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USS Enterprise (CVN 65)- Saturday June 25, 2011

Photo by MC2 (SW) Michael L. Croft

Saturday June 25, 2011


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Enterprise News

Enterprise to conduct first 3M inspection in years By MC2 Nathan R. Carpenter and MC2 Aaron Chase USS Enterprise Public Affairs

USS ENTERPRISE, At sea – Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) are being put to the test to see how well they conduct maintenance by undergoing the first Maintenance Material Management System inspection, or 3MI, the 50-year-old ship has faced in five years. The multi-day inspection will be given by a team sent by Commander, Naval Air Force, Atlantic (CNAL) and covers everything related to shipboard maintenance — preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance and programs to identify maintenance, such as zone inspections, the maintenance data system (MDS) program and the preventative maintenance system (PMS) program. According to Chief Air Traffic Controller (AW/SW) Douglas E. Cooke who works in the ship’s 3M office, the CNAL inspection team consists of a Navy captain, a warrant officer, and master chief, senior chief and chief petty officers who are all experts in shipboard maintenance. “These are type commander (TYCOM) designated experts with maintenance-heavy backgrounds,” said Cooke. “The inspectors will do an administration review on our books, the13-week logs, our Organizational Maintenance Management SystemNext Generation (OMMS-NG) records, a PMS administration review, and more,” said Chief Aviation Electronics Technician (AW/SW) John A. Morrison, who helped plan the visit. “Importantly, they’ll also have Enterprise maintenance Sailors do spot checks for a grade.” Morrison said work centers in all of Enterprise’s departments will be expected to do spot checks, the quality assurance method for preventative maintenance, at

approximately two percent of all completed maintenance over the past 13 weeks. This means work centers that did less than 50 PMS checks will do one for the inspection team, work centers that did less than 100 PMS checks will do two, and so on. Lt. George V. Bodine, the 3M officer, said the Enterprise’s 3M training team (3MTT) and Enterprise crew members as a whole have put a lot of effort into getting ready. “We’ve increased our spot check frequency twofold since our last 3M assessment,” said Bodine. “We’ve increased our number of crossdepartmental checks. We’ve done additional training for our Khakis, had our maintenance personnel do training in addition to their expected weekly training. We’ve conducted additional binder reviews from command and departmental levels to ensure the administrative portion is correct. We’ve increased training across the board to prepare for this inspection.” Enterprise’s 3M coordinators also turned to creative and unorthodox methods to increase spot check abilities and awareness. This included a 3M rodeo, where the 3MTT spot checked half of Enterprise’s work centers in competition with each other. Another competition, called the Top Performer program, put individual spot checkers in head-to-head competition in an attempt to rack up the most points for quality spot checks. The 12 Top Performers will receive performance-based rewards including a 96-hour liberty period and an overnight stay in a distinguished visitor stateroom. The three Top Performers will also earn their divisions a plaque and an ice cream and cake or pizza and wings social. 3M awareness also received a boost from Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class Jamica Ballard, who wrote and produced a creative rap called “Open Up Your Eyes”

Photo by Cpl. Courtney C. White

Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Vincent Dimolfetta cleans dust and dirt off a monorail, used to hoist and move ordnance, during a spot check.

about 3M procedures. A music video produced by Enterprise’s Shipboard, Information, Training and Entertainment (SITE) team has played on SITE TV since it was produced, to the applause of Enterprise’s 3M office. “We wanted to do everything we could to make maintenance more of a focus on this ship,” said Cooke. “Good 3M practices help extend the operational life of things, which is especially important on a 50-yearold ship.” Good 3M practices will also help Enterprise do well on its 3M inspection. Bodine said the consequences of failing the inspection include a TYCOM re-inspection of every department that failed, which could be disruptive to Enterprise’s busy schedule and would affect in port liberty for Enterprise crew members. Passing the inspection, on the other hand, distinguishes Enterprise for the hard work its crew members put into improving their maintenance practices. It also keeps Big ‘E’ in contention for the Battle Effectiveness, or Battle ‘E’Award,

which recognizes superior unit performance, said Cooke. “I personally have seen the level of maintenance knowledge on board increase since the 3MA,” said Morrison. Morrison, Cooke and Bodine all encouraged Enterprise crew members to be ready for their 3MI spot checks. Spot checks should be done step-by-step, thoroughly and accurately and with proper understanding of instructions, safety procedures and necessary tools, parts and materials. Capt. Greg C. Huffman, Enterprise’s executive officer and head of the aircraft carrier’s 3M program, feels the ship has put itself in a position for 3M success. “Since I’ve come aboard Enterprise, I’ve seen a tremendous effort by the crew to prepare for this inspection. I’m proud of the work we’ve done and the innovative ways Big ‘E’s 3M team have approached 3M practices. I encourage the crew not to get complacent now that we’ve made it to the inspection. We’re ready for this, and I expect high performance.”

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Saturday June 25, 2011

Photo by Cpl. Courtney C. White Photo by MC3 (SW) Jared M. King

USS Enterprise (CVN 65) transited the Suez Canal for the second time this deployment. Big ‘E’ Sailors came out to see the sights.

Photo by MC3 (SW) Alex R. Forster

Photo by MC1 (SW) Rebekah S. Adler

Suez Canal Transit

Photo by MC3 (SW) Austin M. Rooney

Photo by MC3 (SW) Alex R. Forster


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3MI: We're Ready  

Enterprise to conduct first 3M inspection in years

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