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USS Enterprise (CVN 65) - Wednesday, May 18, 2011


USS Enterprise 1775-???

Graphic illustration by MC3 Brooks B. Patton

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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Enterprise News

Enterprise Sailors celebrate 236-year legacy

By MC3 Michael L. Croft USS Enterprise Public Affairs

USS ENTERPRISE, At sea – Sailors aboard the deployed aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) celebrated their 236-year legacy May 18 while conducting close-air support missions for Operation Enduring Freedom. As the aircraft carrier approaches 50 years old Sailors aboard are eager to better understand the Enterprise legacy which began in 1775, before the birth of the nation. The Continental Navy was established by the Second Continental Congress in October 1775 to supply and support the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Six months prior, Col. Benedict Arnold, a Continental Army officer, mounted a surprise attack on the British at St. John’s, Canada, capturing a sloop and other smaller vessels. He named the sloop Enterprise. Enterprise, along with the other ships captured that day, carried more than 1,000 troops for a campaign against St. John’s, Montreal, and Quebec. After landing the troops ashore at St. John’s, Enterprise was kept inactive during the winter by ice on the rivers and lakes. Gen. Richard Montgomery took command of the expedition and captured Montreal, while Col. Arnold attacked Quebec. Arnold again entered battle

Photo by MC2 Aaron Chase

Yeoman 3rd Class Maribel Benitez looks at a drawing of the first USS Enterprise (1775). The drawing is located in the Enterprise Room, which displays of timeline of Enterprise’s history and holds collected artifacts from past USS Enterprises.

with the British on October 11, 1776, near Plattsburg, New York. Both sides knew that if the British were able to break through the U.S. colonies would collapse and American independence would be lost. Though outnumbered 52 to 15, Enterprise and other ships in Arnold’s fleet fought off the British from morning until nightfall. Only Enterprise and four other vessels survived. Arnold withdrew what remained of his fleet to Ticonderoga, where they became part of the defenses which kept the British from capturing the fort. Although the battle had been a defeat for the American fleet, it is now recognized as the greatest strategic naval victory of the American Revolutionary War. The small fleet had disrupted the British invasion into New

York. It was nearly a year before another attack by the British. By that time, additional American troops had been recruited and trained. This led to the eventual American victory over troops at Saratoga on October 17, 1777, which resulted in an alliance between the American colonies and France. The Enterprise and the other colonial vessels had saved the American fight for independence from almost certain failure. During the summer of 1777, as British troops advanced toward Saratoga, Enterprise, two schooners and two galleys were sent to evacuate the fort. On July 7, 1777, the two schooners were captured by the British, and Enterprise was run aground and burned by her crew to prevent her from being captured.

Since saving the revolution, seven ships have carried the Enterprise name. The illustrious history of that name includes the ship that fired the first shots of the Barbary Wars, the most decorated ship in U.S. naval history, and the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Though the current Enterprise may be preparing for her 50th birthday, the name goes back 236 years and carries the allegiance of Sailors, fans and historians around the world. From her humble beginnings as a small British sloop on Lake Champlain to the largest naval ship in the world with the most advanced carrier air wing in the fleet, one can be sure that Enterprise’s final chapters won’t be written for a long time.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sailors of the Day Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class

Information Systems Technician Seaman

Cody Allen Werven- Cavalier, North Dakota

Skyler Mullis- The Woodlands, Texas

HM2 Werven, an aerospace medical technician for Strike ITSN Mullis, a Government Travel Card Program Fighter Squadron (VFA) 136, joined the Navy six and manager for Enterprise’s Training Department, joined one half years ago because “it was the only thing I ever the Navy 13 months ago to “secure a better future for wanted to do.” Werven says the most rewarding aspect my family.” Mullis says the most rewarding aspect of of his job is “taking care of the over 200 people in my his job is working on computers and seeing “the positive squadron.” Werven plans to return to HM school as an outcome of my hard work through other people.” Mullis instructor and would like to become a master chief petty is working hard to become an officer and join the Navy officer in the rate one day. In his spare time, Werven Nurse Corps. Mullis even goes to Enterprise’s Medical enjoys working out and reading. Department in his spare time to train for his future aspiriations. When he returns from deployment, Mullis wants to plan for a family with his wife. Photos by MCSN Jesse L. Gonzalez


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Enterprise Sailors celebrate 236-year legacy

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