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Linda Alsop (right) with Brenda Willets and her twin sons, Bradley and Brady. Both boys were helped by SKI-HI during a critical time in their development. Early intervention is essential for children with combined vision and hearing loss when the brain is still developing and it has the best chance to establish new pathways.


USU Pioneers Program that Intervenes for Kids with Sight and Hearing Loss By JoLynne Lyon

Utah State University was influencing Andy Prouty’s education since before he can remember — and he, in turn, was making an impact on Utah programs. In 1985, when he was three, Andy and his father, Mike, testified before the Utah Legislature about the need for teachers trained in educating children with both sight and hearing impairments. Andy was one of those children — he had severely limited vision 24 UTAHSTATE I FALL 2017

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