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Sonar Mesotech DSS Kongsberg Mesotech has announced the latest version of MS 1000 software for MS 1071 and MS 1171 digital scanning sonar. MS 1000 Version 5 marks a major change in direction for this software. Alan Zhao, Software Product Manager for the company summarised the new approach this way. “We have recognised and responded to the needs of our customers for different levels of sonar processing with the development and release of MS 1000 Version 5.0. The entry level software, known as MS 1000 Express Edition, provides basic operating functions for Kongsberg Mesotech, digital sonar. The Express Edition is suitable for many applications, such as obstacle avoidance for ROVs and certain imaging applications. The Express Edition does not require

a software key for operation. The kit is available for CAD$250.00 including supporting documentation. Those customers requiring increased functionality can continue to purchase the full version of MS 1000, known as MS 1000 Standard Edition. The full package, MS 1000 Standard Edition, is enabled using a software key and is priced at CAD$6,975.00. Users of the Express Edition can upgrade with the purchase of a software key (dongle). Users of the earlier MS 1000 Lite software will be able to upgrade to either the Express Edition or

Standard Edition. English, German and Mandarin user interfaces are provided for both editions of Version 5.0. The needs of users requiring higher levels of sonar processing will be served by additional software modules in future. The 3D Optional Module will acquire 3D profile points for accurate point cloud representation of underwater structures. This data can be further enhanced using one of a number of commercially available post processing packages, including Trimble RealWorks and Leica Cyclone.

3D Sonar

Naval Sonar

CodaOctopus recently completed the sale of an Echoscope and F180series system to T&T Marine of Galveston, Texas. The Echoscope augments T&T Marine’s technology with real-time 3D sonar survey and imaging capabilities.

Tritech has been awarded a contract to supply Germanbased naval electronics systems supplier Atlas Elektronik, with suites of sonar equipment for an urgent US Navy requirement.

This purchase follows a series of successful on-project system trials in Texas and Kentucky, where T&T Marine was appointed as the salvage contractor following the collision of the vessel Delta Mariner with the Eggner Ferry Bridge. Further details can be found at

The SeaFox system is a fibre-optic guided, one-shot, mine disposal vehicle, used for semi-autonomous disposal of naval mines and other ordnance found at sea.

Training was completed in May and the system is now being extensively used by other projects. Over the coming years CodaOctopus expects new ways of working in marine salvage real-time 3D sonar.

It is able to automatically relocate previously acquired positions of underwater objects within minutes using the integrated homing sonar equipment.

Delta Mariner

UT2 August 2012

Tritech sonars will be installed on SeaFox mine neutralisation systems, supplied through ATLAS North America (ATLAS NA), in support of the US Navy requirement for a more effective mine countermeasures (MCM) system.


UT3 August 2012  

The August edition of UT3, the magazine of the SUT

UT3 August 2012  

The August edition of UT3, the magazine of the SUT