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USS Enterprise (CVN 65) - Saturday, June 4, 2011

Midway: Turning Point in the Pacific Photo collage by MC2 Aaron Chase

Saturday June 4, 2011


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Enterprise News

Enterprise remembers Battle of Midway By MC3 Michael Croft USS Enterprise Public Affairs

USS ENTERPRISE, At sea – On the 69th anniversary of the Battle of Midway, USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Sailors remember the previous USS Enterprise (CV 6) and how she played a vital role in achieving one of the world’s greatest naval victories. Regarded as the turning point in the Pacific during World War II, the Battle of Midway took place June 4-7, 1942. Each year Sailors reflect on the momentous battle which blunted the Imperial Japanese advance in the Pacific and bought time for the allies to incorporate what was called the ‘Grand Strategy’ of finishing the war in Europe before throwing it’s resources into the Pacific Campaign. “The Navy wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the ships and Sailors who fought and won at Midway years ago,” said Capt. Dee L. Mewbourne, the commanding officer of Enterprise. “If we wouldn’t have won that battle, Japan would have had the Pacific Ocean, and there would have been nothing stopping them from attacking the West Coast of the United States.” Three U.S. carriers fought during the battle of Midway, USS Enterprise

(CV 6), USS Hornet (CV 8) and USS Yorktown (CV 5). The Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, said in a letter to the carriers waiting off the coast of the Midway Islands, “You will be governed by the principle of calculated risk, which you shall interpret to mean the avoidance of exposure of your force to attack by superior enemy forces without good prospect of inflicting greater damage on the enemy.” Nimitz’ strategy is said to be one of the main reasons the U.S. ships were able to win the battle along with the advance knowledge of the conflict provided by a heroic team of code breakers who learned of the Imperial Japanese planning effort and was able to provide the admirals enough time to implement a response. With battle expected on June 4th, Enterprise’s crew awoke at 1:30 in the morning before the pilots and airmen settled in their ready rooms to await instruction. The pilots in the ready rooms of Enterprise and her sister ships remember time ‘seeming to slow to a crawl’ as they awaited word of the enemy carriers. Rear Adm. Frank “Jack” Fletcher decided to hold

Graphic courtesy of

This map illustrates the course of the Battle of Midway over June 4-5, 1942. The battle helped shift the course of the Pacific Campaign of World War II and proved the importance of aircraft carrier in naval warfare.

Yorktown in reserve, and at 0607 instructed Rear Adm. Raymond Spruance’s Task Force 16, which was comprised of Enterprise and Hornet to “Proceed southwesterly and attack enemy carriers as soon as definitely located.” Spruance sent all he had at the enemy and came out on top. The four Japanese carriers didn’t expect any American ships to be in the area and sent most of their planes on a bombing raid of Midway. In the end all four Japanese carriers were destroyed and more than 3,000 people were killed. Yorktown and one cruiser were sunk by Japanese

planes, but only 300 Americans lost their lives during the battle, far less than expected. The Battle of Midway served as a defining battle for naval air power and is remembered along with other heroic feats throughout the centennial of naval aviation this year. Enterprise Sailors, as stewards of the Enterprise name, are proudly honoring those that came before them as they complete close-air support missions for Operation Enduring Freedom. This is part one in a three-part series. Check tomorrow for more on USS Enterprise’s (CV-6) role in the Battle of Midway.

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Saturday June 4, 2011

Sailors of the Day Personnel Specialist Seaman

Culinary Specialist Seaman

Richard “Dick” Maltby- Mason, MI

Luis Juarez- Mesquite, Texas

PSSN Maltby, an Educational Services Office (ESO) clerk temporarily assigned from the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 74) to Enterprise’s Executive Department, joined the Navy to “expand his horizons, make new friends and finish college/memories for memories.” Maltby says the most rewarding aspect of his job is “ knowing that I helped someone in an aspect of theIr life and therefore helped them succeed.” Maltby aspires to earn a master’s degree in psychology and start a family. In his spare time, Maltby likes to “listen to cool music and workout.”

CSSN Juarez, a cook on watch for Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 137, joined the Navy six months ago to travel, receIve an education and support his parents “because without their support I wouldn’t be here.” Juarez says the most rewarding aspect of his job is “knowing that our food brightens their (the crew’s) day and they can perform the mission without an empty stomach.” Juarez plans to attend the University of Culinary Arts in Dallas to become a chef. When he returns from deployment, Juarez plans to read books, play video games, run, finish and spend time with friends.

Photos by MCSN Gregory A. Pickett II


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Midway:Turning Point inthe Pacific  

Enterprise remembers Battle of Midway

Midway:Turning Point inthe Pacific  

Enterprise remembers Battle of Midway