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2 2016 Guidebook

Our Mission To inspire and support our student-athletes in the pursuit of comprehensive excellence.

Our Vision To represent the University of Tennessee among the nation’s premier athletic programs by developing student-athletes who graduate, compete for championships and conduct themselves in a first-class manner, honoring and fulfilling the Volunteer spirit.

Our Core Values I N S P I R E

ntegrity without compromise ational leadership ervice to our students, fans and community ersonal accountability nclusion and respect for the individual elentless competitiveness xcellence in education


Mission & Vision Statements


2017 Fundraising Year & Football Schedule


How Do I Get Involved?


Thank You


Student-Athlete Cost of Experience


Student-Athletes & Donors by State


Annual Giving Levels & Benefits


How to Donate


Football Season Tickets


Football Away Game Tickets


Men’s Basketball Season Tickets


Women’s Basketball Season Tickets


2017-18 Tennessee Fund Parking


2017 Parking FAQs


General Ticket Information


Premium Seating


Tennessee Always


Vol Rep Program


Meet Our Staff


General FAQs

2017 FUNDRAISING YEAR • Rank for SEC/NCAA Basketball Tournament ticket assignments

FEBRUARY • Football Signing Day event • Final Annual Fund donation renewal/mailing for 2017

MARCH • Contribution deadline for football ticket renewals March 1st • Rank for football parking and away game ticket assignments

M AY • Coca-Cola Big Orange Caravan • Football donor seat relocations/ upgrades begin online

JUNE • Contribution deadline for basketball ticket renewals – June 30th

• Men’s and Women’s Basketball donor seat relocations/ upgrades end

OCTOBER • Basketball tickets and parking mailed

• Football home/away ticket application available online • Football parking application available online • Football ticket and parking application deadline – April 28th

J U LY • Rank for basketball parking • Basketball tickets and parking application available online • Basketball tickets and parking application deadline - July 31st



AUGUST • Football tickets and parking mailed • Men’s and Women’s Basketball donor seat relocations/ upgrades begin online

NOVEMBER • First Tennessee Fund donation renewal mailing

DECEMBER • Year-end donation deadline – December 30th

• Rank for SEC/Bowl Game ticket assignments




OCT 21






OCT 28



SEP 16






SEP 23



NOV 11



SEP 30



NOV 18



OCT 14



NOV 25





4 2017 Guidebook

HOW DO I GET INVOLVED? Donations Be a part of the VOLUNTEER team with your Tennessee Fund donation! Each Tennessee Fund member’s priority and access to season benefits are determined by annual giving level and donor rank, based upon the Tennessee Fund point system. This system rewards both a donor’s longevity and gift amount when establishing priorities. With the point total, the Tennessee Fund can rank all donors – regardless of giving category.



Parking Passes

Enjoy the Game!

It’s easy to reserve the same seats annually

Tennessee Fund members receive priority to

Having secured your season seats, your game

with your renewal donation to the Tennessee

purchase season parking passes for Football,

day experience will be enhanced as you

Fund. Your Tennessee Fund donation is

Men’s Basketball and Lady Vols Basketball

faithfully support the Vols year in and year out.

applicable to multiple sports. Football, Men’s

home games. All parking, including accessible

Your gift will help provide resources needed

Basketball and Lady Vols Basketball season

parking, is reassigned annually by the

for University of Tennessee student-athletes

tickets require a Tennessee Fund donation –

Tennessee Fund and subject to change based

to pursue excellence in the classroom and

which are available for purchase every season,

on donor rank, parking lot availability and

in competition.

and cover the cost of admission to home

University construction projects. Although not

games. Specific gift amounts for certain seating

a guarantee, being a Tennessee Fund donor

sections in each venue are required. Go online

makes you eligible to purchase season parking

to to view seating chart

passes. The number and location of parking

maps for Neyland Stadium and Thompson-

passes is determined by the season ticket

Boling Arena, as well as an interactive 3-D

holder’s annual priority level and donor rank.

seating chart. For more information, please call 865-974-1218. A limited number of season tickets are available to purchase that do NOT require a donation. Please visit or call 865-656-1200 for more information.


Season Tickets


2017 Guidebook


THANK YOU Through the generosity of over 14,000 members, the Tennessee Fund provides support for expenses associated with 20 intercollegiate sports. As we strive to win championships in the nation’s best conference, your support is more important than ever. By factoring in other direct expenses such as travel, academic support and sports medicine, the complete student-athlete package reaches nearly $100,000 annually. These expenses add up, as UT supports over 500 student-athletes. Your continued passion and generosity for Tennessee Athletics is essential to ensuring all student-athletes are provided the necessary resources to achieve comprehensive excellence on the field and in the classroom. YOU make the difference in their success!

8 2017 Guidebook

Todd Kelly Jr. Junior Knoxville, TN

In order to compete nationally, the University of Tennessee must ensure

With scholarship costs rising nationally, it is imperative that the Tennessee

the top in-state recruits are choosing to play for the Volunteers while also

Fund increases both memberships and gifts to cover these costs. Every

attracting the best national recruits. Tennessee has a large number of

donor and dollar count toward making the student-athlete dream become

out-of-state student-athletes, resulting in higher tuition costs than many

a reality. The education and life lessons our students receive are priceless.

of our peers.

Consider increasing your gift or referring a friend to the Tennessee Fund.














$4,730 STUDENT-ATHLETE STIPEND Data based on the following assumptions: Average studentathlete expenses for FY16-17 based on 510 total S-A. 260.2 S-A scholarships (83% out-of-state, 17% in-state). *Includes tuition, room/board and summer school.






2017 Guidebook




13 1

3 5

2 5 1













12 1




45 147














6 7





8 22



8 1











3 7


1 6 17 1

4 1












1 30

2 2

# of Student Athletes

No Student Athletes or Donors

# of Donors








New Zealand




















Puerto Rico


South Africa










South Korea


12 2017 Guidebook

ANNUAL GIVING LEVELS & BENEFITS Each Tennessee Fund member’s priority and ability to obtain various benefits is determined by a combination of annual giving level and donor rank as determined by the Tennessee Fund point system (see page 37 for information on the priority point system). For premium seating giving levels & benefits see pages 17, 24 and 25.

DONOR BENEFIT CHART Benefits/Membership Level




Bronze Victor

Silver Victor

Gold Victor









Invitation to TN Fund Day

Vol & Lady Vol Basketball Priority (Renewable) Season Ticket Opportunity

Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball Parking Priority*

Priority III opportunity to purchase 1 pass

Priority III opportunity to purchase 1 pass

Vol & Lady Vol SEC & NCAA Tournament Tickets*

Football Priority (Renewable) Season Ticket Opportunity

Eligible to Request Postseason Tickets

Football Away Game Ticket Opportunity

Football Yearbook

Invitation to VIP Events

*with purchase of season tickets †Over a 10-year period *See pages 22-25 or visit for more information.

Priority III opportunity to purchase 1 pass

Priority II opportunity to purchase 1 pass

Priority I opportunity to purchase 2 passes

Priority I opportunity to purchase 3 passes

Priority I opportunity to purchase 3 passes



There are several ways to become a donor to the Tennessee Fund. Here are just a few of the ways to support Tennessee Athletics.

Pledge You may pledge to join the Tennessee

Monthly Credit Cards & E-Check Payments

at your place of employment. You

All Tennessee Fund donors have an

may be able to double or triple the

online account. If you are visiting the

value of your gift and benefits. Your

site for the first time and are a current

initial gift and matching form must be

Tennessee Fund member, please call

received by March 1, but the matching

the Tennessee Fund office to submit

gift may be completed throughout

an online request to receive your

the year.

account number, and then register

Fund at a specific level and pay

Donations can be made by monthly

the pledge in full or in installments,

installments. Monthly installments

completing your pledge by March 1.

can be paid by either recurring

Statements will be sent periodically

credit/debit cards or automatic bank

throughout the year reminding you

drafts. By signing up for monthly

of the March 1 deadline and the

installments, you may have your

Some companies may not match gifts

contribution balance remaining.

credit/debit card or bank account

if the donor receives any benefit as

charged monthly. In order to stop

a result of the gift. Please check with

monthly installments, you must

the Tennessee Fund and the matching

submit a letter to the Tennessee Fund

company to be sure that the matching

• View your priority points

notifying us of your decision. If there

sum can be used for donor benefits.

• View your current seat location

are two failed payments, the ability

If the company chooses to stop

• Update your mailing address

to use monthly installments will

matching a donor’s gift, the donor

Contributing online is secure, saves

be discontinued.

is responsible for the entire annual

time and postage, and provides

contribution to maintain the benefits

immediate confirmation that your gift

provided by the matching gift.

has been received.

Online Giving

Gifts for premium seating such as

Making the Donation Donations can be made to the Tennessee Fund by cash, check and credit card. It is important to make all donations payable to the University of Tennessee Foundation. The Tennessee Fund accepts American

Each year, donors must resubmit the

Express, Discover, MasterCard and

account information needed by the

Visa credit and debit cards.

Tennessee Fund office to continue

The Tennessee Fund accepts e-checks and credit cards online at

paying by bank draft.

new Tennessee Fund members can register directly online. Visiting your account online allows you to:

Skybox, East & West Club, Terrace, The Tennessee Fund offers the ability

Matching Gifts

to make gifts online. New donors

list the name, account number and

Many companies will match your

donors looking to renew their gifts

routing number as it appears on your

gifts to The University of Tennessee.

should visit

bank account when using an e-check.

Please consult the benefits office It is important to

using a valid email address. All

making first-time gifts and existing

Basketball Luxury and Loge seats or any capital campaign gift can be made directly to the Tennessee Fund office by phone, mail or online at

Tax Information Disclaimer: The following information is not intended to constitute legal advice or other tax counsel and may not be relied on as such. Please consult a personal tax advisor concerning the deductibility of any contribution to the Tennessee Fund. Under applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), the amount of a contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of the amount contributed over the value of any goods or services provided to the donor by the University. The Athletic Department will notify you as to the value of any such items. Under current IRC provisions, no more than 80 percent of an amount paid to or for the benefit of an institution of higher education may be treated as a charitable contribution if, as a result of the payment, the donor receives the right to purchase tickets for seating at an athletic event in an athletic stadium at the institution. You should consult your tax advisor to determine whether these provisions apply to you. If you choose to waive all applicable benefits, you must sign a written waiver at the time you make your Tennessee Fund donation.

14 2017 Guidebook


East Sideline

Stadium Section

Annual Donation

Sections U or T


Sections R, S, V or W


Section C, D


Section B, E


Section C, D (Rows 1-10)


Section B (Rows 1-10)


Section A (Rows 1-30)

Visiting Team Seating

Section A, F


Sections X1-Z15


Sections Z13-Z15

Visiting Team Seating

South End Zone

Sections J-Q


Upper Level

Stadium Section

Annual Donation

East Sideline





North End Zone

North End Zone

South End Zone

Sections XX1-ZZ15 Rows 1-2 (Chairbacks)


Rows 3-12


Rows 13-26 (Chairbacks)


Sections GG-QQ Box chairbacks


Rows 1-15


II-QQ (Rows 16+)

No Donation Required


Visiting Team Seating

These gift amounts do not guarantee seats in Neyland Stadium. The listed annual donation levels are to provide new Tennessee Fund donors with an idea of the approximate amount required to sit in a specific section, based upon the 2016 season. All amounts are listed as a donation per seat and allow the donor to renew the same seats each year if the contribution is made annually. Seating locations are subject to change as needed due to future renovations of Neyland Stadium. In addition, the cost of season tickets may vary on an annual basis.


(per seat)

(per seat)

Jauan Jennings Sophomore Murfreesboro, TN
























16 2017 Guidebook

John Kelly Sophomore Detroit, MI

As a benefit of membership, Tennessee Fund donors receive first priority


for away game tickets. Demand for some games will exceed demand

for others, varying the number of donors able to receive tickets for each game. Away game ticket quantities are determined by giving category, and seat assignments are made in relation to donor rank. The number of tickets eligible for purchase for each game is indicated on the season ticket application. Donors eligible to pre-order away game tickets should do so when renewing their season tickets. In the case that demand exceeds supply, donors will be refunded.

Annual Giving Category Georgia Tech, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri

Rocky Top, NDS, Gold Victor (East Club, West Club, TN Terrace - 6+ seats) Rank 1-500 All others in category

8 6

Approximate 2017 Away Game Ticket Availability

Silver Victor

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game


(East Club, West Club, TN Terrace - 4 seats) Rank 1-2,500 6 All others in category 4









Bronze Victor (East Club, West Club, TN Terrace - 2 seats) Rank 1-3,500 4 All others in category 2

Mountaineer Rank 1-2,500 All others in category

4 2*

Trailblazer Rank 1-1,000 All others in category

2 2*

This chart displays number of away game tickets eligible to REQUEST each April. These requests are not guaranteed and may be refunded depending on ticket demand and donor rank.

The total UT ticket allotment includes seating for students, players’ families, coaches, band and administrative staff. After those tickets are allocated, remaining tickets are assigned to Tennessee Fund members. In an effort to distribute away game tickets in an equitable manner, the Tennessee Fund places high priority on donor rank during the assignment process. Therefore, the number of tickets a person can purchase is determined by his or her Tennessee Fund rank and giving level. Please remember donor rank is determined by points accrued from contributions made and consecutive years of giving (see page 37 for information on the priority point system). If you have questions about your ranking, the point system, or the away game assignment process, please contact the Tennessee Fund office at (865) 974-1218.

18 2017 Guidebook

Robert Hubbs III Senior Newbern, TN

Seating & Donation Amounts


These gift amounts do not guarantee seats in any location in Thompson-Boling Arena. The listed annual donation levels are to provide new Tennessee Fund donors with an idea of the approximate amount it takes to sit in a specific section, based upon the 2016 season. All amounts are listed as a donation per seat and allow the donor to renew the same seats each year if the contribution is made annually. Seats that become available on the side court lower level (Sections 104, 105, 106, 120, 121, 122) require a $25,000 one-time capital gift per seat, payable over five years and a minimum Silver Victor ($10,000) annual membership to the Tennessee Fund. Contact the Tennessee Fund office at (865) 974-1218 for more information. Due to a high renewal rate, lower level side court seating is usually unavailable. Please contact the Tennessee Fund for seating availability.

Southeastern Conference & NCAA Tournaments The number of SEC and NCAA Tournament tickets the athletic department receives is determined by the host site,




100/200 LEVEL

Side Court Seats

Contact TN Fund for availability

100/200 LEVEL

Corner Seats

$2,500 per seat minimum

100/200 LEVEL

Baseline Corner Seats

$1,250 per seat minimum

100/200 LEVEL

Behind the Goals

$500 per seat minimum


Sections 318-324

$250 per seat minimum


All Other Sections

$50 per seat minimum


Sections 123-126, 129

causing fluctuation in the number of donors who are able to order tickets. Applications will be sent to donors who have made their Tennessee Fund gift by June 30th of each year and qualify for seating based upon their annual giving category and rank. Donors must purchase season tickets to qualify.

Away Game Tickets Road game basketball tickets are not available through the UT Ticket Office. Please contact the ticket office at the host school for more information.

20 2017 Guidebook

Jaime Nared Junior Portland, OR

Lady Vol basketball season tickets in the 100 and 200 levels require a minimum $1,000 donation per seat on the side court and a minimum $100 donation per seat in the corners and behind the goal for Tennessee Fund members or existing members interested in additional tickets. Locations are determined by annual giving level, priority point rank, and are subject to availability. Please call the Tennessee Fund office for specific availability.

Southeastern Conference & NCAA Tournaments Tennessee Fund donors also receive the opportunity to purchase postseason tournament tickets. The number of SEC and NCAA Tournament tickets the athletic department receives is determined by the host site, causing fluctuation in the number of donors who are able to order tickets. Donors must purchase regular season tickets to qualify. TICKET TYPE



For more information,

100/200 Level

Sections 119-123, 103-107, 218-223

$1,000 per seat/minimum

contact the Tennessee

100/200/300 Level

Sections 100-102, 108, 118, 124-128,

$100 per seat

Fund office at (865) 974-1218.

130-131, 200-217, 224-231 100 Level

Sections 109-112, 114-117

No Donation

Reserved Individual

Sections 301-331A, 309-311A, 315A-327

No Donation

Current UT Students


Free with Student ID

General Admission

Sections 312-314, 328-330

No Donation

Family Plan

Sections 113, 129

Jordan Reynolds Senior Portland, OR


Seating & Donation Amounts

22 2017 Guidebook




All donors giving

All donors giving

All donors giving

$10,000+ annually are eligible to purchase two or more passes,



annually are eligible to

annually are eligible to

based on giving level and

purchase one pass, based on

purchase one pass, based on

priority point rank.

priority point rank.

priority point rank.

All parking, including accessible parking, is reassigned annually by Tennessee Fund priority level and donor rank, then by lot preference. Your priority level is determined by your annual contribution. Each annual giving category is assigned independently. Donors must purchase season tickets to be eligible. Please be aware that no choice or previous parking assignment is guaranteed. Football parking is assigned by priority level and donor rank as of March 1. Men’s basketball and women’s basketball parking is assigned by priority level and donor rank as of June 30.




Parking Garage Clearances C21 6’10” clearance

G10 7’8” clearance

to change without notice. More details

G1 7’6” clearance

11th Street 8’2” clearance

about parking areas are provided at

G3 6’6” clearance

Locust Street 7’0” clearance

G4 6’8” clearance

G16 8’6” clearance

NOTE: Parking area availability is subject

24 2017 Guidebook

2017-18 BASKETBALL PARKING Basketball season ticket holders are on their Tennessee Fund giving level and donor rank. * Luxury suite, loge seat, premium floor seat and baseline premium floor seat holders will receive their parking passes automatically with tickets as the charge is

Basketball Parking Pass Eligibility

Giving Level

eligible to purchase parking passes based

$10,000+ annually

(5) assigned in Priority I

$5,000+ annually

(4) assigned in Priority II

$2,500+ annually

(3) assigned in Priority III

$1,000+ annually

(2) assigned in Priority III

$100+ annually / HILL

(1) assigned in Priority III

Arena Donor: 5+ Season Tickets

(2) in G10 (men's only)

Arena Donor: 2-4 Season Tickets

(1) in G10 (men's only)

billed into the licensing cost.

BASKETBALL PARKING LOTS NOTE: In order to accommodate the most donors in G5/30, no account

Parking Garage Clearances G16 8'6" clearance

G4 6'8" clearance

G3 6'6" clearance

G10 7'8" clearance

will be assigned more than (1) pass in G5/30. All basketball parking, including accessible parking, is reassigned each year according to priority level and donor rank, and donors must purchase season tickets to be eligible for parking.

2017 PARKING FAQS $5,000 contribution associated with

and one pass in Priority III (for the A: All parking, including accessible parking, is reassigned annually by Tennessee Fund donor rank within each priority. Your priority level is determined by your annual contribution. Each annual giving category is assigned independently. Donors must purchase season tickets to be eligible.

Priority I – $10,000+

Priority II – $5,000 – $9,999

Priority III – $100 - $4,999

A: Each annual giving category is assigned independently based on the priority level it falls under. Annual fund donation levels are not combined to establish priority levels. For example, a donor with two seats in the Tennessee Terrace that also makes a $1,000 donation for seating in the north lower deck would have one pass assigned based on their donor rank in Priority II (for the

4 Tennessee Terrace Seats*: 2 parking passes in Priority I

6 or more Tennessee Terrace Seats*: 1 parking pass per pair in Priority I

Silver Victor ($10,000 annual contribution): Eligible to purchase 2 parking passes in Priority I

$1,000 Trailblazer contribution) for a total of two passes.

• • • • • • • • • •

Priority I – $10,000+ Priority II – $5,000 – $9,999 Priority III – $100 - $4,999 Foothills: $100

Trailblazer: $1,000 Mountaineer: $2,500 Bronze Victor: $5,000 Silver Victor: $10,000 Gold Victor: $15,000 NDS: $250,000* *Over 10-year period

Q: I have several types of giving with the Tennessee Fund. How is my parking assigned?

two seats in the Tennessee Terrace)

Q: How many football parking passes can I purchase? A: The number of parking passes you

A: To apply for accessible parking, please return your completed application by the deadline along with photocopies of the following documents to the Tennessee Fund

Gold Victor or NDS ($15,000+ annual contribution): Eligible to purchase 3 parking passes in Priority I Rocky* (Skybox holder): 4 parking passes in Priority I

Cost of Rocky, East Club, West Club and Tennessee Terrace car parking is included in licensing fee. Motorhome parking may cost extra, depending on preferences. Visit for more information.

office: state-issued photo ID, state-issued registration for the handicap placard, and the stateissued handicap placard (or license plate). All photocopies must be clear and legible, and the name on the registration/ID needs to match the donor account. Applications are incomplete until all documentation is received. Accessible parking is reassigned each season according

Q: How is my loyalty rewarded?

to Tennessee Fund priority level and rank until all spaces are filled.

* A: Your parking pass is assigned

receive is determined by your annual

based on your Tennessee Fund rank

cash gift. Donors giving $100-$9,999

within your priority level. Your rank is

annually are eligible to purchase one

determined primarily by your lifetime

pass. Donors giving $10,000 or more

giving. Additionally, you can receive

annually are eligible to purchase

points for consecutive years of giving,

more than one pass.

alumni status or other factors. For a

comprehensive list, please see page 37.

East/West Club Seats*: 1 parking pass per pair in Priority I

Q: I have accessible parking needs. How is my parking assigned?

Visit parking-passes for more information.

Q: How is parking assigned?


26 2017 Guidebook


Ticket Payment

Season tickets are shipped separately from

Payment must be made by check, VISA,

individual and away game tickets and will NOT

MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Checks

arrive in the same package. Season tickets are

should be made payable to The University of

sent out via UPS and require a street address.

Tennessee. Payment must be made by applicant

Please confirm your address at the time you

or spouse; no second-party payments will be

place a ticket order, as it is not possible to make

accepted. Cash will be accepted only from the

address changes after tickets are printed. You

person whose name appears on the application,

must submit a change of address in writing to the

and an ID will be required.

Tennessee Fund office, or you can update your mailing address by accessing your account at

Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Tickets

Charge by Phone or Online Orders for available individual game tickets may be made using VISA, MasterCard, American Express

The UT Athletic Department is NOT responsible

or Discover. All orders placed the week of the

for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets. If you

game will not be mailed but may be held for pickup

purchase tickets directly from the University of

at the ticket office or sent via email. All emailed

Tennessee and they are lost, stolen or destroyed,

tickets must be printed by purchaser and brought

please contact the UT Ticket Office at (865) 656-

to the gate for admittance. Each order includes a

1200 for replacement options.

service charge. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If tickets

Accessible Seating The University of Tennessee is proud to offer seating for individuals in wheelchairs, available

are not picked up, no refunds will be issued. Visit for more information.

Ticket Office

on a seasonal and individual game basis. Please

The UT Ticket Office is located at the northwest

contact the UT Ticket Office at (865) 656-1200 or

corner of Thompson-Boling Arena on the corner

(800) 332-8657 for further information. Seating is

of Phillip Fulmer Way and Lake Loudoun Blvd.

limited, so please make arrangements early.

Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday

For patrons needing an elevator pass due to accessibility needs, please contact Event Management at (865) 974-1205.

- Friday. For more information, please contact the ticket office at (800) 332-VOLS (8657) or (865) 656-1200.

Visit for up-to-date ticket information.

Christian Coleman Junior Atlanta, GA


Luis Valero Junior Cali, Colombia

Katie Cousins Sophomore Forest, VA

28 2017 Guidebook

03 01

02 01 East Club and West Club Seating in Neyland Stadium The East and West Clubs offer Volunteer fans the opportunity to enjoy games at Neyland Stadium in one of the finest premium seating areas in all of college sports. Undercover, luxurious leather chairback seating, an adjoining indoor club area, all-inclusive food and refreshments, and flat-screen televisions showing college football games from across the country provide you and your guests a special place to spend fall Saturdays. A football parking pass in Priority I is included per pair of club seats.


receiving the best seats in one of the following venues: Neyland Stadium, Thompson-Boling Arena, Sherri Parker Lee Stadium and Lindsey Nelson Stadium. For detailed information and availability of premium seating options, please contact the Tennessee Fund office at (865) 974-1218 or visit

03 Rocky Top (Neyland Stadium Skybox Seating) Skybox seating offers Volunteer football fans a private setting to view all the gameday action with their guests. Each box seats 16 people and includes a private refrigerator, wet bar and locked cabinets for box holders to use


throughout the season. An adjoining lounge area offers all-inclusive food and refreshments,

Tennessee Terrace Located along the west upper deck of Neyland Stadium, the Tennessee Terrace features chairback seats and cup holders, with a sideline view of all the action. The adjoining indoor concourse offers an expanded concession menu, restrooms, and flat-screen televisions featuring other college football games in a climatecontrolled setting overlooking campus. A football parking pass per pair of Terrace seats is included.

providing box holders with an effortless gameday experience. Rocky Top Benefits • Football Season Ticket Priority – 16 seats • Away Game and Post-Season Ticket Priority • Football Parking - will be assigned four parking passes in Priority I • Basketball Season Ticket Priority • Football Yearbook

Premium seating at the University of Tennessee is a great way to take a leadership role in supporting the Vols while

30 2017 Guidebook



Thompson-Boling Arena Luxury Suites Vol and Lady Vol basketball fans can enjoy games in a private setting from one of our 32 luxury suites. These premium suites vary in size from 10, 12, or 16 seats and provide seat holders with a private refrigerator and locked cabinets to use throughout


the season. In addition to tickets and parking for all


home games for both sports, suite holders receive the first opportunity to purchase tickets in their

Thompson-Boling Arena Loge Seats

suites for other arena events throughout the year.

Located on the north side court, directly beneath the luxury suites, loge seats offer fans the opportunity to enjoy games from the comfort of cushioned, oversized chairs complete with private adjoining hospitality areas and wait service. In addition to tickets and parking for all home games for both sports, seat holders receive the first opportunity to purchase tickets in their seats for other arena events throughout the year.

03 Thompson-Boling Arena Baseline Floor Seats

Thompson-Boling Arena Mid-Court Seating Mid-court seats provide Tennessee basketball fans a true in-game experience and an exciting vantage point of the on-court action. These seats are located on the lower side court between the foul lines and include eligibility for priority parking close to the arena.

Located just off the court in the East end of the Arena, the baseline floor seats offer luxury seating right next to the action. This section includes two rows of floor seating for Vols basketball and 1 row of seating for Lady Vols basketball. Cost for these seats includes a pass to the Courtside Club at The Ray Mears Room for every game (pre-game and halftime meals, snacks and refreshments) as well as parking convenient to the seats. Not in background photo.


Suite Level at Sherri Parker Lee Stadium Softball suites provide an exclusive setting for fans to take in the action of Lady Vol softball games. These eight-person suites include a climate-controlled interior room with a private refrigerator. Suite holders have the opportunity to purchase 8 tickets to all home softball games, four parking


passes, and are eligible to purchase tickets to postseason games and special events at Sherri Parker Lee Stadium.

Linsdey Nelson Stadium MVP Field-Level seats bring fans closer to the game than ever before while also providing a meaningful contribution to Tennessee Athletics. Located directly behind home plate, MVP Field-Level seats feature padded chairback seating with cup holders and access to an interior club room where seat holders can enjoy all-inclusive food and refreshments prior to and during the game. All MVP Field-Level seat holders receive a parking pass.

Your passion. Your legacY. Planned Giving & Endowment Society


Tennessee Always invites you to be a part of our team and support University of Tennessee athletics


by thoughtful estate planning and through our endowment program. Your membership not only encourages our studentathletes today, but can create opportunities for generations to come. Many planned gifts allow you

a part of tennessee.

to receive substantial tax advantages and other unique benefits while giving generous support to the University’s athletic programs.

Your Passion. Your Legacy.

For more information

You’ll Be… a part of Tennessee.

about Tennessee Always please contact (865) 974-1218 or visit


Gifts of Appreciated Property You may make gifts of appreciated stock, mutual funds, or real estate and take an income tax deduction for the gift’s current fair market value. When UT sells the property, all capital gains taxes that would have been owed on the sale are avoided.

Charitable Remainder Trust You may fund the trust with cash or appreciated assets and receive income for your life and the life of a loved one after the donated asset is sold by the trust. Again, all capital gains taxes are avoided on the sale. You receive a partial income tax deduction based on age and the amount of income

includes five additional years of complimentary


your lifetime, but the asset is removed from your

annual benefits through the Tennessee Fund

estate. You remain responsible for maintenance,

office. The Tennessee Fund office will provide the

taxes, and insurance on the property.

appropriate agreements to complete the gift.

IRA/Retirement Assets



property. You retain the use of the property for

You may make UT Athletics the full or partial

Athletic endowments at the University of

beneficiary of an IRA or other tax-advantaged

Tennessee provide a permanent source of income

retirement plan and avoid income taxes that

to support student-athletes and allow them to

may be charged to the estate based on its

develop and compete for championships each

account value.

year. These endowments assist in providing the

Charitable Gift Annuity

a leadership contribution that leaves a lasting

securities, or cash, the UT Foundation will

impression on UT Athletics and the individuals

contractually guarantee to pay you or another

donning the Orange and White. Endowments may

beneficiary a specified annuity for a set number

be established and named beginning at $25,000.

of years or a lifetime.

They help to ensure that future generations of student-athletes will have the opportunity to

Life Income Gifts tax advantages while providing the donor with income for a designated period of time or for life. They provide the athletic department with an endowed scholarship or operating fund gift upon the completion of the trust or donor’s death. You also are encouraged to consult your

Gifts of this nature allow donors to give a dollar

tax advisor. Benefits for these gifts

amount, a percentage of their estate, or the

must be evaluated on an individual

residuary (the remainder after specified bequests

case basis.

are fulfilled), to UT athletics in their will or living a bequest and designate the Tennessee Fund donor point credit to another individual upon the realization of the gift.

become part of the Tennessee family.

Charitable remainder trusts can provide current

assets are removed from your estate.

trust. This also allows the opportunity to document

athletics programs. Funding an endowment is

In exchange for a gift of property, marketable

received from the trust. Furthermore, the trust

Bequests/Living Trusts

funds for athletic scholarships across all Volunteer

Nathan Dougherty Society The opportunity to fully endow a scholarship with the Volunteers exists at the $250,000 level and entitles donors

Retained Life Estate

to membership in the Nathan Dougherty

You may deed your home, vacation home, or

installments over a 10-year period, and

farm to UT Athletics and receive an income tax

all donations are earmarked specifically

deduction based on your age and the value of the

for endowment. Completion of the gift

Society. These gifts can be made in equal

Kelsey Bawcombe Junior Temecula, CA

34 2017 Guidebook

The Volunteer Representative Program is open to any active

and has since grown to over 250 Vol Reps across the entire state

Tennessee Fund donor that wishes to serve as an ambassador for

of Tennessee and other states across the country. The Vol Rep

Tennessee Athletics and the Tennessee Fund in their community.

Program is successful due to the generosity of our volunteers

This program was originally founded in 1993 in seven major cities

who donate their time and resources year-round to advance the vision of Tennessee Athletics.

VOL REPS: Assist Tennessee Athletics in the pursuit of comprehensive excellence by facilitating connections between their personal contacts and the Tennessee Fund with the goal of


helping to identify potential new donors Communicate news and updates about Tennessee Athletics to fans and Tennessee Fund donors in their communities

August Vol Rep Kickoff Event

Earn rewards based on the success of their individual fundraising efforts, such as unique on-campus experiences, official Tennessee gear, Tennessee Fund priority points, and much more

September – November Vol Rep Local Meetings



The Tennessee Fund is always looking for more donors to serve as Vol Reps. Sign up

Vol Rep Competition Deadline – March 1

today at or call the Tennessee Fund at (865) 974-1218.

April Vol Rep Rewards Luncheon



NCAA COMPLIANCE The University of Tennessee Athletic Department (UTAD) and individuals affiliated with the department, including donors, are governed by the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Dr. Michael "Mikki" Allen

Todd Bateman

Caroline Bevillard

Rebecca Clowers

(NCAA) and the Southeastern Conference

Director of Athletics Development for Middle TN

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Associate Director of Campaigns

Gift Records Specialist III

(SEC). Ensuring compliance with NCAA and SEC rules is a top priority for the UTAD. Compliance should be everyone’s responsibility, especially for our donors. Rule violations involving donors may adversely impact the eligibility of current student-athletes as well as prospective student-athletes (recruits). Additionally, violations involving donors may prevent any future association with the UTAD. Your

Alicia English

Tina Haun

Greg Hulen

Blake Johnson

Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Gift Records Specialist III

Chief Development Officer - Associate Athletic Director

Senior Director of Development

participation and acceptance of benefits and privileges available from the UTAD is your acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the NCAA, SEC and the UTAD.

The UTAD Compliance Office serves as a resource for everyone affiliated with the UTAD. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Compliance Office at (865) 974-3871 or Tyler Kai

Megan Kain

Suzie Miller

Phoebe Metzger

Assistant Director of Campaigns

Assistant AD for Development

Assistant Director of Internal Operations

Associate Director of Annual Giving

Andrea Piercy

McCauley Robbins

Brandon Spurlock

Nate Warren

Adam Wilgus

Director of Planned Giving and Endowments

Development Assistant II

Associate Director of Campaigns

Director of Annual Giving

Director of Internal Operations


36 2017 Guidebook

GENERAL FAQS Q: How is my gift to the Tennessee Fund used? A: Your gift to the Tennessee Fund is used for student-athlete scholarships, facility upkeep and general operating budget needs. Over 500 student-athletes on campus, your donations play a critical role in the success of UT Athletics programs.

Q: Does my Tennessee Fund donation qualify me for both football and basketball season tickets? A: The cumulative annual donation qualifies you for season tickets to football and men’s/women’s basketball. The gift amount corresponds to seating locations that each donor is eligible for based upon giving level and availability.

Q: Why is it necessary to become a donor in order to receive season tickets? A: Demand for benefits such as tickets and parking passes created the need for a fair system to be established through which these benefits could be distributed fairly. The Tennessee Fund was created, in part, to

Q: How are season tickets assigned and how can I improve my current season tickets? A: Once season ticket priority is established, donors must maintain or increase their giving

A: The Tennessee Fund was founded in 1986.

level on an annual basis to retain their season

Anyone who was already purchasing season

ticket location. If ticket holders wish to

tickets at that time was not required to make

improve a seat location, they must be active

an annual Tennessee Fund gift to retain these

Tennessee Fund donors and will be notified of

tickets. Beginning with the 2006 season,

opportunities to do so via their email accounts.

grandfathered season ticket holders on the

It is important that our donors keep their

sidelines were given the opportunity to begin

email addresses updated with our office, as we

making a donation at a reduced rate or move

primarily use electronic communication for this

their seating location to the end zones and have

process. Donors may review seat opportunities

those remain grandfathered. Grandfathered

through our online virtual seat maps of Neyland

tickets still remain in the upper and lower level

Stadium and Thompson-Boling Arena.

end zones at Neyland Stadium.

Q: I am a $1,000 donor with a Tennessee Fund rank of 2,800 and season tickets in section X2. My friend is a $2,500 donor with a Tennessee Fund rank of 5,000. She is purchasing season tickets for the first time. Who would have their ticket request reviewed first? If I wanted to move my tickets to sections R or W, would this be possible?

Q: Once I have priority football or basketball season tickets, how do I keep them?

A: Based on her higher annual giving level, your

priority to purchase your tickets. For donors to

friend would have her ticket request reviewed

continue renewing at their initial donation level,

first. However, if you chose to increase your

they must renew their seats each year. Any year

annual giving level by March 1, your request

of non-renewal requires donors to contribute at

would be reviewed first because of your

the current donation level.

higher point ranking.

help address the needs of our growing donor base. The donor priority point system allows us to track support and award benefits as a way to say thank you for the support. Donor generosity has allowed Tennessee Athletics to be 100% self-funded without financial support from tax or tuition-derived dollars.

Q: My friend tells me that his season football tickets are grandfathered. What does this mean?

Relocating your seats to R or W would most likely require you to increase your giving level. Based on last year’s requirements, a new donor who received tickets in sections R or W was a $2,500 annual donor.

A: Once you purchase season tickets through the Tennessee Fund, you will have the option to renew the same seats each year. The gift amount associated with your seats when you first purchased them will become the minimum annual donation required to retain the same location. As long as you continue to maintain the same annual gift, you will maintain the

Q: I still have questions. The Tennessee Fund staff may be contacted Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm by phone at 865-974-1218, by email at, or by chat at

A: Yes, the Internal Revenue Service allows a

50 pts. Awarded for gifts given prior to 1986 (one-time award)

Football and Basketball Parking Pass Assignments

50 pts. Awarded for 20 consecutive years of

The TN Fund uses the point system during the

giving (one-time award)

parking allocation process with the priority

full deduction on contributions where there is no tangible or intangible benefit to the donor. Otherwise an 80% deduction is allowed when the benefit is recieved. Contact your financial advisor for detailed information.

Priority Point System Definition of the Point System The Tennessee Fund uses a priority point system to help fairly allocate donor benefits. Donors receive points based upon the consecutive number of years that they have given to the Tennessee Fund and the cumulative amount of their contributions. This system seeks to reward both longevity and gift amount when

*Formerly VASF and Lady Vol Boost-Her Club

are assigned in Priority I by donor rank as Academic supporters who previously received athletic benefits were converted to the Tennessee Fund in 2010. They were given a one-time point award for those gifts based on a similar scale. Moving forward, gifts must be made directly to the Tennessee Fund in order to improve point total and rank. The Tennessee Fund ranks donors four times annually. The donor with the most accumulated points is ranked number 1, the next highest point total is ranked number 2 and so on. Consecutive years of giving points are withdrawn from a donor account if membership is not renewed annually. Regardless of rank, a donor’s annual gift must be made in order to receive the opportunity to purchase or renew priority tickets or parking. Post-March 1 Ranking Used for football parking and

are assigned parking in Priority III by donor rank. (See pages 22 – 25 for specific information on parking). Away Football Games, SEC Postseason Games / Tournaments, and Bowl Game

The Tennessee Fund uses donor rank, as determined by the point system, in two ways

Post-November 1 Ranking Used for SEC Championship/

when managing the assignment of away football

Bowl Game assignments Post-January 1 Ranking Used for Vol and Lady Vol SEC/ NCAA Tournament assignments

Use of the Point System

games, SEC postseason games/tournaments, and bowl tickets. The donor’s annual giving category is the primary factor in determining the quantity of tickets the donor may receive. Once it has been determined who will receive tickets to these

1 pt. Awarded for each $100 donated to the

Season ticket upgrade opportunities take place

Tennessee Fund* since 1986

online using our virtual stadium & arena seat

1 pt. Awarded for each $100 donated to Capital/

maps. Donors are put in rank order and given a

Endowment funds since 1986

selection time at the end of May (football) and at the end of August (men’s & women’s basketball) in order to log in and view available season tickets in which to upgrade.

5 pts. Awarded for each consecutive year of giving to the Tennessee Fund since 1986

contributors donating $100 - $4,999 annually

basketball parking assignments

Points are allocated as follows:

raised by a Volunteer Representative

are assigned in Priority II by donor rank. Lastly,

Post-June 30 Ranking Used for Vol and Lady Vol

Season Football and Basketball Ticket Assignments and Improvements

1 pt. Awarded for each $1,000 in new money

donating between $5,000- $9,999 annually

Ticket Assignments

of giving category.

Point Allocation

determined by the point system. Contributors

away game ticket assignments

establishing priorities. With the point total, the Tennessee Fund can “rank” all donors regardless

giving levels. Contributors at $10,000 annually

The point system is used to prioritize between donors in the same giving category when season

10 pts. Awarded for UT alumni (one-time award

ticket requests are reviewed. Donors belonging

per account)

to the same annual giving category hold

50 pts. Awarded for UT letterman (one-time

different ranks based upon their accumulation

award per account)

of priority points. Thus, a $5,000 donor with an overall rank of 4,000 would be reviewed after a $5,000 donor with a rank of 1,000.

games, the actual ticket locations are assigned strictly in donor rank order.


Q: Is my contribution to the Tennessee Fund tax deductible?

38 2017 Guidebook

Kira Toussaint Senior Amstelveen, Netherlands 2016 Olympian

2017 Tennessee Fund Guidebook