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BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED SRFS As previously reported, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce favorably reported to the House HR 3387, the “Drinking Water System Improvement Act,” which reauthorizes the Safe Drinking Water SRF and substantially increases annual funding for the program. The bill authorizes $8 billion over a five-year period, which is a major victory given current funding for the Drinking Water program is only about $950 million annually. In late September, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held its perennial water infrastructure hearing, “Building a 21st Century Infrastructure for America: Water Stakeholders’ Perspectives,” which we hope will trigger the reauthorization of the Clean Water SRF. Historically in the House, the SRFs are heard by separate committees, then joined afterward. Should the full House approve the bill, it will head to the Senate, where the Environment and Public Works Committee has jurisdiction over both revolving funds. After years of delay, the bipartisan House measure will put some pressure on the Senate to work toward consensus in a timely manner. TIGER TAILS State and local officials have until October 16 to apply for $500 million in TIGER grants. The FY17 TIGER program is giving special consideration to communities in rural areas. As of this writing, New Jersey has not submitted any applications. In

its FY18 budget request, the White House proposed cutting the TIGER program altogether. IT’S NOT SHAMELESS IF IT’S TRUE - It’s an election year, and the entire legislature and the governor are up for election. Now more than ever, it is critical that we support our TTF champions, as many are now facing challenges for their votes in favor of responsible funding. If we lose even one friend in the legislature due to their vote for the TTF, we greatly endanger future renewal efforts. We sincerely hope that you’ll consider supporting the UTCA PAC, CONSTRUCTORS FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT UTCA continues to be the leading voice for infrastructure construction in Trenton and Washington DC. Whether it is providing expert testimony before business and legislative groups or positively effecting the legislative process, UTCA stands alone in its record of achievement for our industry. This success is only possible with your support of the Association, and more importantly, with your support of the industry’s PAC: Constructors for Good Government. Please consider contributing in 2017 as UTCA will continue to be very active in the upcoming legislative session, and a robust PAC only strengthens our voice. Thank you for your continued support.

Voted against ttf renewal • Senator Van Drew • Assemblyman Andrzejczak • Assemblyman Land • Assemblyman Brown • Assemblyman Mazzeo • Senator Allen

• Senator Bateman • Assemblyman Zwicker • Assemblyman Ciattarelli • Senator Tom Kean • Assemblyman Green • Senator Doherty

• Senator Connors • Assemblywoman Gove • Assemblyman Rumpf • Senator Holzapfel

• Assemblyman Peterson • Assemblyman DiMaio • Assemblyman Space • Senator Bucco

• Assemblyman McGuckin • Assemblyman Wolfe

• Assemblyman Bucco • Assemblyman Carroll

• Senator Beck • Assemblywoman Downey • Assemblyman Houghtaling

• Senator Pennacchio • Assemblyman Webber • Senator Gill

• Assemblyman Dancer • Assemblyman Clifton

• Assemblywoman Oliver • Senator Cardinale

• Assemblywoman Handlin • Senator Turner

• Assemblyman Auth • Assemblywoman Schepisi

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Utility & Transportation Contractor October 2017