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AIESEC in Ukraine |

Here you will find information about: 1) Explore Ukraine project 2) What is ITC and what for? 3) When, Where, How??? 4) Next steps 5) Our contacts

AIESEC in Ukraine |

Introduction Hello, dear interns! If you are reading this now, it means that you are coming to such a great and various country as Ukraine! =) Also you are going to take part in such interesting and unusual for AIESEC in Ukraine National project – Explore Ukraine. For all National projects we have preparation conferences for you (ITC), to give you needed information, raise motivation, help to adapt at your first days in Ukraine and you have opportunity to meet EPs for your project from all LCs. This conference is obligatory =)

So what’s Explore Ukraine and what’s ITC? Explore Ukraine is… National project aimed to popularize Ukraine in the world, create image and brand of Ukraine outside the country. Main task – to launch powerful tool, which will be able to create positive, up-to-date, wide image of Ukraine and life in the country among young and active population of the world. Main JD for interns – to prepare content for blog about Ukraine, cities, culture, habits, people, etc; Interns are visiting different cities, participation in different events during 6 weeks. Realization time: December-January 12-13

AIESEC in Ukraine |

ITC: When? – 10-13 of December: 10th evening – arrival to the venue. 11-12th – conference. 13th – leaving of venue free time in the city. And train to your first LC. ALL TICKETS YOU SHOULD BUY BEFORE ARRIVAL TO ITC! If you will arrive to ITC directly from your country you should book it ahead.

Where? You will have to arrive to Kiev and the venue is near the city, called Pushcha-Voduzya (Пуща-Водиця). You can get there by tram #12. By subway you have to reach Kontractova ploshcha station (Контрактова площа) and then take a tram. Tram goes every 30 min and takes around 1 hour to reach venue, ticket costs 1,5 UAH. You have to arrive on 10th morning or afternoon. If you are arriving before it – take care of the place you are going to saty beforehand. Here’s a nice hostel in Kiev: Just ask local AIESEC to help you in booking.

Subway stations: When you arrive to Kiev by train, the nearest station is Vokzalna (at map under number 1), after getting on vokzalna station, you should change line from blue to red at Maidan Nezaleznosti (number 2) station and get to Kontraktova ploshcha (number 3).

AIESEC in Ukraine |

Here is guide how to get from airport to railway station On 10th afternoon members of AIESEC in Kiev will help you in managing way from railway station and from Kontraktova ploshcha to venue place.

AIESEC in Ukraine |

How everything will go on? You will receive agenda in a week, conference will contain theoretical and practical part that will help you to understand how Explore Ukraine looks like. Of course, conference will have 2 parties with set theme.

Rules: 1) You can not leave the venue before conference ends. Try to understand that the venue is in forest, so don`t look for adventures with the wolfs! And if you want to go for excursion to Kiev – plan it on 13th before you go back to your LC. 2) Pay ahead! Conference fee is around 60 EUR (final fee you’ll get to know by the beginning of December). It includes 3 meals per day, coffee breaks and 3 nights stay at venue. Not includes alcohol for parties.

Useful links: Visa processes wiki: Information about Ukraine as a country: AIESEC in Ukraine reception booklet:

Please pay attention to this group: I’m AIESEC in Ukraine intern group:!/home.php ?sk=group_147788771939081&ap=1 Next news and changes will be announced here. Between 23-25th November you will receive agenda, application form for the conference and will know your faci.

That’s it for now. Looking forward to meet you =)

AIESEC in Ukraine |

Our contacts: Maryana Stupinska MC VP Projects 12-13 Skype: maryana.stupinska Mail:

Valeriia Kulko MC VP iGCDP 12-13 Skype: valeriia.kulko Mail:

Ustyna Hasiy NST iGCDP development coord 12-13 Skype: Ustja.hasiy Mail:

AIESEC in Ukraine |

Explore Ukraine ITC  

Booklet about International Training Camp for interns of Explore Ukraine National project.