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SHUTTLE USS Enterprise (CVN 65) - Monday, May 2, 2011



Monday, May 2, 2011


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Enterprise News

Big ‘E’ Idol contestants rock in second round By MC3 Nathan R Carpenter USS Enterprise Public Affairs

HTFR Matt Rogers

USS ENTERPRISE, At sea -- As contestants in the singing competition aboard the deployed aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) brace themselves for the votes on their selection of 80’s music that will determine the participants for the next round, Enterprise Sailors have the opportunity to cast their votes for the biggest stars of the stage. Next week, contestants will show off their mastery of music from the 90s.

“True Colors”

“I think I did alright. I got a little mixed up in the middle, but apart from that, I think I was pretty good.”

CTT2 Matthew Armstrong

AO3 Joshua Jones

“I feel like I should have prepared better, but I got it together in the end. If I get the chance to sing again, I’ll blow them away.”

“ I think I did alright. Lt. Pohnel said it took him back to the day. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces made me feel alright. “

ABEAN Christian Lofton

ET2 Sheila Perrick

“I think the criticism hit it pretty well. I kinda messed up with the beginning. I didn’t practice enough with it.”

“I changed my song last night and shouldn’t have. I had thought (my first song) would be flexing the rules.”

OS3 Joshua Towe

CS3 Elizabeth Precius

“I was horrible. I think (the judges) were a little bit too fair - they could have been a lot more rough on me.”

“I don’t think I was the worst, but I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. I’m going to do better next week.”

ABFAN Luis Cabrera

AT2 Willie Cochran

“I did alright until I forgot the words again. Next week I can sing something that I can vibe with a bit more.”

“I think I did ok. I think I entertained the crowd. I plan to pick a song next week that will, hopefully, show my vocal talent.”

“Have I Told You Lately”

“Open Arms”

“Fishin’ in the Dark”

“Rock and Roll Band”

“White Wedding”

“Material Girl”


“Lovin’ Happens”

Big ‘E’ Idol will be replayed on SITE TV Tuesday and Wednesday on channel 5. MWR will send an email Tuesday giving you a chance to vote for your favorite Big ‘E’ Idol. Don’t miss your chance to vote!

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Sailors of the Day

Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class

Monday, May 2, 2011

Naval Air Crewman Romeo 3rd Class

Shaunta Lavon Johnson- Ahoskie, NC

Graham Harrison- Currituck, NC

AWR3 (NAC/AW) Harrison, a sea and strike combat air crewman, scheduling petty officer and rescue swimmer for Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron (HS) 11, says he joined the Navy four years ago to better himself and travel the world. Harrison says the most rewarding part of his job is training and qualifying in a “demanding field” and the job satisfaction he gets from teamwork. Graham’s future goals reflect his personality- he says he wants to “do the best and be the best no matter what job I do.” In his spare time, Harrison likes to work out, particularly in crossfit, and also enjoys stamp collecting.

HM3 Johnson, a general duty corpsman in Enterprise’s medical department, joined the Navy to “travel and see the world. I also wanted to go to school.” She says the most rewarding part of her job is helping people. Johnson has future plans on “going to school and making ranks. I want a family one day, too.” When she returns from deployment, Johnson would like to travel and spend time with her family.

Photos by MCSN Jessie L. Gonzalez


Down 1 Squad 1 Small freshwater fish 2 Trojan War hero 3 Abrade 4 Tramp 5 “Bananas” director 6 Mermaid’s habitat 7 ___ Christian Andersen 8 “More!” 9 Chess draw 10 Ashe contemporary 11 Decorative 12 Fright 13 Glimpse 18 Babysitter’s bane 22 English architect Jones 24 Con job 26 Muezzin’s call to prayer 27 Corporate identifier 28 Begin 30 Minds 32 Drivers 34 “Unforgettable” singer 35 Canine cry 37 Positive-thinking 38 Takes to court 41 Less severe 43 Believers 45 Abate 46 Cinematographer Nykvist 47 Pith helmet 49 “The ___ and the Ecstasy” 50 Best in the field 51 Nobleman 53 Dance bit 54 Mister, in Munich 55 Land forces 58 “Mamma ___!”


19 Be abrupt 32 West of Hollywood 1 Move quickly 20 Become void 33 Bureau 5 Campfire remains 21 Lone 36 Ottoman authority 10 Scent sensor 23 Cooking vessels 37 Wakes up 14 Between open and closed 25 Put a new label on 39 Pirouette point 15 Tilted 26 Elite group 40 Almond confection 16 Curves 29 Shift 42 Expected 17 Bogart classic 31 Sector 43 Lofty

44 Columbus, for one 59 Seeger of song 60 Shroud city 46 Drag 61 Expression 47 Frozen expanse 62 Prognosticator 48 Put away 50 Race winner of fable 63 Spread 64 Nimble 52 Honshu hostess 56 Autumnal birthstone 57 Terror of the deep

Big 'E' Idol  
Big 'E' Idol  

Contestants rock in second round