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with a recipe for linament that called for equal parts of laudanum alcohol and oil of wormwood. It was supposed to reduce swelling quickly and remove soreness. According to the note, " N o better liniment [sic] for bruises on man or beast was ever used."^° One of Matilda's favorite cough remedies was to give the patient some sugar with a little turpentine in it. It was said to be very effective. ^^ Matilda also used consecrated oil extensively. " W e used consecrated oil for everything when I was a child," said Mable Crafts Peterson. " I t was given internally by the Aunts and only used for blessing when it was done by the Priesthood. They called it 'sweet o i l ' . " In addition to the use of consecrated oil, Matilda was a believer in soaking swollen or bruised limbs in hot water with boric acid or Epsom salts. She also used poultices, flaxseed poultices being a favorite. The flaxseed was cooked, placed in a cloth and then on the patient. Peterson also noted, " T h e only tonic I recall them ever using was to dose us with sage tea in the early spring, to purify the blood. "^^ Matilda was known for her fastidiousness. "She used a great deal of lysol and boric acid," Blanche Jensen said, and "pads and dressings were rolled up in newspaper and baked slowly in the oven to sterilize t h e m . "33

It was said that Dr. Ellis Shipp "never refused to return to a home where her former services remained unpaid. "^^ Matilda followed the same phflosophy. Lenora Bennett Elkington, another niece, related, " I think half of the babies were not paid for, but it didn't bother her. "^^ It is also remembered, however, that during the summer months some of the men in the area would help haul hay at the Hales farm in payment for services their families had received from Matilda.^^ Matilda sometimes walked to see her patients; other times, "She would take Old Babe, a brown short-legged mare in the one-seated buggy without a t o p , " recalled Ralph Crafts. In later years Matilda's brother Roy bought a 1924 Chevrolet. He tried to teach her to drive.

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Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, Number 3, 1987  

Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, Number 3, 1987  

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