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N at u r a l H is t o ry

U ta h S tat e U n i v e r si t y P r e ss

Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth Weather, Climate Change, and Finding Deep Powder in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains and around the World Jim Steenburgh “I have eagerly awaited the publication of Jim Steenburgh’s book. Jim is one of those popular and charismatic professors with the rare gift of being able to explain complex science in layman’s terms while also infecting his audience with his boundless enthusiasm and energy . . . Many of my conversations with him, lectures I’ve attended, and questions I’ve asked him are combined into one easy-to-understand book for the general public.” —Bruce Tremper, Utah Avalanche Center

Utah has long claimed to have the greatest snow

on Earth—the state itself has even trademarked the phrase. In Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth, Jim Steenburgh investigates Wasatch weather, exposing the myths, explaining the reality, and revealing how and why Utah's powder lives up to its reputation. Steenburgh also examines ski and snowboard regions beyond Utah, making this book a meteorological guide to mountain weather and snow climates around the world. Chapters explore mountain weather, avalanches and snow safety, historical accounts of weather events and snow conditions, and the basics of climate and weather forecasting. Steenburgh explains what creates the best snow for skiing and snowboarding in accurate and accessible language and illustrates his points with 150 color photographs, making Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth a helpful tool for planning vacations and staying safe during mountain adventures. Snowriders, weather enthusiasts, meteorologists, students of snow science, and anyone who dreams of deep powder and bluebird skies will want to get their gloves on Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth.

“An entertaining, expert discussion on the science behind snow and skiing. A great read for snow lovers and ski enthusiasts alike.” —Thomas Niziol, Winter Weather Expert at The Weather Channel

Jim Steenburgh is professor of atmospheric science at the University of Utah. An avid backcountry and resort skier and creator of the popular blog Wasatch Weather Weenies, he is a leading authority on mountain weather and snowstorms and led the award-winning numerical weather prediction team for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. His research on snow, winter storms, and forecasting has been featured by The Weather Channel, New York Times, USA Today, and Salt Lake Tribune. November $21.95, paper, 7 x 10 ISBN: 978-0-87421-950-0 $17.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-951-7 224 pages 150 figures • • 1.800.621.2736


U n i v e r si t y P r e ss



H is t o ry

Old Blue’s Road A Historian’s Motorcycle Journeys in the American West James Whiteside “Fans of Frazier’s Great Plains, Ehrlich’s The Solace of Open Spaces, Gilfillan’s Magpie Rising, and the works of William Kittredge and Edward Abbey will enjoy Old Blue’s Road.” —John Monnett, author of Where a Hundred Soldiers Were Killed

In Old Blue’s Road, historian James Whiteside shares

“By fleshing out stories behind places he visits on the back of his motorcycle, Whiteside illustrates repeatedly the importance of delving deeper into the world around us, understanding as best we can the nuances that created modern life as experienced at the places where we choose to preserve pieces of our past and in what ways we choose to interpret that past.” —Derek Everett, author of Creating the American West

A native of the American West, James Whiteside is a retired history professor living in Denver. He is the author of two previous books on the West, was awarded the Colorado Historical Society’s Leroy R. Hafen Award (1985) and the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities Publication Prize (1999), and was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award (2000).

accounts of his motorcycle adventures across the American West. He details the places he has seen, the people he has met, and the personal musings those encounters prompted on his unique journeys of discovery. In 2005, Whiteside bought a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, christened it “Old Blue,” and set off on a series of far-reaching motorcycle adventures. Over six years he traveled more than 15,000 miles. Part travelogue and part historical tour, this book takes the reader along for the ride. Whiteside’s travels to the Pacific Northwest, Yellowstone, Dodge City, Santa Fe, Wounded Knee, and many other locales prompt consideration of myriad topics—the ongoing struggle between Indian and mainstream American culture, the meaning of community, the sustainability of the West’s hydraulic society, the creation of the national parks system, the Mormon experience in Utah, the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and more. Delightfully funny and insightful, Old Blue’s Road links the colorful history and vibrant present from Whiteside’s unique vantage point, recognizing and reflecting on the processes of change that made the West what it is today. The book will interest the general reader and western historian alike, leading to new appreciation for the complex ways in which the American West’s past and present come together.

December $19.95, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-326-6 $15.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-327-3 296 pages 49 figures

4 • • 1.800.621.2736


U n i v e r si t y P r e ss



A Prehistory of South America Ancient Cultural Diversity on the Least Known Continent Jerry D. Moore “This is the text most of us who teach South American prehistory have been waiting for.”

—Mark Aldenderfer, University of California, Merced

A Prehistory of South America is an overview of the

ancient and historic native cultures of the entire continent of South America based on the most recent archaeological investigations. This accessible, clearly written text is designed to engage undergraduate and begining graduate students in anthropology. For more than 12,000 years, South American cultures ranged from mobile hunters and gatherers to rulers and residents of colossal cities. In the process, native South American societies made advancements in agriculture and economic systems and created great works of art—in pottery, textiles, precious metals and stone—that still awe the modern eye. Organized in broad chronological periods, A Prehistory of South America explores these diverse human achievements, emphasizing the many adaptations of peoples from a continent-wide perspective. Moore examines the archaeologies of societies across South America, from the arid deserts of the Pacific coast and the frigid Andean highlands to the humid lowlands of the Amazon Basin and the fjords of Patagonia and beyond. Illustrated in full color and suitable for an educated general reader interested in the Precolumbian peoples of South America, A Prehistory of South America is a long-overdue addition to the literature on South American archaeology.

“There is no other text with a similar level of detail and at the same time is in keeping with a broad view of the richness of South American past peoples’ diversity. This is an excellent book for students, teachers, and anyone with an interest in the fascinating study of the archaeology of South America.” —Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo, University of Florida

Jerry D. Moore is professor of anthropology at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He has conducted archaeological research in Peru, Mexico, and Southern California and is the author of the 2013 SAA Book Award winner A Prehistory of Home and the textbook Visions of Culture: An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists. July $39.95s, paper, 7 x 10 ISBN: 978-1-60732-332-7 $31.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-333-4 560 pages 261 figures • • 1.800.621.2736


U n i v e r si t y P r e ss



N at u r a l H is t o ry

The Explorer’s Guide to Death Valley National Park, Third Edition T. Scott Bryan and Betty Tucker-Bryan “Everything one needs to know (but was afraid to ask) about Death Valley is included in this book: history, culture, geology, flora, fauna, and climate are more than adequately explained; visitor uses such as bicycling, hiking, backpacking, exploration, recreation, and educational needs are identified; and trip routes and road logs are included in minute detail for the reader. This excellent book is for the traveler to Death Valley, the frequent visitor to national parks, and the general reader interested in the rich and diverse heritage of the United States.” —Colonial Latin American Historical Review

Originally published in 1995, soon after Death

T. Scott Bryan was a seasonal employee at Yellowstone National Park from 1970 through 1986. In addition to his studies in Yellowstone, he has been to geyser fields throughout the contiguous United States, Mexico, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, and the Valley of Geysers on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, leading the first-ever US study group there in 1991. Betty Tucker-Bryan is the founder of the Death Valley Hikers Association and has written numerous books and articles on the outdoors.

Valley National Park became the fifty-third park in the US park system, The Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park was the first complete guidebook available for this spectacular area. Now in its third edition, this is still the only book that includes all aspects of the park. Much more than just a guidebook, it covers the park’s cultural history, botany and zoology, hiking and biking opportunities, and more. Information is provided for all of Death Valley’s visitors, from first-time travelers just learning about the area to those who are returning for in-depth explorations. The book includes updated point-to-point logs for every road within and around the park, as well as more accurate maps than those in any other publication. With extensive input from National Park Service resource management, law enforcement, and interpretive personnel, as well as a thorough bibliography for suggested reading, The Explorer’s Guide to Death Valley National Park, Third Edition is the most up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive guide available for this national treasure.

January $23.95, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-340-2 $18.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-341-9 472 pages 152 figures

6 • • 1.800.621.2736


U n i v e r si t y P r e ss



Gambling Debt Iceland’s Rise and Fall in the Global Economy Edited by E. Paul Durrenberger and Gisli Palsson “This work will turn a theoretical corner away from conventional understandings of economic crises and political economy, into new terrain.”

—David Griffith, East Carolina University

Gambling Debt is a game-changing contribution

to the discussion of economic crises and neoliberal financial systems and strategies. Iceland’s 2008 financial collapse was the first case in a series of meltdowns, a warning of danger in the global order. This full-scale anthropology of financialization and the economic crisis broadly discusses this momentous bubble and burst and places it in theoretical, anthropological, and global historical context through descriptions of the complex developments leading to it and the larger social and cultural implications and consequences. Chapters from anthropologists, sociologists, historians, economists, and key local participants focus on the neoliberal policies—mainly the privatization of banks and fishery resources—that concentrated wealth among a select few, skewed the distribution of capital in a way that Iceland had never experienced before, and plunged the country into a full-scale economic crisis. Gambling Debt significantly raises the level of understanding and debate on the issues relevant to financial crises, painting a portrait of the meltdown from many points of view—from bankers to schoolchildren, from fishers in coastal villages to the urban poor and immigrants, and from artists to philosophers and other intellectuals. This book is for anyone interested in financial troubles and neoliberal politics as well as students and scholars of anthropology, sociology, economics, philosophy, political science, business, and ethics. Publication supported in part by the National Science Foundation.


Vilhjálmur Árnason

Pamela Joan Innes

Jón Gunnar Bernburg

Örn D. Jónsson

Ásmundur Ásmundsson

James Carrier

Sigurlína Davíðsdóttir

Dimitra Doukas Níels Einarsson Einar Mar Guðmundsson

Tinna Grétarsdóttir Birna Gunnlaugsdóttir Guðný S. Guðbjörnsdóttir

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson

Hannes Lárusson

Kristín Loftsdóttir James Maguire

Már Wolfgang Mixa Evelyn Pinkerton Hulda Proppé James G. Rice

Rögnvaldur J. Sæmundsson

Unnur Dís Skaptadóttir

Margaret Willson

E. Paul Durrenberger is emeritus professor of anthropology from the University of Iowa and Penn State University. Gisli Palsson is professor of anthropology at the University of Iceland and visiting professor at King’s College, London. December $19.95, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-334-1 $5.99, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-335-8 312 pages 9 figures • • 1.800.621.2736


U ta h S tat e U n i v e r si t y P r e ss

P o e t ry

2014 May Swenson Poetry Award Winner

Ode to the Heart Smaller Than a Pencil Eraser Luisa A. Igloria Foreword by Mark Doty

“When Luisa Igloria cites Epictetus—‘as soon as a thing has been seen, it is carried away, and another comes in its place’—she introduces the crowded and contradictory world her poems portray: a realm of transience, yes, where the vulnerable come to harm and everything disappears, but also a scene of tremendous, unpredictable bounty, the gloriously hued density this poet loves to detail. ‘I was raised / to believe not only the beautiful can live on / Parnassus,’ she tells us, and she makes it true, by including in the cyclonic swirl of her poems practically everything: a gorgeous, troubling over-brimming universe.” —Mark Doty, judge for the 2014 Swenson Award

Luisa A. Igloria is professor of creative writing and English and director of the MFA Creative Writing Program at Old Dominion University. Beyond the ten books she has previously published, her work has appeared or been accepted in numerous anthologies and journals, including Poetry, Crab Orchard Review, The Missouri Review, Indiana Review, Poetry East, Umbrella, Sweet, qarrtsiluni, poemeleon, Smartish Pace, Rattle, The North American Review, Bellingham Review, Shearsman (UK), PRISM International (Canada), Poetry Salzburg Review (Austria), The Asian Pacific American Journal, and TriQuarterly. Originally from Baguio City in the Philippines, Igloria has four daughters and now makes her home in Virginia with most of her family.

The May Swenson Poetry Award, an annual competition named for May Swenson, honors her as one of America's most provocative and vital writers. During her long career, Swenson was loved and praised by writers from virtually every school of American poetry. She left a legacy of fifty years of writing when she died in 1989. She is buried in Logan, Utah, her hometown.

September $19.95, cloth, 5½ x 8½ ISBN: 978-0-87421-952-4 $10.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-979-1 70 pages

8 • • 1.800.621.2736

P o e t ry

C e n t e r f o r L i t e r a ry P u b l is h i n g , C o l o r a d o S tat e U n i v e r si t y

Mountain West Poetry Series Stephanie G’Schwind & Donald Revell, Series Editors

Songs Derek Henderson

The poems in Derek Henderson’s Songs are “trans-

lations” of a film cycle of the same name, shot by American filmmaker Stan Brakhage (1933–2003) to document his and his family’s life in Colorado in the mid-1960s. Where Brakhage’s films provide a subjective visual record of his experience bewildered by the eye, these poems let language bewilder the space a reader enters through the ear. Henderson tenders the visual experience of Brakhage’s films—films of the domestic and the wild, the private and political, the local and global—into language that insists on the ultimate incapacity of language—or of image—to fully document the comfort and the violence of intimacy. Songs expresses the ecstasy we so often experience in the company of family, but it just as urgently attests to ecstasy’s turbulent threat to family’s stability. Like Brakhage’s films, Henderson’s poems carry across into language and find family in every moment, even the broken ones, all of them abounding in hope.

Derek Henderson lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the author of Thus & and co-author, with Derek Pollard, of Inconsequentia. November $16.95, paper, 8 x 6 ISBN: 978-1-885635-39-6 $13.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-885635-40-2 136 pages

Center for Literary Publishing, Colorado State University • • 1.800.621.2736


W e s t e r n P r e ss B o o k s

L i t e r at u r e

Letters from the Headwaters Aaron A. Abeyta Foreword by George Sibley

Through epistolary essays and poems, American

September $19.95, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-362-4 $14.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-363-1 150 pages

Book Award–and Colorado Book Award–winning author and poet Aaron A. Abeyta captures the soul of the cultural and geographical crossroads of the driest quadrant in the nation, the Colorado headwaters, source to all the rivers in the southwestern and mid-western United States. Originating from and expanding on the themes of twenty-five years of “Headwaters” conferences at Western State Colorado University, these essays and poems embrace the region’s past while also exploring the struggles of a present that seeks a sustainable future for the borderlands that define the very cross-cultural essence of the American experience. Aaron A. Abeyta is a Colorado native and professor of English at Adams State College.

Different Roads Edited by Larry Meredith

The works in this anthology reflect both the myth

and the truth about the part of the United States we call the “West.” Is there one “true” West? Or have the changes that are overwhelming most of the rest of the country so modified the West that there is little commonality? The editors of Different Roads believe, with Stephen R. Covey, that our “strength lies in differences, not in similarities” and are constantly amazed by what Stanley Baldwin calls “the many-sidedness of truth.” Many sides of the truth of the West are represented in the anthology. Is everything here absolutely the truth? The reader must decide.

September $16.95, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-364-8 $13.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-365-5 132 pages


Different Roads is the third volume in Western Press Books’ literary anthology series, Manifest West. The press, affiliated with with Western State Colorado University, annually produces one anthology focused on Western regional writing. The 2014 theme is Western diversity. • • 1.800.621.2736


U ta h S tat e U n i v e r si t y P r e ss

Science, Bread, and Circuses Folkloristic Essays on Science for the Masses Gregory Schrempp

In Science, Bread, and Circuses, Gregory Schrempp

brings a folkloristic viewpoint to the topic of popular science, calling attention to the persistence of folkloric form, idiom, and worldview within the increasingly important dimension of popular consciousness defined by the impact of science. Schrempp considers specific examples of texts in which science interpreters employ folkloric tropes—myths, legends, epics, proverbs, spectacles, and a variety of gestures from religious traditions— to lend credibility and appeal to their messages. In each essay he explores an instance of science popularization rooted in the quotidian round: variations of proverb formulas in monumental measurements, invocations of science heroes like saints or other inspirational figures, the battle of mythos and logos in parenting and academe, the meme’s involvement in quasi-religious treatments of the problem of evil, and a range of other tropes of folklore drafted to serve the exposition of science. Science, Bread, and Circuses places the relationship of science and folklore at the very center of folkloristic inquiry by exploring a range of attempts to rephrase and thus domesticate scientific findings and claims in folklorically imbued popular forms.

Gregory Schrempp is professor of folklore and director of Mythology Studies at Indiana University and author of The Ancient Mythology of Modern Science and Magical Arrows: The Maori, the Greeks, and the Folklore of the Universe. October $26.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-0-87421-969-2 $22.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-970-8 232 pages • • 1.800.621.2736


U n i v e r si t y P r e ss




Remembering the Dead in the Ancient Near East Recent Contributions from Bioarchaeology and Mortuary Archaeology Edited by Benjamin W. Porter and Alexis T. Boutin “This important and innovative volume presents an unusual confluence of bioarchaeological, mortuary, and historical data analyses in order to provide an integrated approach to the study of the dead in the ancient Near East . . . As a signpost toward the directions Near Eastern bioarchaeology is taking, Remembering the Dead in the Ancient Near East will be extremely valuable for all interested in the archaeological study of the dead.” Contributors Rachel Bichener

Hannah Lau

Alexis T. Boutin

William J. Pestle

Michele R. Buzon

Benjamin W. Porter

Stuart Campbell

Susan G. Sheridan

Gretchen R. Dabbs

Stuart Tyson Smith

Blair M. Daverman

Christina Torres-Rouff

Lesley Gregoricka Sarah Kansa

Jaime Ullinger Melissa Zabecki

Benjamin W. Porter is assistant professor of Near Eastern archaeology in the University of California, Berkeley’s Near Eastern Studies Department and a curator of Near Eastern archaeology at the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology. Alexis T. Boutin is associate professor of anthropology and coordinator of the Cultural Resources Management MA program at Sonoma State University. December $70.00s, hardcover, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-324-2 $56.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-325-9 272 pages 36 figures


—Glenn Schwartz, The Johns Hopkins University

Remembering the Dead in the Ancient Near East is

among the first comprehensive treatments to present the diverse ways in which ancient Near Eastern civilizations memorialized and honored their dead, using mortuary rituals, human skeletal remains, and embodied identities as a window into the memory work of past societies. In six case studies, teams of researchers with different skillsets—osteological analysis, faunal analysis, culture history and the analysis of written texts, and artifact analysis—integrate mortuary analysis with bioarchaeological techniques. Drawing upon different kinds of data, including human remains, ceramics, jewelry, spatial analysis, and faunal remains found in burial sites from across the region’s societies, the authors paint a robust and complex picture of death in the ancient Near East. Demonstrating the still underexplored potential of bioarchaeological analysis in ancient societies, Remembering the Dead in the Ancient Near East serves as a model for using multiple lines of evidence to reconstruct commemoration practices. It will be of great interest to students and scholars of ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian societies, the archaeology of death and burial, bioarchaeology, and human skeletal biology. • • 1.800.621.2736

C o m p o si t i o n

U ta h S tat e U n i v e r si t y P r e ss

Securing a Place for Reading in Composition The Importance of Teaching for Transfer Ellen C. Carillo “This is a lovely and important book. Looking at the history of post-secondary literacy instruction and our present practices, Ellen Carillo makes a compelling case for how and why reading can and should have a place in composition.” —David Bartholomae, University of Pittsburgh

Securing a Place for Reading in Composition addresses the dissonance between the need to prepare students to read, not just write, complex texts and the lack of recent scholarship on reading-writing connections. Author Ellen C. Carillo argues that including attention-to-reading practices is crucial for developing more comprehensive literacy pedagogies. Students who can read actively and reflectively will be able to work successfully with the range of complex texts they will encounter throughout their post-secondary academic careers and beyond.

Considering the role of reading within composition from both historical and contemporary perspectives, Carillo makes recommendations for the productive integration of reading instruction into first-year writing courses. She details a “mindful reading” framework wherein instructors help students cultivate a repertoire of approaches upon which they consistently reflect as they apply them to various texts. This metacognitive frame allows students to become knowledgeable and deliberate about how they read and gives them the opportunity to develop the skills useful for moving among reading approaches in mindful ways, thus preparing them to actively and productively read in courses and contexts outside first-year composition. Securing a Place for Reading in Composition also explores how the field of composition might begin to effectively address reading, including conducting research on reading, revising outcome statements, and revisiting the core courses in graduate programs.

Publication supported in part by the Univeristy of Connecticut, Storrs.

Ellen C. Carillo is assistant professor of English at the University of Connecticut and the writing program coordinator at its Waterbury Campus. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in composition and literature, and her scholarship has been published in Rhetoric Review; The Writing Lab Newsletter; Reader: Essays in ReaderOriented Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy; Feminist Teacher; Currents in Teaching and Learning; and in several edited collections. October $24.95s, paper, 5½ x 8½ ISBN: 978-0-87421-959-3 $19.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-960-9 224 pages • • 1.800.621.2736


U ta h S tat e U n i v e r si t y P r e ss

C o m p o si t i o n

Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers Ben Rafoth

Multilingual writers—often graduate students

Ben Rafoth is Distinguished University Professor and director of the Writing Center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he also teaches graduate courses in the composition and TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program. He is the editor of A Tutor’s Guide: Helping Writers One to One and coeditor of ESL Writers: A Guide for Writing Center Tutors. He served as an executive officer for the International Writing Centers Association and is a recipient of the Ron Maxwell Award from the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing.

with more content knowledge and broader cultural experience than a monolingual tutor— unbalance the typical tutor/client relationship and pose a unique challenge for the writing center. Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers explores how directors and tutors can better prepare for the growing number of one-to-one conferences with these multilingual writers they will increasingly encounter in the future. This much-needed addition of second language acquisition (SLA) research and teaching to the literature of writing center pedagogy draws from SLA literature; a body of interviews Rafoth conducted with writing center directors, students, and tutors; and his own decades of experience. Well-grounded in daily writing center practice, the author identifies which concepts and practices directors can borrow from the field of SLA to help tutors respond to the needs of multilingual writers, what directors need to know about these concepts and practices, and how tutoring might change in response to changes in student populations. Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers is a call to invigorate the preparation of tutors and directors for the negotiation of the complexities of multilingual and multicultural communication.

March $24.95s, paper, 5½ x 8½ ISBN: 978-0-87421-963-0 $20.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-964-7 184 pages

14 • • 1.800.621.2736


H is t o ry Paperback


U n i v e r si t y P r e ss



No One Ailing Except a Physician Medicine in the Mining West, 1848–1919 Duane A. Smith and Ronald C. Brown

This important contribution to both mining and

medical history presents a detailed analysis of the ailments that confronted the miners and the methods with which they and their doctors attempted to "cure" them. Duane A. Smith is a professor of history at Fort Lewis College in Durango and the author or coauthor of more than fifty books on Colorado and the West. Ronald C. Brown is professor of history and dean of University College at Southwest Texas State University. He is a founding member of the Mining History Association.

September $19.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-352-5 178 pages, 29 figures

Mining the American West Series Duane A. Smith, Robert A. Trennert, and Liping Zhu, General Editors

Industrializing the Rockies

Growth, Competition, and Turmoil in the Coalfields of Colorado and Wyoming, 1868–1914 David A. Wolff

In the first book-length study of the emergence of

coalfield labor relations and a general overview of the role of coal mining in the American West, David A. Wolff shines light on the business of coal mining detailing the market and economic forces that influenced companies and deeply affected the lives of the workers. David A. Wolff is assistant professor of history at Black Hills State University.

August $21.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-355-6 286 pages, 25 figures • • 1.800.621.2736


U n i v e r si t y P r e ss



Anthropology New in Paperback

Elusive Unity Factionalism and the Limits of Identity Politics in Yucatán, Mexico Fernando Armstrong-Fumero

“A highly readable, very contemporary, important work. . . . Essential.”

—P. R. Sullivan, Choice

November $19.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-353-2 $15.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-239-9 220 pages, 9 figures

Fernando Armstrong-Fumero is an assistant professor of anthropology at Smith College and editor/translator of Forjando Patria: Pro-Nacionalismo (UPC).

Archaeology New in Paperback

Sacred Darkness A Global Perspective on the Ritual Use of Caves Edited by Holley Moyes

“This perceptively edited volume is certain to become a standard work on the subject.” —Brian Fagan, author of Elixir and Cro-Magnon

December $34.95s, paper, 8.5 x 11 ISBN: 978-1-60732-360-0 $27.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-178-1 430 pages, 208 figures

Holley Moyes is an associate professor of anthropology and affiliate member of cognitive and information sciences at the University of California, Merced.

Frontiers in Colorado Paleoindian Archaeology From the Dent Site to the Rocky Mountains Edited by Robert H. Brunswig and Bonnie L. Pitblado

“Everything you might want to know about Paleoindians in Colorado.” October $27.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-354-9 $22.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87081-976-6 384 pages, 105 figures


—A.B. Kehoe, Choice

Robert H. Brunswig is director of the School of Social Sciences and professor of anthropology at the University of Northern Colorado. Bonnie L. Pitblado is director of the Museum of Anthropology and professor of anthropology at Utah State University. • • 1.800.621.2736

Archaeology New in Paperback

U n i v e r si t y P r e ss



Ancient Tollan Tula and the Toltec Heartland Alba Guadalupe Mastache, Robert Cobean, and Dan Healan

“A great piece of work, really a milestone publication.”

—Jeffrey R. Parsons, Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan

Alba Guadalupe Mastache was professor-investigator at Mexico’s national Institute of Anthropology and History. Robert H. Cobean is professor-investigator at Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History. Dan M. Healan is professor of anthropology at Tulane University.

January $36.95s, paper, 8 x 10 ISBN: 978-1-60732-361-7 430 pages

Mesoamerican Worlds Series Davíd Carrasco and Eduardo Matos Moctezuma, Series General Editors

In the Realm of Nachan Kan Postclassic Maya Archaeology at Laguna De On, Belize Marilyn A. Masson

“This book will leave little question as to what was going on at Laguna de On throughout its occupation and the possible roles the site may have had in a broader regional culture history . . . [It] is valuable reading for those studying the Maya Postclassic period, the prehistory of the eastern Yucatan peninsula, and issues of state formation.” —Latin American Antiquity

Marilyn A. Masson is professor of anthropology at the University of Albany, State University of New York, and co-director of the Economic Foundations of Mayapán Project.

February $29.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-356-3 $23.95, ebook EISBN: 978-1-60732-366-2 342 pages, 43 figures • • 1.800.621.2736


S p r i n g 2014 P u b l i c at i o n U p d at e s November $16.95, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-302-0 $13.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-303-7 288 pages

M e m o i r , H i g h e r E d u c at i o n

Class Not Dismissed Reflections on Undergraduate Education and Teaching the Liberal Arts Anthony Aveni

October $29.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-0-87421-897-8 $25.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-898-5 260 pages, 25 figures

November $34.95s, cloth, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-298-6 $27.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-299-3 336 pages, 45 figures

January $34.95s, cloth, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-307-5 $27.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-308-2 240 pages, 11 figures


Unsettling Assumptions Tradition, Gender, Drag Edited by Pauline Greenhill and Diane Tye

N at u r a l H is t o ry

Black Hills Forestry A History John F. Freeman

H is t o ry

The Divided Dominion Social Conflict and Indian Hatred in Early Virginia Ethan A. Schmidt

October $34.95s, cloth, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-311-2 $27.95, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-312-9 264 pages, 37 figures

H is t o ry

Staging Migrations toward an American West From Ida B. Wells to Rhodessa Jones Marta Effinger-Crichlow

18 • • 1.800.621.2736

S p r i n g 2014 P u b l i c at i o n U p d at e s Archaeology

The Archaeology of Wak’as Explorations of the Sacred in the Pre-Columbian Andes

February $70.00s, cloth, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-1-60732-317-4 $56.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-1-60732-318-1 336 pages, 73 figures

Edited by Tamara L. Bray

C o m p o si t i o n

Discursive Ideologies Reading Western Rhetoric

October $29.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-0-87421-935-7 $24.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-936-4 231 pages

C. H. Knoblauch

C o m p o si t i o n

A New Writing Classroom Listening, Motivation, and Habits of Mind

January $24.95s, paper,6 x 9 ISBN: 978-0-87421-943-2 $20.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-944-9 223 pages

Patrick Sullivan

C o m p o si t i o n

Transnational Writing Program Administration

January $29.95s, paper, 6 x 9 ISBN: 978-0-87421-961-6 $24.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-962-3 304 pages

Edited by David S. Martins

C o m p o si t i o n

Upsetting Composition Commonplaces

December 26.95s, paper, 5.5 x 8.5 ISBN: 978-0-87421-946-3 $21.00, ebook E-ISBN: 978-0-87421-947-0 172 pages

Ian Barnard • • 1.800.621.2736


Recent Best Sellers $29.95, paper ISBN: 978-1-60732-228-3 $23.95, ebook ISBN: 978-1-60732-229-0

Yellowstone Wildlife Ecology and Natural History of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Paul A. Johnsgard Photographs by Thomas D. Mangelsen “Breathtaking, beautiful, and broad in scope, this book brings heart and head together, setting a high standard for future nature writing.” —T. Johnson, Choice

$22.95s, paper ISBN: 978-0-87421-642-4 $19.00, ebook ISBN: 978-0-87421-539-7

Rewriting How to do Things with Texts Joseph Harris “A significant contribution to the understanding and teaching of revision.”

—Patricia Donahue, Reader, special issue on Rewriting

$29.95s, paper ISBN: 978-1-60732-226-9 $23.95, ebook ISBN: 978-1-60732-227-6

Colorado A History of the Centennial State, Fifth Edition Thomas J. Noel, Carl Abbott, and Stephen J. Leonard “[A]n excellent volume for students and the general public to learn the history of Colorado.”

—New Mexico Historical Review

$38.95s, paper ISBN: 978-0-87421-922-7 $31.95, ebook ISBN: 978-0-87421-870-1

Presumed Incompetent The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia Edited by Yolanda Flores Niemann, Angela P. Harris, Gabriella Gutierréz y Muhs, and Carmen G. González “Women in academia still face obstacles built up over centuries, but the contributors to Presumed Incompetent have taken a leap toward liberation.”

$21.95, paper ISBN: 978-1-60732-253-5 $17.95, ebook ISBN: 978-1-60732-254-2

—Gloria Steinem

Starting from Loomis and Other Stories

Hiroshi Kashiwagi “It is in fact everything that Kashiwagi doesn’t say, everything between the lines of his pen, everything hovering so delicately above the narrative, that is so heartbreaking and painful.”

—Karen Tei Yamashita, University of California, Santa Cruz

20 • • 1.800.621.2736

Recent Best Sellers Twenty-One Genres and How to Write Them Brock Dethier “Love this book!”

$26.95s, paper ISBN: 978-0-87421-911-1 $20.00, ebook ISBN: 978-0-87421-912-8

—Lauren Ingraham, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Nursing The Philosophy and Science of Caring, Revised Edition

$34.95s, paper w/CD ISBN: 978-0-87081-898-1 $29.95, ebook ISBN: 978-0-87081-979-7

Jean Watson “A positive, upbeat, depiction of what nursing should be.” —Nursing Science Quarterly

Living Folklore An Introduction to the Study of People and Their Traditions

$29.95s, hardcover ISBN: 978-0-87421-844-2 $25.00, ebook ISBN: 978-0-87421-845-9

Martha Sims and Martine Stephens “Students are going to love this book.”

—Patrick B. Mullen

Dinéjí Na`nitin Navajo Traditional Teachings and History

$24.95, paper ISBN: 978-1-60732-216-0 $19.95, ebook ISBN: 978-1-60732-217-7

Robert S. McPherson “Highly recommended for readers interested in a knowledgeable and sensitive description of some of the basic aspects of traditional Navajo teachings.” —Bruce Gjeltema, Utah Historical Quarterly

The Montana Vigilantes 1863-1870 Gold, Guns, and Gallows

$34.95, hardcover ISBN: 978-0-87421-919-7 $28.00, ebook ISBN: 978-0-87421-920-3

Mark C. Dillon “The best work on the Montana vigilantes.”

—Paul R. Wylie • • 1.800.621.2736


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