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perambulator. T h e y were going up the sidewalk when they happened to meet Walter C a n n o n , who was postmaster at the time and as staunch a Republican as D a d and M o m were Democrats. They stopped and visited for a few moments, then Walter pulled the baby blanket down a bit and upon seeing that white little bit of a girl said, " B y hell, that's not one of Will Brooks's k i d s ! " Quick as a wink M o m answered, " W e l l by hell she's not one of Walt C a n n o n ' s ! " T h e y each went their individual ways, still the cordial enemies they had been for years. M o m was obsessed with the furthering of education, regardless of whose it might be. This meant everyone's, including, or more correctly, especially, her own. As a result of this obsession and with her help, all of her brothers and sisters, except one, went to college. All but one of them graduated, and one went on to earn his doctorate and become a leader in his field—all of this a marked contrast to the ways of most of the young people of that day when a high school diploma was considered pretty good. Of M o m ' s own children, all went to college. I am the only one who did not graduate. T w o earned doctorates; the one that did not has h a d a rewarding and fulfilling career in the FBI. Willa, that overly white little girl, earned her B.S. in education, taught school several years, and is now a relief schoolteacher and a busy mother of five. In our family the question was not "if you were going to go to college," but " w h e r e are you going to g o ? " M o m was a good mother, besides taking care of her m a n y other obligations, but she was not a coddler. She had the ability not to be overly concerned about the unimportant yet be totally sympathetic when the occasion called for it. She would pass over a little sliver or cut with hardly a second glance, but when Ronald Larsen, son of the B. F. Larsens, a family with whom we were especially close, had spinal meningitis, she was at his bedside day and night. O n e of my brothers, who is much better at putting thoughts into words than I a m , told me recently, " E r n , we m a y not have been able to see it at the time, but in retrospect I recognize that there was purpose behind everything M o m said and d i d . " During President Franklin D . Roosevelt's administration M o m was chosen to be in charge of a writing project assigned to transcribe original, handwritten diaries into typewritten copies. She was able to accept this assignment only because she was allowed to convert our

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Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, Number 3, 1987  

Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, Number 3, 1987  

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