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We’ve all got more than one choice of phone service when it comes to our cell phones. But you wouldn’t believe that if you spoke to most other people. Most of them will say they’re in a contract. You would find very few who have got a prepaid cell phone. But it is worth it for you to make the switch? The thing with contracts is that the companies who offer them to you, like to tie you into them for as long as possible. They know that if they can sign you up for twenty-four months, they’ve got you for at least that long. This is bad news for you if you are two months into an eighteen month contract and you spot something better and more cost effective elsewhere. Bad luck – you’re stuck with what you’ve got! The actual cost of your $199 smart-phone, after you factor in the total monthly payments over the term of the average contract, is a lot closer to $2,200! You’ll probably be surprised to see that a prepaid cell phone is often cheaper to run than a contract phone. You’re not limited to the phone you can use either. If you love the cell you’ve got now, just hang onto it and buy a new SIM card for the prepaid plan you are going to start using. Although most prepaid providers force you to buy a phone from them, a new trend is developing where that may not always be the case. Prepaid provider, Fuzion Mobile, will let you use any unlocked GSM SIM enabled phone, even the ones with all the apps! You will also find it is more cost effective to switch to a prepaid phone from a contract phone if you make a lot of calls and texts each month. Some companies offering prepaid plans have the word ‘unlimited’ attached to them. This means you can make as many calls as you like and send as many texts as you like. You won’t have to worry about going over your quota and getting thumped with an excess charge on your bill at the end of the month either. Is it easy to make the switch? Yes it is, and this is one of the reasons why more and more people are doing just that. Once they realize the prepaid option offers more freedom than the contract cell phone option, they usually jump at the chance to do it! Just imagine being able to grab an agreement where you don’t have to sign a contract or agree to stick with it for a set length of time. You won’t have to give your phone up or change your number either. In fact, one thing you’ll notice about prepaid opportunities like this is that they have been created with the customer in mind. Since that is you, it makes sense to consider the possibility of making the switch, doesn’t it? A lot of us are used to being on contract with our cell phones. But this doesn’t mean we have to stay on contract for the rest of our natural lives. If we see something better that will work out cheaper for us, we should grab it.

So if you are new to the idea of paying for your cell in advance, perhaps the prepaid cell phone will be worth considering in a bit more detail. Fuzion Mobile offers low cost, no contract cellular, PREPAID CELL PHONE wireless service. Fuzion Mobile exclusively features auto-pin technology which eliminates prepaid cellular customers having to enter PIN codes. Fuzion Mobile provides prepaid mobile phone service without contracts, pin codes, credit checks, fees, or roaming.

Switching From A Contract Phone To A Prepaid Cell Phone  

We’ve all got more than one choice of phone service when it comes to our cell phones. But you wouldn’t believe that if you spoke to most oth...

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