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Underwater Vehicles



BlueView Updates ProViewer and ProScan Software, and Introduces BlueViewer 3D Viewer BlueView Technologies has updated the operating software for its 2D and 3D sonar systems. ProViewer 3.6 and ProScan3.6 include multiple updates to improve processing speed and ease of use.

BlueView is a leader in 2D imaging and 3D scanning sonar technology

with more than 500 installed systems worldwide.

Additionally, BlueView is introducing its new 3D point cloud viewing software, BlueViewer to quickly and easily view the output of BlueView BV5000 3D Multibeam Scanners and MicroBathymetric systems. The BlueViewer software can take accurate point-to-point measurements and display multiple point clouds using several different color maps. BlueViewer is included with all BlueView BV5000 and Microbathymetric systems.

BlueViewer screen capture of a underwater bulkhead wall, note the undercut area on the left.

Scout USBL Supported by Sonardyne’s Scout USBL acoustic positioning technology, ARA Incorporated has recently completed a subsurface survey of Terminal 91 in the Port of Seattle. Commissioned following the discovery of World War II munitions on the seafloor under the cruise ship facility at Pier 91 within the terminal, ARA’s operation was to identify and clear any magnetic anomalies that could potentially warrant further investigation.

To undertake the survey, ARA mobilised its Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) ROUMRS which was fitted with a Sonardyne WSM 6 transponder and a Scout transceiver was deployed from the side of the dock on a simple pole arrangement.

Positioning data from Scout was fed to the accompanying ViewPoint navigation software which transforms the coordinates of surface vessels, subsea vehicles and structures into geographical information that is overlaid on guidance displays.

A complete vessel based acoustic positioning system, Scout USBL is designed for tracking divers, ROVs and towfish in waters up to 1000m. Calculating the position of a subsea target by measuring its range and bearing from a vessel mounted transceiver to an acoustic transponder fitted to the target, the system offers high accuracy performance with efficient subsea tracking operations.

UT2 August 2012

Engineers prepare the ROUMRS ROV, equipped with a WSM 6 transponder


UT3 August 2012  

The August edition of UT3, the magazine of the SUT

UT3 August 2012  

The August edition of UT3, the magazine of the SUT