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Our UTB/TSC Experiences “Professor Jared Montoya pushed me to take classes that I was scared of taking. Dr. Debbie Huerta taught me so much, and Dr. Virginia Wood was always there as a mentor and a superior professor.” Cheriese Izo College of Liberal Arts – Psychology “When I was ready to give up on one of Dr. Patti Ross Salinas’ classes, she encouraged me to continue. She knew I had it in me to succeed and knew I am a determined individual.” Georgina Rocha College of Liberal Arts – Criminal Justice “I love my UTB/TSC campus. Every day, I would walk from student housing to my classes and was in awe admiring how beautiful and aesthetic my campus is. I love it.” Cruz I. Estrada College of Liberal Arts – Communication “One semester, I took the marketing research class, and I cried for that class. It was a lot of work, LINKS sessions, focus group sessions, but at the end of the semester when I received the ‘A,’ it was worth it.” Daniela Venegas School of Business – Marketing

“The highlight of my education was during the class I took with Dr. Gloria Quesada. She is an inspiring woman with a vast knowledge in her field, and she shared it with the class. She is my inspiration to one day share my knowledge with the community.” Ana G. Lara-Gomez School of Education – Early Childhood4th Grade Bilingual Generalist “Try your hardest and don’t give up. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t make it.” Juan Davila Jr. School of Education – Social Studies Composite 8th – 12th grade “Never give up even if you encounter people who will make you feel that you don’t belong there. Always ask; there are so many resources that are not known to students that you have to ask. Get involved in an association, a program, etc.” Arabella Longoria School of Education – Early Childhood4th grade Bilingual Generalist “Been waiting for this moment for a long time. As a father of five boys, this will be an even more significant event in our lives.” Audulio Garza College of Science, Mathematics and Technology – Biology

“They say that students make the school, yet I believe professors do. I will always remember their wise lectures.” Miriam Reyes College of Liberal Arts – English Language Arts “It is the end of one of my most cherished chapters of my life.” Carlos Montemayor School of Business – Accounting “Don’t give up no matter how hard it seems or the circumstances you are going through because education is the key that will open a world of endless opportunities.” Rebecca Orellana College of Science, Mathematics and Technology – Education 8th-12th grade “I really appreciate all my loved ones that have been by my side, that gave me courage. They had faith in what I was doing and knew I could accomplish graduation.” Letty V. Rodriguez School of Education – Early Childhood4th Grade Bilingual Education “Living in the dorms at UTB/TSC has left me with memories and friends I will cherish for the rest of my life.” Pedro F. Torres Jr. College of Liberal Arts – History

“I think that Commencement is the reward a student gets at the end of their first step of their life. I say the first step of their life because most students never quit and continue to do great things in their life.” Linda Lizeth Martinez School of Education – English 8th-12th grades “I believe that Commencement is a time to celebrate all of your hard work, dedication and determination for the benefit of yourself and your family.” Jesus A. Quezada College of Liberal Arts – Bilingual Education Early Childhood to 4th grade “Dr. Suzanne LaLonde, a French professor, kept me motivated by teaching me how to think critically about society and showing me that people can still work together to achieve common goals.” Sergio A. Godinez College of Liberal Arts – Music and Translation “I had to apply for so many loans in order to continue with my education, but at the end, I am sure it will be so worth it. I also had to limit my time with my children which I think was the hardest part of it all.” Silvia Arroyo School of Education – Bilingual Generalist Early Childhood to 4th grade

“The experience of seeing our campus grow and expand, erecting beautiful buildings and just being a part of that era of development. Also, seeing the pride of our University develop, seeing the attitude switch from, ‘Yeah, I go to UTB/TSC’ to ‘That’s right, I go to UTB/TSC.’” Hiram Lozano College of Science, Mathematics and Technology - Biology “There were plenty of obstacles that I had to overcome - from holding a full time job, being a full time college student and being a full time mom – without the help of my family, I wouldn’t have been able to juggle all three.” Nadia Erosa College of Liberal Arts – History “Dr. Milo Kearney has given me a wonderful learning experience and profound knowledge that has allowed me to carry that into my teaching.” Rosalinda Olivares College of Liberal Arts – History “It will be the closure of years of hard working.” Emmanuel Borbo College of Science, Mathematics and Technology – Computer Information Systems

“Tough it out and study hard. If you want your degree, you have to work hard and apply yourself – it will not be handed to you.” Catherine Prause College of Science, Mathematics and Technology – Applied Technology “Dr. Diana V. Dominguez is a great scholar and wonderful humanitarian. She always inspires me to reach for the stars and do my best.” Margaret Annen College of Liberal Arts – English “My thoughts on Commencement is that I can’t believe it’s right around the corner. Now, I want to go accomplish my next goal in life, which is to get my master’s degree.” Teresa Marie Sanchez School of Education – Science “I’ve had some really inspiring professors and have met many great friends along the way. Encouragement from both have really made this journey an exciting one.” Jessica White College of Liberal Arts – Psychology

Our UTB/TSC Experiences “Professor Jared Montoya