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Diatomaceous Earth (DE) (not recommended)

Garlic (not recommended)

The use of diatomaceous earth (DE) as an insecticide is a

showed some success, but the insect destruction was not

“commercial” alternative to traditional chemical insecticides.

complete (Thompson, 2009). Garlic would naturally add

DE is of natural origin, leaves minimal residues on the

flavor and odor to dried foods. For that reason it is

product, and has low mammalian toxicity. DE “inactivates”

not recommended.

Garlic has been studied as a method of insect control. Studies

the waterproof lipids of insects causing them to die through desiccation. While overall, DE’s work well as an insecticide, specific DE formulations must be tested for activity in each product and against each insect species. In addition, while DE is not a chemical hazard, it is an inhalation hazard. Thus, the nature of the silica powder in DE determines the risk. This makes home insecticidal use impractical and potentially harmful (Subramanyam, 2000).



Bay leaves, chewing gum (mint flavored or otherwise), 10-penny nails, or salt (not recommended) These treatments are considered old wives tales and there is no research-based evidence that they work.

Food Stoarge for Emergencies  
Food Stoarge for Emergencies