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February 1st, 2012

Volume 1, Issue 1 Upcoming Events

Global Engagement Monthly Uniting People, Education, and Opportunity Huntsman Armenian Scholarship Extended In 2007, the first cohort of 13 Huntsman Armenian Scholars arrived at Utah State University. Since then, USU has welcomed another cohort of 14 Armenian students to its campus in Logan, Utah.

Shelly Hernandez with seven of our excellent scholars

This year, the scholarship has been extended and will be offered to another 13 deserving

scholars to come and share their diversity and experiences while gaining a valuable education.

where they will have the opportunity to apply the skills they have obtained at USU in their respective fields.

We could spend a paragraph telling people where she is from and what she likes to do. Then we can spend a bit telling people what she did here. We wish her the best in all her future endeavors!

February 3rd– Chinese Student Association Chinese New Year February 17th– Annual African Banquet 2012 February 18th– Areito: Dominican Heritage

These excellent students have also created the Armenian Student Association, which is dedicated to serving both the local and Armenian communities. While here, students participate in a variety of majors that will help them contribute to their home country’s well being upon graduating. These majors include International Studies, Business and Economics, Math and Statistics, and Journalism. After graduation, alumni are expected to return to Armenia for a minimum of two years

Costa Rica

International Spotlights – Shukri Mohamed & Carlos Muñoz After a long time of putting up with all of our antics, Shukri Mohamed is moving on to pursue her interests elsewhere.

February 1st– Study Abroad ISEP Applications due

Carlos Muñoz has been with us for what seems like an eternity. He is currently working double time as our office recruiter and budding admissions officer. We are grateful that he has stepped up to the very large plate to help with this effort! Carlos is from Colombia and is our resident comic relief and coffee connoisseur.

Unique Food- A type of Slurpee® but with thicker ice and mixed with condensed and powdered milk. Great Place- A beach in the pacific side called Flamingo. Important Person- There is a Costa Rican astronaut (Franklin Chang) that works in NASA. He is the main person in charge of future trips to Mars. Interesting Fact- Costa Rica does not have an Army.


Global Engagement Monthly  

This is a test newsletter I made last year.

Global Engagement Monthly  

This is a test newsletter I made last year.