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SHUTTLE USS Enterprise (CVN 65) - Saturday, March 19, 2011

Logistics Specialist Seaman Timothy Price puts the finishing touch on a bed in a stateroom used to accommodate distinguished visitors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65). Photo by MC1 (SW) Rebekah Adler

HOSPITALIT-E Big ‘E’ Hotel Services team provides guests with cleanliness and comfort

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Happenings Hangar bay or supermarket?

Big ‘E’


Medical PFA note

PARFQ medical examinations will be held in medical Monday, 18 April-Saturday, 23 April from 1400-1600 and 1800-2000. Personnel who answered “YES” to any part of the PARFQ with the exception of tobacco use need to be screened prior to completing their PRT. Please bring a copy of the screening form with you to medical. For any questions or concerns, contact HM1 Mathews or Lt. Bateman at J-7777 or your respective departmental CFL.

Make your voice heard! Photo by MC1 (SW) Rebekah Adler

Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Cody M. Stafford, a preventative medicine technician, inspects produce in the hangar bay aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) during a replenishment at sea with the fleet replenishment oiler USNS Henry J. Kaiser (T-AO 187). All produce and food stores are inspected immediately upon their arrival to help keep the ship pest and disease free.

3-Day Calendar FRI



It is time to complete the command assessment survey. Information to access the survey will be sent to all-hands via outlook so you can retrieve the password and link by checking your e-mail. Please ensure all personnel have access to a workstation to complete the survey. If you do not have an email account this would be the perfect time to visit ADP to set one up.

CCC note Enlisted Advancement Phasing Plan & FAQ:




• The Navy will now advance selected Sailors at a rate of three percent per month for the first five months to E-4, E-5 and E-6. The remaining Sailors will be advanced in the sixth month of the advancement cycle.

Open Karaoke Aft Mess Decks 2030

Movie Night Aft Mess Decks Featuring “Skyline” 2030 1600-1700 Chuck Norris Power Hour Ultimate Abs AOC Wong

1st Meeting of the Creative Writing Club 1st Class Mess 1400-1600 1430-1530 Advanced Spin/Cycle (Max 7) ITCS Henderson

• In addition, the Navy will also advance selected Sailors at a rate of three percent per month for the first eleven months to E-7, E-8 and E-9. The remaining Sailors will be advanced in the twelfth month of the advancement cycle.

2000-2100 Spin and Sculpt (Max 7) IT1 Sherry

1700-1800 Stretch It Out (Yoga) HM1 Wesley

2000-2045 BiggEst Loser Team Workout Fit Boss

1800-1845 Get it right, Get it tight (Abs and Legs) HM1 Wesley


1600-1700 EOD/Diver PT LT Dennison 2000-2100 Step Aerobics ABECS Claxton

Celebrate Women’s History Month!

Sheila E. Widnall Ph.D. taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for 30 years and was the first female to chair a department. In 1993, she assumed the position of Secretary of the Air Force, the only woman to ever head a military service.

Navy Tradition of the Day

Blue nose: A term referring to people from Nova Scotia and also the name of the most famous fishing schooners on the Grand Banks. In the Navy, it refers to someone who has crossed the Arctic Circle and qualified as a “blue-nosed” polar bear.

Submit IA 9.0 training certificates

Any user who has not submitted a certificate for Information Assurance Awareness version 9.0 to the IAM Office by Thursday, March 31 will have their accounts locked out until an IA 9.0 certificate is submitted. Please contact CS-2 Division (J-Dial 5776) with any questions regarding this matter. the

SHUTTLE USS Enterprise (CVN 65)

ESWS STUDY GUIDE Q: What is the maximum pressure allowable on a soft patch? A: 150 PSI


The Shuttle is published and printed daily underway and weekly in port by the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Media Department, FPO AE 09543-2810. This newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Please direct all story ideas, questions and comments to MC3 Peter Melkus at Commanding Officer Capt. Dee L. Mewbourne

Executive Officer Capt. Ryan Scholl

Command Master Chief CMDCM (AW/SW) Keith G. Oxley

Public Affairs Officer Lt. Cmdr. Sarah T. Self-Kyler

Editor MC3 Peter D. Melkus

Saturday, March 19, 2011


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Enterprise News

Enterprise’s Innkeepers provide 5 star service By MC1 (SW) Rebekah Adler USS Enterprise Public Affairs

USS ENTERPRISE, At Sea – Most visitors to the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) say that, before arriving, they envisioned a massive warship with roaring jets, but what they didn’t anticipate is the hospitality they experienced. After a long day of touring the ship’s spaces, visitors to Big ‘E’ find some of the comforts of home they are used to because of the ship’s Hotel Services’ team. The team is comprised of 60 Sailors and Marines, including some that are temporarily assigned from other departments and embarked squadrons. “Visitors might feel a little overwhelmed being in an unfamiliar environment, but we try to make their stay as comfortable as possible,” said Culinary Specialist 1st Class (SW) Michelle Barnswell, Hotel Services’ leading petty officer. “Our services are as good as any of the leading hotels out in town.” Upon checking into their rooms in ‘DV’ (distinguished visitor) row, Enterprise guests are greeted with a robe,

set of towels, snacks, bottled water and even a box of chocolates with an edible picture of the ship on them to add an extrawelcoming touch. “We provide 100 percent service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said Barnswell. Barnswell also said that in addition to the hundreds of visitors they receive each year, Hotel Services’ personnel also take care of the crew, which is no small task. On an average day, the team picks up over 200 pounds of laundry, while cleaning each of their 350 spaces, of guest and officer staterooms and chief petty officer’s berthing. From vacuuming to dusting, to making up racks, they leave no corner

untouched. An extra motivating factor for the Hotel Services’ team is the appreciation shown by the visitors, who have left thank you notes, saying how much they enjoyed their rooms and the excellent customer service they received. “We take a lot of pride in what we do, and it’s rewarding to see the guests leaving satisfied,” said Culinary Specialist 2nd Class (SW) Joselin Paulino, Hotel Services’ assistant leading petty officer. “I think this not only leaves a good impression on us, but the crew as a whole.” Although their hours may be long and their responsibilities many, the careful attention to detail they apply to each task is

Photo by MC1 (SW) Rebekah Adler

Information Systems Technician Seaman Shawon Dunston, of Toledo, Ohio, cleans a stateroom mirror located in “D.V. Row”, an area used for distinguished visitors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65).

not lost on the crew either. “My team does an excellent job, they are very hard workers, always going above and beyond,” said Ensign Matthew S. Buehrig, Hotel Services’ division officer. “Having a clean room to relax in at the end of a busy day at sea provides a big morale boost to the crew and guests as well. “ According to Buehrig and the rest of the Hotel Services’ team, the comforts they provide on a daily basis are all a part of being good ambassadors for the Big ‘E’. Having distinguished visitors come aboard serves a strategic purpose as well. “We don’t just have DVs out to the ship for fun,” said Lt. j.g. Michael Hatfield, one of the public affairs officers on board. “We invite key centers of influence to the ship to see what this amazing crew does, and then they go back and influence their friends and colleagues as ambassadors of the ship and the Navy. So the attention-to-detail and pride that our Sailors show them during their visit pays strategic dividends, which is the reason we have the program.”

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Sailors of the Day

Engineman Fireman

Yeoman Seaman

Wendy R. Jones - Columbia, South Carolina

ENFN Jones, a maintenance person assigned to Engineering department’s A-Division, joined the Navy “in the hopes of seeing and doing things I’d probably never get the opportunity to do as a civilian.” To Jones, the most rewarding aspect of her job is knowing that by doing her job the right way each day, she’s contributing toward helping the Enterprise be “Ready on Arrival.” Jones is working hard to advance in her rate, continue her education and make her shop, division and department more successful by doing her job a little better each day. Jones enjoys athletics, playing basketball and working out in her spare time.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jose R. Mismith Jr. - El Monte, California

YNSN Mismith, assigned to the “Rooks” of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 137, joined the Navy eight months ago to be able to support his family, gain new experiences and receive an education for a brighter future. To Mismith, the most rewarding aspect of his job is taking care of his squadron’s personnel and keeping its administration team organized. Mismith also enjoys helping people out, “and if I can’t, you’d better believe i will find a way.” Mismith aspires to one day receive a degree and apply to be an officer, in addition to supporting his family in any way possible. Mismith enjoys music, movies, working out and playing the piano.

Photos by MCSN Jesse L. Gonzalez


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Across 1 A bed in the kitchen? 5 Ed’s pile 8 Somme city 14 Water 16 Madison follower 17 Kind of table 18 Gratify 19 Baltic capital

20 “A Doll’s House” dramatist 21 Made an impression 25 Dies down 29 Polynesian language 30 Cilia 31 Placated 35 Number two 36 Printers’ measures

37 French bean? 38 Moorish palace 41 Fairy king 43 Breakfast order 44 Dogmatic teacher 45 Baptized 48 Plait 49 Invigorate

54 Resentment 56 Reserve 57 Asia Minor capital 58 Descendants of Esau 59 Methodism’s founder 60 Affirmative vote 61 Opposite of “avec”


Big 'E' Hotel Services team provides guests with cleanliness and comfort