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USS Enterprise (CVN 65)- Monday June 13, 2011

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Monday June 13, 2011


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Enterprise News

Big ‘E’ Sailors create 50th anniversary logo By MC3 Peter D. Melkus USS Enterprise Public Affairs

USS ENTERPRISE, At Sea – As the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) approaches its 50th birthday celebration later this year, three of its Sailors, two logistics specialists and a damage controlman, have been moonlighting as graphic designers to collectively design a logo to represent the anniversary of Big ‘E’s 50th commissioned year. The Sailor designerextraordinaries are Enterprise Damage Controlman 1st Class (SW) Dustin Eidson, Logistics Specialist 2nd Class Sung Lee, assigned to the “Rooks” of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 137, and Logistics Specialist 2nd Class (AW) Marc Vanta, assigned to the “Checkmates” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 211. Each Sailor submitted separate design entries about one month ago as part of a 50th anniversary logo design contest for Enterprise’s Ultimate Command Challenge. Their submissions were among nearly 20 from around the ship to be electronically displayed in a command-wide contest where Big ‘E’ Sailors could view and vote on their favorite submissions. Of the 20, the submissions by Eidson, Lee and Vanta proved to be the clear favorites of the crew, each representing the uniqueness of Enterprise in their own way. “When we started the contest, we were overwhelmed by the talent presented by the crew,” said Lt. Cmdr. Sarah Self-Kyler, Enterprise public affairs officer and 50th Birthday Committee Chairman. “Because of the closeness of the voting results,

Photo by MC3 Peter D. Melkus

(From left) Damage Controlman 1st Class (SW) Dustin Eidson, Logistics Specialist 2nd Class (AW) Marc Vanta and Logistics Specialist 2nd Class (AW) Sung Lee display the logo created commemorating 50 years of service by USS Enterprise (CVN 65) .

we asked the top three artists if they would combine several aspects of their respective designs to create a final 50th anniversary logo.” Self-Kyler said that the three Sailors, who had never met, were introduced and given guidance on the overall goal of the design project. The goal: make something representing Enterprise and her history that will display nicely on ship products, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and the Commanding Officer’s coin. “When I first heard about the logo contest, I was excited about the opportunity to share my talents and exchange new ideas with a group of such creative minds,” said Vanta, who worked as a graphic designer in the Philippines prior to joining the Navy. Vanta said the group of Sailors met-up both before and

after their normal shipboard working hours over the span of a few weeks to collaborate using the graphic design expertise gained from their own diverse backgrounds. “Overall the experience was amazing,” said Vanta. “Helping to design the 50th anniversary logo is an honor for me not just because I am part of the team who made the logo, but being a part of this ship’s rich history of excellence as well.” The finished logo depicts the bow of the Enterprise creating a large wake as it steams through the ocean. Eight stars positioned above Big ‘E’ represent the eight U.S. Navy ships to bear the name Enterprise, along with the eight nuclear reactors housed deep within CVN 65’s hull. Also featured is an atom graphic to represent Enterprise’s distinction as the world’s first

nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, along with golden wings to signify Big ‘E’s contributions to naval aviation throughout the past 50 years. The bottom of the logo also displays Enterprise’s motto, “We Are Legend.” “What makes this logo special is that its designers did just what Enterprise Sailors do best - they pooled their talents and successfully worked together toward a final goal,” said Self-Kyler. “This logo clearly represents Enterprise and will be a symbol that represents who we are and our legacy. I couldn’t be more excited about the outcome and to be a part of this year’s 50th birthday celebration.” Enterprise will celebrate its 50th birthday Nov. 25, and thanks to the combined talents and efforts put fourth by three of its Sailors, Big ‘E’ will now be able to do so in style.

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Sailors of the Day

Aviation Support Equipment Technician

Personnel Specialist 2nd Class

Francisco A. Valverde- Garland, TX

Henry L. Johnson- Houston, TX

ASAN Valverde, a 3M/DC maintenance man for Enterprise’s Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, joined the Navy two and a half years ago to “better myself and someday become a pilot.” To Valverde, the most rewarding aspect of his job is knowing that he makes a difference. Valverde plans to earn a degree in aeronautical engineering and earn promotion to third class petty officer. When he returns from deployment, Valverde plans to take pictures, watch movies and “take stuff apart and rebuild it.”


Monday June 13, 2011

PS2 (AW) Johnson, a personnel specialist and CVW-1 religious ministries representative for Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron (HS) 11, joined the Navy five and a half years ago “to get away from negative life influences and prepare a foundation for a better life.” To Johnson, the most rewarding aspect of his job knowing that his financial watch keeps sailors focused on the mission at hand. Johnson aspires to be selected for recruiter duty, along with finishing his master’s degree. When he returns from deployment, Johnson plans to “play various sports and play-wrestle with my children.”

Photos by MC3 Michael L. Croft Down

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Logo of Legends  

Big ‘E’ Sailors create 50th anniversary logo