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Sep 27, 2013

Good For You, Good For Me Do you struggle with a consistent PT time like I do? I love PTing at 0430, but Chief Hargrove took my gym away. So, now what do I do? I bet you feel the same way I do. Bottom line: we gotta’ PT! It’s not the command’s responsibility, nor our department, nor our division. It rests solely on us. So what do we do?

to have a plan to conduct our own personal PT. Whether you leave and go play soccer with your friends and a high school team, or you go to one of the gyms in the area on the shipyard, Portsmouth, Little Creek or Norfolk. It is hard to do when all you want to do after work is relax, get a nice, cold drink and watch TV. That is the complete opposite of what we should be doing. Some of you think that climbing the ladder to the ship everyday is PT. But it is not. Let’s encourage each other to PT every day! We are Wasp!

Are You Ready for the PFA? As the Fall PFA rapidly approaches, here is useful information for all hands

By PAO Staff It is Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) time again. It seemed like only yesterday since Wasp performed her last PFA, but it has indeed been six months since our Spring cycle. To help make sure you’re prepared for the PFA, here are a few items of interest, along with answers to some frequently asked PFA-related questions. First, the PFA consists a medical screening, a Body Composition Assessment (BCA) and a Physical

Readiness Test (PRT). The BCA consists of an official measuring of your height and weight, and/or calculating your body fat percentage if you exceed the maximum height/weight standards. The official BCA for Wasp starts Monday, Oct. 21 at 0800 on the Barge mess decks (BMD). Anyone desiring a “courtesy” BCA should arrange for an assistant command fitness leader (ACFL) to conduct the courtesy measurements prior to Oct. 19. Courtesy BCAs are conducted each Friday at 0630 in the P-way just forward of the BMD.

NMC Portsmouth

Fitness Center/Gym Bldg. 276, 1100 Holcomb Rd. Phone: (757) 953-7024 PRT Events: Run, Elliptical, Bike Running Area (3.75 Laps) Equals 1.5 mi.

GYM Bldg. 276

All BCAs conducted after Oct. 21 will documented as official BCA measurements, no exceptions. NOTE: For Wasp Sailors using the swim, bike or elliptical cardio option of the PRT, BCAs will be conducted along with those who are participating in the run. (Refer to the PFA schedule on Pg. 2 for available BCA times). As for the PRT, most events will take place at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center (Bldg. 276 = Run, Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike; Bldg. 251 = Swim. See map on front page for details). There

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NMC Portsmouth

Swimming Pool Bldg. 251, May St. Phone: (757) 953-5946 PRT Events: Swim POOL Bldg. 251







Limited parking along these streets.

g in e k r g Pa ara G


USS Wasp’s Cycle 2 2013 PFA runs Oct. 21 to Nov. 1. All running, swimming, elliptical and biking events will take place at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth.

First Call


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isn’t space to cover everything here, but nearly everything you need to know about the PFA can be found at: http:// support/21st_century_sailor/physical/ Pages/default2.aspx Additionally, the schedule and locations for the Cycle II 2013 PFA can be found on the Stinger Page. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact ISC Hargrove via email or in the JIC Annex (J-Dial 7223) or your friendly neighborhood (departmental/divisional) ACFL. Good luck and have a safe and enjoyable PFA. In the meantime, here are answers to a number of PFA-related Frequently Asked Questions: Q. What is the instruction for the Physical Readiness Program? A. OPNAVINST 6110.1J. Information regarding Body Fat Composition, testing process, score calculation, etc., can be found in this instruction. Q. What is the proper uniform for the BCA/PRT? A. The proper uniform for the BCA/ PRT is the Navy PTU with socks. For those participating in the swim portion of the PRT, Navy PTU is required during the sit-up and push-up portion. Females are authorized to wear appropriate swimwear underneath their Navy PTU. Q. Can I wear minimalist/five-toed footwear for the PRT? A. Yes. However, socks must be worn with these types of footwear or the member will not be permitted to participate in the PRT. This includes the five-toed shoes. Q. Is it mandatory or optional for someone who is medically waived or fails the BCA to take the PRT? A. According to OPNAVINST 6110.1J, BCA failures and BCA medically


Sep 27, 2013

waivered personnel will not be allowed to participate in the PRT portion. Q. What is the policy if a member is waived from the PRT or BCA multiple times for the same condition? A. If a member is waived from the PRT or BCA three times in a four-year period for the same condition they must be evaluated by a medical board. Q. What is the required window in which to perform the BCA prior to performing the PRT? A. In accordance with 6110.1J, the BCA is normally conducted within 10 days of, but absolutely not less than 24 hours prior to, member’s participation in the PRT. Q. How many PFA failures can I have before administrative separation procedures are initiated? A. Mandatory separation processing shall occur for all members who fail three PFA cycles in the most recent four-year period. Q. Where is info on mandatory ADSEP processing? A. For enlisted personnel, MILPERSMAN is governing directive for ADSEP processing COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS-4832) is point of contact, (901) 874-4439. For the officers, commanding officer will initiate separation processing with a request to COMNAVPERSCOM (PERS- 4834). This is separate from the letter of notification already issued by the CO to the member for the PFA failures accumulated. The request shall reference SECNAVINST 1920.6C (3)(1)(a) and OPNAVlNST 6110.1J, outlining the PFA failures. If COMNAVPERSCOM directs separation proceeding after ‘show cause’ determination, PERS-4834 will notify the probationary officer and provide an opportunity to respond, or direct the non-probationary officer

to a board of inquiry (BOI). A letter will be submitted after a progress or readiness waiver request, if anticipated, has been approved or disapproved. For those personnel who are involuntarily separated, unearned bonuses paid and all existing indebtedness will be collected per DODMFR. Q. How does the separations policy on failures impact transferring of personnel? A. According to NAVADMIN 073/09, active duty sailors who have three or more PFA failures in the most recent four-year period shall not transfer to a new permanent duty station, reenlist, or extend. Q. How does the separation on failures policy affect those members with over 18 years of service? A. Members with over 18 years of service are not exempt from ADSEP. Members with a third PFA failure prior to 30 June 2011 and an approved fleet reserve and retirement date will be allowed to retire (grandfathered in). Those with a third failure subsequent to 30 June 2011 will be processed for ADSEP. Q. Do I need a Periodic Health Assessment to participate in the PFA? A. Yes. According to OPNAVINST 6120.3, guidance on the Periodic Health Assessment, a PHA serves as the clearance mechanism for participation in command physical conditioning programs, the fitness enhancement program (FEP), and the PRT. All Sailors must complete the Physical Activity Risk Factor Questionnaire (PARFQ) prior to each PFA cycle. The block at the bottom or the PARFQ should only be completed and signed by a medical provider in cases where members do not have a current PHA or who answer “yes” to any question on the PARFQ.

unless they were previously cleared to participate for that response and the condition has not worsened and no new risk factors are present. Q. Is BCA to be conducted for newly reporting members? A. Yes. According to NAVADMIN 247/09 - In all cases (with the exception of approved BCA medical waivers), Sailors must meet body fat standards to pass the semi-annual requirements. This includes those Sailors with less than 10 weeks on board during the official PFA cycle. Q. What is the “bad day rule”? A. Members who do not perform to the anticipated level to which they had conditioned (i.e. had a “bad day”) and failed the PFA may retest one PRT and record the best score achieved within the command’s official PFA cycle (for WASP it’s Oct. 21 to Nov. 1, 2013). An individual must request a “Bad Day” within 24 hours of completing the PRT. If approved by the CO, the retest must be administered within 7 days of the initial PRT failure. Additionally, the member must retake all components of the PRT. The “Bad Day” option does not apply to BCA determinations.

Q. If a member is medically waived from one area of the PRT such as pushups, but passes all other areas he/she is cleared to participate in, how would the final overall score be calculated? A. Members who are medically waived from one event receive a “PARTIAL PASS.” If waived from two events, they are not assigned an overall score. PRIMS will automatically calculate the final score as “BCA pass.” Q. Are members required to be in Body Composition Assessment (BCA) standards at all times? Can the command conduct a BCA on whoever, whenever, and hold them accountable? A. Yes, Navy members are required to be within standards at all times and the command may establish policy for consistency of Navy policy/standards application (i.e. should apply to all members). The command may choose to assess all newly reporting personnel, quarterly assessments, random (like urinalysis), etc. If member is out of BCA standard, they will be placed in FEP and their progress monitored as per instruction. Keep in mind, only

“official” BCA measurements, for FITREP/eval/other admin actions, shall be conducted in accordance with command’s PFA cycle. Wasp’s policy is a mock PFA will be conducted during INDOC. Anyone failing the INDOC PFA will be enrolled in FEP. Q: What is my incentive for doing well on the PFA? A: As promised, any Sailor who ran the 1.5-mile PRT run slower than the CO on the Spring 2013 PRT (11 minutes, 13 seconds), but then runs faster than him on the Fall 2013 PRT will be granted 24-hour special liberty. This deal is for the run only, no alternate testing equivalents. Or, there is the “24 for 24 policy.” If you improve your push-ups or situps by 24, or cut your run time by 24 seconds, you will be granted 24-hour special liberty. Lastly, all personnel scoring an outstanding will be granted 48-hour special liberty, and all those scoring a perfect 300 will be granted 72-hour special liberty. Remember, no double-dipping on special liberty.

Wasp Sailors perform the sit-up portion of the PRT at Sewells Point in Norfolk, Va. (U.S. Navy photo my MC1 Justin K. Thomas)

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