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U-Start, The New Meeting Platform for Startups, Companies and Investors

What is U-Start ? U-Start was founded in Italy in January 2012. U-Start is a global boutique advisory firm offering services targeted at facilitating the matching and cross-border investment amongst a select group of international investors (Angels, VC funds, family offices, corporate offices and wealth management institutions mostly based in Europe) and early stage companies in Southern and Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.

U-INVESTOR On the U-Start platform, U-Investors have access to the best deal flow and opportunities in each relevant emerging market. Through our vetting and filtering process we bring the best deals to you. We are affiliated with accelerators, incubators, entrepreneurial organizations, research centers and universities in selected emerging markets (EMEA and Latin American) and in Europe.

U-ENTREPRENEUR U-Start offers U-Entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with global investors, ranging from VC's to family offices. U-Start also offers U-Entrepreneurs tailor-made services to help entrepreneurs and startups launch in emerging markets (EMEA and Latin America).

BENEFIT FROM ADVISORY SERVICES U-Start supports stable growth companies in domestic market to find supports and connections to scale and develop the business in the emerging markets (EMEA and Latin America) offering tailored made services within company’s mandate.

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