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Bringing the Menuhin to Texas Presented by The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts Produced by The Butler School of Music and Texas Performing Arts In Partnership with

Vista Equity Partners Dr. Doug Dempster, Dean of the College of Fine Arts Professor Glenn Richter, Director, Butler School of Music Ms. Ann Flemings, Director of Development, Butler School 512.232.3515 /

Executive Summary Since 1983, the Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition has helped exceptionally talented young (aged 22 and under) musicians develop into artists of the highest caliber by competing against peers, performing with jurors and teaching within the host community over a 10-day period. The Menuhin Competition is to aspiring violinists what the Van Cliburn Competition is to aspiring concert pianists. Yehudi Menuhin, founder of the competition, was an American born violin child prodigy and the competition commemorates the artistry and international legacy of his life. For the first time, the competition is coming to the United States. The University of Texas at Austin’s Butler School of Music is thrilled to host the competition February 21 – March 2, 2014 in Austin. Each jury member will perform a concert and give a public master class and all competitive performances are open to the public and free of charge. Live audiences of 3,000 to 5,000 from around the world, with virtual audiences in excess of 150,000 are expected. We are proud that the Cleveland Orchestra has joined us to bring the Menuhin to Texas. The Cleveland Orchestra has become one of the most sought after performing ensembles in the world and they will perform two finale concerts during the closing weekend. “Their reputation as one of the world’s great ensembles is richly deserved.” The Guardian (London), August 2010. Bringing the Menuhin to Texas presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to position the US, Texas, our partners and the University of Texas at Austin at the intersection of excellence in classical music, music education, culture and leadership. An international festival at this scale will cost about $1.4 million and prior competitions have been heavily subsidized by host-governments. The University of Texas at Austin is seeking funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations to support this oneof-a-kind opportunity for Texas, the University and the Butler School of Music.

“Participating in the Menuhin competition and festival will expand the horizons of my musical experience and allow me to dream even bigger than before.” – Angela Wee, 2012 Menuhin Competitor 2012 Menuhin competitor, 11 year-old Soo Been Lee


The Competition and Festival The Menuhin Competition brings together the world’s best young violinists to compete in a 10-day festival of events culminating in a final gala awards performance. Founded in 1983, the competition is held in a different city every two years. Recent competitions have been held in Beijing (2012), Oslo (2010), and Cardiff (2008). All competitive events are free and open to the public, with attendees from the United States, Europe, Asia and beyond. The competition consistently attracts the world’s best musicians under the age of 22. Since 1983, many winners have gone on to major international careers. The 42 violinists who participate in the competition are selected from 200 plus applicants from all over the world. Winners are selected in the junior and senior category.

Menuhin Jury Chair, Pamela Frank, instructs a Master Class in Beijing 2012. Ms. Frank has performed as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony orchestra and Academy of St-Martins-of-the-Fields.

The nine-member jury for the 2014 Menuhin includes some of the brightest international stars performing today. Pamela Frank, chair of the jury and professor of violin at Philadelphia’s Curtis Institute of Music, has performed as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. We are proud to have Butler School faculty members participate in the jury: Brian Lewis (USA) and Anton Nel (South Africa/US). Additional jury members include: Joji Hattori (Japan) - Vice Chair of the Jury Olivier Charlier (France) Ilya Gringolts (Russia) David Kim (USA) LU Siqing (China) and Arabella Steinbacher (Germany). The friendly competition is part of a 10-day festival designed to develop emerging artists into global citizens of the highest caliber.

The festival atmosphere is a unique aspect of the Menuhin competition. The festival is designed to help exceptionally talented young musicians develop into artists of the highest caliber. They are engaged with leading international musicians, perform with their peers and lead master classes for host communities, thus enriching the local communities exposure to the arts and building their own professional development. The festival format offers unparalleled music, education, and cultural exchange opportunities for students, educators, and public audiences within the host community. The Menuhin is the only violin competition in the world where jury members perform a concert and give a public master class, offering outstanding education and entertainment to competitors and audiences alike.


Menuhin in Texas 2014 Festival attendees will receive a warm welcome in Austin. UT’s Butler School and Texas Performing Arts are two long-established institutions experienced in both music education and producing spectacular large-scale events and performances. The Butler School will serve as the festival’s official headquarters, where competitors and the jury will meet, practice, compete, and perform. Competitive rounds and jury performances will be held in the school’s McCullough Theatre and Bates Recital Hall. Local arts supporters will open their homes for intimate gatherings and chamber performances. The finale weekend will feature the incomparable Cleveland Orchestra performing with competition winner(s) in a Children’s Concert, entitled Lemony Snicket, on Saturday, March 1, and a closing Gala Concert on Sunday, March 2. The 2,400-seat Long Center in downtown Austin will host the opening performances with the Austin Symphony Orchestra, the University of Texas Symphony Orchestra on February 21, and closing gala and children’s concert with the Cleveland Orchestra on March 1st and 2nd. The Long Center has become one of the nation’s premier cultural showplaces with a unique design that pays tribute to Austin’s natural beauty and commitment to sustainability. The Long Center, a world-class Austin venue, will provide performance space for the Cleveland Orchestra and closing Gala Celebration. The Butler School of Music, on the UT campus, will host the public competitive rounds, festival events and offer enrichment for K-12 children. Long Center Dell Performance Hall The Menuhin Competition is an educational event, and over 1,700 teachers and students from surrounding school districts and universities, private K-12 schools, and musical youth groups will participate in all aspects of the festival. We believe that all young people will benefit from exposure to the Menuhin, regardless of their musical background or aspirations or socio-economic status. To enhance the festival atmosphere, we will be hosting year- long activities to engage the local community, on campus and on the web, to build momentum for the Menuhin in February 2014.

Required Resources Producing an international festival of this size and scale is expensive. Bringing the Menuhin to Texas will take many local, regional and national partnerships. Previous competitions have been held in Europe and Asia where the arts are heavily subsidized by host governments. There are many opportunities for individuals, corporations, foundations and associations to become involved. Sponsorships provide awards for the Menuhin winners, underwrite event production, travel and accommodations for the nine jury members, venue rentals and concert production costs, travel and meals for the competitors and student performers, publicity and publications, including the keep-sake event book, and technical support. A budget of $1,500,000 is required to produce a world-class event of the highest caliber. To date, the university has raised $750,000 toward the competition and festival. This includes the generous support of Vista Equity Partners, Texas Women in the Arts, the Austin Asian-American Community Center and key individual donors. *All information accurate as of: 6/21/13 2:49 PM


The Opportunity Individuals, corporations, and foundations are being given an opportunity to invest in bringing the Menuhin to Texas in 2014. A variety of sponsorship packages are available. The Stradivari at $250,000 level, the Guarneri at the $100,000 level, the Montagnana at the $50,000 level and the Amati at the $25,000 level. Each package may be uniquely defined to serve your associations branding needs best. In addition, smaller scale sponsorships and support at any level is gratefully accepted. Help raise the profile of music education, cultural exchange and artistry; enrich the lives of young people in Central Texas and beyond, while showcasing Texas as a major destination for international artists.

Get involved. Bring the Menuhin to Texas! For more information on how you, your company, foundation or association can become involved in please contact Ms. Ann Flemings, Director of Development at 512.232.3515/



The Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition is a global media event and sponsorship offers outstanding visibility and benefits on a local, regional, national and international level. Benefits include visibility in competition venues, inclusion in print collateral, news and social media, and special opportunities to participate in the festival in Austin. Sponsors at all levels will receive: • Logo’s in all paid advertising, media and web exposure and marketing collateral. This includes the Butler School Music Season brochure, the keep-sake event book, and placement cards in video taping, • Invitations to pre- and post-performance receptions • Invitations to House concerts hosted by special friends of Butler School


Our Sponsorship packages offer partners enhanced exposure and positioning as a partner in the Menuhin. We are excited to work with you to determine how to most effectively blend opportunities that bring maximum exposure for your needs. In order to maintain exclusivity, we are accepted only limited number of sponsors per package.

Amati • •

$25,000 Level Name a Junior Semifinalist Award OR the Audience Award OR the Competitor Award. Option to create a Special Category award A Day at the Menuhin; select same-day $5K level competitive event & associated event during the festival

Montagnana • •

$50,000 Level Name any Junior or Senior Prize Level award Business Card advertisement in the keep-sake Event Program Book Sponsor a Festival Activity uniquely designed to compliment the music festival atmosphere.

Guarneri • • • •

$100,000 Level Half page advertisement in the keep-sake Event Program Book Name the Junior Rounds OR Senior Rounds OR Day of Master Classes Name a Festival Event: Parenting a Prodigy OR The Jurors Ear OR Menuhin Lecture Host: Opening Gala and reception OR Junior Finals Competition OR Senior Finals Competition

Stradivari • • • • •

$250,000 Level Premier Sponsor for all aspects of the Menuhin Competition and Festival Corporate identity exposure during competition, festival; archived recordings, in addition to scores of pre-festival branding opportunities. Full page advertisement space and feature article in the keep-sake Event Program Book Host Junior Finals Deliberation Reception, Butler School Atrium, Bates recital Hall Host Menuhin at the Movies Launch Party; Menuhin ATX and the Virtuoso Project



Many of our partners are interested in single item opportunities. Many are blended into the Packages we offer; however, these opportunities are all available on a “first come-first-served” basis. Prizes and Awards

Available for Sponsorship *Part of Montagnana & Amati Package

Facts: 42 competitors selected out of hundreds of applications. 22 seniors and 20 Junior competitors. 9 Senior Semi-Finalists are selected from the 22; from those 9, 4 are selected as the Senior Winners. From the 20 Junior competitors, 7 are selected as Junior Winners, with top 5 receiving an award and the last two receiving a $500 gift. Senior Section *Part of Montagnana Package • 1st prize $10,000 • 2nd prize $7,000 • 3rd prize $5,000 • 4th prize $3,000 • Bach Prize $1,500 *Sponsored by Robert Masters, co-founder of the competition. Junior Section*Part Montagnana Package • 1st prize $7,000 • 2nd prize $5,000 *Sponsored by Florian Violin • 3rd prize $3,500 • 4th prize $2,000 • 5th prize $1,500 • Semi-Finalists $1,000 *Part of Amati Package *2 unplaced Junior finalists will receive $500 each Audience Award Competitor Award

$1,000 *Part of Amati Package $ 500 *Part of Amati Package

Competitive Events

Available for $5K

to $15K

$15K Opening Concert with UTSO Friday Feb 21: (Long) 8 p.m. *Part of Guarneri Package

• • •

$10K Senior Rounds Day 1 Sat. Feb 22: (McCullough) 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. *Part of Guarneri Package $10K Senior Rounds Day 2 Sun. Feb 23: (McCullough) 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. *Part of Guarneri Package $ 5K Senior Semi Finalists Celebration Reception Sun. Feb 23: (McCullough) 4:30 p.m. *Part of

• • •

$10K Junior Rounds Day 1 Mon. Feb 24: (McCullough) 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. *Part of Guarneri Package $10K Junior Rounds Day 2 Tues. Feb 25: (McCullough) 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. *Part of Guarneri Package $5K Junior Finalists Celebration Reception (McCullough) 4 p.m. *Part of Amati Package

$ 5K Junior Finalists Rehearsal*Part of Amati Package o Part 1: with UTSO Tues. Feb 25 (Bates) 7 p.m. o Part 2: with UTSO Wed. Feb 26 (Orchestra Room) 12 noon $5K Senior Semi-Finalist Rehearsal with Chamber Quartet & Cellist Tues. Feb. 25: (Bates) 10 a.m. *Part of Amati Package $10K Senior Semi Finals Competition with Chamber Quartet & Cellist Wed Feb. 26:(Bates) 2 p.m. $5K Senior Finalist Celebration Reception (Bates Atrium) 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. *Part of Amati Package

• • •

Amati Package


$5K Senior Finals Rehearsal with the ASO Thursday Feb. 27: (Long) 7:30 p.m. *Part of Amati Package

• •

$10K Junior Finals Competition *Part of Guarneri Package o Part 1: Fri. Feb 28: Collaborative Pianists (Bates) 2:30 p.m. o Part 2: Fri. Feb 28: UTSO (Bates) 8 p.m. $5K Junior Finalists Deliberation/Announcement Reception (Bates Atrium) 10 p.m. *Part of

$5K Senior Finals Rehearsal with ASO Friday Feb 28: (Long) 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. * 3hr. break @

$10K Senior Finals Competition with ASO Saturday, Mar 1 (Long) 8 p.m. *Part of Guarneri Package

Stradivari or Amati Package

4:30*Part of Amati Package

Festival Events • • • •

Available for $5K

to $20K

$20K Juror Concert at the Blanton Thur. Feb 27: (Blanton Atrium) 12 noon $15K Juror Master Classes Thur. Feb 27: (BSOM, UT Campus) All Day*Part of Guarneri Package $5K Non Finalist Competitor School Visits: Fri. Feb 28th (Various local schools) Competitors that do not move on into the finals of the Menuhin competition, will provide master classes to local schools. $5K - $10K Uniquely Designed Special Events by the Sponsor to compliment the Festival atmosphere. *Part of Montagnana Package

Associated Events During the Festival

Various Sponsorship Levels

*Many are part of Guarneri Package or Amati Package

Parenting a Prodigy Sat. Feb. 22 1:30 p.m. (TBD UT Campus) $1,000 supports honorariums, venue rental • Panel discussion on helping young children deal with the challenges and opportunities that come with excelling in a field at an early age. Panelist will include master violin teachers, parents, and UT scholars on parenting, etc. The Jurors Ear Tues. Feb 25. 1:30 p.m. (TBD UT Campus) $1,500 supports honorariums, venue rental • Menuhin jurors examine film footage of past contestants or other violinists playing the same piece, providing live insight into how they hear differences between players, how they rank competitors, etc. Menuhin Goes to Texas Saturday Feb 22 6:30 p.m. (Long Center or Texas Memorial Museum) $10,000 supports entertainer fee, food cart catering, venue rental and promotion • A live concert to showcase a variety of local musicians and musical traditions from Texas, focused primarily on the fiddle. Featuring Ruby Jane, a local musician with a national following, will include an open mic for students to perform. UT approved food cart vendors offer refreshments. The Legacy of Yehudi Menuhin: Annual Nilsson Lecture Tues. Fri Feb 28 6 p.m. (Fine Arts Library) $1,000 supports catering • David Nilsson annual lecture at the Fine Arts Library will coincide with the Junior Finals dinner break. It will be focused on the life of Yehudi Menuhin. *All information accurate as of: 6/21/13 2:49 PM


Associated Events Prior to the Festival

Available for $1K

to $20K

*All are part of Stradivari Package

Menuhin ATX: August 2013 launch, Award Ceremony: Saturday, February 22 (TBD Austin) $5,000, supports promotion and prize awards • A local music competition with awards culminating during actual Menuhin Competition. Not limited to violin, submissions of any musical instrument will be accepted through a YouTube video. A group of local musicians will serve as the jury. Entries will be posted on the Butler School’s Menuhin Competition website, plus the BSoM and Menuhin competition facebook pages. Prizes awarded at Menuhin Goes to Texas concert February 22 Virtuoso Project: July 2013 launch; Blog posts through March 31, 2014 (TBD Austin) $1,500 supports promotion and creation of web site • A blog to engage Menuhin competitors, competitor parents and jurors, past and current, write posts about required skills of highly successful people from any field ie. Use of role models; over coming disappointment; discipline; time management; keeping motivation. about specific topics Topics part of a curriculum guide used by local schoolteachers to be shared in classrooms. Student participants invited to attend Menuhin competition and eliminated competitors offer Master Class at schools. Launch Party: Menuhin at the Movies Austin kick-off event: January 17, 2014 (TBD Austin) Time? $5,000 supports research and media production; catering, rentals, parking and give-aways • Energize the local community, volunteers and staff by sharing historic footage of master violinists, especially Yehudi Menuhin presented with commentary by great performers and teachers. Serving Indian food plus Texas BBQ, this event will serve as a fun, brief volunteer orientation/appreciation party.

*All information accurate as of: 6/21/13 2:49 PM


Marketing: Plans and Projections Menuhin website and social media growth since 2012 competition. • Menuhin Competition site traffic has grown by 70%. • This past year, the website experienced 5.5 million hits, or 360,000 visits. • The peak of this activity culminated during the competition in Beijing, with 2.5 million hits and 112,000 visits. Viewership was global: 36% US and Canada, 29% Asia, 17% Europe, 10% South America, 5% Australia, 3% rest of the world. • The Menuhin Competition re-launched its Facebook page over a year ago and has 1,187 likes, steadily growing. • The Menuhin Competition launched a YouTube Channel last year ago, which now has 488 subscribers and 228,000 views. Audience: Physical and Virtual The competition and festival draw an international cultural tourist crowd of 3,000 to 5,000. For many this will be his or her first impression of Texas and the United States. Americans, especially Texans, are highly mobile and we anticipate broad participation from across the state and nation. In Beijing, web streaming of competitive events on the Menuhin Competition website ( attracted more than 150,000 viewings in over 80 different countries. This is a significant increase from the competition in Cardiff in 2008, which had 39,000 views of competitive rounds. Impressively, the Menuhin website received 22 million non-unique hits during the competition in Beijing alone. Sponsorship exposure will continue across time due to the archiving of competitions and performances, which will be archived on the Menuhin Competition website. Advertising: Radio and Print Paid advertising exposure (radio, print, media) will include the regional markets of Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. National ads will be placed in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Cleveland, Nashville, Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Seattle. Radio exposure is the priority, including buys on NPR, and planned print exposure includes ads in Texas Monthly, New Yorker, Houston Chronicle, Austin-American Statesman, Dallas Morning News, San Antonio Express-News, Southern Living, Spirit Magazine, All Things Strings, Gramophone, The Strad. Collateral • Recognition in 5,000 keep-sake event program books • Recognition in prime location on 2013-2014 Butler School of Music Season Brochure (published Aug 2013/Jan 2014) mailed to more than 5,500 friends and alumni. On Site Signage • Recognition displayed in concert venues on The University of Texas campus. • Opportunity for an on-site presence (booth, table display) during the 10 days.


Media Exposure Web • Recognition on the Menuhin Competitions homepage, performance page and sponsor page, and on the Butler School of Music’s Menuhin Festival page • Recognition on advance promotions for all Menuhin Competition events • Recognition on weekly electronic newsletter (2400 recipients) • Permanently archived performances on the Menuhin Competition website for public access. Film • All performances will be recorded and captured on video and partners will receive recognition on each video production, which will live permanently in the university’s Butler School of Music archives. • We will pursue a partnership with the Longhorn Network to provide live broadcasting of the competition events. Entertainment and Special Events • Tickets for a limited number of guests to attend the Gala Event and other high profile venues; includes preferred seating.


Menuhin corporate partner proposal june 21 2013  
Menuhin corporate partner proposal june 21 2013