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The Skull Valley Goshutes


The Bureau of Indian Affairs built a small school for the Goshute children on the Skull Valley Reservation. Photograph courtesy of Special Collections, University of Nevada-Reno.

they are ardently attached to the particular localities which they now inhabit, and are decidedly opposed to being moved away."23 Creel urged that the Skull Valley group and other non-reservation bands be permitted to remain where they were. He recommended that a school for young children be built in Skull Valley, that a farm agent be assigned to Skull Valley to aid the Indians in becoming self-sufficient agriculturists, and that they receive supplies for self-improvement.2^ The BIA responded to Creel's recommendations by initiating a number of reforms. In 1912 the Skull Valley and Deep Creek bands, 28lbid., p. 8. 29lbid., p. 7.

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Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, Number 3, 1987  

Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 55, Number 3, 1987  

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