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BIG City L ♥ ve Featuring MoNay’s Closet and Positive Imagery

A Walk With

Conrad Not your Average Walk ON THE RISE


Doing Chicago Hip Hop Proper! Music,Production, Clothing Line!

CHICAGOLICIOUS New Series on Style Network

Meet the Cast!

Rainbow/PUSH Bringing the World to our backyards

Who’s harming

Your Daughters? Domestic Teen Violence is on the Rise


CHLOE It’s our anniversary…My Dear! Can you imagine? I can. In fact, I imagined that I could somehow tell the world that you are beautiful just the way you are. That is why we are celebrating our 1st year anniversary at uStyleu Mag! We have connected with so many inspiring people from all over the world. I wish I could devote a whole issue just to feature the positive feedback and inspirational letters we receive daily from those that we have touched by just telling them it’s ok to be who you are! You can look forward to more creative, insightful fashion journalism” and more in-depth features from new talent. uStyleu began with 12 pages back in July 2011. Nothing could stop me from getting those 12 pages out to the press and public lol… NOTHING. It seemed like it took forever to get it done, but with the help of awesome support from Chicago talent and press, I was able to push that little publication out. I’m most proud of the first issue because it’s symbolic of everyone having faith and taking a chance on my vision. Repeatedly, I have to thank Hip Hop Artist/Entertainer Common for exposing me to so many great opportunities at such a young age. Through his organization Common Ground Foundation, I’ve sat down face to face with, Nikki Giovanni, Tony Dungy and so many more while they patiently allowed me to “practice” my interviewing skills on them. They probably did not realize how much confidence they gave me and how that experience changed my life’s direction drastically. . Thank you to our New York connection, MoNay’s Closet and Positive Imagery for the fantastic cover and inside spread. I could not have asked for a better team to connect with. They are so talented, creative and professional. Fashion world, please take notice! Call them now while they are answering their own phones. I want to give special thanks to so many people, including School

Hair by Gina Rene Mini Top Hat: MoNay’s Closet

District 159. My school district called their daughter back (me) to teach their students. I was honored and floored by the intelligence and enthusiasm of the students. Thank you so much for the opportunity and for helping me with the Teen Domestic Violence spread. We could not have pulled it off without your help. Thank you School District 159 staff and your wonderful, talented students. You will always have the support of uStyleu Mag. I am honored and grateful to make it to 1 year with the help of my team.

Chloe Graham Editor-and-Chief, uStyleu.Mag

On the cover

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Dhayhan Gooding Email Kayla Noemi Torres Natasha Bans Email:

Janese Blagrove: Hair and Make Up Email: Website:

PHOTOGRAPHY Sean Cunningham Photographer for Positive Imagery Email Phone: 516-976-1177 Website:

FASHION DESIGNER MoNay Reid: Owner/ Head Designer/ Fashion Stylist for MoNay’s Closet Email Phone: 914-619-8767 Website:

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18 M.I.C MADE IN CHICAGO 500 W. Cermak Chicago, Illinois 773 578-0008 PPL Legal Services 773-550-6803

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Public Relations/Media Big Red Head Ideas, Inc. Advisor/Mentor Maudlyne Ihejirika Jodie Blum Fashion Director Erika Bracey summer 2012 Issue |


IN THIS ISSUE MoNay (Kenye’) Reid Owner/ Head Designer/ Fashion Stylist for MoNay’s Closet. In 2007, MoNay’s Closet was born from the creative mind of jewelry designer, wardrobe stylist and an art director MoNay Reid. In 2007 MoNay’s Jewelry was renamed MoNay’s Closet to encompass all the accessories and crafts that she creates (necklaces, earring, bracelets, handbags, watches and head pieces and more). While she is based in Westchester,NY, she has worked throughout the tri-state area (NY, NJ, and CT). MoNay and her team, Alana Rosa Edwards: Contributing Designer/Assistant Stylist for MoNay’s Closet and Natasha Bans: Model/ Business Manager for MoNay’s Closet work is featured on the cover and inside spread of this month’s uStyleu! Email or by Phone 914-619-8767 Website:

Sean Cunningham Owner of Positive Imagery: Sean is a published New York based beauty and fashion photographer who has been shooting professionally since 1998. He has traveled the country covering such events as NYC’s Fashion Week, The Magic Clothing Conference in Las Vegas, and the Tanqueray Soul Suite national tour featuring Raheem DaVaughn and Floetry. Sean’s work has appeared in prominent magazines such as People, Vibe, and The Source. His client list has included Atlantic Records, Corbis Imaging, The Magic Johnson Foundation, and Mercy Health Systems just to name a few. Email: Phone: 516-976-1177. Website:

Janese Blagrove Janese has been involved in photo shoots and fashion shows. This includes New York Fashion Week, where she did makeup for Backstage Cosmetix, Hair and makeup for Stevie Boi Coexist and hair for Indashio and Viscara Newyork. Her work has been featured in Vocab Magazine, Elements Magazine, and Email Website:

Michael Kostopoulos Photographer Michael Kostopoulos has been shooting hair, beauty, style and commercial images for over 34 years. He is called The Hairstyle Photographer because he shoots some of the top hair designers in the business and gets them in hairstyle magazines in the USA and in Europe. He is a former executive editor of two nationally distributed beauty magazines. His style team for the Teen Domestic Violence shoot includes, Laura Janota-Davis, hair stylist and Gabrielle Post, make-up. His model discoveries have been seen on national television, runway, print and tradeshows. Catch him on or call 630-842-6787.

Maury Cesair Maury Cesair owner of CESAIR a high fashion clothing line that is enriched with creativity and many attitudes that are tied together with a sophisticated manner, using the world as its inspiration. That is old meets new, different cultures, styles and eras clash and melt together. Once you have seen a CESAIR- dress, you will always be able to point one out. These dresses are unique, fancy, eccentric, special and never boring. Contact them at or


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Kenya Thomas Kenya Thomas owner of Simply Perfection is a fashion designer based out of Chicago and has been making clothes and designing since 1988. Kenya’s long-term goal is to open a Boutique in Dallas, Texas. Simply Perfection’s retro dresses and jumpsuits are featured in the “We Like to Party” spread on pages 16 and 17.

Dawn Tigner Dawn Tigner owner of Southern Vintage Store featured her Rockabilly Pinup Custom made 50s Halter Top in the “We like to Party” photo spread on pages 16 and 17. They specializes in custom made clothing for Pinup/Rockabilly/ Costume. They can be found at or at

Kelli Svancarek Kelli Svancarek owner of Silver Castle Photography. It’s the beauty that keeps me passionate about photography. I am allowed to be a part of the happiest times of people’s lives - the engagement, the wedding day, the new baby, the growing children and family, the graduations, and parties with friends. I get to share the day and moments and then get to relive them all over again when I present the images. Kelli’s work is featured in the “We Like To Party” spread where she teamed up with Linda Camacho of Beautify Spa and Make up to create the perfect retro party look. Contact Kelli at 815.768.9903 or at

Linda Camacho Linda Camacho, Professional Make-Up Artist and Licensed Esthetician will have you looking like a celebrity for any event. Whether you want a “ Natural Glow”, or if you’re a “ Dramatic Diva”, Linda will create a look especially for you! Weddings, Gala Events, and Make-Overs are her specialty and she can’t wait to meet with you. Linda can be reached at 708-288-4444 or by email Website:

Tiran Cherry Tiran Cherry - Inspired by skateboard photographer Rodent and Chicago area photographer John W. Iwanski, and films such as Bomb The System, Clockers, Edge City and a plethora of others, Tiran has always found an inspiration and overall appreciation of living in Chicago’s vast metropolitan sprawl and interacting within it along with the people who inhabit it. Though his main passion is for film, he has began dabbling into the universe of street photography. Currently in post-production of a short film titled “Irresponsible Outcome”, Tiran is happy to be a part of Chicago is ever morphing art scene. He can be reached for hire via email at or check him out on tumblr at Want your work featured in uStyleu? Email us at summer 2012 Issue |



NATALIE JILL PHOTOGRAPHY Happy 1st Year Anniversary uStyleu!

My first shoot for a publication was for uStyleu, and I have to say my favorite photo I’ve ever taken is the cover photo of Chloe. I absolutely love when magic happens as it did with Chloe that day. The right location, the right light, the right model, and BAM! Magic.” I’m an accountant by day, and many years later, have found my creative outlets with photography and knitting. Good thing knitting is hip these days (in case you didn’t know). I serve people who want to have their story told through photographs. My goal is for you to look at your photographs and to break out in song. Preferably Usher’s ‘OMG’. As a natural light photographer, I am available weekends to travel to your home or preferred location (i.e. park, prairie, urbanscape, Paris!). Most sessions last between 1-2 hours. Newborn sessions can require more time because babies can be divas. What I know for sure: • • • •

Life is short and should be lived with wild abandon. Laughing until you cry is the best medicine. We only have this one chance to live a juicy life; the harder you laugh, the better abs you’ll have. I try to learn from my animals. They let out a heavy sigh once they lie down. And when they get up, they do amazing stretches.


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Style? By Craig My style is Natural Health and Positivity so I can stay on top of my game. The best investment I can make is to take care of my body right now to ensure ultimate endurance for later. I don’t care what people think of my style because if I’m wearing it, that means I’m cool with it. I do me!

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A Walk with

Conrad By Chloe Graham

I presumed I was on just another ordinary walk with another extraordinary person. Why think otherwise? I had taken this walk before with other extraordinary people, so I did not expect anything out of the norm.


s I walked with Conrad, I felt this astounding spiritual presence around us, but I figured we were just “vibing,” since he possesses this laid-back “no worries” attitude that I love being around. You know the type of person who is comfortable in their skin and doesn’t make any excuses about who they are or try to be who they are not? This charisma followed us throughout the day. Being from a small town in Ohio, Conrad mused at how cool he thought it was to hang out in downtown Chicago on this beautiful 85-degree sunny day, soaking up the sunshine at the beaches and strolling the shops of the Magnificent Mile. Conrad, appropriately known as “Icon,” is an aspiring rapper and singer. He describes his style as R&B and Hip Hop and says he chose the name “Icon” because he is one of a kind. Conrad has performed in local talent shows, and found time to lay some tracks at a local recording studio while in Chicago.

There’s that feeling again. We were definitely being followed. Conrad has incredible swagger, and knows how to allure the camera lens. We took some shots at 8

summer 2012 Issue |

Millennium Park, and then decided to act like tourists Well, within the first 20 seconds of the interview, I and headed to Navy Pier. realized that Conrad’s facial features were secondary, and would find its way to the “bottom point” of my As we were on the water taxi, Conrad’s father, Conrad inverted pyramid. His style, confidence and spirit Sr. looked up at the beautiful buildings, and we snapped supersede any physical appearance. our camera phones at the buildings surrounding us. That’s when my notion was verified. We were indeed According to Conrad’s father, he told him not to worry being followed. about what other people say to him because they are mad that no one will ever remember them. “You have Glancing at the picture on the camera phone, we noticed a face that no one will ever forget, so make sure what the image of a glorious angel adorned in the radiant you do and what you say have substance and meaning,” colors of the sun’s rays. Conrad’ mother, Felicity Williams, says Conrad was So this had not been an ordinary walk on an ordinary born with a condition called Encephalocele. He was day with an extraordinary person. This was a walk born without the “soft spot” that allows the skull to with Conrad. expand as the brain grows. “It’s been a rough road for Conrad, said Felicity, People stare, point and whisper I learned in my journalism class to write in the “inverted” however, Conrad feels this is how God made him and pyramid style. Reporters write in this style so that in he’s has declined recent plastic surgery options.” case you don’t finish the entire story, you’ve read the important stuff at the top. “It’s been a blessing to be Conrad’s mom. I would not have it any other way” says Williams. Photo by Conrad McGhee Sr.

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summer 2012 Issue |

Photography by Sean Cunningham Positive Imagery Email: Phone: 516-976-1177 Website: Fashion Design by MoNay Reid MoNay’s Closet Alana Rosa Edwards - Contributing Designer/Assistant Stylist for MoNay’s Closet Email: Phone 914-619-8767 Website: Hair and Make up by Janese Blagrove Email: Website: Models Natasha Bans: Kayla Noemi Torres: Dhayhan Gooding: Cupcakes by The Icing, Mount Vernon NY, owner Ayesha Acquah

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The students at Matteson District 159 SD are Awesome!

Tiran getting that perfect shot on the “M.I.C. Shoot!

Take the picture already Conrad…lol

summer ISSUE MIX Awesome shoot with Maury Cesair!

The team from the Teen Domestic Violence Shoot!

Chandler getting “glammed” for the "We Like To Party" Shoot

Chloe and Erika D. hanging out with M.I.C.


summer 2012 Issue |

Chloe, the raw sushi firsttimer (egged on by Simon from Cesair Couture!)

e l l e i r b a



in the spot


abrielle started her career love at Trend Setters Paul Mitchell College of Cosmetology where she had the opportunity to be trained by many top celebrity stylists including Winn Claybaugh, George Morales, John Paul Dejoreo, Angus Mitchell and Robert Cromeans. Some of her most memorable moments as a student was being trained by celebrity makeup artist, Kandee Johnson and James Ryder, founder of Ryder Makeup Labs. She has successfully completed many Master Classes including, beauty, bridal, stage, film and print make-up. With a passion for everything fashion, Gabrielle is an image consultant for ALL beauty needs, such as specialized hair design, airbrush makeup and wardrobe styling. She has experience from working on movie sets, photo shoots and print work. In fact, Gabrielle is considered a “Jill of all trades.” Recently, she was honored to be a judge for the Miss Teen Pageant, where she met and evaluated over 300 outstanding young ladies from the city of Chicago and neighboring states. “These are the kind of projects I love being a part of because

I’m able to encourage and motivate young women.” When she’s not making others look gorgeous she can be found bargain shopping and scouring the accessory racks at Nordstrom! She also loves working with brides. “Making a bride feel confident and look her absolute best is my mission”. She thrives on her ability to handle stressful environments and her knack for working under pressure. This year is especially meaningful to Gabrielle because it’s the first time her work has been published. “I’m so grateful for the opportunity that Michael Kostopolous and uStyleu gave me.” Gabrielle loves that the uStyleu magazine sends a message of empowerment and creativity that teaches all of us that we’re stars! Contact Gabrielle the following ways: Phone: 708-268-6897 Email: Facebook: Gabrielle Post Image Consultant

summer 2012 Issue |


I’m all that!

Photography by Michael Kostopoulos 630-842-6787 Fashion Designer-Maury Cesair Model: Amanda Neff Make up by Gabrielle Post 708-268-6897 Hair by Laura Janota-Davis 815-272-7159


summer 2012 Issue |

This can’t

happen to me!

Two in 10 teen girls report physical abuse by their boyfriends. One in 10 boys report abuse in their dating relationships. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in teen reported cases, both boys and girls report abuse about equally, however boys start the violence more often and use greater force. If you feel you are being abused, talk to your parents or another adult family member, or school personnel or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.

summer 2012 Issue |


Photography by Kelli Svancarek Silver Castle Studio 927 Regent Street - New Lenox, IL 60451 Phone: 815.768.9903 Email: Website: Retro Clothing Fashion Design by Kenya Thomas – Simply Perfection


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Retro Swimwear by Dawn Tigner of Southern Vintage Make up by Linda Camacho 708-288-4444 Hair Styling and Accessories Erika Bracey Contact uStyleu for model information

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“No smoke and mirrors here, Rob Smooth and JD really are Made In Chicago”

Photography by Tiran Cherry


summer 2012 Issue |

go to to comment on Da M.I.C.

On The

Rise Industrialists, Businessmen – M.I.C. By Terri Sanchez

The Artists Born and raised Chicagoans, Rob Smooth and JD, came together in the lyrical hip-hop duo called Made In Chicago. Since the release of “Everything’s Been Changed” and the drop of “Take Over”, the two have continued to combine their lyrical chemistry and reinvent beats. In 2007, the original members teamed up with DJ IQ to form and execute Dolo records. Dolo Records was the spring board into a brand new project that pulls from their struggles on the street, in their lives and with music industry. In February 2009, M.I.C. released their hit LP “The Beginning,” where Rob Smooth and JD take you on a guided tour of their turbulent lives. The two exhibit passionate flows with Intelligent lyrics, while still keeping it “real”. Rob Smooth & JD spent their earlier years growing up in the notorious Englewood district of Chicago. This experience enabled them to use hard-hitting street life experiences as a backdrop for their albums and pull emotions from their tragedy and pain to paint an astounding illustration of what Chicago street-life is really like and how hard it is to raise from the ashes.

The Clothing Line M.I.C . says they were inspired to develop a clothing line because there is just a handful of urban base clothing lines out there. According to Rob, L’apparel features a refined, conservative look to hip hop. “Our goal is to service the entire United States placing three stores on each side of town.” This line of clothing features an sleek urban couture European look, designed for urban America. “You won’t see any sagging jeans in this line. This style is not just for the urban “Giddy Up” We want to make urban America look like they got some sense. Pull up your pants!” The L’apparel line will feature Polos, Khakis, accessories, socks and shades. M.I.C so features a dynamic line of women’s clothing called Yummy. Check out uStyleu on line for their new promo featuring their summer lines for L’apparel as well as Yummy. What more of made in Chicago? Check them out at

The Producers Made In Chicago recording studio is located at 500 W. Cermak, Chicago. They provide clients with high quality sound at an affordable rate. According to Rob Smooth, “We have an extremely talented production staff ready to enhance their client sound and take their music to the next level.” Their team has developed a very creative catalog of original music from Hip Hop to R&B, Pop, Rock and Gospel with services that include recording, mixing, sound production, CD duplication and printing, production training, vocal training, artist development, graphic design, photography, video edit and video recording. summer 2012 Issue |




omeone finally got it right and brought a major hair reality series to the Windy City. Why not? Chicago is the mecca of the hair pioneer giants such as Soft Sheen Products, Helene Curtis, Luster Products and Johnson Products Company.

The Style Network’s Chicagolicious premiered back in June follows the lives of employees at AJ’s of Chicago, a West Loop business that has been the go-to place for celebs like Jennifer Hudson, Angela Bassett and Iman. The show follows the lives of the employees at the salon. uStyleu had the pleasure of interviewing Austin, Howard Godfrey and MaCray Huff

Austin – I was just out networking at an event and introduced myself to A.J. I let him know that I was a make-up artist and he asked me to work for him. The rest is history. uStyleu Mag – A lot of our readers are up-and-

coming talent in the fashion industry, which of course includes make up, and image consulting. What would be your best advice to them looking to accomplish what you have accomplished?

Austin – I always look at myself as someone who can always get better. I have formal training, but I also go further and check out tutorials on YouTube. I find out what is hot on the runways. I talk to my customers, ask many questions. Who are you? What image do you want to put out there? I still get so nervous before applying makeup because I take it so serious because I am responsible for how this person will be presented. uStyleu Mag – What do you think about the new celebrity status you have? Do people recognize you on the streets? Austin – “Well, I don’t look at myself as a ce-

lebrity but yes, people recognize me everywhere I go now. It really means a lot to me, and their reaction when they see MaCray and I together is priceless. He brings the energy, and we have so much fun together.”

uStyleu Mag – What do you do when the madness of the “Shop Drama” Hits?

“Chicagolicious” airs Mondays at 8pm CT (9pm ET/PT) on Style. Photography by Robert Trachtenberg

On Austin: Austin Maxfield is our calm, cool and collected “home girl” hailing from Park Forest, Illinois. She attended Crete Monee High School and was “homeschooled” her senior year. She is the youngest and the newest in the shop, but knows age ain’t nothing but a number and got what it takes to stay on top of her “A” game in the competitive world of Chicago fashion.

uStyleu Mag – Austin we just thought it would be so cool to connect with you because many of our readers can relate to you. How did you land this dream job at A.J.’s? 20

summer 2012 Issue |

Austin – It is a hair salon, so something is always going on. I just sit back and watch. I don’t get into the drama

finest through and through. A graduate of Sullivan High School in Rogers Park, Mr. Howard Godfrey makes it known that he takes does nothing off of anyone…nothing. He doesn’t “play” when it comes to his business and his art. It’s nothing wrong with knowing your worth in this business because he has put in the time mastering his art since 1995. Howard feels he has earned the right to say “I’m the Bomb”. Since the show, Howard says he’s received some criticism because he’s sometimes mixes business with pleasure, but someone has to do it right? So why not Howard and his “six packs”?

uStyleu Mag: Hey Howard, thank you so much for taking time with uStyleu.

uStyleu Mag - What can we look forward to in the upcoming episodes of Chicagolicious?

Howard: Thanks for having me. It’s my pleasure.

Austin: You will see fun and behind the scenes

uStyleu Mag: You know uStyleu wants to know what makes Howard so sure of himself? Where does the confidence come from?

views at huge fashion events.

uStyleu Mag: What advice would you give anyone trying to break to become a make-up stylist? Austin: Constantly work on your craft and do everything you can to get your name out there, whether it is free or paid. Develop your own style while staying in tune with what is going on in the fashion world. Listen to your clients. On Howard: Howard is one of Chi-Town’s

Howard: I’ve been mastering my art and craft since 1995 and I’ve learned your work with speak for itrself. I picked up the clippers at the age of 12. Messed up a few heads and by 18 developed my craft and continued to refine it. I learned how to surround myself around ambitious people like A.J. who know what they want and where they are going. uStyleu Mag: Watching the show, it seems like

LICIOUS the way I did extension, they hired me on the spot. I love doing extensions. That’s my speciality.

your clients are sitting in an old friend’s seat rather than coming to get a service. You connect with your clients. Is that why you have so many celebrities and high-end clientele? These guys can go anywhere in Chicago. Why do they keep coming back to you?

uStyleu Mag – So you basically rolled up in Chicago, got into the hottest salon in the Chi and landed on a popular new series. Wow MaCray, do you have a formula for that? Our readers want to know!

Howard: You have to listen to your client. Keep conversation basic until both have had the opportunity to size each other up. The art of conversation and small talk is my specialty. You have to know how to communicate with all people and all levels. People will remember you.

MaCray – Yes I do. Pray, Plan then take that Leap out on Faith. Don’t be leaping without first praying and planning! I moved out of my apartment, left my family and took a 3-day $1,500 dollar class. Yes, I sacrificed!

uStyleu Mag: What’s your status? In one epi-

uStyleu Mag: What do your friends back

sode, we noticed you were digging the new girl Katrell. What’s going on with that?

home think of you? Being brave enough to leave your comfort zone, move to Chicago and land yourself on a nationally televised show. They have to be happy for you.

Howard: Hey, I’m very single and very inter-

ested in meeting new people. Let’s just put it out there like that.

MaCray: Yes, they are happy for me. But I have been so busy filming the show and building my clientele that we don’t talk as often.

Howard: Send them my way.

uStyleu Mag: We just love us some you! I hope we don’t start trouble for you, but we think you will be the break out star. So you know you have to invite uStyleu your new show because we predicted this ok? Don’t forget.

uStyleu Mag: What can we look forward to in

MaCray: Not a problem at all. I sure hope so!

Howard: I love the way the show represents

uStyleu Mag: You were born in a small town in Virginia and moved to Chicago from North Carolina. How did you come to the decision to move to Chicago?

MaCray: Nope, me acting just like I do now and they didn’t know (laughter)

uStyleu Mag: We are in contact with beauti-

ful people everyday. You want us to hook you up?

upcoming episodes?

Chicago. I’m Chicago born and raised. I’m a devoted Chicago Bears fan so of course I love the fact that the show showcases the great locations of the city and the beautiful landmarks. Chicago is being represented well on Chicagolicious.

uStyleu Mag: What advise would you give to

up-and–coming barbers?

uStyleu Mag: Well, we are happy you can be who you are and love the skin that you are in. That’s what uStyleu is all about McCray!

MaCray: Well, I knew it was time for me to expand and take my art to the big city. L.A. was too far from my family in North Carolina. New York was just too much for me, so I decided to settle in Chicago and I LOVE it.

uStyelu Mag – Ok, now tell me about these Nastly Shoulder Pieces you make.

uStyleu Mag – So, did you get with A.J. right

MaCray – You know they are those shoulder

Howard: BE ON TIME and be professional.


On MaCray - All of our little journalism skills of being objective just flew out the window. See it? It just floated away because we just love us some Mr. MaCray Huff! What you see on TV is not for the lights, the cameras or the action. It’s all The Real MaCray in living color

MaCray: No, I was without a job for 6 weeks! I had taken a 3 day course when I first got to Chicago. After having no luck finding a job, I called up my instructor. She gave me three shops to call, A.J. being one of them. I called and asked for A.J. and he answered the phone and pretended it wasn’t him, but I know it was. I was like wait one minute. I put on these “bad” earrings and strutted to the shop and filled out an application. They had me come back and demonstrate my skills. After they saw

If you are running late, call your clients and let them know. Repect your customer’s time. Know and continue to refine your craft and develop a brand that can be recognized.

uStyleu Mag: And did your family already suspect that you were gay?

MaCray: Thank you for saying that. That’s how I feel.

pieces like Michael Jackson used to wear?. I just be putting stuff together with all types of rinestones and designs. They are just Nasty.

uStyleu Mag – When can we expect the line to come out? What are they called?

MaCray: I don’t know. I think I’ll call them “Nasty “Shoulder pieces. uStyleu Mag: Well we look forward to seeing

more of MaCray and your beautiful personality. Thanks! summer 2012 Issue |


Rainbow/PUSH Girls Bas

ketball Team (pictured

with Brian McCoy)

AT THE BOW A pot of gold is not promised over this rainbow, but something more valuable than gold. At the Bow, you receive knowledge, empowerment and purpose…now that is what is hot! uStyleu Magazine was commissioned to cover the 2012 HBCU College tour. We soon discovered this unique hidden jewel in the heart of the south side of Chicago. We were so impressed with the happenings at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, we felt it was our duty to create an article called “At the Bow” to cover the highlights at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s National Headquarters in Chicago. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s National Headquarters is situated on the same block as the Obama’s, steps from the great Lake Michigan and right down the street from the world. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is host to the world’s movers and shakers each Saturday morning including Trayvon Martin’s parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin and their attorney, Benjamin Crump, Occupy Chicago and minority leader of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. There is no other place in Chicago or the world where this is happening so up close and personal.

Pictured: Arun Gandhi the fifth grandson of ‘Mahatma’ Mohandas K. Gandhi; Harry E. Johnson, president and CEO of The Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Lee Saunders, secretary-treasurer, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and Michael Eric Dyson, Author


summer 2012 Issue |



ot” while on to

ges “on the sp

multiple colle ent accepted to

THE TOUR Accompanying PUSH Excel, the education department of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, we were able to cover the 2012 HBCU Tour visiting various historically black colleges and universities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington D.C. Kentucky and Virginia. Michelle Chambers, PUSH Excel Program Coordinator, says the HBCU Tour is not only about education, but it is about our history. “We believe in education and we have a special fondness in HBCU’s. It is a foundation, a family unit that you don’t get anywhere else.” The Rainbow PUSH Coalition believes that they are responsible for showing college students this option for secondary education. “These institutions were built because no one else would allow us to have an education,” We have to support them by grabbing the baton and running, says Jason Robinson, PUSH Excel National Youth Director.

“Exposure is the key to making informed, intelligent and meaningful decisions.”

The tour made the following stops: OHIO Omega Baptist Church—Dayton, OH National Underground Railroad Freedom Center---Cincinnati, OH Wilberforce University—Wilberforce, OH Central State University—Wilberforce, OH

PENNSYLVANIA Lincoln University—Lincoln University, PA Cheyney University—Cheney, PA

WASHINGTON DC/MARYLAND Morgan State University—Baltimore, MD Howard University—Washington, DC Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Monument— Washington, DC

VIRGINIA Norfolk State University—Norfolk, VA Virginia State University—Petersburg, VA

KENTUCKY Kentucky State University—Frankfort, KY

summer 2012 Issue |


ircoutu a s e c . w w w

2012 uStyleu Summer Issue  

uStyleu Summer issue featuring designers and photographers from Chicago and New York. At uStyleu, fashion is about you! It's what U Say!

2012 uStyleu Summer Issue  

uStyleu Summer issue featuring designers and photographers from Chicago and New York. At uStyleu, fashion is about you! It's what U Say!