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Sonar Pipelay Monitoring CodaOctopus and Nautikaris have recently been involved in a project for Deep BV Hydrography and Geophysics, providing positioning and survey services for the installation of a power cable at the Thornton Bank wind farm off the Belgian coast. This is the first time the sonar has been used to monitor the touchdown of a cable into a trench on the seabed. Using Echoscope, the operator was able to visualise in

real time, the cable’s catenary and touchdown point in three dimensions as it was being laid. This proves the valuable application in deep sea cable laying. Additionally, it was also used to visualise and monitor the pull-in of the cable into the J-tube. This gave the operator an immediate 3D view of the subsea scene during the operation which gave the operator more confidence when making operational decisions.

In addition, by employing Coda Octopus’ proprietary Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software which features “augmented reality” capabilities, it was possible to overlay a computer generated image of the planned siting of the cable onto the sonar view. This enabled the user to confirm the cable was being laid on target. Work is on-going but early results indicate that this approach has led to a major increase in productivity. Sonar used to show pipelay

6G Order for Sonardyne GPS Sonardyne has received a major order for 6G acoustic positioning equipment worth £1m from Forum Energy Technologies’ equipment rental business, DPS Offshore.

The platform has been proven to deliver significant operational savings, allowing multi-user subsea construction survey tasks to be completed in less time than was previously possible.

The is the second order placed by DPS Offshore in as many months for Sonardyne’s sixth generation hardware platform and includes Compatt 6 transponders, RovNav 6 LBL transceivers and Lodestar GyroCompatt 6s for high update rate wireless attitude and acoustic positioning of any subsea object.

Commenting on the deal, Colin Erskine, Forum’s global rental business

The equipment will be added to DPS’ equipment pool in Aberdeen, ready to support a wide range of subsea positioning tasks including structure placement and spoolpiece metrology. 6G products utilise Sonardyne’s ultra-wideband width, digital ranging and telemetry protocols developed to increase the precision, speed and reliability of acoustic positioning and aided inertial navigation operations.

UT2 August 2012


director said, “From early this year, we’ve been witnessing high demand for 6G from across our region. This latest investment in Sonardyne technology ensures that we now have fully stocked shelves of 6G equipment ready to meet the needs of the rental market.

UT3 August 2012  

The August edition of UT3, the magazine of the SUT

UT3 August 2012  

The August edition of UT3, the magazine of the SUT