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From the President Once again it's been a busy second quarter of the year with big events like the Roland Bryant Cup taking centre stage. It was a great effort for by all those involved and special mention must be made of the Touch Rugby team who beat CSU for the first time ever! On behalf of the SUDA I would like to thank all of the team captains for their hard work organising competitive line-ups. I would specifically like to mention Eujen Pillay, of BDent4 fame, as without him the event would not have happened at all! With the new RBC Constitution all signed off and receiving Prof. Bryant's seal of approval, we will hopefully see USYD triumph in Orange next year! Thankyou again top our major sponsor ADA NSW for their continued support of the event.

make sure that you use the sign up sheets so that we as a student body can show that we're using the facilities. Dentistry is a tough course and the pressure can build up on you sometimes. Remember to take some time for yourself and get plenty of good nights of sleep in the lead up so that you can be fresh of mind when the exam days come. They'll be over in a flash! I hope everybody has an enjoyable holiday following exams and that you're all ready to go for the busy list of SUDA events in Semester 2! Cheers, Charlie Thompson

With exams looming I would like to wish everybody all the best with their preparation. If you're using the library or the tutorial rooms at SDH to study, please


SUDA Facebow (June 2014 issue)  

June 2014 Issue In this quarter's issue we're lucky enough to have 2 graduates: Grace Munns (BOH 2013) and Dilara Yashin (BDent 2013) where...

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