movie: Love and Basketball



Jason Remmert Broadcast and Sports Journalism Major Senior / from Liberty Hill, Texas Favorite Movie: Man on Fire Favorite thing about UT: 6th Street Dream Career: Sports Radio Talk Show Host

Joseph Lopez

Scarlett Klein

Corporate Communications Major Senior / from San Antonio, Texas

Radio/TV/Film / Journalism Major Freshman / from Alvin, Texas

FAVORITE MOVIE: The Town FAVORITE THING ABOUT UT: Football Favorite thing about Austin: Recreational parks and lakes

ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Travel Europe RANDOM FACT: I have a double-jointed left knee FAVORITE MOVIE: Dead Poet’s Society

Logan Caraballo

Taylor Prewitt

Radio/TV/Film Major Sophomore / from Coldspring, Texas

Pre-Journalism Major Freshman / from Navasota, Texas

Favorite Movie: Rosemary’s Baby Favorite thing about UT: The people Favorite Word: Banana

DREAM CAREER: Working for LIFE magazine FAVORITE THING ABOUT UT: The city around UT. FAVORITE WORD: Hegira

Lynda Gonzales

Ted Moreland

Multimedia Journalism Major Senior / from Kerrville, Texas

Broadcast / Sports Journalism Major Junior / from Dallas, Texas

DREAM CAREER: Helping people! And working as a graphic designer on the side. RANDOM FACT: Conversationally fluent in American Sign Language Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park

Dream Career: Sports agent ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Watch the Redskins win the Super Bowl Favorite Movie: The Hangover

Paloma Fuentes

Trent Lesikar

Undecided / Advertising Major Sophomore / from Del Rio, Texas

Photojournalism Major Senior / from Cedar Hill, Texas

FAVORITE THING ABOUT UT: The acceptance and kindness of teachers and students FAVORITE WORD: Cool FAVORITE THING ABOUT AUSTIN: I don’t get as many weird stares because of my hair

DREAM CAREER: Music photographer ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Climb to the top of the biggest pyramid in Egypt RANDOM FACT: I am related to Elvis

PJ Essex

Zooey Lichtenheld

Communication Studies Major Junior / from Southlake, Texas

Journalism/Women & Gender Studies Major

DREAM CAREER: Playing video games all-day and getting paid for it RANDOM FACT: I’m fluent in German FAVORITE MOVIE: American Beauty

ON YOUR BUCKET LIST: Raise a turtle farm FAVORITE MOVIE: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind FAVORITE THING ABOUT AUSTIN: Barton Springs

Rachel Platis Multimedia Journalism / Plan II Major Senior / from Austin, Texas FAVORITE MOVIE: Fiddler on the Roof FAVORITE THING ABOUT UT: The amazing city it resides in and the diverse and beautiful people that live here. FAVORITE WORD: Cellar door

Sophomore / from Austin, Texas



JOHN MURPHY | ADVERTISING BEST EXPERIENCE? Serving as the faculty advisor for honors students competing in the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition. Out of 11 teams, seven won the district competition and went on to the national finals. Working with dedicated teams of outstanding students under competitive pressure is hard work and frustrating, yet fun and rewarding.

TRACY DAHLBY | JOURNALISM WHY UT? There were many reasons, but I was excited about teaching a new generation of journalists to think about the world and report on it in a way that allows them to develop their individual talents and interests, and helps inform the rest of us about our world in smart and probing ways. FAVORITE THING ABOUT AUSTIN? Good vibe. Good food. Great people.

JOHN DALY | CMS GIVE US SOME ADVICE. Go to class! Take teachers, not classes, on topics that interest you even if they can’t help you get a job. CHILDHOOD DREAM JOB? I was probably the least reflective child when it came to jobs. I don’t think I had a dream job except for continuing to be a child. AND WHAT'S ON YOUR RESUME? University of Maryland for Communication and Purdue University for PHD in Communication.

GARY WILCOX | ADVERTISING FAVORITE THING ABOUT AUSTIN? The attitude of people living in Austin is much different than any other Texas city. If I didn’t live in Austin, I wouldn’t be living in Texas. WHY UT? It was the best program at the best university. AND SOME ADVICE? The best advice I have now is to pay attention to technology. Lots of opportunity for the future!

CHRISTINE MATYEAR | CSD CHILDHOOD DREAM JOB? International spy. Seriously! BEST EXPERIENCE? Having the opportunity to work with some of the finest minds and greatest scholars in the world. AND SOME ADVICE? Take your schooling as seriously as you would your dream job (cultivate a good work ethic), and take advantage of all the resources that are available at this university.


Guadalupe Street is a revolving door of restaurants, shops and student life. Most of us have become familiar with the many storefronts that populate the Drag, but some freshman readers may be a little out of the loop. So the Satellite staff set out to review several of our local eateries to help you decide where to grab a bite between classes.


EAT YOUR HEART OUT TORCHY'S TACOS This tiny taco shop is far north on the Drag but it's definitely worth a few extra minutes of walking. This restaurant prides itself on unique tacos, bearing names like the Democrat and The Republican or the Dirty Sanchez. Just a heads up, if your cashier asks you if you want "to make it trashy," they're actually asking if you would like to add cheese. Say yes. Some of the best tacos to order are the Brushfire and the Fried Avocado. The Brushfire taco combines jerk chicken, jalapeños, diced mangos, cilantro and sour cream. Now top that off with some diablo sauce for a "damn good taco". The Fried Avocado taco is a tasty, cool vegetarian option. You pay per taco so make sure to mix it up!

COCO'S CAFE A secret treasure hidden at the very edge of one of Austin's prime locations for food and shopping lies a wonder of Asian delicacies, a fresh and hip atmosphere, and an endless supply of Boba. CoCo's Cafe, located on 1910 Guadalupe Street, more commonly known as 'the Drag', provides a contemporary atmosphere with a large variety of Asian foods, snacks, and of course - smoothies with Boba. Although CoCo's offers larger portioned meals for lunch and dinner, it's also a great place for a light snack and smoothie or bubble tea with tapioca pearls. The Green Onion Pie, a snack for most, is a light dish that hits the spot for an afternoon craving of something fresh, warm, and slightly tart. A sweet StrawberryBanana smoothie (with Boba, of course) compliments the snack for an ultimate fill of opposite tastes in the best way possible. Reasonably priced, CoCo's offers a wide variety of Asian foods and an indoor soundtrack of contemporary music and decor that will keep you a happy customer with each and every Boba you chew.

VEGGIE HEAVEN Veggie Heaven is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. One of their more vegan popular dishes, Protein 2000 (and my all-time favorite), consists of vegetable proteins made from soybeans in a slightly sweet brown sauce with broccoli, garlic, and onions accompanied by a side of white or brown rice. The Protein 2000 is a delicious and filling meal and at $6.95 you can’t go wrong! I highly recommend adding a steamed spring roll to your order, which is made with cabbage, carrots, and celery wrapped in a flour spring roll wrap and served with sweet and sour sauce. Now, that’s a meal and a great one at that!

RASTA PASTA Infused with a vibrant Jamaican vibe, this restaurant has a perfect atmosphere for any casual dining event. It is a sit down style restaurant that serves a wide variety of unique pasta dishes, including their specialty ‘Rasta Pasta’ dish. Every entrée comes as a decently large portion size and includes a side salad and a piece of delicious garlic bread, so it is absolutely worth the money. The restaurant also has good discounts for students along with being Bevo Buck friendly.


One of my first memories of college was perusing down the drag with my roommate to grab a bite to eat at Mellow Mushroom. The atmosphere is great, hinting at a certain favorite pastime of Willie Nelson and other “relaxed” Austinites. Many different tastes will be satisfied at Mellow Mushroom, from meat lovers to those that are more health conscious and want to offset the carb overload with lighter toppings. Even if you aren’t feeling pizza, there’s hoagies, salads, calzones and more. I won’t be afraid to admit that the Mighty Meaty is a personal fave, but the Caesar! Caesar! is also pretty tasty (it seems silly...having a salad on a pizza, but it’s sooo good). It doesn’t hurt that they accept Bevo Bucks, and you can buy a slice for two bucks.

WHICH WICH Sandwiches are a college life staple. They’re quick, easy, and completely customizable; but where is a student going to get all the necessary ingredients to make their Dreamwich? Luckily, Which Wich is a sandwich shop that lets you customize your order in an easy and (most importantly) affordable way. Using labeled paper bags, customers are encouraged to check off what they want from a wide variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, and so on. Not only are the sandwiches delicious, the staff friendly, the chocolate chips cookies to die for, but customers are also encouraged to let their creative juices flow on the paper bags by drawing, decorating, or even admitting a secret and placing it on a wall of the establishment. This is a small way to let the customers of this hip, modern, friendly sandwich place express and identify themselves as an individual as unique and quirky as their sandwich.


Growing up in a Vietnamese American household, the classic Vietnamese sandwich - banh mi - was always a staple in my diet and one of my favorite foods. Bite Mi takes a modern spin on the classic sandwich by using fresh ingredients on a soft baguette. For less than $5, I was able to satisfy my craving for a banh mi sandwich, which makes it one of the cheaper choices on The Drag. If a mere foot-long sandwich does not suppress your hunger, try making your order into a combo for $6, which includes the sandwich, an egg roll, a spring roll, a bag of chips and a drink. Bite Mi has definitely set the standards high for affordable student dining. The only set back, at least for students living on campus, is that they do not accept Bevo Bucks. Overall, I would recommend this eatery and will definitely return for seconds.

HI — HO — HI — HO IT'S OFF TO INTERN WE GO Applying for your first job. It will happen for all us one day, hopefully, but how prepared will you be? One thing is for sure; Stephanie Kuo will probably be more prepared than you. Kuo, a senior Copy Editing and Design major, has held six internships while in college. She is graduating this December and currently interns at Austin American Statesman and Texas Monthly. “I’m always working and not stopping. Most people don’t decide to take on this workload, I think I’m a little bit crazy for doing it,” Kuo said. “But if you really want something, you’ll make it work you know?” As a Digital Media intern at Texas Monthly magazine, Kuo gets to work on the blog, doing jobs like writing the Q & A’s with Texas Monthly writers. She also works on some of the cool digital projects associated with Texas Monthly. She is currently helping input data for a Bar-B-Q app for iPhones. She also works at the copy desk at the Statesman from 5-10 p.m. on Wednesday nights and from 7-12 Friday nights, which is not the way most students are spending their Friday evenings. But Kuo, who is hoping to go to Columbia for graduate school this next semester, knows it will pay off. Kuo has big dreams. In fact, she has her sights set on the Editor in Chief post at Vanity Fair. After graduate school, she is hoping for an entry-level job somewhere like Condé Nast or Hearst. “Basically the dream for any journalist after college is just to get what you can get,” Kuo said.

While there may be a few stops before Kuo gets to sit behind the editor’s desk in New York City, she is certainly getting the experience necessary to get there. Kuo offered up a few tips she picked up while interning around Austin. “You have to really be able to adapt yourself,” Kuo said. “You have to go to these publications and figure out exactly how they do it because that’s ultimately what matters most.” She also mentioned that having a wide range of skills is really important to employers. “You kind of have to be a jack of all trades,” she said. Just editing, just photography, just writing will not be enough to get you the best internship. Kuo said that if you make yourself valuable in this way, people will want to keep you around longer. “If you have background in photography or web design, a magazine or newspaper will definitely find use for you because right now, nobody wants to teach you new skills,” Kuo said. While an internship could seem like a chore to a lot of people, the way to get the most out of the experience is to enjoy it. “Don’t be afraid to form relationships with people you are working with. Be friends with them, engage in good dialogue with them,” Kuo said. “Try and make yourself comfortable in the environment because if you are stiff and you are unhappy you’re not going to enjoy your internship at all.” story by Sarah—Grace Sweeney

Communication Career Services — Have You Heard? If you're interested in pursuing an awesome communications internship, check out the Communication Career Services office on the fifth floor of the CMA or online. Be sure to come to the Intersnhip Fair on October 26th between 12 — 5 p.m. at the DKR North End Zone.

OPERATION REGISTRATION Registration is now upon us. Here are some of our favorite College of Communication classes. Check them out on your quest through the Course Catalog this semester.

Sociocultural Bases of Communication


This class is an introductory course into cultural concepts that deal with communication from a both historical and modern point of view. It's a good class to take if you are interested in learning about how specific aspects of culture like phrases, gestures, and values are applied across the world. It also explores how cultural communication develops at a different pace in various regions. Make sure to keep up with the readings to fully benefit from lectures. Also, the professor gives a lot of extra credit opportunities!

Interpersonal Communication


Students interested in learning about the ins and outs of human relationships should absolutely take Interpersonal Communication with John C. Daly. He is widely known throughout the College of Communication for his cheerful personality and witty humor. He explores all kinds of topics such as how to persuade someone to get what you want, or the ever-present question: can a long distance relationship work? He makes the class relatable and interesting to everyone who takes it, and it's a lot of fun.

Critical Issues in Journalism


This class is an interesting blend of political science and journalism, and gives students a refreshing outlook on the way the profession of journalism works in the world today. Jensen is an enthusiastic and engaging professor that teaches beyond the textbook, offering entertaining and real-world insight. The class involves reading that is not difficult, and grades are based on quizzes and exams so it is not a high-stress class if you keep up with the reading and lectures. It is required for journalism majors, but is still an awesome class that is easy to enjoy.

Communication Technology


This course takes students through the history of technology starting from the early 1800’s, to the first telephone, to the world of sound and color in film. Not only do you learn the history and development of technologies, you also discover the theories in media studies. While the course does not have a textbook the readings prepare you for upper division courses. The professor is very interested in her students, even request one-on-ones from everyone. The TA’s are spectacular and engaging. This class will also double as an MIS credit for Comm students who are in the Business Foundations Program.

Integrated Communication for Nonprofit Organizations

PR 378-5

The class consists of students reading case studies about communication strategies nonprofit organizations from all over the country have used to promote their causes, and then students spend class time discussing the case studies. Additionally, students work together in groups to conduct an audit of an Austin nonprofit. If you enjoy discussion-based classes and are interested in nonprofit communications, this is the class for you.

Media, Law & Ethics


This class is interesting and extremely real world applicable for anyone in communications. The class applies the constitution to the world of media as well as teaching ethics in the newsroom. The material covered is easy to follow and Jensen enthusiastically helps you along. If you do the readings and show up to the classes, you WILL get a good grade!

Introduction to Media Studies


Though it is open to every one of all majors and colleges, it is required for all RTF majors. Essentially, this class covers everything that Media Studies can possibly encompass. Leaving this class, you will have a basic elementary knowledge of radio, television, film, Internet, adverting, etc. and how they each impact each other. This class also has a weekly film screening where you can see some of the classic movies television shows that helped define contemporary Hollywood. Because this class offers a general education on all media, this class is ideal for anyone in the College of Communication.


photo by Caleb Fox

Career Fair Prep Night // October 24th // Burdine 216 // 6:30 p.m. CCS Internship Fair // October 26th // DKR North End Zone // 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. College of Communication Tailgate // October 29th // MLK & Red River St // 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. Donuts With The Deans // November 11th // CMA Plaza // 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. College of Communication Survey // until November 11th // Thanksgiving // November 24th Final Exams // December 7th — December 13th

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