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Ensign Jeramy DeSpain please step forward. Ensign DeSpain by order of the CO and Command Staff of the USS Columbia you are here by promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Lt. DeSpain your hard work and dedication brings great credit upon yourself, your fellow crewmembers, this Command, and STARFLEET. Congratulations and thank you for your service to the ship and crew thus far.

13. MARINE CORPS 13. FROM THE XO. Attention All Hands,


I am happy to inform you that the website has been moved and is now up and running. Check it out at If you have any problems be sure to post about them in the forum. See you aboard. LT Al Davies CoE, USS COLUMBIA

Newsletter 2

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STAR TREK ONLINE NEW SHIP ADDED: MEET THE TRIDENT Equipped with the resources and technology needed to chart distant star systems, the Trident and its sister ships are ideal for exploration missions that will take a ship far from starbases. The Trident has additional room for engineering facilities that other science vessels do not, allowing it to make its own repairs or act as a support vessel for a fleet. Weaponry: Fore weapon slots: 3 Aft weapon slots: 3 Bridge Officer Stations: Tactical: Lieutenant (1) Engineering: Ensign (1), Lieutenant (1) Science: Lieutenant Commander (1), Commander (1) Total Available Powers: 12 Modification Slots: Tactical: 2 Engineering: 3 Science: 4 Device Slots: 3 Crew Size: 500 Impulse Speed: 15 Turning Rate: 6

What is SETI@home? SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

Space shuttle Discovery sits on Launch Pad 39A on March 3, 2010 in preparation for an April 5 launch on NASA's STS-131 mission to the International Space Station.

Newsletter 3

FROM THE COMMANDING OFFICER Hello again everyone here it is another month in. About the time this newsletter comes out we will be 2 months into the 9 month shakedown. We have already accomplished quite a bit but we still have a lot of work to do. The command staff has been working hard to get a constitution and bylaws done for the chapter it has been slow but we are making progress. We have essentially nailed down the promotion and points system though a few minor changes and clarifications will likely be coming however none that will have any affect on points already earned. The ship also held its first official meeting as a STARFLEET chapter we had a decent turn out but I would like to see more. I would also like to see more participation in web site discussions. We have 24 members but only about 7 or 8 people even post on the web site. Which brings me to another point by the time this newsletter is published the web site should be at its new home This new web site will be essentially the same except we will now have our own domain name. I would like to think all contributing command staff and Jeramy DeSpain for contributing to the cost of the domain name so we would not have to ask the general membership for donations. In other ship news I have been working on some designs for ship's t-shirts sweatshirts, hats etc that I hope to make available through this sight does not require a minimum order and can be sold on an ongoing basis. I have included some of the designs in this newsletter let me know if you have any suggestions. The color scheme is limited most have to be white though some may be available in other colors as well. Women's styles are also available to be used if our female crew would like to have them. The designs I have included are just a taste of the items available most of which can have the logo and or ships name put onto them. The ship has also been registered for the Vessel Readiness Certification Program through STARFLEET Academy. This is a program just for bragging rights in which we certify the ship's departments by members taking certain academy courses. We have fulfilled nearly all the requirements and have volunteers to fill the remaining ones and that is in the works. This is not a program ever chapter does but will look good for us as a chapter to do so. This brings me to another point I am amazed the number of academy courses already completed by the crew in the ship's short life span. Members of note Randy Davis has completed 48 courses, Robert page has completed 38, Jeramy DeSpain has completed 20, Zeb Young has completed 18, Kirk Freeman has completed 15, Rob Dorman has completed 7, Teshie Hutzinger has completed 6,Steven McKean has completed 6, William Phillips has completed 5, Kristy LaFata has completed 3, Cameron Lowe has completed 2, Aled Davies has completed 1, Katie Jackson has completed 1, Paul Mastovich has completed 1, Catherine McKean has completed 1, Jessica Pehrson has completed 1.This makes for a grand total of 125 courses completed by crew members. Well done crew. I encourage all crewmembers to take advantage of the STARLEET Academy program and remember 25 points from academy courses count towards your next promotion. Well guys that's it for this month as always if you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns please contact me at

Learn the Klingon Language

Newsletter 4

Battlestar Galactica Online


Bigpoint and Unity Technologies announced on Tuesday that Battlestar Galactica Online would be released this fall. The MMO will debut on Syfy Channel's site first, as a 30-day exclusive, and will use browser-based 3-D software Unity.

Level One - Basic security level required for entry into Starfleet Level Two - Normal security level clearance for students at Starfleet schools and training centers Level Three - Security level normally used by lowlevel administration and public affairs personnel Level Four - Standard security level for most supply enlisted personnel as well as junior officers in nonsensitive positions Level Five - Common security level for most officers and CPOs Level Six - Security level for intelligence personnel, security officers in sensitive positions, and senior officers onboard starships and starbases

Sensor Exploits Nanodevice Weaknesses

Level Seven - Held by most Executive Officers and

Researchers at Regula One Laboratory are developing a chemical and biological sensor that will approach the theoretical limit of detection levels. The ability could significantly impact the detection of chemical and biological agents. Unlike traditional approaches that require sophisticated low-noise electronic components, this developmental sensor deliberately hits micro cantilevers with relatively large amounts of energy associated with a range of frequencies forcing the micro cantilevers to move. The researchers envision incorporation of the technology with current tricorders that scientific, security and marines use.

Chief of Staffs Level Eight - Standard security level for Commanding Officers Level Nine - Security level granted to senior officers at major headquarters commands. Also granted to Commodores in command of Starbases as well as senior MCPO's Level Ten - Security level held by most Flag Officers Level Eleven - Security level reserved for full Admirals

MCPT Steven McKean Chief of OPS / Chief Tactical Officer USS Columbia NCC-2049

Level Twelve - Security level held solely by Fleet Admirals


Jello to all. I am Robert Page, I am and EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) Coordinator/PTA/Surgical Tech, I work with military family members to make shore they get the best care available to them at their next duty station. I am not new to the Star Trek realm, I use to be apart of IKV Devastator, then moved over to the IKV Bat'leth back in1989-1994, I use to goto the USS Jamestown meeting with both ships and many conventions with them. I use to be in the military that is how I have a lot of job skills and titles. I am married and have 2 wonder little girls. I would like to thank you for letting me be your Chief Medical Officer. My current goal to make TOP Knife in the SFMC. I am currently playing Star Trek online also, I am currently playing a tactical officer named Qage a Ferengi. If you wish you can contact me in game at Qage@malstrom. I have been taken class from the Vulcan Science Academy and I have gotten my Vulcan name "Serranstivlen". Here is a little RPG Info. LIEUTENANT Robert Page (Serranstivlen) Character Information Name Robert Page( Serranstivlen) Rank Lieutenant Position Chief Medical Officer Gender Male Species Vulcan (V'tosh ka'tur) Age 39 Physical Appearance Height 5’ 6� Weight 165 lbs. Eye Color Brown Hair Color Dark Brown Physical Description Standing just a little of over 5'6", with his Dark brown eyes, his dark brown hair kept in the traditional Vulcan haircut. Personality & Traits General Overview Somewhat shy and abrasive when it comes to real people interaction, but when it comes to saving lives nothing will stop him from performing a topknot job. The Medical department is the love of his life, send him your wounded, all your blood and guts, he will take it an make them whole again. Believes Logic and emotion work very well together due to the creative drive that comes with having both. When a stressful situation arise his more Logic side emerges showing little emotion during this time. Ambitions Earn the promotion; win the medals and Honor, to find his place within the Universe Hobbies & Interests Tinkering, experimenting with different Medical theories Languages

Vulcan, Federation Standard Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi


STARFLEET PERSONEL DATABASE: RESTRICTED ACCESS: Name: Steven McKean Race: ½ Human (Scottish), ½ Vulcan Birth Place: Aberdeen, Scotland, Earth (in a parallel dimension) Birth Date: August 16, 2245 Age: 49 Height: 5'11″ (not counting ears) Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Med Brown (grayish) Marital Status: Married (see Bo Chay) Children: 1 (see Cadet Catherine McKean) Current Rank: Marine Captain Current Assignment: U.S.S. Columbia NCC-2049 Primary Position: Chief of Operations Other Positions: Chief Tactical Officer, reserve Platoon Leader (SFMC) Clearance: Level 6 Parents: Earnan McKean (deceased) & Bonnie Davis Siblings: None Mr. McKean originated in a parallel dimension in which the Vulcans visited earth sooner. He is the offspring of two half Vulcans from Aberdeen, Scotland. Mr. McKean inherited mainly human traits except for his ears, heightened intelligence, and dry sense of humor. In his dimension, Romulans are separated into two groups, Green Romulans and Red Romulans. The Green Romulans are part of the UFP and Mr. McKean was stationed on Romulus for 10 Earth years. The UFP and Earth have granted him citizenship.



Name: Catherine McKean Race: 1/2 Vulcan, 1/4 Romulan, 1/4 Human Birth Place: Romulus (in a parallel dimension) Birth Date: October 30, 2286 Age: 8 Height: 4'5" Eyes: Light Brown Hair: Med Brown Current Rank: Cadet Current Assignment: U.S.S. Columbia Position: Life Sciences Assistant, Medical Department Current Studies: Enrolled Cadet VAS Botany 103 Security Clearance: Level Two (Interim clearance) Access: Sickbay, Medical Labs, Pharmacy (w/ Escort) Temp Access: Hydroponics Parents: MCPT Steven McKean & Bo Chay Siblings: None Ms. McKean was born on Romulus in a parallel dimension in which the Vulcans visited earth sooner and Green Romulans are allies with the Federation. She entered this dimension with her parents. Her father is a 1/2 Vulcan, 1/2 Human and her mother is a 1/2 Romulan, 1/2 Vulcan. Although Ms. McKean exhibits traits from all three species, the Vulcan traits are predominate. She shows superior skill in math, music and science. The UFP and Earth have granted Ms. McKean citizenship status.


Official Starfleet Record: Classified Security level Top Secret by order of Section 31 Name: Jason Schreck Species: Human Rank Commodore Age 30 Height 6'0" Hair Brown Eyes Green Previous Assignment: XO USS Tang NCC-581 Jason Schreck entered Starfleet Academy in 2370 with double majors in engineering and Marine training. in his second year as a cadet he was recruited as an operative for section 31. Graduating in 2374 he was assigned as an engineer aboard the USS Jamestown NCC-1843-D. With the Dominion War raging and Starfleet finally starting to turn the tide Marines were in need. Ensign Schreck took a battlefield commission to Marine captain and found himself in command of the newly created 108th Marine Strike Group. The Jamestown and 108th were on the front lines of the war. in 2375 captain Schreck was flying a fighter in the Battle of Chintoka when the Breen unleashed their energy-dampening weapon devastating the fleet. Captain Schreck beamed out of his fighter just as it was being destroyed. He was injured seriously requiring a special wheel chair to get around. For heroism in action he was promoted to the rank of Major. He returned to the Jamestown just before the final assault on Cardassia and directed marine actions during the engagements. Following the was Major Schreck remained aboard the Jamestown rising to the rank of Brigadier General before returning to his fleet rank and assuming a position as chief of operations. In 2385 Commodore Schreck transferred to the USS Tang a modified Hermes class scout pressed into service as a command and control ship during the war. He was only told the transfer was to prepare him for a new assignment by section 31. He soon found out the new assignment would involve another transfer to a new ship and a new year. Commodore Schreck was assigned to the USS Columbia NCC-2049 an excelsior class ship launched in 2295. All records were adjusted in 2395 by section 31 agents at the highest levels. Commodore Schreck’s exact mission is unknown at this time. His crew has no knowledge of his real past and will remain in the dark. The Commodore does not know if he will ever be able to return to his own time. New Record unclassified available to all crew of USS Columbia Name: Jason Schreck Species: Human Rank Commodore Age 30 Height 6'0" Hair Brown Eyes Green Previous Assignment: XO USS Tang NCC-581 (Now decommissioned) Jason Schreck graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2283 as an engineer and marine reservist. He was assigned to the USS Jamestown NCC-1843A and saw action along the Klingon border. He quickly rose through the ranks eventually being transferred to the recently decommissioned USS Tang as XO before being assigned as CO of the USS Columbia.



Name: Katie Jackson

I dunno if Oreos will still be around far into the future, but until I am told they are not I am sticking them in here because they are some serious delicious flavor.

Age: 18 Race: Half Human, half Vulcan Rank: Ensign

There were three foods Katie could eat when nervous: eggplant parmesan, chocolate, and peanut butter. Since she had never found a successful way to combined all three she settled for the double comfort of a jar of crunchy peanut butter and a package of Oreos.

Position: Xenopsychologist Height: 6’ 1� Hair: Long and brown at first glance, but shimmers with a red-gold hue when hit by sunlight Eyes: Green (Though on occasion they appear

Doubts about her first assignment clouded her already jumbled mind as she munched on her snack.

green-gray or gray) Notes: Shy and suffering from severe low self-


esteem she doesn't seem like the first choice for

Katie looked at the puppy on her lap. It wasn't so much that she heard the dog say, "Play," as it was that she could feel that she wanted to play. A lack of Vulcan training made it too easy to pick up on thoughts and feelings via touch. "Not now Suki," she said sitting the puppy in the floor before getting up to walk to her desk. A handwritten note in Vulcan on yellowing paper lay unopened. She didn't have to read it; Katie knew exactly what it said. That letter said the same thing as all the rest from her father did. And no matter how much her Tuvan syndrome ridden father Sofek wrote to her she wasn't going to see him before she shipped out. She wasn't going to see him ever. Even if it meant not having a relationship with Serran.


a psychologist of any kind, but she's a good listener and is fairly patient with others. She resents her Vulcan half and took her human mother's last name prior to entering the academy.

FICTION BY Jeramy DeSpain Reporting Aboard The clouds were thin and high as he finished his ascent on Olympus Moons. He was finishing out his leave and awaiting new orders. He enjoyed the titanic view afford from the lonely cliffs of the upper ridgeline. He could look down and see Utopias vaunted colony. He was not really at home in the major human cities, and he deeply missed his own Medarra. She was still his heart but it was not his destiny. He would like never return home, and that saddened him. He watched the sun crawl across the terminator line as the wind howled around him. He listened to the wind, and he understood its impotent anger. It railed against those that were changing its home. Nothing left for the wind to do but howl. He stretched tired muscles and gathered his pack it was time to head back, and he affected his first smile of many days. The straps of his harness tightened just so. and he prepared his descent as the warble of his communicator brought him back to reality. "Ensign DeSpain Speaking" he answered quietly into the inoffensive equipment. He had to stop himself from answering the call as training had pounding into him. This was a different time from then, He was a Starfleet officer, not a Marine any longer. He had enjoyed the Corp but he felt the tug of responsibility and duty, and applied to the academy. In the academy he had easily fit into the martial and tactical classes, those had always made sense. It was that sense that made his home so alien to him. He could never understand why his people were willing to negotiate for others, but often did not see the avenues that swift action and malice of fore thought could open for them. He was just geared different than the others. It was at Starfleet academy that he first got a taste of criminal investigations. He was bitten and addicted by it, the thrill of the chase, and the satisfaction of the catch. "Ensign, please Return to the Utopia Ship Yards your orders have arrived. Please return via the most expedient means possible." The slightly dimpled grin returned as he responded "Aye Aye", He then took three long strides and leapt into the abyss. He flashed through the air like a knife blade out from the side of the mountain, reach speeds man rarely reaches unaided, and laughing like a maniac. He watched the airspeed indicator rise, and the altimeter drop. He rode to the very edge of the safety requirements before hitting the button to unfold the glider wings from the pack. He swooped, sailed, and dove like a bird of prey back to the Utopia Colony. He was still laughing with exhilaration when he gathered his gear. He squared himself away and boarded a shipyard bound shuttlecraft.


FICTION BY Jason Schreck Shuttlecraft 1 the “Rick Husband� rose from the planet's surface carrying the Commodore to his first command. Commodore Schreck felt tradition was important and decided to arrive aboard the Columbia by shuttle a long-standing tradition upon taking command of a new vessel. Though this was his first ship command, this was the commodore's third ship assignment. However, this one was different. The previous assignments had been in a different time and a different place literally. When he was approached by section 31 in his second year at Starfleet Academy he agreed to join because it was something different. The assignment meant doing whatever it took to protect federation interest no matter what the cost. He had no idea that 14 years later Section 31 would take him to a new time, not just in his life but also in history. Only year ago, he was assigned to the USS Tang a ship whose hull was more than 100 years old that had been pressed into service and outfitted with as much new technology as she could handle in order to serve as a command and control vessel for fleet engagements during the Dominion war. Following the war the ship was kept in service and put on patrol at the very edge of Federation space. The commodore was only told the reason for the assignment was to prepare him for his next assignment. Then word came he would be transferred to a new vessel USS Columbia in the year 2295. Some 90 years in the past. All he was told was he would be the commanding officer and his specific assignment would come later. He was also told the admiralty of the time would be the only ones outside of Section 31 to know his secret. Searching through fleet history records he also discovered there never had been an Excelsior class USS Columbia. The last Columbia to serve the fleet was a Hermes class vessel retired in the late 2270's. Now as the shuttle lifted off to take him to his new command many thoughts went through his head. He must keep knowledge of the future secret from his crew. This was a crew of the late 23rd century. They had no knowledge of the Dominion, Borg, Cardassians, Ferengi and many other races. The Klingons had an easy truce at best with the Federation at this time and violence between the two sides still occurred. The Romulans were still hardly known by most, as they had been quiet for some time. He knew he had to keep his knowledge and his true history secret. As the Rick Husband approached the ship. He looked down at his new uniform. After wearing it for the last couple of months he knew why they were called "monster maroons" they were hot and a bit uncomfortable to wear and he looked forward to changing into his casual duty uniform after the ceremony was over. He remembered his parents wore a later version of the uniform when he was very young. Being a Starfleet brat he had grown up on starships and starbases before following in his parents footsteps. Now it was time to prepare to take command. The shuttle was now in the grasp of the Columbia's tractor beam with the shuttle bay straight ahead. The Commodore closed the flap on his jacket and stood straightening the jacket preparing to exit the shuttle on landing.


FROM THE EXECUTIVE OFFICE Another month closer to full chapter status, with very few months to go and lots to do. I was very impressed with how many academy classes had been taken by this crew. I have had some computer problems here lately with viruses and power outages at just the wrong times. My computer is up and running again and hopefully the city will leave my power alone for a while. Please send my an email if you would like a copy of the Newsletter (other than just viewing on the web page), I don’t have everyone’s email at the present time but I do have your email if you have sent me anything. Well that is pretty much all from me this month I spent most of the month preparing the newsletter which I hope everyone likes, and ran short of time and didn’t prepare something to write from my department. LTCMDR RANDY DAVIS XO, USS Columbia

STARFLEET Marine Corps The SFMC long has prided itself on having capabilities that are superior to most alien services. Those capabilities are being brought to bear as the Marines engage in operations far from traditional Corps capabilities. As it conducts major operations in contested zones, the Corps is growing a body of expertise that will help define future Marine operations. April issue examines Marine Corps operations and the technologies that may enable them. MCPT Steven McKean Chief of OPS / Chief Tactical Officer USS Columbia NCC-2049


"Chief Engineer's personal log, Star date 11003.23, two days into our shakedown cruise and I am still extremely short handed here in engineering. My concerns have been relayed to most of the crew but suddenly there seems to be lack on engineers in the fleet; division HQ is reluctant to assign us more men and women. I find this extremely worrying. I am struggling to keep up with routine operations of the warp engines and now I hear that an excursion to the Romulan border is planned. I mean... this is simply preposterous! How am I to be expected to maintain the ships systems to proper standards when my so-called engineering department is so short-handed flying the new girl in a straight line is demanding! End recording"



USS Columbia newsletter

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