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The Shorthorn Spring 2012

The Shorthorn: Michael Minasi

Speaking from experience Nursing graduate student to reflect on obstacles during her speech BY HOLLY WARD The Shorthorn staff

The nursing education master’s program is relatively new to UTA and Melissa Sepulveda Tran is only one of four students to earn this degree this year. She’ll speak at Graduation Celebration at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Graduation Celebration is an annual event held during May commencement weekend in celebration of the graduating class. The 2012 celebration at Levitt Pavilion will also include speeches from award-winning actor James Franco and President James Spaniolo. “I am humbled and honored to be selected,” Tran said. “I just don’t know why I stand out in the graduate program, there are others qualified to speak as well.” Amy Schultz, associate vice president of communications and community relations, said every year one college is asked to pick a student to speak on behalf of his or her perspective college affiliation, his or her peers and his or her fellow graduates. “This year, Melissa was chosen by the dean and faculty of the College of Nursing based upon her commitment to academic excellence and professional successes,” said Bridget Lewis, senior media relations officer. The 28-year-old graduate student was contacted in February about speaking at the graduation event. “I was overwhelmed and anxious at first. I just started working on my final speech here recently, and I felt pretty good about it.” Tran said. “Then I found out that James Franco would be speaking too — now I’m really nervous again.” She said her speech will be about the obstacles she overcame as she earned her education. “It is not a commencement speech. It is a speech for a celebration of graduates,” Tran said. “I hope to inspire and share with the students that no matter what comes their way in life, that they can do it.” She said she graduated high school early in 2001 because she got married and had a child.

After that she went to El Centro College in 2002 and graduated in 2004. Tran completed her bachelor’s degree at UTA and started her master’s studies at UTA in 2009. “I will never forget that date I started the master’s program,” Tran said. “It was the very day that Obama was inaugurated.” She said after graduation, she will continue working at Baylor Medical Center at Dallas. Tran’s mother Susan Gruspe Sepulveda is a nurse manager at Baylor Medical Center as well. She said while she had her family as a support system, her daughter worked very hard to finish her education. “I pretty much feel that her success is 90 percent her drive and the remaining 10 percent is due to the support of her family; this is just how I feel and may not necessarily be her point of view,” Sepulveda said. “I am not surprised to find that she is speaking. I didn’t tell her, but I knew her hard work would pay off – I didn’t expect anything less.” Michael Sepulveda, Tran’s brother, said he wasn’t surprised she was chosen to speak at graduation festivities because she has worked so hard. “This is just what she does,” he said. “She is resilient with school, work, family and in keeping up with her Catholic faith.” After graduation, Sepulveda decided to follow her calling in nursing instead of taking other nursing leadership opportunities offered to her. “As a full-time nurse in the ICU, I find I am so fulfilled to be a part of miracles and making a difference each day,” she said. “Whether it is helping someone make hard difficult decisions about life and death for a family member or watch the sickest people progress to wellness.” Tran said she didn’t know what the future holds beyond that, but she was thankful to the support of her parents, brother, husband and daughter and UTA faculty in the College of Nursing. @HOLLYJOWARD

Courtesy: Melissa Tran

Melissa Sepulveda Tran poses with her daughter, Lily Tran, and will graduate with a master’s degree in nursing education. Tran would read her college textbooks to her daughter while studying, so her daughter learned to read at an early age.

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 2 |

Commencing into the future The spring 2012 graduating class breaks in the new College Park Center and a new era for UTA

The Shorthorn: File Photo

The sun rises over the College Park Center the morning before its grand opening on Feb. 1. The grand opening featured a doubleheader with the women’s team and then the men’s basketball team, a ribbon-cutting ceremony and more.

BY MICHAEL ELDRIDGE The Shorthorn staff

What a difference a year makes between graduating in the dark and odd-feeling Texas Hall to walking across the stage in the brand new College Park Center. Everyone except the School of Architecture – which has chosen to have its commencement ceremony at Texas Hall again this year – will be the first to walk across the stage at the new $78 million College Park Center. The 7,000-seat arena is holding its first commencement ceremony after playing host to a recordbreaking UTA basketball team and a concert from Drake in March. Software engineering senior Erica Llaca said she is mostly looking forward to seeing the at-

mosphere the new facility gives for a graduation ceremony. Llaca attended the 2011 commencement in Texas Hall and said it was not what she was expecting. “It was extremely small,” Llaca said. “It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I think that, for a graduation, it should be in an arena-type place. The atmosphere is better when there is more people.” Llaca, who will have 20 of her family and friends joining her at this year’s graduation, said she tried to attend a basketball game at the center but had to study. As she walks across the stage, it will be her first time in the venue. “I’ve yet to visit, but I’ve seen pictures, and it looks great,” she said. “It makes the whole graduation ceremony what it should be.”

This year will also be a test for the infrastructure of how graduation proceeds. Compared to last year’s graduation, the format is going to be a whole new test in an arena that communications adviser Melinda Long described much like the new Cowboys Stadium. “It is going to be interesting,” Long said. “We have no idea how it will progress and look until it happens. Thinking about traffic, that is going to be interesting.” She said this is the first time the College of Liberal Arts has hosted its ceremony in a single commencement. The disadvantage she sees is the limitation of tickets, which students were not expecting after moving into a larger facility for the procession. “The assumption was we were

moving into a large place,” Long said. “Tickets shouldn’t be a problem, not knowing they were going to cut us down to one ceremony, but I understand the time constraints.” Long was excited, though, to see how everything would work out. She said students were happy to graduate anywhere, because they would finally be done, but family and friends who come to the ceremony will like the presentation. For those who graduated beforehand, there has been some jealousy displayed. From Facebook photos and interviews with previous students, there is some dismay about being one of the last classes to graduate at Texas Hall and wanting to graduate in a newer facility. Karla Salas, who graduated in

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 3 |

2010 with a master’s degree in social work, said there was one big thing she didn’t like about her graduation. “We had a limit on the people we could invite to celebrate with us,” Salas said. She said she didn’t like the formality of graduation and didn’t enjoy the limits placed when graduating in an auditorium. Salas and other alumni give way to the celebration of a historical graduation taking place. Llaca and all of those graduating this year in the brand new 218,000-squarefoot facility will be remembered for being the first to ever walk across the stage at the UTA College Park Center. @WHATSUPANOM

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SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 4 |


Alexa, We are all so proud of you and know this great accomplishment is only one of many. We love you very much. —Mom & Dad

Alexa Silvers


Graduates are expected to arrive to each ceremony one hour early. College Park Center guests are encouraged to arrive at the Moritz Plaza entrance one hour early, and Texas Hall guests are encouraged to arrive at the east entrance one hour early.

GRADUATION CELEBRATION When: 7:30 p.m. Friday Where: Levitt Pavilion, downtown Arlington Speaker: James Franco

SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE When: 4 p.m. Friday Where: Texas Hall Speaker: President James Spaniolo

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS When: 12:30 p.m. Sunday Where: College Park Center Speaker: Unavailable at press time

COLLEGE OF NURSING When: 4 p.m. Saturday Where: College Park Center Speaker: Dr. John Dixon Pinning Ceremonies A student-organized event where students have family and friends place a pin on the graduates as they walk across the stage. Small thankyou messages are read to the audience and a picture of each student is displayed on a screen. Video slide shows show pictures of clinicals and moments throughout the semester. The ceremony ends with the nursing pledge.

— AP TO BSN When: 10 a.m. Friday Where: Red River/Concho Rooms



When: 9 a.m. Saturday Where: Texas Hall

When: 8 p.m. Sunday Where: College Park Center Speaker: Donald Bobbitt


COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING When: 8:30 a.m. Saturday Where: College Park Center Speaker: U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Arlington

When: Noon Saturday Where: Texas Hall

COLLEGE OF SCIENCE When: 4:30 p.m. Sunday Where: College Park Center Speaker: Thaddeus Arroyo, chief information officer of AT&T



When: 8 p.m. Saturday Where: College Park Center Speaker: JoAnn Lee, ExxonMobil assistant general counsel

When: Noon Saturday Where: College Park Center Speaker: President James Spaniolo


John Marcus Allen Sr., Congratulations! I am very proud of you. My love always.

When: Noon Saturday Where: College Park Center Speaker: President James Spaniolo



When: Noon Saturday Where: College Park Center Speaker: President James Spaniolo

John Marcus Allen Sr. To the class of 2012:


MAVERICK. Stand out.


Interview tips, job search techniques, resume assistance, networking opportunities and so much more.

DISCOVER. PLAN. SUCCEED. 216 Davis Hall | 817.272.2932

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 5 |

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar


Lance Abaya Clayton James Arnal Jennifer Biggers Lisa Caroline Bradley Janelle A. Brathwaite Anna Carlton Hsiao-Fen Chou Philip Colwell Steven Cox Nhat Dang Inde Liao Eigo Michael Fittz Joseph Austin Fleming Keylon Kyle Herrley Jonathan David Holden Joshua Inge Samane Khoini Tan Le Ezra Mathews Loh James Jason Mathews John Robert Morrison Herbert Ogello Teresa Rodriguez Vinay Sedey Evan J. Sheets Fangyi Song Kezia Stephen Heather Stoker Matthew Stratmann Dian Sutedjo Ryan Thomason Navid Vijeh Tehrani Qiming Yang

Program in Landscape Architecture MASTER OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE

Lynne M. Carpenter Jason Lackey

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Philosophy senior Martin Obinyan leads his brothers from Omega Psi Phi in a strut-off on Jan. 18 on the University Center mall. The dance gatherings will take place every other Wednesday on the UC mall.

Zoha Niazi


Abdullah Mohammad AbuTahnat Christopher Adam Alfstad (C) Maverick Wade Allen (M) Olga M. Avalos Shawna Ayumi Batteford Daniel James Cahak Eduardo Castaneda (M) Charles Richard Cupples *Sarah E. Dignan (M) Austin S. Ede Jimmy Dwayne Eller Jenna Leah Ericsson (S) Alex Ryan Fedrick Nadeesha R. Gammampila Michael Gerhard Kristin Elyse Gonzales Jorge A. Gonzalez Nikolaus Allyn Goodnight (C) Joshua Daniel Hallett Laura Ashley Hollon (M) Donovan Howard (C)

Dardan Hoxha (S) Elvie Ibarra (S) Andrew Jaeyoung Lee (C) Ricardo A. Leon Ricardo N. Marin (C) Lucien C. Menair (S) Matthew T. Morris (M) Rossyvetth Nava Bryan S. Nors (M) #Steven Nunez (M) Marie E. Oehlerking (M) Luis A. Olivares (C) Connor J. Peirce (C) Kristin Elise Schieffer Heather A. Stevens Chassity N. Wilbert Yinglin Wu Diego Edison Wu Law (S) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INTERIOR DESIGN

Adrienne Atkin Lauren Rena’ Crill (C) Gloria E. Espino (C) Joseph D. Jackson Kim M. Lam *Cassandra A. Livingston (M)

Zachary Carson Lynch Jennifer Hill Noland Laura Quintero Leslie Rios (C) Rachel H. Rubin (M) *Rachael M. Scalfano (M)


Mishuk Chowdhury M.A., UT Arlington, 2006 B.S., Minnesota State University, 2003 Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Price Discovery From the Derivatives Market Supervising Professors: Peter Lung, David Diltz

*Students listed in the program for degrees and those listed for honors are candidates. Official status will be determined by final semester grades.

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 6 |

Jacqualyn Fouse M.A., UT Arlington, 1984 B.A., UT Arlington, 1982 Dissertation Title: Market-Based vs. Financial Statement-Based Valuation Models: Evidence of Discrepancies That May Reflect Real Options Supervising Professor: Salil Sarkar Arun Prasath Narayanasamy M.S., UT Arlington, 2007 M.A., UT Arlington, 2006 M.S., UT Arlington, 2002 B.E., University of Madras, 1999 Dissertation Title: Threshold Effects in Volatility Spillovers: The Case of Equity, Bond, and Foreign Exchange Markets Supervising Professors: Aaron Smallwood, Peggy Swanson Julio Andres Rivas-Aguilar M.B.A., ITESM Guadalajara, 2005 B.B.A., ITESM Guadalajara,

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar


Lance Abaya Clayton James Arnal Jennifer Biggers Lisa Caroline Bradley Janelle A. Brathwaite Anna Carlton Hsiao-Fen Chou Philip Colwell Steven Cox Nhat Dang Inde Liao Eigo Michael Fittz Joseph Austin Fleming Keylon Kyle Herrley Jonathan David Holden Joshua Inge Samane Khoini Tan Le Ezra Mathews Loh James Jason Mathews John Robert Morrison Herbert Ogello Teresa Rodriguez Vinay Sedey Evan J. Sheets Fangyi Song Kezia Stephen Heather Stoker Matthew Stratmann Dian Sutedjo Ryan Thomason Navid Vijeh Tehrani Qiming Yang

Program in Landscape Architecture MASTER OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE

Lynne M. Carpenter Jason Lackey

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Philosophy senior Martin Obinyan leads his brothers from Omega Psi Phi in a strut-off on Jan. 18 on the University Center mall. The dance gatherings will take place every other Wednesday on the UC mall.

Zoha Niazi


Abdullah Mohammad AbuTahnat Christopher Adam Alfstad (C) Maverick Wade Allen (M) Olga M. Avalos Shawna Ayumi Batteford Daniel James Cahak Eduardo Castaneda (M) Charles Richard Cupples *Sarah E. Dignan (M) Austin S. Ede Jimmy Dwayne Eller Jenna Leah Ericsson (S) Alex Ryan Fedrick Nadeesha R. Gammampila Michael Gerhard Kristin Elyse Gonzales Jorge A. Gonzalez Nikolaus Allyn Goodnight (C) Joshua Daniel Hallett Laura Ashley Hollon (M) Donovan Howard (C)

Dardan Hoxha (S) Elvie Ibarra (S) Andrew Jaeyoung Lee (C) Ricardo A. Leon Ricardo N. Marin (C) Lucien C. Menair (S) Matthew T. Morris (M) Rossyvetth Nava Bryan S. Nors (M) #Steven Nunez (M) Marie E. Oehlerking (M) Luis A. Olivares (C) Connor J. Peirce (C) Kristin Elise Schieffer Heather A. Stevens Chassity N. Wilbert Yinglin Wu Diego Edison Wu Law (S) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INTERIOR DESIGN

Adrienne Atkin Lauren Rena’ Crill (C) Gloria E. Espino (C) Joseph D. Jackson Kim M. Lam *Cassandra A. Livingston (M)

Zachary Carson Lynch Jennifer Hill Noland Laura Quintero Leslie Rios (C) Rachel H. Rubin (M) *Rachael M. Scalfano (M)


Mishuk Chowdhury M.A., UT Arlington, 2006 B.S., Minnesota State University, 2003 Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Price Discovery From the Derivatives Market Supervising Professors: Peter Lung, David Diltz

*Students listed in the program for degrees and those listed for honors are candidates. Official status will be determined by final semester grades.

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 6 |

Jacqualyn Fouse M.A., UT Arlington, 1984 B.A., UT Arlington, 1982 Dissertation Title: Market-Based vs. Financial Statement-Based Valuation Models: Evidence of Discrepancies That May Reflect Real Options Supervising Professor: Salil Sarkar Arun Prasath Narayanasamy M.S., UT Arlington, 2007 M.A., UT Arlington, 2006 M.S., UT Arlington, 2002 B.E., University of Madras, 1999 Dissertation Title: Threshold Effects in Volatility Spillovers: The Case of Equity, Bond, and Foreign Exchange Markets Supervising Professors: Aaron Smallwood, Peggy Swanson Julio Andres Rivas-Aguilar M.B.A., ITESM Guadalajara, 2005 B.B.A., ITESM Guadalajara,

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Jung-Hua Chiu Dolores Marie Cobos Richard Michael Corpuz Crystal Cowell Shweta Darbari

Shivani Umesh Desai Nikole Rene Dickman Jessie Nicole Dinger Charles Gitara Katie Marie Gowen

Sarah Ann Graham Elizabeth Aubrey Heck Christopher Henderson Jenna Howison Cam Huong Huynh

Christina Imgrund Chetan Rashmikant Kanadia Erika Nicole Kelly Yi-Jun Kuo I-Ju Lai June S. Lam Alaina Michelle Lansing Christian Liczbinski Sau Man Liu Wan-Ching Lo Kristin Marcum Meekash Kaushik Masters Raviteja Moganti Jaime Leann Moore Michael Morgan Kirstin Morningstar Michael Muraya Nirav Naik Ezra Njuguna Corey Peterson Jerry Lynn Peterson Randall Louis Piatkowski David George Pinilla Alonzo Price Jr. Volha Ramanouskaya Jeannette Rubalcado Deepika Chandragupt Sanon Kevin Eugene Schuck Barrett Christian Shepherd Nicholas Simmerman Andrea Michelle Spencer Nathan Stafford Utsav Thakkar Shova Uprety

Department of Economics MASTER OF ARTS IN ECONOMICS

Jorge Landivar



Lauren Morgan Gilstrap Geraldetta R. Lovelace


Ranjani Akula George Dallas Faulkner IV Keith Alan Nichols Carolina Puig Justin Low Smith Eric P. Wikoff

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Math senior Tyler Randolph roars for the arrival of new prospective Alpha Tau Omega fraternity brothers Feb. 4 on the Cooper Street center bridge.

Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 8 |


Matthew Altman Michael Morgan Joshua Chad Murff Stanly Palit


Xiaoyun Chen Christopher Fawks Maria Gracia Fernandez Natalie Hopson Cam Huong Huynh Sohail Taj Khakwani Marissa Lee Lloyd Stacy Marquez MaryAnn Harris Means Jeri Diane Melugin Sadia Shreena Piprawala Monique Dolorez Redmon Rodney Wallican


Nicholas Blanton Jessica Ventura Estrada Christina Imgrund Martha Lauren Marks Christina Colleen Pfenninger Volha Ramanouskaya Masooma Sohel Sabir Malisa Rae Sirucek


Gabriel A. Brindle *†Rokhaya Diop (M) Joshua Little Jorge Arturo Negrete Hermine Schaser (S) BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (GERMAN)


Maria Janet Alvarez Antionette Breschel Baxter Patricia Carranza Alejandra Cervantes Rachel A. Craig (M) Juan Estrada Sofia C. Ferracuti (M) Ornella Zoe Ganoza

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Marcela Grijalva-Lujan (C) Maria D. Hernandez Kolby Andre Houston Victor D. Huerta (M) Leah A. Hunter (C) Leslie Ibarra Stanimir P. Kamaliev (C) David Lopez Jemima Martinez Lorraine Pruneda Daisy Ruiz Argelia Santillano


Haider Abbas Shreeti Acharya (C) Jamie L. Alexander †Caleb David Augustus Gloria Oluwatosin Ayoade (C) Lilliana Cardoza Diana Y. Carranza Guadalupe Castillo Zawad Chowdhury Andrea Paige Curry Roman O. Datco Sujata Dhakal Ladan Farrokhi Gozarchi Brooke Fincher Suraj Giri (M) Linsy Grozdanich Ranjeet Kumar Gupta (M) David Wayne Hall (M) Kimberly Fey Danielle Hjort Mashruba Hossain Benjamin Jared Jacobson (C) Cassandra Lynn Kennedy Andrew Justin Kent (S) Rick Alan Kline Jack Henry Lawson Hyun Moo Lee (M) †Xin X. Liao (C) Jordan T. Locklear Rabina Maharjan Srijana Manandhar Janel Jacqueline Melito Jorge Rodolfo Minetto (S) Hanh Hong Nguyen Hestia M. Nguyen (C) Hillary Nguyen (S) Steven Nguyen (C) Thao Thu Nguyen Keely O’Donley Brenda I. Padilla Michael Edward Palsky (M) Brittany Pleska Taira Diane Portley Jarrad R. Principe (M) Sanjeev Pudasaini (S) Joanna Salazar †Shalaka Ravish Sanil Ummy Farhana Sattar Ronda Kay Sherman (C) Nirajan Shrestha Shree Devi Shrestha (M) Upesh Shrestha Sally Louise Sonnier Amanda Nicole Summerlin Neng Fan Sun (C) *†Ziad U. Syed (S)

Akash Thapa (S) Richa Thapa Shristi Tuladhar (M) Samuell Parrish Updegraff Jasmine X. Vaquerano Matthew Garrett Weber (M) Jike Wei Olivia Caroline White Michael J. Whitfield *†Taraz Yazhari (S) Mark H. Yim BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING

Dionne Melanie Barrs Troy J. Carter Mason F. Gooch Ediban Ibanez (C) Minaz Kherani *†Gladys A. Kouadio Ileana J. Morse (S) Lisa A. Reynolds (C) Lorena Russell (S) Ana A. Sanchez Shonquidra De’Lois Young (M)


Angelica Alexandra Berrueco Cecilia Nhi Hoang Dang BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (ECONOMICS)

Brandon Taylor Bingham Melissa Ann Means Lamarcus A. Reed Taylor J. Williams BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ECONOMICS

Kyle James Ammann Jacob William Asay John Michael Burris Christopher L. Calk (S) Nadum Iyeloba Charles †Robert Rex Comer (S) Thomas P. Connally Miguel Cuevas Tracy Eugene Dean (M) Daniel Hall Ellison (M) Farnaz Ghodsianzadeh Hector Gonzalez Juan C. Gonzalez Michelle S. Grant Thompson Duo Kermah Jason Aditya Lateko Jennifer Lynn Letson Roberto Carlo Marquez Hernandez (M) Patrick M. Minahan Jonathan Clay Moore Jerry T. Myers (M) Christopher C. Phillippi (S) Jaelleysecia Elisabeth Jeanneah Rasberry (C) Dan E. Ray Michael A. Scalzo (C)

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Biology sophomore Patrick Higgins hangs out with his daughter on Jan. 23 in her room. Higgins took off the semester from classes to help his daughter beat Glioblastoma multiforme, a form of brain cancer.

James C. Schooler Angelo Sotelo Shane Alexander Squires (M) Degree Conferred Dec. 17, 2011 Marcus Brandon Childress (S)


Ashkan Abbassi Bryan A. Albers Catherine Elizabeth Archer Sharon Elizabeth Atlhea Linda Jazmin Becerra Levi T. Bedilu Rachel Benedict Jason Avinit Boonyaratapan †Janelle Targelia Broyles Coleman William Burnett Susin M. D. Carter Logan Adam Chambon Christopher T. Chochrek (M) Gita Christy Charles Eugene Comstock †Emily Catherine Costa (M) Jake A. Cotter Austin K. Crouch Daniel Reed Delgado Gustavo Delgado Jesenia Diaz Chi N. Doan (S)

Martin Dolsky Bomboma Douti Carissa M. Ellis Madison Franz Joseph Cole Hamilton Christopher Robert Harsell Jarrett N. Hawley Andrew David Hegmann Cameron Octavio Herrera Daniel Holbrook Jimmy Huynh Phuc Minh Huynh Marvin U. Igwe Tarik Charles Jabri Brenda Kay Jackson Stephen D. Jackson †Tahauya Washa Jackson (C) Vrishank Sanjay Jaiswal (C) Ahsan Javeed Imran H. Jiwani Youngho Ju (C) Saigopal Kanchi Adeleke Olaloye Karunwi Salman S. Khan Nilendra Kunwar (C) Cheri Nicole La Place Linda N. Lam Byron A. Lane Huan Quoc Le Vu Thanh Le Heang Y. Lim Sok Khoung Lim Tyler James Livermore (C) Jessica Latrice Lyons Collin James Mabry Gikesh Kumar Singh Maharjan

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 9 |

Rabi Maharjan (M) Ognjen Markovic Minnu Mathew Rolesha Monshunette Mayweather (C) Mary Caroline McCarthy Stephen Clayton McGilvray Nathan Andrew McKinney Brian Vincent McMahon Juan L. Meave (C) Jason Alan Meeks Mikhail Tahl Milburn (C) Reginald E. Miller Icela Molina Lydia B. Moon Samantha M. Murdoch Prasanna Nepal Thuong Thi Mai Ngo (S) Cuong Duy Nguyen Khoa Vo Nguyen Nien T. Nguyen (S) Steven B. Nguyen Tracy T. Nguyen Stefanie Rae Parker Nitin Parwat Satish Phuyal (C) Jacob Seth Pilgrim †Jesse L. Placencia (C) Lindsey L. Pollard Xue Feng Qin Dzenana Ramovic Dharshana Prabath Rasi Ratnayake Nadezda Redd (S) Earnest Demetrius Robinson Grecia Romo (C)

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Matthew Brian Row Omid Sajjadi Yan-Leslie Seung Gyanendra Shrestha Sabin Shrestha (M) Harpreet Singh Dan Micheal Smith Gabrielle Solis Andrew James Sparks Caitlin Joy Stufflebeme Omid Tadayan Diem Hoang Le Tao Cherie Lanora Templeton Divya Sara Thomas Edward Torres Jeffery Mitchell Whitlock (S) Stacie Elizabeth Winters Philippe Kouakou Yao BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (REAL ESTATE)

Kristen Denise Alley Ryan Patrick Conner Miguel Angel Contreras Lori A. Dunham David Wayne Kahlig Dong N. Nguyen

Department of Information Systems and Operations Management BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (INFORMATION SYSTEMS)

Adam L. Carpenter Jared S. Hughes Harshan S. Shanthakumar Modou Sowe Niccola Thomas BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS

Vijetha Bobba Benedique L. Collado Paul Douglas Dillhoff (C) William Irving Donaldson Robert David Hickey David Hsu Jr. (C) Suhail Husain †Patrick D. Kramer (C) Kabin Maharjan (C) Justin Garrett McCormick (C) Vincent Edward Milne Jason H. Morehouse (C) Andrew S. Murray Kyle Taylor Noulis (M) Albert P. Quiroga Philip Reid Rogers Travis Rollings Alejandro J. Scalise Daniel Segovia Sumit Shrestha Devin A. Slick Albert William Stroud Asad U. Syed Hung Phuoc Tran Tu B. Tran


Jonathan B. Hart (S) Heather Maureen Hughes Tuaj Ntxiang Lee Nana Y. Otchere-Afrane Alma Lilia Pecina Alfred Sunil Pereira


Sana H. Ali Gina Anderson (S) Fadumo Anshur (M) Juan M. Arreola Janette Banda Elyssa L. Barksdale Katrina Beasley Mayra Bernardino Riann Elizabeth Bertrand Kathryn D. Bressman Zackery J. Brown Timothy John Bushnell Brenda Campos John Travis Colfry Joshua C. Cook Cathrine Caneen Crites Clark Sumner Cummings (M) Amanda Rose Davis Timothy E. Denny Russell Reese Dockrey My T. Duong Elaine Denise Evans Megan R. Fortune Mark Isaac Fredrickson (C) Daniel E. Fritzsch Nisrine Gal Azenette Galvan Andrea Dee Guerra Brieuc Hamon Marisa P. Hardy (M) Laneshia Mason Hawkins Francisco A. Herrera Paula Hiatt (M) Michael A. Hillman Maria D. Honorato-Garcia (M) Frank Hunt *†Ashleigh Denise Hunter Rebecka L. Hurst Kevin Jones Dipti S. Joseph Andelicia Kay Kelly Sudesh Khawas Tyler James Kreis Christina A. Kutej Amanda N. Lakins Cameron Thomas Land (S) Truong Thanh Le Kendra A. Lewis Nicolas A. Lorenzo Colin Christopher Mashburn Susan Elizabeth McClain (M) Christopher Patrick McCoy John M. McCullough *†Christopher M. McGraw Sean Michael McNamee (M) Alex H. Melendez

Kathryn Victoria Merryman Zabreion Omesa-Euneke Moore Nancy Rachel Moran Kenneth Sean Mullins Matthew L. Nichols Rhett Colin Noland Saereung Park (C) Jimmi Patel Joshua Christopher Pearson Eryca Nicole Tiye Peters Thu Hong T. Phan (S) Ayreal S. Phillips Tamore Waqar Piracha Ashley Nicole Pleasants Laura L. Ramos Donya L. Randolph Henry David Y. Rivera (C) Wesley Lamar Robinson Jose Manuel Romero Carrie D. Rutherford Amanda Kylee Ryken Sunny Sayyaparaju Erica Shakya (C) Pramod Shakya (S) Shrija Shrestha Ryan Foster Simpson Sherry L. Sims (S) Pedro D. Soto Mark A. Sprong Sonja Juanita Stelly Pralina Suwal (M) Ruth Charity Ullmann (M) Nicholas E. Valdiri Brad Van Drimmelen Angela K. Van Meter-Ford (S) Jordan Vaughn Alekhya A. Vinjamuri Kevin Dewayne Walker Hilary Alexandra Wheat (C)


Sarah Al-Awadi Katarina C. Anderson Trevor Richard Baird Kristine R. Barys Amber Boeck Megan Brunton Tiffany Chauvin Nathan Doran Stefani M. Farris (M) Daisy Garcia Maria Gonzalez Dylan Steven Gravitt William Anthony Hanna (S) Racarol Victoria Height Felicia Raquel Hernandez Caitrin Erin Hill Charles Lee Hynes Kara Rene Jenkins Shinya Kikuta †Justina Elizabeth Logozzo Sergio Lopez Megan L. Malveaux Michael J. Ryan McCaskey Abbiton Isaac Mumba Melissa Jean Overman Corina Maria Pongratz Sergio Reyes Christopher Daniel Robinson

Michael John Richard Schleicher Ginger Michelle Slavens Puthica Sok Matthew W. Tadlock Taylor A. Tatarevich Allyson B. Thompson Ashton Gloria Torres Kimberly N. Traister Cody C. Wendt Judith Rasheal Winters Mitchel Ryan Wood Cassie Nicole Worth Yin Wu Adrian Nicholas Zaporozan Niazi W. Zoubi


Charles Rowett M.Ed., UT Arlington, 1997 B.A., Texas Christian University, 1987 Dissertation Title: Examining the Effects of College Readiness and Dual-Credit Programs on College Persistence and Student Success Supervising Professor: Barbara Tobolowsky


Hayley Agardy Erica Lynn Ajder Janett Michelle Akerman Joanne Alderman Laurin Marchbanks Allen Meghan Thibodeaux Allen RoLayne Lee Allen Tiffany Michelle Anderson Maria Elizabeth Armendariz Holly Weathersby Ashley Rosa Avila Sara Lisa Avrit Derek Bailey Ellena Maria Baker Kimberly Barg Laura Barnett Linda M. Barnhart Michele Ann Barr Michele Bell-Thomas Gretchen Mary Bitner

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 10 |

Kimberly Shaye Blain Lisa Kay Blair Unika Boldon Sarah Borowicz Rita Bradford-Johnson Anika Breaux Holly Bridges Christie Michelle Brod Cynthia Elizabeth Brown Whitney Bruce Erly Duave Buena Corliss Denise Bunkley Monika Bustamante Thomas Jackie Byford Keshelia Calcote Doris M. Campbell Vanessa Lynne Capaldo Yanette Carmona Tracy Ann Otton Carroll Rebecca Carter Louanne Case Heather Ann Cato Corlis Cheek Joyce Weiyu Chen Chrumaine Chowdhury Mitzi Deanne Clark Shayla M. Cobbs Theresa Coroneos Ronda Curl Coleen Curlett Scott Dalrymple Nancy Nistal Maboloc Delosa Yvette Rose DePaepe Dustin Deweerd Whitney Nicole Balch Dove Christopher B. Duarte Laurie Dukes Shannon Schumacher Eddins Gladys Elizondo Erin Elliott Stephanie Denise Ellis Jasmine Janay Ervins Francis S. Estabillo Linda Marie Fairchild Jennifer Nicole Finley-Stubbs Paul Joseph Flores Mary Theresa Fox Meagan Frazier Daniel W. Freeman Janet A. Gallegos Margie Galvan Donniea K. Garrett Catherine de la Garza Millard Araceli Gil Christina Gilbert Tiffany Faith Goad Heather Godi Araceli Gomez Sarah Emily Gonzales Allison Hamrick Sharon Hatfield Erin Tamara Haufler Donna Hawkins Jana Lea Henderson Shannon Diane Hill Susan Marie Hofker Kathleen Lynnette Holt Lora Duenez Holt Crystal Hoolihan Jon L. Hornbeck Jami Hutcherson Benjamin Liao Inouye

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Shenita L. Irving Vanessa Ishmael Kristin Michelle Ivy Yumeeka Jenkins Brandee Monee Johnson Alicia Kam Bethany Marie Kennedy Sandy Michelle Killian Kristine Kleinman Sheena M. Knight Brooke Marie Knowles Rebekah Alane Kogelschatz Lynette Tiffanie Krasner Virgie A. Lacey Frederick S. Lancaster Chasidie Lane-Brown Teresa Andrews Lee Emily Bonham Prestridge Little Lauri Locke Marie Long Eliza V. Lopez Angelia D Lower Jose A. Lozano Kris Maniscalco Sonya Cortinas Martinez Laura Luck Maunsell Mindy Smith May Reba D. McIntosh Daniele Suzanne McKee Jennifer McMullen-Muller Tiffany Mercer Joanne Michael Erin N. Middleton Kelli Vincent Miguez Sarah Mae Monks Genesis Montalvo Karen Morales Hilda Morales Roybal Krystle Monique Moreland Sherri Corrinne Mendonca Moses Regena Mueller Paula Myers Amelia Louise Nealey Shelleen Kidd Ockler Katie Elizabeth O’Gorman Amy M. Ousley Millerlandy Palomino Erica Valencia Pardo Laura Beth Parker Haley Malia Pennington Jennifer Phillips Toni Francis Pouttu Nafisa N. Preston Margaret Leslie Pryor Maria Lizzet Ramirez Robin Bates Ramli Lisa Rene’ Randle Lillian N. Rangel Jessica Reeves Jeanine Marie Riccelli Ashley Rice Jennifer Riddle Sofia Vicenta Santos Rios Pamela C. Roberts Cynthia Rodriguez Stephanie G. Rodriguez Rebecca Rodriguez Adan Ingrid Rothe Jennifer A. Sanchez Michael R. Sanderson Melissa Saphos Mayra Saucedo

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Collin Lawrence, a Martin high school senior, glances on April 4 at his damaged home on Quail Lane. Lawrence and his family took shelter inside a bathroom in their house when the tornado hit the day before.

Angela Scheetz Chrystal Brooke Schuster Tauga Schweitzer Latrell Denise Hardin Scott John David Sehested Rebekah R. Shaw Meagan Lee Shott Teresa Bamba Sicat Wilma Sifonte Sarah Price Simon Siri Sinha Vickie Lynn Smalling Karen Smiddy Bethany D. Smith Natalie Renee Smith Lynette Snyder Tremicka S. Stansberry Gwendolyn Underwood Steele Savanah Zapata Steward Donesha Desiree Stuart Kelly Ann Suchora Talisa Swanson Amy Elizabeth Takacs Francisca Talamantes Stacey Lynn Taylor Angela D. Terry Emily Lorraine Thomas Lisa Marie Tisher Martin R. Torres Darlene Elizabeth Travis Helen Tucker Judith Dalungan Tuddao Kerri Urban

Emerito Geronimo Veloso Genedra A. Walker Avice Jenelle Watson Elizabeth Tova Weissman Andrew John Wesley Elizabeth Ann West Kathy Whitaker Janaye Chanelle Wideman LaShundra A Wilson Monique Wimbush Dayna Denise Wisdom-Schluter Monica Bernice Wood Laura Woods Lauren Wright Delana Wyatt Angela Marie-Jadwiga Yates MASTER OF EDUCATION IN TEACHING

Mansi Hiltbrand David Leyva II Charlott Livingston Brandon Lopez Joshua P. Lusk Parisa Mardani-Kamali Melodie Minshew-Bourassa Luz Puicon Enid E. Rodriguez Zachary Smith Sidni Sophabmixay

Department of Educational


Shakhzoda Adams Martin Aftuck Yoely Alfano Steve Allen Dennis Yamel Aounallah Aquanetta Archangel Joe Steve Bain Karen Dismore Becker Melissa Joye Bettge Briana Billings Valerie Booth Frederick Jay Bowdy Kelli Brannen Linda J. Broome Adam Brown Eric J. Burns Rhonda Calcote Sharolyn D. Chitwood Jeremy Joe Chong Carwanda Yuvette Chopp Erik L. Christensen Obi Chukwumah Amanda Lee Chamberlain Cobb Judson Blake Collins Kristen Ann Condella James Kelsey Condley Kellie Connatser

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 11 |

Stephanie S. Corley Krystal F. Cortez Cristina Covarrubias-Diaz Shanta’ N. Creeks Eric Crosby April Shackelford Cross Derrick LaMon Crowder Johnoson Crutchfield Jr. John Cunningham Deborah Daniels Mark A. Davis Jr. Raena Lynn Dawley Amanda Diehl Nadia M. Domenick Nick Drouet Tamatha Dupree Jennifer Edmondson Melinda Latrea Edwards Carol Bandt Elliott Shauna Evans Deshonta Rachid Everett Molly Beth Fitzgerald Celix Frias Carrie Fuller Michelle L. Gabbard Claudia Galindo Rita Gamboa Garza Erin Nicole Gates Janet L. Gilroy James Dale Girouard Jr. Yvette Gonzalez Jonathon G. Gordon Courtney Green

JoAnn, Congratulations! We are so proud of you! You inspire all of us to keep chasing our dreams, no matter what! —Love, Kenny, The Baby Hooch and Stinky

JoAnn M. Vorndran Tashia, Congratulations on your achievements. We all are proud of you. —Love, Grandad, Grandma, Yolanda, Elijah, & Justin

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Holly Beth Gregg Scott Gutkowski Michelle D. Hall Joanna Hanson Nathan James Harbottle Andrea Harmon-Robins Dannette Kay Heizer Anita Hightower Cecilia Hillman Erika Hinga-Smith Karen Hinson Paris Milan Hodges Heather Leigh Holloway Erin Howard Bonnie Lee Hubert Cristina Preciado Ibarra Amanda Irby D. Craig Johnson Octavia Yvette Johnson Adrienne T. Jones Harold W. Jones Jr. LeAnn Jones Paula R. Jones John R. Juneau Jr. Amy C. Karnes Jennifer Mercer Kelley Shemetria Lee Trista Lepore Lindsay B. Lookingbill Elizabeth Luhn Mozhgan Malekan Monica Esquivel Manning Jhonny Marcano

Kirlew Hazzia Matthie Joanna Faith Mayberry Ashley Paige McAllister Ashley Brooke McBride Michael Craig McCann Wanda Hopkins McClure Erin H. McConnell Emily L. McCoy Hillaree Morgan McDaniels Melissa Powell McHugh Jason Michael McLaughlin Stacey Mckendry Melinda Kay Michener Wendy Kaye Miller Dalia Mireles Michael Mozingo Susan Murnan Stacie Conrad Murry Rocio K. Najera Anthony W. Nastasi Rosa Orosco Newberry Charmaine Nicolau Katie Rose Norman Kathalyn Michelle Nute Ricky Forrest Oldenburgh Amy S. Osborn Zachary Clay Osburn Alison M. Oswald-Keene Shana Owen Diana Ashley Padilla Kate Palmquist Liliana Perez Jennifer Pfalzgraf

Diondria Rochelle Phillips Lawren Phillips Stacy B. Pierson Dawn Elaine Pratt Nina L. Price Tiffany Price Anna Louise Puryear Jessica Marie Ramos Lisa M. Randall Brea Christine Ratliff Lindsay Reinke Veronica E. Rendon April D. Riley Yolanda Denise Riley Kelly Rene Rinaldi Richard B. Rios Jr. Bridget Robinson Cassandra Rodriguez Stephanie M. Roe Marjorie Rolston Elizabeth Rubalcava Claudia Veronica Saenz Melissa Salazar-Nelson Monica Sanders Raven Saqer Amanda Gale Schumann Dana Scott Rachel Ann Seiberling Shane Short Courtney Dawn Shurbet Enid Marie Sierra Roxanna Sierra Rachel MaShawnda Simmons

Tashia Denice Moore


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SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 12 |

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Sonya Ann Michelle Simon Nivia Italina Smith Rachel H. Sotelo Erin Bernadette Souza Joyce M. Spears Ta-Tanisha Nicole Stevenson Kim K. Stokes Eric Swihart Jack Taylor Veronica Fay Thibideaux Kathryn Thomas Allexandra Elaine Torres Joshua Torres Diane Valenzuela George Vanderhule III Priscilla Vega Lavonda Vestal Israel Villanueva Regina Floyd Waddell Brandi Taylor Watkins Ashley Brianne Watts Adam Hobdy Weiss Jennifer Grace Wells Jenna Leigh Wentrcek Jeremy West Sonja Nicole Wilson Thomas Woodman Edward Charles Woolcock Aaron Josh Wright Brady Scott Wyatt Ivy S. Yiu Sibba Mira Zuelch Robert Van Dyke


Thomas C. Menezes Lauren Rhoads Mitchel R. Samels Daniel Stokes


Haneen Abidallatif Annabel Aguilar Denisse Aguilar Maria De Jesus Aguirre Araceli Anaya (C) Yesenia Flores Barboza (C) Laura O. Barraza (M) Analy Yolanda Bernal Natalie K. Berry (S) Stacy Kay Bingham (C) Micheal Dean Bradley (C) Ruth Camacho (C) Ana C. Cardoso (C) Hannah Lise Carlton (S) Lupe Carrillo (C) Donald E. Carter (C) Katerine Rachel Castillo Gloria Oralia Contreras Marlene Curiel (S)

Guadalupe Astrid De La Fuente Melissa Janeth De La Garza Molina Maria Guadalupe De La Paz (C) Patrick Delarosa-Corral Erin Eason (S) Berenice Elias (S) Catherine Anne Ellis (S) Magdalena Espinoza Yadira Esquivel Liliann Faz Flor Ysela Flores (M) Laura A. Garcia (C) Melissa Gomez Marco E. Gonzalez (C) Laura Lianne Harr (C) Isela Cano Hernandez Ruth Herrera Angelica Berenice Ibanez (M) Maria B. Iversen (M) Amy Luz Jaramillo (M) Jessica L. Laurents Elsa P. Lopez (C) Rosa Linda Madrigal Brandon C. Mahoney (S) Cara Beth Marquez (C) Ana Isabel Martinez (S) Aurora Martinez (S) Cynthia Martinez (C) Mayra Tinoco Martinez (C) Ermelinda Matos (M) Isabel Maribel Medina (M) Erika Patricia Mendez (M) Patricia Meza Kayla Miller Sara A. Moomand Wendy Janet Morales Gabriela N. Nieto Patino Jessica Noguchi (M) Erika Olivas (M) Blanca L. Olmos Rocio Ortiz (M) Cristina Reyes Padilla (C) Diana Ivonne Patino (C) Karina Perez (C) Maria Leann Pettiford (S) Jennifer Pikey Mirna Maria Ramirez Neyra Azenet Rios (S) Cesario Antonio Rodriguez Robin D. Rollerson (S) Sol Berenice Roman Adriana M. Sanchez (C) Juan Santillan (S) Leticia Anabel Sotelo Esmeralda Soto Jeannette Soto (C) Courtney A. Stultz (C) Olga Deyanire Suchil (C) Aubrey Michele Tietze (S) Victor Alfonso Torres Monica Yelena Torrez (C) Amanda Nichole Ugarte (C) Rosa Lilia Vazquez Amanda Nicole Velazquez (C) Tiffany Brooke Vernon (M) Sheneque E. Williams Anna Lydia Yruegas Bianca Zambrano BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES

Laura J. Acrey (S) Angela Suzanne Adkins (M) Lima Akid (S) Lama Almasri Jennifer Michele Amend Tameka Archie Ashley Amanda Bartlett Sandi Lynn Bassett (S) Charlotte Celeste Beam (C) Sonya Michelle Bennett (C) Doris Serwaah Boadi (M) Ashley Brooke Bosworth (M) Amanda L. Brewster (C) Maria Cabello (S) Catharine L. Cavagnolo (S) Prada Chess (C) Candace Nicole Christian (M) Nora Jean Cloud (M) Sara Ellen Codori (S) Rebecca Kathryn Coffman (S) Jordan Renee Cooney (S) Melissa Ann Cross (C) Thomas Johnathan Cross (C) Trang Dang (C) Kimberly Lan Dao (M) Courtney L. Davis Kimberly Denise Davis (S) Maggie Lynne Dean (S) Michelle Anne Sarabia Dela Rosa (S) Hannah Kathryn Delong (M) Diane Matalis Doby (C) Linh H. Do-Nguyen (S) Alyssa Dowlen Ashleigh D. Elliott (S) Amber N. Esco Kiani L. Esteves Jennifer Kay Euerle (M) Matthew Alan Farrell Kimberly Ann Fennell (S) Alicia Armas Fernandez Katelyn Marie Flagella Elizabeth Grace Follis (C) Rachel Christene Foreman (M) Ashley G. Foster Aimee Clair Frenzel (S) Anna Kristin Gamwell (S) Danielle Kathleen Gandy Sadie Beth Gerner (M) Kaitlyn Ann Gillespie (S) Jillian E. Goedecke Paige Mallery Goforth (S) Deepkala Goldberg (C) Whitney Gail Goodman (M) Irene Rosemary Gray Brittinie N. Hall (M) Lisa Danielle Hall Megan Ciji Harris (M) Stephen Hayes Lee Anne Hendrikson Breanna Nicole Hernandez Kelly N. Hernandez (S) Jolene Katlyn Hobson Kelli Moseley Hoke (S) Viktoriah Holgin (S) Misty Dawn Holsinger Emily Nneka Ilonzeh (C) Jennifer Leigh-Anne Jackson (M) Marilyn C. Kamp Christine E. Kautz (C) Rebecca Kim (C) Jessica King (M)

Kirsten Kurtz (M) Gracie Lama Charles W. Lee (M) Christopher Long Amber Raye Donne Lord (S) Caitlin Raphael Lubbe (C) Katherine R. Luskey (M) Nicole M. Madderra Amanda K. Mancha Johnette Marcangelo (C) Peggy S. McCoy (S) Whitney B. Melcher (C) Ignacia Mendoza (M) Teresa L. Miller (S) Stefanie L. Minshall (S) Stefani Brooke Mitchell (C) Brittani K. Moody (C) Jennifer R. Moore Sean S. Morrow (S) Lorri L. Newsom (S) Alicia Marie Ortiz (C) Karen Lynn Osinski (M) Megan Elizabeth Overton (S) Theresa Jeanae Parenica Scarlett Perron (S) Samuel David Petty (C) Linda Nguyen Phan (S) Gabrielle M. Phillips Adrianne Lanice Pierson Paige Marie Potter (M) Sarah A. Powell (M) Michael J. Proctor Casey R. Randle (C) Corrine M. Reiter (S) Lisa Michelle Richburg (M) Carolyn F. Richison Lauren B. Rivera (C) Dolores Rodriguez Danielle M. Ryan (M) Phalastine Saleh (M) Ashlie Elizabeth Schwarz Medina (M) Natalie Diane Scott (M) Amber Lee Smith (M) Summer Ann Smith (M) Tahisha Smith (C) Rachel Sowell Charla Gene Sparks (S) Diane Elizabeth Stendebach Tamika Stevenson Courtney Marie Stokes (S) Zachary James Sullivan (C) Chelsey Leigh Swiney (M) Kira Jane Taylor (C) Julia Roxanne Teeters (S) Terry C. Thomas (S) Paige Elizabeth Tongier (M) Brandyn Jane Torres (M) Holly Townsend (S) Vina Hong Phuoc Tran Thuy Trang Thi Tran (C) Lucia Vu (M) Stephanie A. Wall (M) Tisha Valerie Weiss Crystal Marie White (M) Kelly Dee Whitehead (M) Abigail Elizabeth Wing (S) Lynnea L. Yancy (S) Krystin Nicole Yates (M) Miriam T. Zehaie

Department of Kinesiology

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 13 |


Kelli Lynn Baker Christopher A. Corry Manuelita Esquivel-Salazar Jose Fuentes (C) Michael Wayne Jones Robert J. Leone Grant N. Lynch Colin G. Pennington Stefani Squyres Pierce (C) Jasmine R. Richie Christopher Shaun Schwartz Kara Jo Scott Joshua Cameron Sedillo (C) Erika Leigh Ware BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ATHLETIC TRAINING

Jill A. Cole Justin Lee Efird (C) Frashy Naila Erazo (S) Amber M. Fragosa Caitlin T. Hall (C) Danielle R. Hansen Nora Leon (M) Jaclyn V. Luna (M) Andrea M. Portillo Soto (M) *Roger M. Sancho Meridith Lynn Tilley Gordon Nam Vu Phillip Steven Woessner (C) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EXERCISE SCIENCE

Krystel Nicole Acree Penina Apondi Adongo Rolando Jose Aviles Drue D. Baker (C) Nathan K. Barber Malorie Elaine Bartis Lauren A. Benson Brandon Thomas Burns Medley Louise Butterfield Jennifer E. Campos Jasmin Antoinette Cavitt Allen Brady Conly Kara Nicole Edgerton (M) Sean Douglas Evans Leah Michelle Fenner Heather L. Hatchett (C) Tiffany Roshelle Horton Micah S. Hudgens Abumere Iriahoghuan Imoukhuede Zachary Wynn Kapalka Shannon J. Leidlein Jason C. Livas (C) Joseph A. Lucero (M) Joyana Antoinette McGowan Leon Adrell Montgomery Stephen Nathaniel Nelson Lesley T. Ngo Hoa K. Nguyen (M) Charne Raenise Office Nkechi Ogechi Offor Tiffany Heather Parish (C) Alice Peden (C) Rachel Diane Radimecky (C) Matthew Ray Robertson (S)

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Jelana Russeau Francisca E. Sanchez Jeffrey D. Simpson Rachel D. Smith Whitney Rakeisha Thomas Orenda Rochell Thompson Amanda Lynn Vonganakasame (C) Thu Thi Vy Tomeika Michele Walker Jordan Alexander Williams Meagan Nicole Wilson Courtney Ashlyn Zink (S)


Eric M. Braun M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S.E., Case Western Reserve University, 2006 Dissertation Title: New Detonation Concepts for Propulsion and Power Generation Supervising Professor: Frank Lu Je Hyeon Lee M.S., Sejong University, 2005 B.S., Ajou University, 2001 Dissertation Title: Estimation of Aircraft States and Wind Exposure in Aerial Refueling Supervising Professor: Atilla Dogan Prashaanth Ravindran M.S., UT Arlington, 2005 B.E., University of Madras, 2002 Dissertation Title: Investigation of Instabilities Affecting Detonation Waves: Improving the Resolution Using Block-Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement Supervising Professor: Luca Massa DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING

Salim Abdallah Salim Abdisalaam M.S., Texas State University, 2004 B.S., University of Dar es Salaam, 1996 Dissertation Title: Application of Scanning Correlation Spectroscopy Techniques to Quantify DNA Double Strand Break Repair Kinetics in the Living Cell after Exposure to I-Rays and

Radiomimetic Chemicals Supervising Professor: George Alexandrakis Sajal Chirvi M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.E., University of Mumbai, 2004 Dissertation Title: Label-Free Detection of Biomolecules Using Low Coherence Phase Sensitive Interferometer Supervising Professor: Digant Dave James O. Nyagilo M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S., Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, 2005 Dissertation Title: SurfaceEnhanced Raman-Based Nanoprobes for Biomedical Applications Supervising Professor: Digant Dave Yuan Wan M.S., Southeast University, 2007 M.D., Southeast University, 2004 Dissertation Title: Micro-Device for Selective Isolation and Cytology of Cancer Cells Supervising Professor: Samir Iqbal Eleanor F. Wehner B.S., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2005 Dissertation Title: Biliary Tract Differentiation Through Use of Visible to NIR Hyperspectral Reflectance Supervising Professors: Edward Livingston, Digant Dave DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN CIVIL ENGINEERING

Isaac F. Joskowicz M.S., University of Houston, 1986 B.S., University of Houston, 1981 Dissertation Title: Dynamic Bus Lane Supervising Professor: James Williams Richa V. Karanjekar M.E., University of Mumbai, 2004 B.E., University of Pune, 2002 Dissertation Title: An Improved Model for Estimating Gas Emissions from Landfills Based on Waste Composition, Rainfall, and Ambient Temperature

Supervising Professors: Melanie Sattler, Sahadat Hossain Netra Bahadur Karki M.S., Tribhuvan University, Nepal, 1998 B.E., University of Roorkee, India, 1986 Dissertation Title: Flexural Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Prestressed Concrete Beams and Double Punch Test for FRC Supervising Professor: Shih-Ho Chao Ketwalee Kositkanawuth M.E., UT Arlington, 2007 B.E., Chulalongkorn University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Investigation of Pyrolysis Products from Macroalgae and Polystyrene Supervising Professors: Melanie L. Sattler, Brian Dennis Prince Albert Nfodzo M.S., University of Leeds, 2004 B.S., University of Science and Technology, 1990 Dissertation Title: Triclosan Degradation by Sulfate Radicals Generated by MetalMediated Activation of Oxidants Supervising Professor: Hyeok Choi Yeonho Park M.S., Texas A&M University, 2008 M.S., Kyunghee Unversity, 2004 B.S., Kyunghee University, 2002 Dissertation Title: Long-Term Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beams with GFRP Bars After Accelerated Aging Supervising Professor: Ali Abolmaali DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING

Ranjan Dash M.S., UT Arlington, 2001 M.E., National Institute of Technology, 1988 B.S., Sambalpur University, 1986 Dissertation Title: Improving Quality of Service in XML Data Stream Processing Using Load Shedding Supervising Professor: Leonidas Fegaras DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN COMPUTER SCIENCE

Fawaz Bokhari

M.S., Lahore University of Management Sciences, 2007 B.S., University of Central Punjab, 2003 Dissertation Title: Routing and Channel Assignment Schemes for Interference Avoidance in Wireless Mesh Networks Supervising Professor: Gergely Zaruba Na Li B.S., Nan Kai University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Effective and Secure Use of Human Relation Networks Supervising Professor: Sajal Das Anthony Okorodudu M.S., University of Houston Clear Lake, 2003 B.B.A., Texas A&M, 2000 Dissertation Title: An Extensible Self-Adapting Dissemination Framework for High-Speed Continuous XML Streaming Data Supervising Professors: Leonidas Fegaras, David Levine DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

Waseem Asghar B.S., University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan, 2007 Dissertation Title: Solid-State Devices for Detection of DNA, Protein Biomarkers, and Cells Supervising Professor: Samir Iqbal Hung Cao M.S., UT Arlington, 2007 B.E., Hanoi University of Technology, 2003 Dissertation Title: Fabrication and Modification of Implantable Micro-Probes for Neuro-Studies Supervising Professors: J.-C. Chiao, Yuan-Bo Peng Eithar Nashawati M.S., UT Arlington, 2004 B.S., University of Damascus, 1999 Dissertation Title: Dynamic System Reduction and Fault Location Identification Using Synchrophasors Supervising Professor: Wei-Jen Lee Tapas Kumar Saha M.E.T.E, Jadavpur University,

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 14 |

2007 B.E., Bengal Engineering and Science University, 2005 Dissertation Title: MultiDirectional Light Coupling Structures for Nanomembrane Photonic Integration Supervising Professors: Weidong Zhou, Mingyu Lu Young-Sik Seo M.S., UT Arlington, 2005 B.S., UT Arlington, 2003 Dissertation Title: IC Design for Wireless Multi Sensing Platform Supervising Professor: Jung-Chih Chiao DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING

Andrea M. Graham M.S., Stevens Institute of Technology, 2004 B.S., Tuskegee University, 1995 Dissertation Title: Using AHP and ANP Models in Freight Transport Networks Selection Supervising Professor: Jaime Rogers Goh Saito M.S., Columbia University, 1998 B.S., Columbia University, 1996 Dissertation Title: Constraint Optimal Selection Techniques for Linear Programming Supervising Professors: H.W. Corley, J.M. Rosenberger DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING

Mehmet Eray Erkan M.S., Yildiz Technical University, 2005 B.S., Yildiz Technical University, 2002 Dissertation Title: Effect of Sodium on Electrical Properties of Grain Boundaries in CuInSe2 Supervising Professor: Michael Jin Jie He M.S., Tianjin University, 2007 B.S., Tianjin University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Growth Mechanism and Interface Effects on Microstructure of Perovskite-Type Barium Titanate-Based Epitaxial Films Supervising Professors: Efstathios Meletis,

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Jiechao Jiang Liang-Chieh Ma M.S., Western Michigan University, 2002 Dissertation Title: Fabrication and Characterization of Single Electron Device by Chromium Nanopillars Supervising Professor: Seong Jin Koh Gideon Momanyi Siringi M.S, Lamar University, 2007 B.Tech., Moi University, 2003 Dissertation Title: Design of a More Ductile Concrete by Using Tire Derived Aggregate as a Lightweight Substitute for Mineral Aggregates in a Concrete Mix Supervising Professors: Pranesh Aswath, Ali Abolmaali Emil Zin M.S., Seoul National University, 2001 B.S., Pusan National University, 1999 Dissertation Title: Study on Thermo-Mechanical Instability of Porous Low-K Dielectrics Using Indentation Creep Test Supervising Professor: ChoongUn Kim DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

Mousumi Ahmed M.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2008 B.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2005 Dissertation Title: Graph Theoretic Framework Based Cooperative Control and Estimation of Multiple UAVs Supervising Professor: Kamesh Subbarao Michelle Roybal Corning M.S., UT Arlington, 1989 B.S., University of Arizona, 1982 Dissertation Title: Limits to Resolution of Thermodynamic Measurements Supervising Professor: Abdolhossein Haji-Sheikh Wei Han B.S., Xi’an Polytechnic University, 2006 Dissertation Title: Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Mass Transfer in Microreactors

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Diana Martinez, left, and Nadia Martinez, Industrial engineering doctoral students, dance to a traditional Mexican folk dance during Mav Fest on Feb. 29 on the University Center mall. Various student organizations offered a wide range of food and activities for attendees at the event.

Supervising Professor: Brian Dennis Yi-Wei Huang M.S., McNeese State University, 2002 B.S., Tatung University, 1997 Dissertation Title: Lumped Parameter Modeling of Fluid Line Dynamics with Turbulent Flow Conditions Supervising Professor: David Hullender


Poorva Hemant Abhyankar Naveen Balasubramanian Nikita Sunil Bapat Tejaswini Bhagwat Manas Bhalerao

Yamini Chitrala Jeffrey Daniel Compton James Drake Tejasvi Gundapuneedi Gedaa Magdi Hassan Roshni Iyer Sriram Jagannath Jayaraman Wintana Kahsai Gokarna Kc Neha Khandelwal Ajoy Aubrey Menezes Vijayalakshmi Murali Aram Naseri Nikhil Pandey Ayyub Patel Sonalben Patel Manasi Vilas Patil Mervyn Bernard Pinto Brent Colby Sauer


Niraj Acharya Ali Alsaleh Kibru Andargie Joshua Avalos

Corrine Chandler Aamir Hafiz Matthew Jalbert Cecilia Amelia Permana Shikshita K. Pokhrel Khadka Mohammad Shahidur Rahman Allen H. Savoie Donna Stephens MASTER OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL ENGINEERING

Bassam Abusad Salman Ahmed Baig Pradip Deshmukh William Douglas Amanda Ferguson Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Gaily Tushar Joshi Priya Lad Rahul Manda Farzin Maniei Saeed Rahjoo Ryan Ramsey Ranjan Kumar Rout Hossein Tavakoli Chandan Venkatesh

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 15 |

Department of Computer Science and Engineering MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING

Vishal Gupta Raishad Vishal Maharaj Gaurav Puri MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE

Ajith Ajjarani Chandrappa Anvitha Banakal Sadananda Sayan Bardhan Amey Sudhir Bhalerao Kishan Kumar Bhongale Prabhakar Ardeshir Eslami Geethu Gopinath Md Monjurul Hasan Manisha Kundoor Vivek Maheshwari Shreya Monish Mamadapur Priya Mathew Elanjickal Xiaowei Mei Shekhar Gopi Menon

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Petra B. A. Moessner Shriraksha Mohan Sajjad Moradi Rohan Ram Ramekar Jonathan Rich Anitha Josephine Royappan Harshit Shah Vishal Subramani Amanda Vines Ravi Yadav


Syed Fahad Akhtar Joseph A. Billo Fatih Cingoz Anis Davoudi Arohi Mahadevbhai Desai Kaustubh Vilas Dhonsale Pavankumar Gabbita Saurabh Ghorpade Abhijit Hegde Hardeepsinh Mangalsinh Jadeja Mohammadreza Jahangir Moghadam Annas Javed Anand Rajendra Kharpate John Robert Konderla Jr. Vigneshkumar Krishnamoorty Amruta Kulkarni Monisha Mohan Vasudevan Murali Sushmita Muthusivam Vivek Nagraj Lei Niu Amit Lalchand Parekh Jignesh Kiritbhai Patel Swanand Vinayak Phadke Saumya Vijaykumar Raval Lalith Prasad Ravindranath Manan Gaurang Shah Huai Shih Vigneshwaran Sivaravindiran Shreyanka Subbarayappa Aditya Venugopal Tantry Amit Thanekar Prashanth Ram Umashankar Abishek Kumar Vaidyanathan Kunal Chandrakant Vora Sai Kalyan Yelike

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT

Cory T. Cortesi Dharmesh Khatri Vinicius Monteiro Adithya Vardhan Reddy Pailla Nagasubramanyam Pampati Raghuveer Rachakonda Rohith Kumar Toom Ruchi Trivedi Vijeta Valsaraj


Ameya Pramod Abhyankar Bhushan Chandrakant Barakale Nigel Barretto Travis Aaron Carlson Mustapha Cham Pankaj Praveen Harkare Saurabh Jain Maharshi Mahadevia Sharath Krishna Manuvinakurike Narasimhaprasad Abhishek Narendar Nishith G. Patel Akshay Shashikant Patil Dharmendra Rai Raja Sekhar Ravi Roshani Samdurkar Abhishek Shivajirao Satham Mukul Hiralal Waswani Scott Thomas Wiederhold MASTER OF SCIENCE IN LOGISTICS

Naruemol Detudompluet Lacey Ford Ming-Chen Lu Arinchai Pichalai MASTER OF SCIENCE IN SYSTEMS ENGINEERING

Russell M. Elliott Julio Guigni Jarod Shaw


Kelly McClurg Chung-Yang Yeh Tingqin Zhao

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MASTER OF ENGINEERING IN AEROSPACE ENGINEERING


Levi Harley Armstrong Ghassan Mohammad Atmeh Colin Patrick Cannon Matthew Carroll Anthony Hasler Rahul Kumar Derek Glenn Leamon Sean Christopher Muder

Jatuporn Nakpiam Vaidehi Patel Alok Rege Pravin Vadassery MASTER OF ENGINEERING IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

Sahil Ajani Mohamad Bilal Pradeep Kumar Bodige Shihong Chen Kunal Nikhilbhai Desai Agraw Ebrahim Mark Fulenwider Nayana Hadia Imran Memon Aurelio Mendoza Dhruvesh Prabhudas Patel Vrushank Patel Carl Clifford Pereira Manthan Hareshkumar Raval Ravinder Ravinder Saad Saeed Dhaval Shah Krushit Hiteshkumar Shah Swapnil Laxman Tambadkar MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

Ashkan Akbariyeh Shiva Ramesh Deshmukh Parvati Aruna Kandala Vikram Nair Jaydeep Panchal Vishal Mukesh Sanghavi Daipayan Sarkar Niket Shah Suman Shrestha Ye Wang


Department of Computer Science and Engineering BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING

Jacob McClenny Daniel Murphy (M) Breon L. Odie Anish Raj Poudel (M) Joshua J. Raymer Giovanni Alessio Salazar Paul S. Sassaman (M) Corban N. Scott (S) Nicholas N. Steffen Ivan U. Tamez (C) Bhavyesh Vadnagara Chase D. Walker (S) Elijah Chungkyun Zhi BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE

Santa Teresa Castillo Aaron L. Couchman Shawn Norman Gieser (C) Daniel Rajesh Golconda Nyah Johnson Bell Jimmy Kalema BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING

Jeffrey Alexander Bursey Ricky Bom Chi Kathy Ann Foss Aaron K. Gann (S) Rebeka Nicole Pua K. Halbert (M) David E. Hudlow (S) Erica N. Llaca Ethan D. Sarp (C) Steven C. Tran (M)

Patrick S. Mojsak Aaron L. Nunnally Uche Killian Osamor Tam Dinh Phan Owen Bentley Pierce (M) Laxmi Pyakurel (M) Michael David Roso Bikram Shrestha Nona Singh Ton Nhan Tran Lorenia Senaida Venegas (M) Altrim Vinca Tadele Habtamu Wondimu

Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING

Ujjwal Adhikari (C) Charles Leighton Brown Brett Criswell Bradley DeRider (C) Van Duong (C) Zachary M. Farina Morgan Hellwig Suman Karki Trung Le Paola A. Lima (M) Ashish Manandhar Nathaniel C. McAllister Christopher Morgan Michael A. Mount (C) Natasha Nicole Newbrough Kayvan Nouri Joshua C. Okafor Israel Ramirez Abdullah Shishakly Steven Glenn Smith Samuel R. Snider Cesar E. Valenzuela

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Degree Conferred Dec. 17, 2011 Dustin Lee Smith



Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Pinki Bhandari Jon Matthew Bunner Matthew C. Clark Christopher Alan Edwards (C) Saman Farrokhi Gozarchi Sasan Farrokhi Gozarchi Anup Gajurel Subash Gautam Hani Raja Ghanma Samer Raja Ghanma Aaron Eric Hammill #Crystal Jamaica (C) Landon Taylor King Kevin P. McElroy Bryan Luis Mercado Derek L. Ogburn Guillermo Palacios (C) Mildred Jan Palangan Brandon L. Price (M) Jelina Dawn Raby #Sanjay Tamrakar (C) Michelle D. Tilotta

Andrew G. Acree Ibironke L. Ajayi Nicholas Armenta James Peter Babcock Danielle Carter Shalie L. Dahar (C) Ashenafi Zerihun Dejene Jad R. Elzoghbi Alexander L. Fannin (M) Amit Gandhi Erik John Hackett (M) Marwan N. Hussein Marco F. Jaime Pravesh Joshi Jonathan Kang Jay P. Kelley (S) Raza A. Khan (M) Lance Aaron Larson Justin L. Loth Danny Luong Branden Metcalf (C)

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 16 |


Sikander M. Ali Ewanlen Ativie Tyler Erin Barmore *Ezgihan Baydar Charles Edward Beckwith Anup Bhattarai #*John Tyler Black (C) Derek Keith Bozarth Jacob Douglas Carlson (M) Travis L. Clash Taylor Robert Cook (C) Matthew G. Crisanti Jonathan Robert Crosley (C) Jithin Daniel Robert James Dees Jennifer Dement Shawn Edwards Gregory Lawrence Epps

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar M.A., University of Central Oklahoma, 2008 B.A., University of Central Oklahoma, 2006 Dissertation Title: “Make it Plain, Preacha”: African American Rhetorical License, African American Vernacular English, and the Modern Rendering of Epideictic Rhetoric in Black Church Sermons Supervising Professors: Cedrick May, James Warren DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN LINGUISTICS

Ziwo Qiu-Fuyuan Lama M.A., UT Arlington, 1998 M.A., Minzu University of China, 1991 B.A., Southwest University for Nationalities, 1988 Dissertation Title: Subgrouping of Nisoic (Yi) Languages: A Study from the Perspectives of Shared Innovation and Phylogenetic Estimation Supervising Professor: Jerold Edmondson The Shorthorn: File Photo

The Mavericks do their warm-up routine after their entrance on Feb. 1 for the grand opening of the College Park Center. Moments before, a ribbon-cutting ceremony took place with pyrotechnics and performances by dancers and the UT Arlington band.

Jackson T. Greulich (S) Cody Ryan Ground (S) Kumara Gudimetla John Andrew Heiser Jasmine G. Kendricks Christopher Glen Kirkpatrick (C) James P. Merkel Tien Minh Nguyen Chung Jin Park Ronak B. Patel Jared L. Poempipatana Prajesh Bhakta Pradhananga Vincent Patrick Ricketts Christy Dawn Roof (C) Chase Sly Alexander F. Tipton (M) Vu D. Tran Lisa Michelle Adorable Vandever (C) Matthew R. Waller BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

Jahed Ahmed (C) Senai Andai Keith Daniel Aug David Kyle Bandomer Brett Borski (M) Sean Patrick Brady Eddie B. Brown Drew O. Cook

Stephen Michael Denison (S) Bradford J. Ekstrom (M) Tamonvun Emsirisangtong (M) Tunyaluck Emsirisangtong (M) Benjamin D. Engstrom (M) Andrew Phillip Feghali (M) Andrea M. Gorman Paul E. Hudlow (S) Alphonso Le Jerzaim Mendoza (C) Josue Mendoza (M) James P. Merkel Samantha Leigh O’Hara (M) Chung Jin Park Charles M. Parker Sean Preston Powell Omar I. Rosales Drew T. San Juan Stephen H. Savoie (M) Joshua Robert Scheel (C) Andrew M. Schumacher Seth David Shiver Abhisek Shrestha (C) Phillip P. Song Michael Robert Sorensen Stevan J. Sparks Jon Alan Tucker (M) Kirati Tuntirojanawong (C) Andres Cristobal Villarreal Carmen Wall (C) Anderson Wilhelm Christopher C. Yates


Characteristics in Science Fiction Supervising Professor: Timothy Morris


Calvin Pearson D.Min., Gordon Conwell Seminary, 1999 M.Div., Southwestern Seminary, 1987 Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1981 Dissertation Title: How the Use of Imitation in Composition Pedagogy Can Inform Homiletic Pedagogy Supervising Professors: Kevin Porter, Kevin Gustafson


Corby J. Baxter M.A., Texas State University, 2006 B.A., Texas A&M at Corpus Christi, 2004 Dissertation Title: Indi’n Humor, Tricksters, and Stereotype in Selected Works of Gerald Vizenor, Thomas King, and Sherman Alexie Supervising Professor: Kenneth Roemer Paul Lee M.A., Midwestern State University, 2002 B.A., Midwestern State University, 1998 Dissertation Title: Bug-Eyed Monsters and the Encounter with the Postcolonial Other: An Analysis of Postcolonial Themes and

Edwardo Perez M.J., University of North Texas, 2002 M.M., University of Denver, 1996 B.M.E., Baylor University, 1993 Dissertation Title: Toward A Theory Of Narrative Rhetoric Supervising Professor: Kevin Porter Leslie Similly

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 17 |

K. Larry Rogers Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1990 B.A., Tennessee Temple University, 1980 Dissertation Title: American Sign Language Verb Categories in Constructed Action Supervising Professor: Laurel Stvan DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN TRANSATLANTIC HISTORY

Pawel Goral M.A., UT Arlington, 2007 B.A., UT Arlington, 2004 Dissertation Title: Cold War Rivalry and the Perception of the American West: Why Both Westerners and Easterners Became Cowboys and Indians Supervising Professor: Thomas Adam

MASTER’S DEGREES Department of Art and Art History MASTER OF FINE ARTS

Jorge Garza Mary Helmes Collin Hover

Congratulations to the Spring 2012 Graduates of The University of Texas at Arlington .com

Congratulations Tashia! I am so very proud of you. You’ve done it again. Success!

David Jr., We rejoice with you and are very thankful that you have achieved another important step on your journey through life. May God continue to bless you and that you find fulfillment in pursuing your dreams and doing what you love.

— Love, Mom & Dad

—We Love you, Dad, Mom & Kim

Laura Acrey

—Love you, Grandmom, Uncle Dennis & Darlene

David Leon Butler Jr.

We are very proud of you. —We love you, Mom & Dad

—Love, Steven & Family

Albert P. Quiroga, Jr.

David A. Pacheco SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 18 |

—Love, Mom, Dad Peter & Sarah

Paul Sassaman

Zhyla, Congratulations Doll! I know it has been a hard journey for you to get to this place in your life and it’s finally time for you to graduate. There is no one more deserving of this day and I’m so proud of you! You’re my best friend and you’re always there for me and I can’t wait to be there for you and share this special day with you and our special family! Love you mucho! —Courtney

Zhyla Alvarado

Mom & Angelo, Dad & Robin, Kristen, Jason, Kacey & Abbie, Brandon, Nicole & Trenton, Grandma & Grandpa Browne

Kerry McClain Congratulations John Marcus Allen Sr. on your MSQF!

Diana Jensen

Paul, Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your journey. May God continue to bless you in your accomplishments and lead you into a bright future.

Kerry, We are so proud of your accomplishments. We wish you all the best when you start your doctoral program this summer. —We love you,

“God is Love”

Diana, Congratulations! We are all so proud of you. You did great and will make a wonderful nurse.

Albert, You have achieved another major accomplishment in your life.

Tashia Martensen David, Congrats on your acceptance to UT Southwestern Medical School. We are very proud of you and wish you a bright future. —Love, Mom & Dad

Laura, We are so proud of you! You have worked hard and achieved many honors. Follow your dreams. We know you will go far!

We know him as a mentor, guide, provider & friend but we call him Dad. —We love you, Ashley, Marcus, Cameron

John Marcus Allen Sr.

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 19 |


st. mary ’ s university

GRADUATE SCHOOL reports that St. Mary’s University graduates’ long-term earning potential is among the top 20 percent in the South MASTER’S PROGRAMS


Business Administration Catholic School Leadership Clinical Mental Health Counseling Communication Studies Computer Engineering Computer Information Systems Computer Science Education Educational Leadership Electrical Engineering Engineering Systems Management English Literature and Language Industrial Engineering Industrial/Organizational Psychology International Relations Marriage and Family Therapy Political Science Public Administration Reading Software Engineering Theology

Business Administration (M.B.A./J.D.) Communication Studies (M.A./J.D.) Computer Science (M.S./J.D.) English Literature and Language (M.A./J.D.) Industrial Engineering (M.S./J.D.) International Relations (M.A./J.D.) Public Administration (M.P.A./J.D.) Theology (M.A./J.D.)

Ph.D. PROGRAMS Counselor Education and Supervision Marriage and Family Therapy

ONLINE PROGRAMS International Relations (security policy concentration only)

OFF-CAMPUS AND DISTANCE LEARNING Alamo University Center (Computer Information Systems, Engineering Systems Management, and M.B.A.) Austin (Theology) College Station (Theology) Fort Hood (International Relations, security policy concentration only) Marion Independent School District, San Antonio area (Education) Temple (Theology)

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Janet Morrow Patricia Newton

Department of Communication MASTER OF ARTS IN COMMUNICATION

Vidisha Vijaykumar Bhopatkar Carl C. Esposito Araceli Guerrero Henan Jin Wei-Ling Lai Kristen Leanne Phillips Andrew Ye

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice MASTER OF ARTS IN CRIMINOLOGY AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE

Ryan Austin Bradbury Callie Brown Elza Daviss Miranda Kelly Michael Khodayari Oluwafeyikem Odusoga Krystal Ashley Salazar Stuart Alan Siegel Jeremy Hester Thompson Kieshawnda Washington

Department of English MASTER OF ARTS IN ENGLISH

Angela Horn Fanny Anne Ramirez Luke Story Jo Ward

Department of History MASTER OF ARTS IN HISTORY

Kathleen Mae Beeson Cary W. Beshel Eric Dominguez Kaci L. Eaves Nathaniel Patrick Goodwin Lee Howell John Muller Rachel Nicole Samford Johnathon Speed Samuel Arthur Wilson




a catholic and marianist liberal arts institution

Adrian Michael Contreras Kenneth Johnson Joseph Lincecum

Department of Linguistics and TESOL MASTER OF ARTS IN LINGUISTICS

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 20 |

Derrick Max Jackman Fadiah Qudah Dusti Samples Amanda Reed Williams MASTER OF ARTS IN TESOL

Wendy Cooper Stefani Nicol Goode Derek Wayne Smith Heather Holcombe Song Kristopher Wade Wright


LaCresha Monique Adjodi Christopher Mathews Humberto Rodriguez Jr. Omar A. Valdez Rocha


Megan Rebecca Czerwieski Cassie Ann Essary James Richard Meyer MASTER OF MUSIC IN MUSIC PERFORMANCE

Michelle Perrin Blair Christopher Borin Ara Cho Claudia Fernanda Fuenmayor Lopez Christopher Sample Grant Alexander Scoggin Sinae Song Allison Whitfield

Department of Political Science MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE

Nancy Meyer Coplen Maria Teresa Cruse Ater Bol Malekjok Enrijeta Shino Susan Janell Wilkerson

Department of Sociology and Anthropology MASTER OF ARTS IN ANTHROPOLOGY

Claudia Colette Cortinas Michelle Hartsfield Rassan Abdull Sowell MASTER OF ARTS IN SOCIOLOGY

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Drake performs on March 2 at the first concert ever held at the College Park Center. Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and Chase N. Cash opened the concert for Drake.

Karla Arenas Timothy Bielik Brandi Renee’ Bruner B. Paige Gabriel Ashley Lynn Wendell Kranjac Jennifer Lamb Stephen Lott Hamidullah Qeyam Sara Kay Ridenour


Ariel Corral Amanda Nicole East Kathleen Ni Kevin S. Pace (S) Eduardo Calvillo Rosales Jeremy Solomon Schack


Syed Omar Ali Adele Jeanette Benier Kelsey C. Blum Renee Dowling Cavin (M) Amanda Ellen Holdsworth (S) Keelee J. James (M) Judy L. Lankford-Snyder (C) Johnny Moreno (S) BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS IN ART

Tonya Anderson (M) Monica J. Barrera Erik Orlando Bedoya (C) Jessica Maxcy Bergeman Michael A. Bianchini Tara Lynn Bordeaux (M) Allyson Brownrigg (C) Tabitha Candelaria Mary Celia Cortez (C) Robert Jack Curtis

Curtis Jackson Davis (S) Lyndee A. Davis Robert Barry Eakins (C) Joseph Anthony Espinosa Simon Barturen Fallavollita (M) Douglas Kirk Fudge (S) Katherine Elizabeth Gabriel (S) Isaias Mansanales Gallardo Michael L. Gonzales (C) David Thomas Grace Alysse I. Griffith Enrique Gutierrez Alyssa M. Hawkins (C) Jennifer Susan Hightower Wilson Hoang Angela B. Holdman (S) Jared Kevin Holt (C) Brittany Lauren Ingram (S) Matthew Scott Janke Leanne Nicole Johnson (S) Jesse T. Jones Nathan L. Jones Philip M. Lambert Joel D. Landingham Sarah Beth Lawrence (M) Jaclyn Nguyen Le (M) Tammy Elizabeth Lowrance (M) Kevin Ly (C) Kylene Mamrus Heidi M. Martin Melissa Nicole Mayer (C) Kathryn D. Moore Maggie A. Moore Daniel Ray Moreno Cheryl Nettles (C) Georgina Rae Parker (C) Jordan Scott Price (C) Joanna Ramirez Perez Carly Rejcek (C) Aaron M. Renaud (C) Emigdio T. Renteria (C) Nathan L. Reynolds Betty Rodriguez Andrew Alan Rush Brandon Keith Rush (M) Ericka Christine Schwan (M) Tatara Anne Siegel Alan P. Siggers Roberto Villarreal Danell Dawn Whitmire Megan Ruth Woodruff (C) Kristin Anne Yosten Adrian Zuniga (S)

Daniel A. Kruzic (C) LaMarcus Christianson Leath Justin Allen Malkosky Jesus M. Marroquin Gloria M. Moss

Department of Communication

Amanda J. Aguilera Sade Renee Aileru Elizabeth Reid Alvarez (M) Brittany Amber Dowell (S) Jennifer Jean Ecklund Katie M. Gordon Brandon T. Harden Larrnecia Z. Hart Shinitha Reshunda Ren Hicks (C) Erin Danielle Jackson Jonathan David Lopez Hannah L. Mackey Adda K. Mazariegos Benjamin P. Muir (S) Cindy Thi Nguyen Robert Richard Ortiz Lupe Pelitos Ozuna Chelsea Lynne Pedregal


Wesley Hildebrand Albaugh Michael S. Alexander Kyle Blackwell Michael R. Bravata Steven Joseph Chavez Katherine Christina Cohen Alison L. Cohn (M) Joseph E. DeMartino David W. Dupree Odion Eigbobo Andrea M. Eller Sarah N. Elliott Courtland Tyler Erickson Bianca N. Garza

Tiffany Elaine Richmond (C) Clydreonna L. Sherpell Arica T. Washington Nicole D. Washington Denishea B. Williams

—(Second major in Public Relations)

David Vincent Petti Soleil Marie Pond Vidwan S. Raghavan Mallory L. Shepherd Teresa Ann Ustanik


Elizabeth O. Amani Joel Barron Charelle N. Bennett Carletha P. Bibbs Naomi Rochelle Brown Amanda Selene Caldwell Fernando Castillo Lavonshe M. Chumbley Jorge Luis Colmenares Jack E. Davis (C) —(Second major in History)

Staci Deluca (C) Rina-Infini Dotado Florido (M) —(Second major in Communication Technology)

Elizabeth Jaimes Stephanie C. Knefel Matthew C. Linguist Edgar D. Maldonado Alonzo Mancha Aubree Elise McFadden (C) Christopher S. Mead (C) Christine D. Nicholson (S) Karen Alejandra Ramirez Ariel Nicole Robinson —(Second major in Public Relations)

Dontae L. Robison Sonia Salas (C) Rhett R. Swarb Elia Guadalupe Torres Brandee Leigh Urreta Theresa M. Wilcox Curtis Evan Yancey Rebecca Elizabeth Zarate


SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 21 |


Abhishekh Adhikari (C) Aisha Banafa Taylor J. Cammack Carlos Alberto Cucalon (C) Xavier Ugochukwu Echendu Bradley G. Harrell Tanner Jeremy Hearne (C) Matthew Howell Jonathan M. Martinez Clayton Thomas Misfeldt Jessica C. Patzer BACHELOR OF ARTS IN COMMUNICATION (JOURNALISM)

Steven Paul Baer —(Second major in Broadcasting)

M. Bryan Bastible (M) Josh A. Bowe (C) Ashley L. Bradley Taylor J. Cammack Chelsey Lou Davis Joshua C. Derrick (M) Hannah E. Dockray Steven C. Garcia Amanda Christine Gonzalez (M) Myriam Michelle Gonzalez Benjamin P. Hollabaugh Ashley N. Keene (M) Jacquelyn L. Kenney Abel Luna Sarah M. Lutz Princess C. McDowell Samuel L. Morton Amanda Lynn Munster (M) —(Second major in Spanish)

Monica S. Nagy Amal A. Saadat Brittany Ashley Trujillo BACHELOR OF ARTS IN COMMUNICATION (PUBLIC RELATIONS)

Candace M. Brown Christopher Troy Bryan Lindy Chen (M) —(Second major in Advertising)

Courtney Marie Chipman Thomas Matthew Wade Dennard (M) Erika P. Duncan Amali Upeshika Fernando Jessica T. Forney Sarah J. Frost Ellen K. Hardaway Natalie C. Hooper Samantha Lynne Horn (C) —(Second major in Advertising)

Patrick B. Jackson Chloe B. Jamerson (S) Kathryn M. Kiger (C) Kristina A. Kopplin

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Robert Claude Maddox Martha Lizbeth Melendez Katarina Mlcochova Jasmine S. Moore Kelly Lynn Oehler Amber Nicole Ortiz Ashley Rae Pecoraro Nicholas Daniel Perez Allison Michael Revoli Maria Esther Reyes Gabrielle Elise Rhodes Kim A. Sanders Britney B. Taylor (M) Ciarra A. True Julieta M. Vazquez Becky M. Volk Samantha Michelle Watson (C) —(Second major in Broadcasting)

Brent Preston White

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice BACHELOR OF ARTS IN CRIMINOLOGY AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE

Stacy Agwaife Comfort O. Akinola David C. Armstrong Steven Craig Bastible Darrya Aleice Betts Lebouath A. Boua Jamila Jani Brimidge Je’Nellie C. Briones Shanetria Bryant Anthony R. Casillas Jonathan Cepeda Cynthia Cervantes Jerry Collazo Rodney L. Colston Brenton Ary Dark Daisy Diaz Jason Kenneth Doyon Rodolfo Duran Cheryl Jean Dutton Natalie Meredith Ellis Katrina Floyd David Foster Monica Angelica Foster-Johnson (C) Vanessa Lee Fuentes (C) Matthew Paul Funk (M) Elizabeth Garcia Liliana Garcia Mark Allen Hammerquist (S) April M. Hatfield-Beck Susana Ivette Hernandez LaTosha Monique Hollins Megan M. Howell Jennifer Howsley Nicholas S. Hyder (M) Sheniqua S. Jones Mwenda Daniel Longo Karla Yazmin Luna Brent Mayorga Gary Mead McIntosh (M) Armando Medina Britney Cencora Miller Nathan Brent Moize Cabrera Y. Moore Anna Morquecho Kristoffer M. Needham (C)

Kim Huong T. Nguyen Clayton W. Pell Laura Perez Nathalie Perez Justin Thomas Price Xochitl Ramirez (C) Deborah Ana Ramos Rachel Lynette Reid Diana Marie Richards (C) Yzzaura C. Rios Rita Delia Salazar Yasmine M. Salem (C) Lauran Savell (C) Dawn Marie Shelton Danielle Elizabeth Terry DeCharles X. Thompson Luz Angelica Torres Luis Antonio Valadez Georgy M. Varughese Juan Antonio Vasquez Casey K. Vermillion (C) Maribel Vigil (C) Paul Michael Walther Cyntheny Lashawn Walton Shannon T. White Korey Raynard Willis Heiwot Girma Wolde-Rufael BACHELOR OF CRIMINOLOGY AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE

Kathryn Elaine Allen (S) Craig Neal Colquitt Edmon Scott Fulkerson (C) Adam Georgitso (C) Carli Renee Gilliland Dana Hall Melody Dawn Harrison (S) Shauna Shantale Morris (C) Ester Padilla Jennifer L. Robertson (M) Jason Eiron Sternberg Kari Ann Williamson Cassondra Denise Ynguanzo (C)


Markesha Marie Anthony Stephanie A. Baird Michelle Becerra Patricia Adriane Becht Lisa Michelle Bing Kristen Brooks (M) Hillary J. Brown Melissa Camacho Nina Cardenas Suling R. Chhay (M) Sabrina Bernice Davis Randi Lynn Edwards (C) William Edwards Brent Wayne Falls *Sean E. Farrell (M) Andrew N. Fort Anna E. Garcia Ramon Elihu Garcia Colton Lee Gipson Ricardo Fabian Gonzales Jason S. Guess #Patricia Gurrola (S) Jamie Leigh Hamilton

Geoffery Lewis Henderson (C) Darlene Fay Hill Shannon Dyan Holloway Heather N. Howard David M. Hubbard (M) Amy D. Jackson Kayla Marie Jacques (C) *Katelyn L. Jaynes (S) Vanessa Marie Jencks (M) Ashley Elizabeth Johnston (M) Justin M. Jones Lesley Kraatz Starr Vanessity Lara (C) Andrea Marie Martinez Marshall David Mosley David N. Mosser (S) —(Second major in History)

Kathleen Meghan O’Connell Alison L. Peters (M) David Michael Ray Tasha Nicole Reid Amy M. Rivers Jimmy Rodriguez Tiffany C. Rose Ronald Charles Shedd Alicia J. Sisemore Samuel Standridge Timothy G. Steggall (S) Justin R. Strauch Thomas M. Szymankiewicz Beth Ann Thomas Emily H. Thorpe Tiffany R. Tune Amy L. Tuttle (C) Jordyn Ashleigh Walters Raymond Wilson (S) Rachel Renee Wood


Neil Richard Adkison Jonathan Banks Samuel Wayne Best (M) Tramell R. Bonner Christopher Adam Boydston (S) Elizabeth Grace Brown Viola Hunter Brown Jesse Casares Penny A. Castillo Kevin Micheal Chin Alejandro Contreras Annette S. Cooper *Sarah E. Dignan (M) Ian A. Edd (S) Samantha Ellis (S) Matthew Ian Essman Jordan Scott Fogarty Mayra Yadira Garcia Zachary G. Glaszcak Jocelyn Raeh Harty (S) Scott A. Helverson (C) Birgitta N. Howard Wade Isham James Killgo —(Second major in Russian)

Brandon M. Law Sue Ryun Lee Nathan Lee Loper (S) John Keith Luman Denise Marin Adrian Martinez

Corey Thomas McGeorge Ruth Elaine Mecca (C) Angel G. Medina (C) Whitney Nicole Mitchell Michelle M. Moore Traci K. Morrison Jeffrey Scott Pursley Mary Brooks Soule’ Rodrigue Jacqueline Soledad Rodriguez Amanda J. Russell Eusebio C. Sanchez Eric J. Sheppard Daniel H. Simpson (M) Dustin R. Smith Karla Tiffany Sorhovigarat (S) Ashley M. Umphenour (C) Steven Whitwell Lauren Kathleen Wolfe Brandon Christopher Young (C) Bernard Ryan Zmolik


Sylvia M. Tran

Department of Modern Languages BACHELOR OF ARTS IN FRENCH

Renee Dowling Cavin (M) Ashley R. Eckhardt Jason M. Holt (C) —(Second major in Linguistics)



Kenneth Russell Catlege (M) Jean Ann Halverson #Patricia A. Mann (S) Magdalena A. Salamon BACHELOR OF ARTS IN SPANISH

Michell Aguirre Claudia Barajas Miriam V. Campos Yasmin Cardenas Dejanira Castillejos (C) Evelyn D. Cornejo Angelica Cruz Yesenia Marlene Diaz Gloria E. Espino (C) Sandra Estrada Norberto Evans Jose Adrian Frias Jose Fuentes (C) Aaron K. Gann (S) Carmen Diana Gomez Michelle Denise Gomez (S) Emaus Yokebed Gutierrez Elizabeth Hinostroza Katy Lynn Houchin

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 22 |

Marisol Hoyt Maria Kalliope Jones (S) Yasmeen Khan Sonia Lazaro (S) Oracio Luna Beneranda Marquez Yohana Martinez (C) Adda K. Mazariegos Josue Mendoza (M) Andrea M. Mims Katherine Monzon (M) Patricia Morales Hayley Ryan Mullane (S) Jacqueline Navarro (C) Veronica Orosco Pablo Antonio Quezada Gabriela Alejandra Saenz —(Second major in Political Science)

Mary Lee Smith Juana Laura Tamez Carolina Toro

Department of Music BACHELOR OF MUSIC

Evan M. Arnett Cassidy L. Bruns Jaime S. Bustillo Kyle M. Claset (M) Derek M. Ficken Christopher Daniel Glenn Manuel S. Gonzales Alexandra N. Grant (S) Katrina K. Grenz (C) Miriam Hernandez *Sean Patrick McNeil (S) Eric J. Morrison Justin T. Shelton Ashley P. Smith Adia Thiele-Soria Ryan L. Williams Jonathan Ryan Woodrow (S)

Department of Philosophy and Humanities BACHELOR OF ARTS IN PHILOSOPHY

Andrew James Dass Herman Ray Fouse Sarah Marie Gauntt (S) Christopher Mack #Patricia A. Mann (S) Sean Anthony Mixon Reem Moussa *Neeralee M. Patel (S) Elizabeth G. Perez Michael Lynn Reed (M) Corey Simeon Rogers Christal Ann Vila Simanski (C) Michael P. Whittington (M)


Mohammad M. Aslam (C) Eva Barrios Analise M. Barron Consuelo Monina Buencamino Frank Byaruhanga

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Jesse A. Calderon (C) Lauren Leigh Caudle Andres M. Chavarria Brian Patrick Dunn Khaled Mazen El-Kurd Syeda Sabeen Fatima Trevor Toby Fawver Jairo Antonio Flores Aaron J. Ford Anita Garcia —(Second major in Spanish)

Elveera Suzanne Grogan Richard M. Hollenback Aya H. Hosch (C) Jeremy Houghton *Saima Salim Hussain (M) Steven Brendon Hussain (S) Thomas T. Huynh Ahmed H. Ileiwi Jared Alexander Jackson Nicole Hannah Jones Joseph L. Landeros Olivia Guadalupe Llanes —(Second major in Spanish)

David Peter Lloyd Louella Joy Fernandez Lustina Joyce Mamo Allen Fernel Mihecoby (M) Christopher Hal Moore (C) Tshiluayi Anna Ndumbi —(Second major in French)

Yesha P. Patel Daniel Ponce

E. Julian Matthew Ramon (M) Sean Michael Rauh Josue Rodriguez (C) Rosalinda Rosales (C) Frishta Rahimi Sarwari (C) Olu Johnathan Silver Christal Ann Vila Simanski (C) Christian Sonnier Verica Todorovic Amelia Jo Turner James Walter Ussery Jinxuan Yang (M)

Department of Sociology and Anthropology BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ANTHROPOLOGY

Cindy Renee Adkinson Megan A. Bruton Phyllis L. Carrier Aimee L. Cooley (M) Caitlin Alexandra Dodd (M) Leann Marie du Menil Katrina Elaine Gilley-Hall Laura R. Jack —(Second major in French)

Brett Marie McKee (C) Jacob Aaron Reed (C) Lisa R. Tesh (S) #Cassandra A. Valencia (M)


Katherine Anderson Diana C. Baena Ofelia J. Carranza Jesus Adrian Ceballos (S) Robin Lea Collins Meagan Cherise Crockett Rosalinda Davila Daniel M. Fitzgerald Dana L. Hensley Sundus Khalil Cassandra Teresa Lira (S) Emmet Massaquoi Stephanie L. Mastromoro (S) Shereka C. McClain Sharnece J. Mitchell Jason Isaac Montelongo (C) Jennifer Robin Morris (S) April S. Oughton Maria De La Luz M. Perez (M) —(Second major in Spanish)

Jaala Arlene Robinson Allyson Paige Whitehead


Stephen Wade Apple Arlan Glenn Arceneaux

Audri Arnold Andras Bodolai Meagan M. Brooks Greyson Paul Drake Cox Ariel S. Donaldson Dana H. Hagman (S) Nastasia Gonzalez Ingersoll Jacqueline M. Pettit Earl T. Simpson BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS IN THEATRE ARTS

Daniel Joseph Hinckley Kathryn E. Ivey (S) Leslie A. Jones (M) Brittany Nadine King Christopher M. Mount Franklin Taylor Murrah (C) Ellanie Ruth Weaver Patman Jackie L. Pickard (C) David Michael Ray


Victor Madrigal M.S., Texas A&M Corpus Christi, 2002 B.S., Texas A&M International University, 1997 Dissertation Title: Implementing an Exercise EBG for T2DM Using a Structured Referral Process Supervising Professor: Maureen Courtney Mary Miller Werlinger M.S., Texas Woman’s University, 1980 B.S., Mary Hardin-Baylor College, 1975 Dissertation Title: How Effectively Do Health Care Providers Adhere to Established Clinical Guidelines Concerning Breast and Cervical Screenings as Outlined by the American Cancer Society and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology? Supervising Professor: Jacqueline Michael DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN NURSING

John Frederick Dixon Jr. M.S.N., UT Arlington, 1990 B.S.N., Florida State University, 1981 B.A., Jacksonville University, 1976 Dissertation Title: Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship between PresentOn-Admission Factors of Adult Inpatients and Risk for Needing a Rapid Response Team Intervention During Hospitalization Supervising Professor: Carolyn Cason Robin Keene M.S., UT Arlington, 2002 B.S., UT Arlington, 1999 Dissertation Title: The Meaning of Homelessness to Homeless Women Veterans Supervising Professor: Carolyn Cason

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Participants dive into a pool during Campus Recreation’s Polar Bear Plunge on Feb. 22 at the Maverick Activities Center pool. A cup of hot chocolate and commemorative T-shirt were awarded to participants who plunged in and swam across the pool. About 100 people participated.

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 23 |

Carol Henderson Lieser M.T.S., Ave Maria University, 2003 M.S., UT Arlington, 1997 B.S., Berea College Berea, 1972 Dissertation Title: Adolescent Depression Screening Practices of Texas Primary Care Nurse Practitioners Supervising Professor: Jennifer Gray


(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Glass graduate student Neal Paustian torches his glass sculpture on March 23 in the Studio Arts Center. Paustian’s newest piece was up for auction March 30 at the World-Class Glass Art and Show.



Taylor Ann Abney Sepideh Ariana Ahmadpour Carol Susan Arrendell Chantell S. Bell Kristen Elaine Brame Sara Lynn Bateman Buck Courtney R. Edwards Nancy Castillo Fernandez Cavelle Bernadette Frederick Tara Gardiner Kathleen Elizabeth Glass Joshua Mark Hawkins Faye Hunte Kristin Michelle Kammrath Robert Lionel Lewis Kara M. Marrs Susan Lynn Matthew Stacie Nicole Miller Jennifer Mitchell Donna Kay Nichols Juanita Nickols Ezra Njuguna SheilaMarie Gilbert Ratcliffe Shannetta Scharon Robinson Janet Rose Carrie Schirato Sonya Sharkey Courtney Anne Stephenson Michelle Reyna Taylor Melissa Sepulveda Tran Lori Vinson Michael Yukio Walsh Edward Bishop Winslow Kelli Zimmerman


Cecilia Leil Alomia Abou-El-ElaAli (C) Carolina Adame (C) Omobandele Adewole Tope Anthony Adeyomola Pramoj Adhikari (C) Samrin Ahmed Courtney Chavonne Alford Salma Tariq Ali Barbara J. Allen Mary Nicole Alltop Angie Delgado Alvarado *Jacquelyn E. Alvarado (C) Sherryl Ann Amado Angela Sue Anderson Lynett Joy Anderson Olivia Anderson Sherry Teresa Anderson Lilie Anne Florence Chiamaka Anosike Blessing Ijeoma Anyaegbunam Rachel Ann Arceneaux Manuel Arellano Aronette A. Arkaifie Melissa Dawn Armstrong (C) *Valerie May Guzman Arnaez (C) Cheryl L. Arnold Dianne Quinain Arocha Dinora Arriaga Diogenes Anthony Arrieta (C) Suzette Lewis Arrindell Sabrina Latrice Arrington Ericka Powers Ary

Robert A. Asher Lolita Ashley Ashwood (C) Cynthia Seymour Atler (C) Autumn Fawn Back (S) Pushma Bajracharya Krista Eleanor Baker (C) Nicolette Paige Balthrop Leticia Adriana Barraza Elizabeth Renee Bates Mary S. Baty Melissa N. Bean-Tanner Megan C. Beaty (C) Jamie Rhea Beauchamp Heather Ann Beckum Constance Lorraine Behrhorst (C) Tammy Lynn Beliew Sarah Michelle Bell Arleen Patrice Benton Kathryn Ann Biddy (C) Maria Biju Richard Noel Bingham Ashley Blanchard Angela Lee Blankinship Sarah Michelle Blessitt Jacob Lee Bogle Giovanni Opal Bonnett Leonard Jazzel Bonus Bridget Catherine Boogaerts (S) Kimberly Brooke Borman (M) Camil Tubillo Bose (M) Anne E. Boulanger Stacey Sheree Bowers (C) Cathleen Mary Boyd Patsy Denise Boyd Shea Elise Braddy Kristen Rochelle Bradley

Stacey Denise Breedlove (S) Amy Catherine Brewer Alvionna Jaycieq’ Brewster (M) Shawn Dee Brimager-Holley Kathy Joyce Brock (S) Kathryn Irene Broussard (C) Mary Louise Broussard Stacy Marie Broussard (C) Donna Sue Brown Angela Marie Brueckner (C) Terry Lyn Buchanan (C) Cuong T. Bui Danesse Mae Sagaral Bunag (S) Jason L. Bunn Patricia Suzanne Burch Dustin Burk Lila Lee Burkig Tonya Burks Katharine Eileen Burton Trisha Mae Bush Veronica Anna Buxton Renee Byrd Angela Kay Cabaniss (C) Amber Calnan Stevie Camp Clare Marie Carroll (S) Brandi Frazane Carter Lachandra Denise Carter Deborah Sue Cashat Adriana Catona Perla Yuridia Cedillo Ana R. Cerean Alisa D. Chaffold Lindsay Nicole Chaney Lisa Fawn Chapman Berta Mariam Charly Tiana Monique Cheeseman Marsha Elaine Chennault Pritee Chhetri (C) Kimberly Ann Chesterfield Meredith Chick Lorraine A. Chidester Cynthia L. Christensen (M) Francis Kangere Chuchu Misty Jo Cink Cheree Denise Cisnero Natalie Jean Clanton Andrea Kathryn Clark Gretchen Ann Clark Maquebia D’Layne Clayton Anna K. Coates (C) Deborah Rose Coffey Yahaira C. Colorado Donna Elaine Colson James Alan Conley Delyn Kay Conner Sylvia Cooper Ashley J. Corbett (S) Arcenio D. Coreas Karen E. Coto Heather Lynn Cox Paula Ann Cox (C) Alice Cruz Marivel A. Cuevas Amy Elizabeth Culley Megan Katherine Dahle Iesha Ranay Danek (M) Stacey Anne Danford Linda Daniels (C) Samantha Louise Daugherty Ashley Renee Davis Jessika Lyneice Davis

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 24 |

Matthew Dean Dearing Tara Suzanne Deck (M) Carra Michelle Dedusevic Allan James Deguzman (S) Mary Ann Dela Cruz (C) Danielle C. Delafuente Martha Lizzeth Delgado Alecia Maria Dennis Colleen M. Dercole (S) Victoria Ann Detwiler (C) Roberta Lynnelle Deutsch (S) Napoleon Deveyra (M) Margaret Cook Diano (M) Crystal Diaz Julia Veronica Diaz-White Kayla M. Dieter Carrie Dawn Dillard Ronda L. Dillard Patricia A. Dinnon Sara Joan Douglas (M) Crystal Laraye Dowell Neil Jason Duchon Julia Dawn Duffey Debra Jane Dulaney (C) Cristina Corral Duran Paula Watts Dye (M) Mary Elizabeth Eastabrook Ruth Ellen Joy Easter Denise P. Eberhardt (C) Blessing Cordilia Egede Rachel Nlemchi Ejekam Olawunmi Oluwabunmi Elebute Morgan D. Ellis Courtney Breann Elzner Nwamaka Larvine Emeruem Richard Jimoh Emodogo (M) Youkyoung Eom Patricia Espinoza Vanny Marcela Espinoza (C) Lagenia Diane Etzel Jamil P. Evangelista Kimberly Diane Evans Wes Evans (C) Andrea Marie Evenden (C) Shannon M. Farrell (M) Karen Elaine Fels Kimberly Dawn Felt Stephanie Dawn Ferguson Veronica A. Ferguson Rebecca Hayde Ferrell Michelline Renee Fiew Heather Finlay Kelly Anne Fisher (S) Tyra Fizer Cheryl Lynn Fleetwood Max Flores (C) Kathryn Elizabeth Flowers Fatima F. Fofana Marsha Kay Foland Sarah Anita Fonseca Amy Jeanine Footit (M) Stephanie Elaine Foster Philomena Francis Jennifer A. Franklin (M) Kelly Lynn Freeman Ryan Freestone Joan Carlene Freney Frankie Jeannae Frieda Tammie Lynn Frizzell (C) Alanna Karyn Gale (M) Deborah Sue Gallaway Jo L. Gallaway

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Ifeoma Susan Gambrell Syreeta Samantha Garriques Claudia Reyna Garza Paul William Geise (M) Mollykutty S. George Saramma George Detra Jeanette Gentry (M) Shannon L. Gideon Gina Marie Gill (M) Gina Gillezeau (C) Sheri L. Gillis (C) Evelynn Wairimu Githiiyu Meghan Brooke Glascock Susan D. Glenn Brittany Chae Godbehere (M) Laura Kathryn Gomez (C) Luis Gomez (M) Linda Gonzales Teresa Kaye Gonzales Aida Gonzalez (C) Cynthia Estela Gonzalez Amanda Gayle Goodson (M) Kim D. Gordon Laura Hulen Gordon Sherri L. Gould Krystal Lynn Graves (C) Karen Frances Greer Katharine Erwin Gregory (C) Tonia Simone Grigsby Rosemarie Francis Grimm (M) Christy Hope Griskey Lynnae Gropp

Audrey Lynn Guerra (C) Danna Lea Guntharp Elizabeth M. Gutierrez Kelly Nicole Hale Rhonda Annette Hall Esmeralda Ida Hamby Sammar Suhail Hamdan Cheryl Hamilton Lana K. Hamilton (C) Deborah Lynn Hammett Tiffany Nicole Hardman Charolette Denise Harfield Melissa Leann Hearrell (S) Leonna Ann Heavens Jana Del Hedges-Sanders Samantha Rae Heibel Julia Heise Joan Estelle Hendricks (M) Tawnya Mechelle Hendricks Geneva Ann Henry Rayford W. Henslee Regina Lynn Herman Araceli Hernandez Crystal Michelle Hernandez Jamie Lynn Hernandez (M) Clarissa Lee Hinojosa (M) Kimberly I. Hite Yeonsuk Ho Kelli Michelle Hobbs (M) Michelle Lynn Hobbs Nowell Kay Hoff Katie Holamon

Max R. Holder Kendra Bernadette Holland (M) Jeannette Alice Holland-Frantz Larry Fulton Holman Chelsea Holt Janet E. Hood-Merriman Shirley Larie Hope Pamela J. Howard (M) Susan Diane Howell (C) Kuang-I Huang Tiffany Lyn Huccaby (M) Marissa Hudler Mary Thi Huynh Lauren Amy Iannone *Chidinma T. Ike (C) Rayah A. Ismail Angela Josephine Jackson Stacey Jackson Jennifer Lauren Janish (S) Janice Holden Jefferson Jonna Jo Jenkins (M) Sheri Jean Jennings Diana Lynn Jensen Rebecca Jane Jeter (M) Kristal La’Tryse Jimmerson Shayla C. Johnson Melissa A. Johnson-Rothmund Alice A. Johnston Angela Ratcliff Jones Annette Jones (C) Horachel W. Jones Jacey B. Jones

Laqueisha S. Jones Lindy Lenanette Jones Nadia Castille Jones (C) Robin Diane Jones Soya Joseph Scott Thomas Joyce Gabriela A. Juarez Alaina Kaler Triste Marie Kaminski Sunita Karki Brittany Erien Keen Alexa Schae Kelly (C) Teresa Marie Kern Caroline Kessellie (C) Melissa Lynn Ketcham Jawad Iqbal Khan Riffat Akram Khan Faizila Shahbuddin Kheraj (C) Heather Rebecca Kilgore Hany Kim So Jin Kim (C) Angela Marie King Bryan L. King (C) Jacqueline A. King John Raymond King lll Latora Labess King Karen Sue Kinnamon (M) Annie K. Kinsey Karl August Kinzlmaier Eva N. Kirara Jessica Lynn Kirk Doris Diane Kluna (S)

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 25 |

Brooke Errin Koppenberger Pamela Krause (M) Melanie J. Kuhlman Tricia Marie LaBarr Jennifer Lynne LaFrance (C) Sharolyn Clay Lampe Anna Marie Lander Lisa Nicole Langlois Keri M. Larsen Cassandra Lawrence Jackie Lynn Laws Anh Thi Quynh Le Bren E. Ledbetter Susan Lee (C) Danielle Joanna Lesell Brandy Rachael Leslie (M) Collors D. Levels Stephanie R. Lindsey Casey Louise Lobato Kelsi Nicole Locke Mark Lockhart Jeri J. Long Lisa Ann Long Audrey Lorberau Jacklyn Lemoine Lott (C) Christy Lozano Ronny B. Lucas (C) Dianne Luciano Brooke MacLennan Stephanie Kugle MacVeigh Lauren Christine Madan (S) Mutinta Madubansi

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Eric Holder Jr., United States attorney general, speaks at the White House LGBT Conference on Safe Schools and Communities on March 20 in the Bluebonnet Ballroom. The conference focused on the issues gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders experience in society.

Kanokwan Mahitthikorn Kim Thi Mai Jennifer Charlet Maiorana Usha Manandhar Nichole M. Mandel (C) Rachel Holman Mark Terrydon Maroney Martha Josephine Marquez Ashley Elizabeth Marshall Jo Ann Marshall Robin Lindsay Martin Ronald Wayne Martin (M) Cynthia Diane Martinez Dawn Elizabeth Martinez Maricela Martinez Melinda Marie Martinez Katrina Shavon Massinburg Amy Michelle Matheson (C) Amber Matthews Melissa Michelle Matthews Kathryn Nicole May Jamila Kanziga Mayoya (C) Amy E. Mays George Waweru Mburu Jana Jo McBride Jessica S. McCowan Patty McCoy Kelly Jean McDonald Angelia Cleark McDowell

Lori Ann McGee (C) Amber M. McGrew Shirley Marie McKenzie-Pace Nicole Bergman McKnight (C) Sandra McLean Stephanie McNeese (C) Shelbi M. McReynolds Sarah McKinzie Mead Jodie Sue Mercado Sabrina H. Merchant Cynthia Griffin Merola (M) Vania Latrice Merritt (C) *Lauren Meyer (C) Shelley Lanee Michelli (C) Maria Y. Mikhataykina Krista Miller (C) Rosemary Jaster Miller Cassandra Patricia Mitchell Kamesha Roshun Mitchell Phillip Ladd Mitchell Martin Mochoge Dorothy Clarice Moer Maha Mohiuddin Jeani Maria Mohr Kalani Marie Moniz Denelly Nichola Montrose Constance Moore Marin B. Moozhayil Rose-Ann Obiageli Morah

Jackie Nechole Morgan Janice June Morgan Carroll Aileen Morris Shentrell Morris Kristi Lynn Mosby Daryl Kieth Motsebnocker David Victor Motwani Mary Alice Mullins Sung Murata Jerry Don Murphy Salma Zahir Musa Richard Mutendereki Patience Mutuka Joyce W. Mwaniki Kellie Lynn Myers Rosiele Bueno Nascimento Sarah Ann Nastiuk (C) Netsayi Ndaku Shawana Tonyelle Nealy Mindy Jay Neill Krystal Lynn Newell (C) Bernard Nganga Amida Ngiramaga Nancy Wanjiru Ngotho Kehinde Adeseye Odubeko (C) Florence Okello Nguku Phung Ngan Nguyen Nadine Nzenga Njowo Travis R. Noble (M) Katharine Elizabeth Norman Caitlin Danielle Northrop Katrina A. Nufable (C) Aidee Cantu Nunez Florence Nwokoye Sigrid Nyanchama Ocharo Jovita Mary Ochoa Marilyn I. Odia Ifeoma Vivian Ogini Scarlett Nicole Ohara-Wood (M) Ijeoma Belinda Okoro Oluwakemi Sherifat Oladipo Oluyomi Olukemi Olojede (C) Caroline A. Oloo Adetoun O. Omovudu (C) Bernice Chinyeaka Onyenezi Nennan Ortiz Teresa Ortiz Ashley Marie Otto Chanin Mae Owen Jennifer Lynn Oxuzidis Jason Palmer Jayron Panahgahi Yojana Pandey Bryan Edward Parker Rebecca L. Parker (M) Sarah Raenelle Parker Lee Ann Parkes (M) Michelle L. Parks Lindsay Danae Parmer Renee A. Pate Joan Marie Pense Norma Lizet Perez Kenneth R. Perry Helen Joanne Pettey Anh T. Pham Minhkhuyen Nguyen Pham (C) Kelsey Erin Pilgrim (C) Michele Gonzalez Pittenger Angelina Linette Pitts Amber Laine Plehal Ramsey Lee Polich Kristen Kay Pollei (S)

Julie Posey Ashley Dawn Powell Cynthia Lynn Powell (S) Tammy Jo Price (S) Mary Ann Amparo Primacio Rebecca S. Pruente (M) Michael Jason Pruett Terri Amanda Pruitt (S) Angie L. Ptacek Eileen Ann Pucci-Womack Kristi M. Pulkinen Pei Jun Purdom (S) Kristen LaTonya Pyatt Kathleen Pye Azizath O. Quadri Jennilyn Austria Quiambao Sandra L. Quinones (S) Salima Rajani Ann Mary Raju Edwina Leanne Ramczyk (M) Ana Lizeth Ramirez Delia Yadira Ramirez Kristie Vera Ramirez Margarita Ramos Chantee Marguerite Redding Anne Redhead (C) Shirelle La’Fonda Redmond Karima Bacha Reed (C) Mary Christine Reed Rhonda L. Reese Christopher Reeves Heather June Reich (S) Sherry Renee Reid (M) Cynthia Rhatican (S) Tracy A. Rheams Rachelle Lyn Rhine Kristi Louise Richards (S) Robert Ryan Richards Gary A. Richberg Mary A. Richie Alecia M. Rickenbach (M) Laverne Rideau Crystal Lynn Ring (M) Crystal Marie Ring (C) Deidra Dawn Ritter Becky Gay Roberts (S) Elisabeth Jo Rodgers Dawn Elizabeth Rodriguez Theresa F. Rodriguez (M) Joyce Danelle Roe (C) Kendra Kaye Rogers April Nicole Roland Angela Romero John Anthony Romero Lily Catherine Romero Claudia Ivone Romo Angela Rosse Elizabeth Kay Rowand Christine Rosemarie Rowe Marcia Rowell Renee Lynn Rudell (S) Mila Balason Rule Shirley Fielder Rush Michael Patrick Ryan (S) Elena Sabuncu Rachel Lynnette Salazar Vanessa Caroline Saling Candice Lee Sanders (M) Hillary Howell Sandlin Stefanie Santanaviboon Jana B. Savage Margaret Anne Scheerer

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 26 |

Dorene Elaine Scott Melissa A. Scrivner *Alisha K. Seelye Bianca M. Setien Rebecca Wenlin Shan (C) Kimberly Christine Sheble Jennifer Anne Shelby Steven Hayes Shelton (M) Romi Shrestha Amanda E. Shuck Joanne Stephanie Simmons Tiffany Lynn Simon (C) Henry Oswald Sindi Michael David Skiles Leslie Margaret Slater Amber Nicole Smith Danielle Smith Donnell Raelyn Smith Laurie Leanne Smith Yolanda Mechelle Smith Miriam Carolina Solis Vida Solomon (M) Norma J. Soltys (M) Vivian Fende Sona Christina Sonnier Katherine Marie Stacey Brittany Michelle Stacy Margaret Erisman Stamm (M) Tammy Stanfield Lisa Renee Stark Tammy J. Steed Virginia Ann Steele (M) June Marie Stein Shatrice Stewart Lynsey Anding Stiles Kathy Jo Stilwell Brittany Noel Stubbs Saba Suhail Michelle Tamez Christian Dale Tanner (C) Bobby Dwayne Tarrant Tracy Thang Grace P. Tharp Julie Ann Thomas Nadhisha Surekha Thomas (C) Nicole Marie Thomas Demi Lynn Thompson Laurence Edwin Thompson Taylor Elise Thorne Laura A. Thornton Katy Jean-Marie Tingley Ashley Annette Torres Quang Tran Thao Phuong Tran Trinh Ngoc-Phuong Tran Nancy J. Travis (S) LaShonda Evetta Fields Traylor Carla Y. Trevizo Melinda M. Truesdell (M) Donna Lynn Tubb (S) Tara Tucker Deborah Lea Tyler Augustina Ify Ubogtagu Stefanie J. Ungstad (C) Damon Roan Ussery Linda Vainer Kristin Valadez Belinda G. Vasquez Javier Antonio Velazquez (S) Kimberlee Ann Villanova (M) Frank Villanueva Estrella Cat Villarreal

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Andrea Elena Villegas Manda Charlotte Vobis Erin Vondra Joann Marie Vorndran (C) Lisa Gaye Voss (M) Monica Michelle Waak Brent Kyle Waggoner (M) Mary Elizabeth Walker (C) Amber Cauline Wampler Katherine A. Wang Andrea Marie Wappelhorst (C) Donna M. Warren Rheanna Christine Watson Sarah Rose Weaver (C) Melissa Christine Webb (M) Margaret Patricia Weber (M) Croshawnda Aleshia Weeks Shiou-Yu Wei Heidi Elaine Weston Courtney E. Wheat Teri Michelle Wheat Emma Nicole Whinnery James Russell Whiting Julie Dawn Whitley Prajnawati Wibowo (C) Kellie Kristine Wilburn (S) Anthony Glen Wilkerson Michele L. Willburn Donna Lou Willemsen (S) Kimberly Rene Willhoite Betsy Smith Williams (M) Darius C. Williams Michael Jonathan Williams Taisha LaToya Williams Lindsay M. Wilson Lindsey Dawn Wingate (M) Thais Breim Winmill James Michael Winsor Crystal Elaine Withrow (M) Naomi M. Witt (M) Teresa Glenda Wommack Kathryn Nancy Woods Christi S. Wright (M) Crystal Lee Wright Mary Bachmann Wright Moishia C’Ne Wright Heather Celeste Yager Yvonne Yamauchi (M) Yuvonne Marie York (C) Ashley Marie Young Laura D. Young Monica G. Zapata Tara Renee Zarco Diane Marie Zier Gary Zimny Degrees Conferred Dec. 17, 2011 Kathy K. Birt Deborah Lynn Moreno (M) Roberta Young Sharratt


Thomas Doundoulakis M.S., University of California San Diego, 1997 Dissertation Title: Evaluation of an Oxidative BD Ring Formation En Route to Palau’amine, and the Synthesis of Natural Products Functionalized with Tethers Suitable for Marine Coatings Supervising Professor: Carl Lovely Thimbiripalage Sirantha Perera B.S., University of Peradeniya, 2002 Dissertation Title: New Bonded Phase Materials for Separations Supervising Professor: Daniel Armstrong Samuel Hsiao-chieh Yang B.S., UT Austin, 2007 Dissertation Title: Development of Bioanalytical Applications Using Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry Supervising Professor: Kevin Schug DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ENVIRONMENTAL AND EARTH SCIENCE

Leila Ahmadi M.S., University Of Tehran, 2008 B.S., University Of Guilan, 2000 Dissertation Title: The Impact of Urban Sprawl on Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions in Large U.S. Cities Supervising Professor: Ardeshir Anjomani Natchanok Pala-En M.S., Khon Kaen University, 1998 B.S., Khon Kaen University, 1995 Dissertation Title: On-Road Measurement of NOx and CO2 Emissions from Biodiesel Produced From Different Feedstocks Supervising Professor: Melanie Sattler Sala Nanyanzi Senkayi M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 B.S., UT Arlington, 2006 B.S., UT Arlington, 2006 B.S., Texas A&M University, 2001 Dissertation Title: Proximity to Airports and Cancer Incidences in Texas Supervising Professor: Melanie Sattler Ronnie Tooyak Tingook M.S., Colorado School of Mines, 2006

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Junior forward Kevin Butler dunks in the first half of the men’s first basketball game in the College Park Center on Feb. 1. The Mavericks defeated UT-San Antonio 67-66 to extend their win streak to 12 games.

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 27 |

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar B.S., University of Hawaii at Hilo, 1999 Dissertation Title: Numerical Simulation of the Base-Level Buffers and Buttresses Conceptual Model of Fluvial Systems Supervising Professors: John Holbrook, John Wickham DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY

John R. Biggan M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 B.F.A., UT Arlington, 2005 Dissertation Title: The Impact of an Intensive Physical Exercise Program on Mental Processing Speed and Postural Control in Older Adults Supervising Professors: Daniel Levine, Christopher Ray Crystal M. Cooper Cortes M.S., UT Arlington, 2009 B.S., UT Arlington, 2007 Dissertation Title: Identifying Associative Memory Deficits and Neurobiological Correlates of Performance in a National Sample of Veterans with Gulf War Illness Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Supervising Professor: Timothy Odegard Emily Ann Farris M.A., Midwestern State University, 2007 B.A., Midwestern State University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Characterizing and Predicting Growth in Reading Skills in Children with Developmental Dyslexia Through Functional Neuroimaging Supervising Professor: Timothy Odegard Haylie Lauren Miller M.S., UT Arlington, 2009 B.A., Vanderbilt University, 2006 Dissertation Title: Development of Gist Processing Skills and Memory in Children and Young Adults: Effects of Presentation Type in a Modified DRM Paradigm Supervising Professor: Timothy Odegard DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN MATHEMATICS

Angela Michelle Brown M.S., Sam Houston State University, 2006 B.S., Sam Houston State University, 2003 Dissertation Title: New Results in Finite Geometries Pertaining to Albert-Like Semifields Supervising Professor: Minerva Cordero Britnee Crawford M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S., Dallas Baptist University, 2005 Dissertation Title: Effects of Vector Migration on Sylvatic Trypanosoma Cruzi Transmission Supervising Professor: Christopher Kribs Zaleta Ping Lu M.S., UT Arlington, 2008 B.S., Nankai University, 2005 Dissertation Title: High Order DNS for Late Flow Transition Supervising Professor: Chaoqun Liu Jared Painter M.S., UT Tyler, 2007 B.S., UT Tyler, 2005 Dissertation Title: Resolutions and Tor Algebra Structures for Trivariate Monomial Ideals Supervising Professor: David Jorgensen Yonghua Yan M.S., Shanghai University, 2008 B.S., Shanghai University, 2005 Dissertation Title: High Order LES for Supersonic Ramp Flow Control with MVG Supervising Professor: Chaoqun Liu DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN PHYSICS AND APPLIED PHYSICS

Fnu Ameena M.S., UT Arlington, 2007 B.S., Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Mahavidyalaya, 1997 Dissertation Title: Defect Studied in Cu-Based P-Type Transparent Conducting Oxides Supervising Professors: Michael Jin, Alexander Weiss Robert J. Bruntz M.S., UT El Paso, 2005 B.A., UT El Paso, 1999 Dissertation Title: A Study of the Viscous Interaction Between the Solar Wind and

Earth’s Magnetosphere Using an MHD Simulation Supervising Professor: Ramon Lopez Shane Charles Spivey M.S., UT Arlington, 2010 Dissertation Title: Modeling Galactic Halos in the Cold Dark Matter Paradigm Supervising Professor: Zdzislaw Musielak DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN QUANTITATIVE BIOLOGY

Coleman M. Sheehy III M.S., University of Florida, 2006 B.S., University of Florida, 2002 Dissertation Title: Phylogenetic Relationships and Feeding Behavior of Neotropical Snail-Eating Snakes (Dipsadinae, Dipsadini) Supervising Professor: Eric Smith Jeffrey W. Streicher M.S., George Mason University, 2007 B.A., George Mason University, 2004 B.A., George Mason University, 2003 Dissertation Title: Evolutionary Relationships in Some Northern Groups of the Direct-Developing Frog Genus Craugastor Supervising Professor: Eric Smith Betty Zitoon B.S., UT Arlington, 2005 Dissertation Title: The Role of Life History on the Toxic Haptophyte Prymnesium Parvum Supervising Professor: James Grover


Phebe Chiou Athena Jagdish Matthew Ryan McGlennon Matthew Edward Rich Leslie Segovia May Nyan Taw Jayme L. Walton

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry MASTER OF SCIENCE IN CHEMISTRY

Yanling Chen Elna Caroline Erlingson Lieu Le


Odunayo Ajiboye James William Cody Black Michael Hiett Rawan Shishakly Guy David Stampley MASTER OF SCIENCE IN GEOLOGY

Milton Cortez III Clinton Whitaker Crowley Jerry T. Ford Michele Kashouh Brittany E. Meagher

Department of Mathematics MASTER OF ARTS IN MATHEMATICS


Serge Anoh Tarik Celik Selim Demirkutlu Oluwaniyi Daniel Efuwape Alysmarie Hodges Antonio Lopez Charles H. Nguyen Hongguang XI


Steven David Diamond Donielle Ashley Gustafson Pavitra Kavya Runa Manmohan Korde Michael C. Natishyn Ajal Patel


Etenesh K. Abebe Maryam Aziz Cheryl Anne Chooljian (M) Tinju E. Eapen Ryan P. Fletcher Felecia Lynne Ford James Gabriel (C) Emanuel Kaikov Timothy Ryan Mooney (M) *Danielle Moore Colin S. Owen Wen-tao Vincent Shyu Ronald Ted White BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOLOGY

Fahed E. Abdelaty Reem A. Abuhandara (C)

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 28 |

Adenike O. Aderogba *Ali M. Alam (M) Mojtaba Alavi Donald Caleb Alexander Jonathan David Allen Dunia K. Alsrouji Eliel N. Arrey (C) Broderick Kyle Beasley (C) Bimal Bhattarai (C) Lauren Nicole Boehmer (S) Tram Ngoc Bui (M) Apphia A. Bulus (M) Jessica Shea Burgy Stephanie Michelle Campos (M) Christine Elsa Castro Gustavo Salinas Chavez Jeffrey H. Chen Suling R. Chhay (M) Christine Anise Click Jared S. Cloud (M) Brandy Linette Cole Thu-Huong Thi Dang Bianca Margaret Dean Jack Vahe Demirjian Darshil J. Dodhiya Lindsey Dornberger (C) James A. Drake (C) Katrina A. Dsouza (C) Victoria U. Ehiogu (M) Chiemeziem G. Eke (M) Ayea F. El-Ghazali (C) Imari Endo Kimberly Ann Feliberti (M) Sergio A. Garnica Bryan A. Garza Brook Girma Cynthia A. Griffith Brooke Michele Grigsby Daniela Grimaldo Kaltuma A. Gulleid Pearl Gutierrez (C) Jason Riley Harville Suha A. Haseeb Michael Joseph Hatfield (C) ¬Kirk A. Hensley John H. Hoang Steven Hoang (M) Nichole Marie Huddleston Simone L. Hughes Elaria Ibrahim Ibrahim Haseeb Rahman Ikram (M) Ugochi Renee Iwu Diwash Jangam (M) Melissa B. Johnson Geoffrey Juma Kurt Kamrowski (C) Sumaiya Karim Gokarna Kc Hyemin Kim Logan Andrew Konty (C) June S. Lam Laura Grace Lavender Christie T. Le Clara Nghia Le —(Second major in Microbiology)

Hung Le (S) Huyen V. Le Ron Le (M) Nicole K. Lee Valerie B. Leige An D. Lu (S) Thuy Chi Nguyen Luu

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Melanie A. Mago (C) Cory Thomas Malone Robert Edward Martin (C) Enrrique Martinez Sama Maskey Bilal Master (C) Haley Autumn Maxwell Lindsey Dee Mayhall Jacqueline V. Medina (C) *Chidozie C. Menakaya (M) Alyssa Mitte Earl Morrison Aram Mary Naseri Lauren E. Neufeld (S) Sandy Kim Ngan Nguy (S) Christopher D. Nguyen (C) Han Ngoc Nguyen Phuong T. Nguyen Thinh X. Nguyen (M) Yen T. Nguyen (S) Adaobi L. Obi Stephen O. Obonyo Cyprian Chibuzor Okobi Olugbemiga Orendola Omolaso Natalie Ondiegi *Nelson O. Onyango (M) Olutobi A. Osinowo Oluwagbemiga A. Otubanjo Augustus O. Oyediran David Armando Pacheco (M) Joel D. Palacios Hena P. Patel Janki V. Patel Parthvi S. Patel Sonal B. Patel Lorelei M. Peterson (C) Dung Q. Pham Mai Pham Ngoc K. Pham (M) Lanh T. Phan Tien Hung Phan Nathanael Elvin Phillips (C) Steven A. Poteet Andria Lauren Randall Brianna Marie Renzi Roxana Rodriguez Brandon Alden Edward Ruen (S) —(Second major in Chemistry)

Hooman Saadain Zoargad Sanchez Vini Hong Saysana (M) Bahareh A. Shahlaee Akash Sharma Ravi Sharma *Tarik Z. Shihabeddin (S) Rawan Shishakly Annamaria Slaven Anita Latifah Smith Sahithi Solasa (S) Kayla Marie Sonnier Jessica Lynn Staggs Thomas Scott Stewart Rachel A. Swain Aditya Synghal Ngoc Bich P Ta (M) Getachew H. Tesfa Manila Thao Effie Thomas Shandelle Christie Thomas Julia Tran (M)

*Phuc N. Tran (S) Phuong Tran (M) Vi Bac Tran (M) Diane-Ngan Huynh Trang (S) Ngoc Trinh (M) Thuy-my N. Truong (S) Claudia Von Wald (C) Claudia D. Wallace Tex R. Waller (M) Hannah C. Webber (C) James S. White Vivian Celeste Wrenn Emmanuel Yadoglah Andre J. Yu (S) Buuh C. Yusuf Degree Conferred Aug. 13, 2011 Mir Hadi Ali BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY

Rema Jamal Al-Sadi Sanju Bhattarai (M) Anil KC Aashish Bahadur Khatri Luna Sapkota Yakin Shah BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MICROBIOLOGY

Erfawn A. Akhtar-Khavari —(Second major in Biology)

Christine D. Barber Joshuah Myron Beach-Letendre Bimal Bhattarai (C) Crystal Lynn Bradford —(Second major in Biology)

Samuel Gonzalez Bryan Le David G. Martinez Manoj Poudel Nysha A. Raju Moro Umar Salia Rubilene Sanoguet Buuh C. Yusuf

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOCHEMISTRY

Crystal Lynn Bradford Catrina A. Campbell (C) Phuong Nguyen Duc (S) Cynthia A. Griffith Lianne Q. Hoang Nour M. Hussein Sean Michael Olsen Ifeoma Victoria Oriaku (C) Omobonike Osunloye Steven A. Poteet Lawton A. Seal Yusuf Ahmed Sheikh (M) Nghia Quang Tran (C) Vy T. Tran (S) Mpunga J. Tshibangu Andy Vi (M)

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 29 |

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar



*Houda J. El Fakir (M) Princess I. Okuche Krishna C. Pabba (S) Christopher P. Parikh Curran Parpia Sabra Ramirez Duncan W. Sloan (M)


—(Second major in Chemistry)

Lauren Tedmon Seriphone Vang Veronica Bethzabe Waybright (M) BACHELOR OF ARTS IN CHEMISTRY

Erin L. Maxfield Mpunga J. Tshibangu BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMISTRY

Jonathan Michael Bobbitt (C) Pinaki Bose (M) Gregory Dean Monson (M) Liem H. Nguyen (M) Merin S. Philip (C) Matthew G. Ray (C) James M. Shelor Dona B. Toumeh (C)



Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Nicholas D. Butler Michael R. Helms (C) Corey B. Jarque Jordan M. Payne (M) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN GEOLOGY

William J. Bailey Austin H. Dahar Richard Michael Graham Christina M. Munoz Michelle L. Taylor (S) Mark Trevor Washuleski


Nhi T. Bui Julie M. Thompson Daniel Thomas Wood (M)






R E T T H E at’s L h WIT S w W with ington! E e t a N E- up-to-d t UT Arl stay ening a happ


Faith Yeh

Department of Psychology



Candace Michelle Ahearn (C) Evan West Allen *Sarah Marie Gauntt (S) Jianan Hui (M) Brian J. Hull (C) Jasmine G. Kendricks Jason N. Koan Yang Liu (C) Christopher David Mitchell (S) Sujan Nepal Jean-Marc Regis Zegbe Nguessan Dave Nguyen (C) Christopher A. Petty Rosaura Uscanga


Nelson Cardenas Ivan Contreras Bethany R. Hiller (C) Prashant Khatri (S) Kelly A. Kjornes Emad Nayef Nimri Danrae S. Pray (C) *Alexander Villalobos (M)

Karen Abonza Sania Ali (C) Mayra A. Aragon Prada (C) Alice Marie Arthur Fallon Lee Barr (M) Gianna L. Carvalho Brittany Alece Cruse Jordan Wesley Cruz (C) Darricca S. Darling Nicholas Davis Jourdan Leigh Day (C) Nicolette L. DeAguero Jana Michelle Dyreson (M) Ana M. Enriquez Robin Evans Nicole Fischer (C) H. Ashani M. Fonseka (S) Kenneth C. Freeman Destiny D. Gabriel Daisy J. Garza (C) Diana Sue Gerard Charmin Giles (M) *#LaQruishia T. Gill (M) Cody Lee Glass Jazzmyne Greer —(Second major in Broadcasting)

Melanie Nicole Gunchick Ashley Shiri Hahn

Semhar Mengisteab Haile Domonique Harmon Asha Jassani (S) Leah N. Liggins Ingrid Santos Lopez Ray Marfil Ashley L. Mason Colbie Lynn McCasland (C) Kerry Sue McClain Domenica A. Milano (C) *Kara N. Moore (S) Matt Michael Morrison Reanelle Navea (M) Kivaun H. Parraway (M) Jerry Christopher Prater (C) Brian R. Ravkind (C) Silvia Rosaura Rocha Tania Rosas Foley Rovello Joanna Cecilia Sanchez Quinonez (S) Tiffany A. Savage (S) —(Second major in English)

Matthew Paul Schauster (C) Austin Jamison Schorn Timothy John Schwartz Veronica Yesenia Searcy Roxanna Serrano Alexa Leann Silvers (C) Sally Suzanne Summers Rosi V. Talamantes (C) LaNell A. Taylor

Congratulations! Spring Graduates Bryan Bastible Josh Bowe Ashley Bradley Taylor Cammack D.J. Dupree Michael Eldridge Daniel Kruzic Sarah Lutz

Sam Morton Tra Nguyen Jessica Patzer Vidwan Raghavan Ana Sanchez Johnathan Silver Canyon Wendt

read like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 30 |

(S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College † Goolsby Scholar Kristin Marie Truhan *Amy Kim Truong (S) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY

Disraeli Tosskanaan Arnold Sara Farooq Aziz (C) Heidi E. Childers Christina Jackson (M) Kurt Kamrowski (C) Valerie B. Leige *Athula Pudhiyidath (M) Chelsea D. Roff (M) Arjabi Thapa (S) Sauhel Kristina Zamani (M)


Chie Corbett M.S.S.W., UT Arlington, 2006 B.S.B.A., Suffolk University, 1994 Dissertation Title: Exploring Emerging Advocacy Networks Among NGOs Fighting Female Sex Trade Human Trafficking in Japan Supervising Professor: Sung Seek Moon John Robert Gallagher M.S.W., Marywood University, 2007 B.A., Alvernia University, 2002 Dissertation Title: Evaluating Drug Court Effectiveness and Exploring Racial Disparities in Drug Court Outcomes: A Mixed Methods Study Supervising Professor: Joan Rycraft Patricia Dearman Moser M.S., The University of Houston, 1993 B.A., Texas A&M University, 1986 Dissertation Title: A Posttraumatic Growth and Positive Macrolevel Outcome Study Supervising Professor: Joan Rycraft Shing Y. Pang M.S., UT Arlington, 2006 M.D., University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, 1990

B.S., UT Arlington, 1985 Dissertation Title: Teenage Waist-Land: Environment and Social Determinants of Childhood Obesity Supervising Professor: Debra Woody Alicia Victoria Patterson M.S., UT Dallas, 2007 B.A., UT Dallas, 2006 Dissertation Title: Emerging Adulthood as a Unique Stage in Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory: Incarnation v. Impudence Supervising Professor: Maria Scannapieco Sadia Saeed M.A., University of Punjab Lahore, 2002 M.A., University Of Punjab Lahore, 1997 Dissertation Title: Modeling Son Preference in Pakistan Supervising Professor: Vijayan. K. Pillai Mashooq Azad Salehin M.S.W., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 2005 M.S., Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, 1998 B.S.S., Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh, 1997 Dissertation Title: Reproductive Health of Tribal Populations in India: A Sustainability Approach Supervising Professor: Vijayan Pillai Yasoda Sharma M.S.W., Banaras Hindu University, 2003 B.A., Bangalore University, 2001 Dissertation Title: Women’s Disclosure of HIV Status and its Relationship to Intimate Partner Violence Supervising Professor: Beverly Black Fang-Hsun Wei M.S., Kaohsiung Medical University, 2004 B.S., Kaohsiung Medical University, 2002 Dissertation Title: Reproductive Health in India: An Empowerment Model Supervising Professor: Vijayan K. Pillai


Sarah Alexander Anne Rose Salvatierra Alve

The Shorthorn: File Photo

Nursing sophomore Melisa Gonzalez shoots toilet paper into the crowd during DJ Kick Mix’s performance at the Block Party on April 19 on the University Center mall.

Jami Anderson Chelsea Archer Erica Bassi Jennifer Heasman Beaver Lashaunda Bell Jennifer Beuerlein Lynza Juan Bibles-Harrington Erica Shondrell Bones Stephanie Anne Bonilla Angela Marie Brundage Danielle Lindsay Cameron Clifford C. Cantu Stefani Carter Katherine Cipriani Donna Collins-Bonato Kamyon LaTrice Conner Christol Counter Renata Bispo Cunha Ly-Lan T. Dang Lisa F. Dickson Kimberly Doyle Melissa Sue Falk Kathryn Feldhaus Ashley R. Flach Andrea Frick Sarai Garcia Anjaunette Denise Gonder Ashley L. Gray Carlota La Neshia Greenleaf Sharon Nicole Hardin Nancy Louise Herren Kate Hesley Sandra Jetton Chandra Johnson Raymond Johnson Ashley Shardae Jones Ja’Cradesha Jones Omar Deon Jones Reginald Wayne Jordan Min Ju Kim Tiffany M. Lee

Andrieka Lockett Aisha Inez Madden Sarah Ryan Manning Ashley Martin Joel Martinez Kelly Ann McGrath Alexis McKeever Miché D. McLaughlin William Ray McNair Melissa Medina-Longbine Elizabeth Mendoza Nikol Montgomery Mikaila Moore Nubia Karina Morales Raquel Mariellen Ornelas Susette Christine Poe Tenisha Shauntee Polk Tiffany J. Powell Andrea Nicole Riffle Alisha Ann Roach Monica Rojo Kenneth Earl Rudolph Monica Arree Smith Amanda Paige Solomon Piolanie Eberdil Stewart Deborah Michelle Utterback Emma Marie Wilhelm-Noble Micheondra Rena Williams


Verlyncia Alvarado (C) Esther Pokuwaa Amponsah Heather Bailey Courtney Leann Barnard Nikki T. Boyd (C) Marquita Gwenett Brown David Leon Butler (M) Andrew Laurence Calvin Olga Lidia L. Chavez

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 31 |

Kwinetta Chavis-Simien (M) Sun Ok Cho Parvin G. Derisavifard (C) Mi H. Do (C) Alexandra J. Doherty Janis M. Echols David Royal Elkouri Guadalupe Guillermina Escobedo Meredith Marie Fleming Sarah Fry (C) Jennifer Elizabeth Garst Margaret C. Garza Angela J. Gash (S) Erial Arne Green (M) Storme Ellexiz Henry Yvonne Lannette Henry (C) Elizabeth Esther Hill Winona J. Hudson Laken Shae Jordan Victoria Lynn Kaelin (C) Lilian W. Kinyua Linsey Kraatz Wendy Jasmine Lohmeier Amy M. Lowthorp Tashia D. Martensen Tikia Marie Milton Elizabeth N. Mutua Nicole N. Ngo Scott Arnold Nickerson Dorelly Anahi Ortiz Erin Michelle Payne Luciel Ramirez Barbarita Rivera Heather Dawn Sanchez Selene Ivon Sanchez Jessica Ann Sapolio Alyce Rachel Seligson (M) Elira Rivida Sulejmani Jasmine Deshone Thomas Shardonnay Summertyme Thompson

John, Words could never express how you have blessed me. Just know Jesus will guide you always, love and protect you, and bring you home to live with Him forever. —Love you always, Mom

John Black

Colton, We are so proud of you! You have achieved another step in your journey through life. May you have many more successes in your life. We Love You! —Mom & Dad

Colton Gipson

Congratulation Joey! Lots of Love! —Pops, Mommy and Michael

Joseph A Lucero

Congratulations Julian! We are so incredibly proud of you and love you very much! —Mom, Dad & Jonathan

E. Julian Matthew Ramon

Mr. Coffee

Jessie, You have overcome lots of obstacles. You’ve made it! We are so proud of you.

Congratulations Derek! You have worked hard for your Civil Engineering degree and we are so very proud of you!

—We love you, Mom, Dad, Scott, Stephen & Grandma Judy

—We love you, Dad, Mom & Jenna

Derek Ogburn

To my Dearest Mr. Coffee, Though I can’t show my love for you on your special day, I just wanted to say “Congratulations Graduate” from my heart to yours. I’ll love you always. — Ms. Hot Tea

Tara, You have always been my dreamer and now you have made one of your dreams come true. Never stop dreaming and making those dreams become more reality for you. We are very proud of you.

Jessica Ann Sapolio

John Marcus Allen Sr.

Tara Bordeaux Caitlin, You have proven determintaion, brains and willingness to learn. Congratulations on all your hard work paying off. We are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. We’re confident that you will continue with even more successes in your future.

Mark, Graduate school is one of your many accomplishments in life. I knew 35 years ago I picked a Great one –You! Congratulations on your graduation. —I love you, Dena

—We love you, Mom, Mike, Nicole & Kylee

—We love you so much, Mom & Papa John

Caitlin Lubbe


SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 32 |

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar Diana Tobon Sanchez Sophia Anna Valdez Benjamin Wood (C) Katelynn R. York Selena Marie Zamora


Ravindra Kumar Jain M.S., UT Arlington, 1990 M.S., Ohio University, 1977 M.B.A., Ohio University, 1976 M.S., Ohio University, 1970 Dissertation Title: A Comparison of Economic Development Between Texas Cities Using the Economic Development Tax 4A/4B and Texas Cities Not Using the Tax Supervising Professor: Rodney Hissong Uvaldina Montoya Janecek B.F.A., Southern Methodist University, 1971 Dissertation Title: The Children of Mexican Immigrants in U.S. Public Schools: Exploring the Gap Between Teachers’ Perceptions About Their Students’ Educational Culture and Parents’ Perceptions About Education in the U.S. Supervising Professor: Maria Martinez-Cosio Rebecca Jane Lewis M.A., Texas Tech University, 1998 B.A., Texas State University, 1994 Dissertation Title: The MultiCampus System’s Role in Maintaining Institutional Diversity in Texas, Public Universities Supervising Professor: Rod Hissong Malcolm Khalid Oliver M.A., California State Polytechnic University Pomona, 2007 B.A., University of California Riverside, 2004 Dissertation Title: The Role of the City Manager in the Governance of the Municipality Supervising Professor: Alejandro Rodriguez


Lou Kelley Brewer M.P.H., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1977 B.S., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1971 Dissertation Title: Overcoming Barriers to Including Health in Transportation Planning Supervising Professors: Jianling Li, Colleen Casey Pratap Narasimha Mandapaka M.C.R.P., UT Arlington, 2003 B.Arch., Andhra University, 2000 Dissertation Title: Impacts of Transit-Oriented Developments and Mixed-Use Centers in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex on Housing Values and Demographic Composition Supervising Professors: Ardeshir Anjomani, Rod Hissong Moses Chester Vincent Pologne M.S., UT El Paso, 2005 B.S., University of the West Indies, 1997 Dissertation Title: Monetary Stability in the OECS: How Important is the ECCB in Crafting Policy? Supervising Professor: Rod Hissong Steven Nabieu Rogers M.A., Duquesne University, 2003 B.A., University of Sierra Leone, 2000 Dissertation Title: Housing, Capitalism, and Underdevelopment in SubSaharan Africa: An Analysis of Sierra Leone’s Housing Market and its Developmental Challenges Supervising Professors: Enid Arvidson, Coleen Casey Ali Tayebi M.A., University of Tehran, 2008 B.A., University of Tehran, 2006 Dissertation Title: Communihood: Being a Planning Activist in 21st Century Supervising Professor: Enid Arvidson

MASTER’S DEGREES Program in City and Regional Planning


Christina Benante Ross Lamar Cravens Charlotte Blair DeMolay Ana Maria Jimenez de Torres Allan L. Jones Jeremy Kenneth Lott Solomon Odom Richard Robert Parsons Jr. John Douglas Prude Jr. Kiranmayi Raparthi Christina Dianne Sebastian Wai Ian Tam

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Robert O. Vera III Angela T. Walker Jeffrey A. Whitacre Audra Marie White Micheondra Rena Williams Lexington Ann Wright


Jazmine LaRanda Lewis Michelle Rene Reeder Jason D. Smith Marianna Tanina Steven Paul Whitson Michael Woods MASTER OF URBAN AFFAIRS


Steven Paul Whitson

Thomas Stephen Fisch Francisco W. Kessler


Program in Public Administration MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION

Tira Isaacs Adelman Chad Caleb Allen Prisca Kodi Anuolam Kirstyn Kimee Arnwine Bennie Baker Stacey Mushinsky Berman James W. Blair LaKayla Cooper Malaina Chanel Davis Cheryl Sheree Donaldson Lauren Dunlap James Earl Jesse Elizondo Kyler Erhard Kevin Eugene Foster Chad Frymire Jesse Gomez Lauren G. Gray Denelle Ashley Greene Adam J. Harris Michelle Elaine Heflin Cristian Vidal Hinojosa Jillian L. Jordan Beth C. Krehbiel Jose Miguel Landeros Cierra Mattison Gregory Mazen MaryAnn Harris Means Gregory Emmanuel Mottley Whitney Neal Bernie D. Parker Jr. Whitney M. Phillips Elizabeth Badu Prempeh Stephanie Nichole Reyes Ryan Michael Rust Sarah Shealy Susan Ann Sonnier-Barron Cathy Stenner Gregory Thomas LeVar Demahn Thomas Gabriel Vargas


Maryann L. Aguinaga Tina Rene Allen Oscar Anguiano Hina Ansari (M) Adair Aranda Jaclyn Ann Baker (M) Alicia Benavidez Chablis Nicole Bennett Cheyenne Laural Bojeski Tasha Joann Bowman Jamila Jani Brimidge Ryan Matthew Brown Ebone’ M. Bruner Alesia Anna Bugh Freda M. Burton Josh Ryan Canfield Geoffrey Todd Cantrell Kimberly Michelle Chambers (S) Eugene Haywood Chandler (C) Ryan Lawrence Colbert Mark Anthony Collins Brennan Michael Cotogno Tracie Lynn Cunningham Kala Curry Tharon L. Day Clayton L. Donovan Ashley Britton Elliott (C) Irene Ruthai Forrester (M) Charles J. Freeman Christian Francis Frye Ann Elizabeth Gainous (S) Michael L. Garcia Itzel Chaparro Gonzalez Danielle Chasity Graham Rebecca Lynn Green Danielle C. Hagemann (M) Samantha Rene Hamilton Kristie D. Hanhart Alejandra Hernandez Cinue Herrera Katrina Nichole Hobbs John Edward Hodges Marcus Seth Horwitz Richard Clayton Howell Arielle Estelle Mari Hughes (C) Tara Hurd

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 33 |

Philip Michael Incaviglia Desheka Lashahe Jackson Skyler A. Jackson Angela D. Johnson (C) Stephanie Kan (M) Jo Ann P. Leavell (C) Jacqueline Evette Lewis Francesca E. McCoskey (C) Britni Paige McKay *Valorie R. McKinney (M) Asif M. Mithani Sarah Salisha Mohammed Iman Morgan Leearnest Terrell Morgan Jeffrey Joel Morris Christopher Lorenz Mosier Samantha J. Nash Joseph M. Norris Robin Mashell Oder Kehinde B. Oluborode Taiwo B. Oluborode Rosalie Carol Ouellette Amanda L. Partin Hector Manuel Perez John Steven Pilgrim Katherine Michelle Pool Mirna I. Ramirez Hattie F. Randall Dianna Rangel David Reyes Christina Roberson (S) Jose R. Rodriguez Kasole Eddy Ruhana Blake Andrew Sadler Ignacio Deleon Salazar Daniel Ray Sequin Dale Ellen Sharpe Jenkins Felicia L. Sheeley Nurun N. Swapna Tiffany Taylor Christopher Joe Torres Nikki Evette Trigg Shannon Lee Tumbleson (C) Christie Vylayhong Mele Elgin Watts Falisha Lashan Young Neil E. Zahn (C) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES

Judy E. Agwu Brenda L. Allen (C) Matthew Brym Luther Wayne Cone Jennifer N. Dillard Jamal Islambouli Annette Michelle Leturia (C) Ariel N. Markwardt (M) Quinton D. Moss Justin A. Taylor (M) Denise Torres Michael Andrew Zavala


(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude | # McNair Scholar | * Honors College | † Goolsby Scholar BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN UNIVERSITY STUDIES

Zhyla D. Alvarado Alexander A. Anderson Anthony Arrieta Hakeem O. Azeez Michael Joseph Bacsik (C) Tobi Keith Bailey (C) Savannah N. Ballard Elizabeth Banda Kiri Elizabeth Barnes Zadok Bonner Bean Patrick M. Benavides Kalandra Laquesha Berry Vikash R. Bhula Lou Ann Michelle Bielik Amini Munandi Biringanine Christine Elizabeth Blodgett-Duff Martelia Ann Bounsouaysana Kari R. Brown Weston Buchanan Paige Marie Caprio Tatiana Castro Clara Choy Isiah D. Clements Caitlyn Clark Cosper LaShonda Crane Tiffany A. Cummings Cu Dang Marcus Darden Matthew L. Davis

Maebe-Elysia Siao DavisCoughlan Blanca Diaz Cathy Jo Dill Christopher Michael Dolan Larisa Ryjova Driscoll Melissa Kimberly Durkee Jennifer Ann Evans Elizabeth Ann Faulkner Erica Lynn Floyd Eunice M. Francis Bradley G. Gay Madalaine Christine Geraci Marisa Y. Ghalibaf Blayne Ayele Gila Gregg Charles Gleichert (C) Gregory Allan Goodman Keith Lloyd Gray Jerome A. Greene Bertran Randal Grillett Joanna M. Grissom Esmeralda Guzman Kim Taylor Hallom Ashlee Taylor Happel Austin Edwin Happel Dara Lynn Harper Matthew Winfred Harper Amber Harrison Daniel Wayne Hawbaker Katrina Hearst Diana M. Hernandez Harrison J. Hobgood

Kelly A. Shade Christina Michelle Simpson Whitney Janee’ Simpson John Stephen Singler Joey T. Snelson Kelley Nicole Strawther Samuel David Strong (S) Jerry Wayne Sweeney John Scott Urban Mark Burdett Ussery Zyzzyll Zamora Vargas Maranda K. Vaughan Allison Claire Vickers Javier Luis Villalobos Francisco A. Violante Jessica Lynn Virnoche Shawn Christopher Walker (M) Justin D. Washburn Elizabeth Ann White Clinton Michael Winn Jordan Evert Wilson Kyle David Witham Julie M. Woods Camille C. Wooten Sharon Boyland Young (C)

Vonda Gayle McEachern Zaeria L. McKelvy Chad Kennedy Meeks Clark Stephen Metzger Courtney M. Milstead Ashley Moen Amanda Dyane Moreau Jennifer Jean Nicholson Kemakolam Michael Njoku Ashley N. Novotny Ikechukwu Norbert Osamor Kayla S. Parker (M) Josh William Pavliska Twanisha L. Payton Holly Michelle Pemberton Gloria Ann Perez Matthew Perez Cassandra L. Phillips Sarah Elizabeth Pierson Jeff A. Polski Cori Jo Powell Jader Santiago Quiroz Sarah Ratliff Lindsay Kay Richardson (M) Shakia L. Richardson Ashley M. Rodriguez Jerrett Rosenborough Kersti Rowan Sara Elise Rucker Christopher James Rust Kayla Lynn Scott (M) Melanie Diane Seeton

Brandon Dale Holland Savannah Lynne Hollis Jack Thomas Huxel Lynda Lee Huynh Ngoc Thu Huynh Donovan R. Ingram Tasriqul Islam Landers M. Isom Gregory Ryan Johnson Zakaria Solomon Johnson Raquel Jones Shardae R. Kaniki Michael James Koepp Andrew Kohut (C) Devanshu Desai Lalloobhai Jay Rogers LeBleu Melissa Leyba Gloria Elena Leyua Emily Fullmer Liczbinski (M) #Ashley M. Liggins (C) Kimberly Anne Lilly Sheree N. Logan Samuel Blair Lucas Benjamin Magana Victor Manuel Maldonado Bobby Ali Maleki Rodney Clark Malone Diman M. Mande Amy Lynn Marschall Eduardo Martinez Christopher Tyrone McCain Richard Stephen McDonald

Degree Conferred Aug. 13, 2011 Whitney Gayle Sutton Degree Conferred Dec. 17, 2011 Gisenia Luz Montgomery


Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle


Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis



8 3

7 2 1 5 8


5 3 6 1 3 4 1 89 4 75 23 1 6 9 5 6 3 2 5 34 1 5


3 6

2 9 8 1 5



# 77

5 Feb 6 EASY


5309Non-studio 2 3 6 flick 1 8 7 6318Family 5 9 tree 1 4 3 2 1 3member 7 8 4 6 9 5 32 Neon and xenon, 4 7for9two 5 2 3 6 1 9 1 3 4 7 5 2 8 3 2 6 1 8 9 7 4 2 6 4 7 9 8 5 3 7 4 8 6 5 2 1 9 8 5 1 2 3 7 4 6

9 2

79 44 KOA#facility 5 45 Kitchen cutters9 46 Netmen’s org. 7 49 Trucker’s “good 4 buddy” 2 8 6 3 1

2 8 6 9 3 1 4 7 5

1 2 8 6 4 5 3 9 7

1 9

# 80

7 3 1

3 1

5 6

8 3 3 7 4 3

56 4 Jazzman 9 7 8 6Getz 3 58 1 ASCAP 5 6 3 7 4 counterpart 3 4 2 1 9 5 59 Cold War spy 5 3 org.1 2 8 7 6 7 8 5 1 9 7 6 4 9 3 2 8 2 9 7 5 1 2 1 5 6 4 8 9 8 3 4 2 6

By Janice Luttrell 5/8/12 2 2000s Giants Monday’s Puzzle Solved manager Felipe 3 Pop diva Celine 4 Competitive demeanor 5 Approx. figure 6 “Get thee to a nunnery” speaker 7 Catch a glimpse of 8 Broke bread 9 Epithet never actually used by Cagney 10 Lowbrow trinkets 11 Aussie hatchlings 12 Young lady Feb 9 EASY 13 Dagger of yore # 79 18 Iberian river 19 Family tree members (c)2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc. 5/8/12 24 __-eyed jack 50 Half: Pref. 37 Guacamole 25 Medieval tenant 51 Norse god of makings farmer war 38 Biographical span 26 Wing it, 52 Bristol baby 39 Selected speechwise buggy 27 Surgical opening? 41 Sew sequins on, 54 Like some highsay 28 “Iron Mike” of fiber cereal 42 Chicago-to-Miami football 55 Señora’s “this” dir. 29 Crook’s caper

6 4 8 4 6

8 1 7 6




9 3 1

Feb 8 EASY

4 7 2 8 6 5 1 3 9

16 Hacker’s cry of success 17 Comfortable indoor setting 20 Adjust for pitch 21 Globetrotting reporter Nellie 22 Struggle 23 Links “Heads up!” 25 Out of __: discordant 26 “Wait, I’m not done ...” 33 Prepare for winter takeoff 34 Divisions of history 35 Actress Vardalos 36 Serenade accompaniment 37 “Need __?”: “Hop in!” 39 Pablo Neruda works 40 Drive up the wall, so to speak 41 Rental car option 42 Flavor enhancer 43 Corporate oversight group 47 Sotto __: softly 48 “Ah! Say no more” 49 Spiritualist Deepak 52 Agt.’s cut 53 Forest females 57 Guesthouse where one would enjoy the starts of the three longest answers 60 Persian Gulf prince 61 “House” actor Epps 62 Must, informally 63 Ice Follies venue 64 Virtual people, in a popular game series 65 William Jennings __, three-time presidential

Solutions, tips and computer program at

4 9

4 6 2 1 5 9 3 7 8

3 7 5 2 8 4 1 6 9

8 9 1 6 3 7 4 5 2


1 5 3 4 2 8 6 9 7

9 2 7 5 1 6 8 4 3

6 8 4 7 9 3 5 2 1

2 4 6 3 7 1 9 8 5

5 3 9 8 4 2 7 1 6

7 1 8 9 6 5 2 3 4

# 80


5 2 3

3 1 9 6 6 2 7 9 8 1 6 7 3 8 2 9 4 7 8 1

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 34 |

7 8 6

3 7 # 77

# 78 7 candidate 9 DOWN 5 1 10-year-old 3 Simpson 1 2 6 8 4


Feb 6 EASY

1 6 2 9 4 8 3 7 5

47 Just sitting there 48 Ski resort building 49 Snatch 50 Judge Judy’s garb 51 Blossoms-to-be 52 Cabo’s peninsula 53 So last year, as a fad 54 Start again 55 Desertlike 58 __ Pan Alley

6 8 5 9 5

3 4 8 7 6 5 1 2 9

31 Homer epic 32 Not worth the bother 35 Go out with 37 Disease caused by vitamin B deficiency 38 Roll call replies 41 Drink with sashimi 42 Gillette razor 45 Space between curbs


4 1 9 8 7 6 2 5 3

(c)2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc.



Mar27 HARD


5 8 6 2 3 4 7 9 1

6 9

2 3 7 5 9 1 8 4 6

Saturday’s Puzzle Solved


2 5 4 3 7

4 8 5 1 4 2 3 9 6 7

Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 grid contains the digits 1 through 9 with no repeats. That means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.

9 2 3 6 5 7 4 1 8

24 Jul 05

DOWN 1 Cookbook abbr. 2 Geometric calculation 3 Pushed the doorbell 4 Not snowed by 5 Makes off with 6 Worrisome engine sounds 7 Peek ending 8 Incite to pounce (on) 9 Hawaiian food fish 10 “Va-va-voom!” 11 Opera showstopper 12 Futurist 15 Bear who loves “hunny” 20 Most golfers’ goals 22 Red tag event 24 Black-and-white ocean predator 25 Hard pencils to sharpen 26 Debate 27 Washington city famous for sweet onions 28 Oscar winner Jannings 29 Fire remnants


6 7 4 1 8 9 5 3 2

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But if nobody knows, then that Q: I’m a 19-yearhelp is not available to you. old guy, and I have a serious And stop saying that you don’t problem: I have never had a like the people in your area. girlfriend. It’s because I don’t Go out with those know how to talk to people, and use them girls. I don’t know how to find new people. to walk up to a girl Everyone has a circle and ask for her name of friends, and they and number. I’m not don’t all intersect. But attractive, and I’m by networking, you short. The thing is, I can move into new don’t like the people circles until you find in my area. Everybody one where you will says I’m stuck-up, but Dr. Ruth get along with most I’m not. I just prefer Send your of the people in it. But to be by myself. Could questions to you please advise me? Dr. Ruth Westheimer it’s up to you to put some effort into this I really need your c/o King Features search and make those help. Syndicate connections. You can’t 235 E. 45th St., do that sitting around A: You can’t New York, NY 10017 at home moping. I’m remain by yourself not saying that all this all the time and will happen instantaalso hope to find a neously, but if you begin the girlfriend, especially if you process today, then eventually are a bit shy. And stop putyou’ll succeed. And how do ting yourself down! There’s you begin? Call up one of those someone out there for everypeople you don’t like so much one, but you’ll never find that and see if you can join him or person if you’re locked up in her in going to the movies or your home. The best way of bowling or something like that. meeting that someone special Don’t put this off; do it today. is by having as broad a circle The sooner you begin, the of friends as possible. If a lot closer you’ll be to finding that of people know that you are girlfriend you seek. looking, they will help you out.

ACROSS 1 Poi maker’s need 5 Sudden twitch 10 “Rumour __ It”: Adele song 13 Muffin ingredient 14 Knee-to-ankle bone 15 Free of contaminants 16 Email folder 17 Old Testament patriarch 18 New York City theater award 19 Capital of American Samoa 21 Weather map air pressure line 23 Green and Gore 24 Nebraska city 25 Lumberjacks, often 29 With 43-Across, shrinking Asian lake 30 Oft-replaced joint 33 Disneyland shuttles 34 Train station posting 36 Wrinkly citrus fruit 37 Persian faith that promotes spiritual unity 39 Kinda sorta 40 Archer’s target 42 Chance for a hit 43 See 29-Across 44 Greek god of war 45 “__ as she goes” 46 Collaborative websites 48 One may be SWAK 49 Like the darkest maple syrups 51 South Pacific resort island 56 Pack of quarters, e.g. 57 Virtuosic piano work 59 Say and mean 60 Competent 61 Ruffles chip feature 62 Lightsaber wielder 63 Arthur of “Maude” 64 Magnified map detail 65 Yankee slugger, to fans


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PAID EGG DONORS for up to 6 donations, all races. N/ smokers, ages 18-27, SAT>1100/ ACT>24GPA>3.0 info@eggdonorcenter. com MISCELLANEOUS


TAN NGUYEN, Yes I will go to ASAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s banquet with you!!! -Tram Cao :) <3







THE SHORTHORN is currently accepting applications for the following positions for the SUMMER & FALL Semesters; - Reporter (news, sports & scene/ pulse)

SEEKING STUDENT FOR CHILDCARE psychology, special education, social work studies preferred for two challenging children, appropriate compensation. Heather 817948-7570 THE EEOC PROHIBITS hiring practices that discriminate based on a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s race, color, religion, gender, national origin or age. The Shorthorn does not accept discriminatory employment ads.

STUDENTPAYOUTS. COM Paid Survey Takers needed in Arlington. 100% FREE to join. Click on Surveys.


CHILD CARE WORKERS NEEDED Full and part time schedules available for child care workers and preschool teachers. Enrichment Center for Young Children. Call for an interview and ask for Pat (817)274-3404 or drop by the ECYC office. Competitive starting salaries and employee benefits.



- Ad Sales Rep - Photographer (includes video) - Editorial Cartoonist - Graphic Artist/ Illustrator - Copy Editor - Page Designer - Ad Artist - Online Content Producer - Online Assistant - Columnist Apply through our website at www. application Or call (817) 272-3188 for more information. Must be a UTA student.

EARN $1000-$3200 A month to drive our brand new cars with ads. www. AdCarPay. com HOSPITALITY/SERVICE

 Â Â?Â?Â? Â?Â?

!BARTENDING! $250/DAY potential! No experience nec, Training available, 18+ok â&#x20AC;  1-800-965-6520x137


REAL ESTATE ASSISTANT NEEDED! 20-30 hours per week. Applicants must have good computer, telephone and communication skills. A working knowledge of Microsoft office is necessary. Must have some prior office experience to be considered. Call for an appointment and apply in person. Compensation $10/ hr paid weekly. Part time job. 2805 west Arkansas lane suite #102. Arlington TX 76016 (817) 275-1111 ADMIN/PERSONAL ASSISTANT $9-$10/ hr, FTW office. Summer job schedule ok with school classes. Securities industry. Self starter- call Sally @ 817-7314789 resume to CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS NEEDED Inbound call center needs part time bilingual reps for evening and weekend shifts. Must type 40 wpm. Please call 817-4366861 SEASONAL

VBALL OFFICIALS NEEDED work AugOct, M-SAT, Jr Hi & HS girls volleyball, more details @





NEED HELP ON FINALS? Online tutoring. Visit Call (817)717-5592 Book FREE Session Today. Study right away from Home or Dorm! MATH TUTORS NEEDED Math Learning Center in Mansfield looking for energetic instructors with excellent math skills. Email resume to mansfieldtx@


THE FAIR HOUSING ACT PROHIBITS discrimination in the sale or rental of housing based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender or disability. The Shorthorn does not accept discriminatory housing ads.

MAVERICK PLACE APARTMENT! Fully furnished apartment available at Maverick Place for Summer. ONLY $450 p/ m with all utilities included (817) 449-3182 DUPLEX

700SQFT, 1/1/2 ON CAMPUS Wood/ Tile, Huge Bedroom/ Bathroom/ Closet. Pets Welcome $500 (817) 7039710

FACEBOOK.COM/ A R L C E N TA P T S Walk/ Bike to campus. 1&2 bdrms avail. Gated and Clean. $525 and up. Call/ email for pix: (817) 860-3691

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 35 |


HOUSING AVAILABLE A non-profit organization is offering a shared room available for female tenant, age 18-25. Room and board. $500/ month. Located in Irving I-30 & MacArthur Blvd. (972)9975312


1998 TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR5 177K, great condition. Grey automatic with sunroof. For sale $4000 OBO. Call 469-995-0054 for more information


CHEAP PEPPERSPRAY PERFECT for students with late night classes or self-defense and piece of mind. Text 469-688-2927 () -

Do more with your Mav Express Card University of Texas at Arlington and Wells Fargo have teamed up to bring you the combined Mav Express Card. Student Jane Student 6391 5000 1235 5678 1000123456 T



Issue Date: 04/01/12








Student ID

& ATM Card

1. Get it

At the Mav Express Office University Center (817) 272-2645

2. Link it

Bring your card and link it to a Wells Fargo College Checking® account*. Wells Fargo Financial Services Convenience Center Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (817) 299-9151

3. Use it

• As your official student ID • To access campus facilities and events • Direct Deposit of your financial aid

and/or paychecks • For free access to cash at Wells Fargo ATMs nationwide • To make purchases with your Mav Express card using your PIN

It’s your campus ID and a Wells Fargo ATM card * Eligibility subject to approval. Students must provide proof of enrollment at an accredited institution when the account is opened. $100 minimum opening deposit required to open a new checking account. Information contained in this document is subject to change. Printed April 2012. © 2012 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC.

SPRING 2012 | G R A D U AT I O N 36 |